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Why Sales People shouldn’t Prospect – An interview with Aaron Ross

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In this article I interview Aaron Ross, co-author of a new book, Predictable Revenue. Aaron discusses his experience at Salesforce.com starting a new group that used an innovative outbound prospecting approach (involving no cold calls) to create new leads. Aaron’s group came up with several important breakthroughs which enabled them add over $100m in incremental [.]. Building for Success SaaS Sales & Marketing Machine Startup Help Lead generation Prospecting SaaS sales

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Why branding a startup begins with a question, and not the one you’d expect.

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Andrea Shillington. By Andrea Shillington. Founder & Owner . Brands for the people. The first question every leader should start with is this: why does your business exists other than to make money?

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21 Reasons You’ll Fail at Marketing

Up and Running

I don’t know what it is about Marketing, but everyone on earth seems to think they can do it. And yet I see so many people NOT doing it or wasting thousands of dollars and not getting results. I see business owners try the same things over and over, wasting more money, more time, and more energy.

Why Sales Hates Marketing: 9 Reasons

Inc Startups

Here's why your marketing team and your sales team can't get along. Hint: The sales team is probably right. The war between Sales and Marketing is both legendary and debilitating.

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Do Less but do it all the way!


I have long lamented my lack of coding ability and have stated that for this reason alone I will never be a founder. So, I was pretty excited when I heard about Code Academy last year. I was even more excited when they launched their Code Year program promising to teach you how to code in 2012.

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Danger! Don't Hire People Just Like You

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Commonalities may be comfortable, but they also create blind spots. You want lieutenants who provoke feuds and dissent. Couples tend to look like each other. Some people seem to look a lot like their pets.

How To Fire Yourself: Chris Ducker Reveals How He Removed Himself From His 300 Employee Company

Entrepreneurs-Journey.com by Yaro Starak

Press play to begin streaming the audio or right click the text link and choose save as or save link. Download the MP3 [ 63 Minutes - 30 MB ]. After ending his marriage, Chris Ducker packed his bags and moved to the Philippines for a fresh start.

Why Statigram rocks

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A few days ago I blogged about the serious advantages of embracing an open API. And just recently I’ve come across another great example of an startup using it to full advantage. The tiny idea, yet mobile app phenomenon Instagram has been mashup up by the uber rad Statigram. And I love it.

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The 6 Biggest Reasons You’ll Fail

Inc Startups

Can you set out to fail? Yes, in fact, you can -- if you do one of the following things. Fellow Inc.com columnist Paul Schoemaker recently wrote about how mistakes can be the secret to success. He’s right. Learning how to overcome obstacles and setbacks is incredibly important.

Israeli Startups Raised $2.14 Billion in 2011

VC Cafe

Reports on the drop of local VC financing in Israel don’t tell the whole story. The latest IVC report reveals that in 2011, 546 Israeli high-tech companies raised $2.14 billion in VC funding, representing a 70% increase compared to the $1.26 billion raised in 2010 and almost double from the $1.12

A concrete example of how to get yourself to “do the work”

Escape From Cubicle Nation

Golden Gloves contender Amanda Wang and Pamela Slim. Photo by proud cousin Abe Cajudo. They say the best way to learn something and reinforce positive behavior is to teach it.

Buyout Nomenclature

Recent Buzzes - VC Experts, Inc.

The typical "buyout" is a noncontroversial device to descend the ownership of certain assets (held in corporate form) from one set of proprietors to another - a "plain vanilla" deal in today's jargon. The more celebrated transactions are denominated "trophy deals," honoring the heroic risks that the heroically egoed promoters take (albeit with other people's money


ExhibitMatch.com – Matching Trade Exhibitors With Vendors


If you’ve ever been a trade marketing manager in charge of setting up an exhibition booth for your company in a trade conference or expo, you know the acute pain of trying to source for the right vendors who can build and run your booth at the right price.

Angel Investors, Venture Capital, Which Should You Chose?

Growthink Blog

As some of you may know, I started my career with The NPD Group, which is one of the world's largest market research firms. One of the things I learned there was that statistics can be easily manipulated. That's not to say market researchers purposefully falsify their research.

Facebook sharing with Open Graph protocol 1.1

Niall Kennedy's Blog

Facebook completed its rollout of Timeline profiles and Open Graph activity aggregation last week, completing a set of changes announced at their f8 developer conference in September.

Want a Discount? Just Ask.

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If you want to reduce your business expenses in 2012 you must teach yourself one simple skill. Awhile back I was having lunch with a few friends. After the bill came she looked at it, called the waiter over to the table, and explained that she wanted 10 percent off of the bill.

Mentoring and Reverse Mentoring: The Key to Self-Confidence. 10 steps for Parents, Teens, and Gen Y at Work and at Home

NFIB Young Entrepreneur Foundation Blog

Jordan grew up in the generation in which – stop me if you’ve heard this – “everyone got a trophy.” What does this mean, exactly? A recent article in the Washington Post citing confidence mastermind Dr. Carol Dweck helps us understand that “self-esteem on a platter” is not cutting it, and how important the feedback and correction cycle is to building true effectiveness for the next generation. But where do we get this feedback and guidance?

Start-up Marketing: Go Big or Grassroots?

Inc Startups

With a $5,000 monthly budget, Buyosphere cofounder Tara Hunt has a dilemma. How would you spend it? When I landed a job at my first start-up I wasn't given a marketing budget. Nothing. The scrappy team that would go on to create Like.com and get acquired by Google did everything in-house.

The Alien Entrepreneur: 'Living in a van down by the river'

Alien Entrepreneur

I'm addicted to entrepreneurship, currently participating in multiple startups. I love public speaking, flying, electronic music, restoring a '71 MGB, and all things related to technology. CTO at ProspectStream, ScopiaRx, and


Why Innovation Needs Academia

Inc Startups

It's in style to dismiss business school, and higher education in general, as unnecessary. But our company wouldn't exist without it. Here's why.

Will you?

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It’s a matter of will. Everyone can, but not everyone will – Jim Rohn. Will you? entrepreneurship action activity doing Jim Rohn Motivation startups

Want to Retain Gen-Y Job Hoppers? Don't Bother

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Young people these days are notoriously fickle when it comes to their employers. How should companies lock down talent? Maybe they shouldn't. Much attention has been paid to today's job-hopping youth (despite evidence that Boomers have pretty much equally short attention spans for jobs ).

Meeting Over Coffee to Get Organized With Evernote

Soho Solutionist

Last week, I facilitated a live variation of my virtual “Coffee Talk” and Meetup about Evernote. I am asked about this awesome product a lot, and recommend it to clients on a regular basis. For solopreneurs, this is one of the most powerful information organization tools available. I am a user, and the “Organization Ambassador“ [.]. Blog Organization & Productivity evernote organization

Are You Selling to the Right People?

Inc Startups

If you're selling a big idea, you need to be having conversations with a big thinker. Earlier this week, I talked to expert Thomas P.M. Barnett about how to get a buyer to understand a changing market and buy big ideas.

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Was Megaupload Shutdown Because Of Megabox?


Last week saw the closure of hugely popular site Megaupload.com that functioned as a file-sharing site for individuals. That was the intention, but many used it to share illegal files as well.

Why You Need an Advisory Board

Inc Startups

An outside perspective is critical to building the future of any business, big or small. As we built our business from a bedroom start-up to an Inc.

Blaast Launches In Indonesia, Targets The Next Billion Users


We've received news that tomorrow Blaast is launching "the world's first cloud-based mobile platform" in Jakarta, Indonesia in cooperation with the mobile operator XL.

Are Your Employees Stealing From You?

Inc Startups

The average business loses 6 percent of revenue from employee theft. How to make sure it doesn't happen at your company. Your employees wouldn't steal , would they? How can you be sure? One morning, a manager at a ServiceMaster in Wichita, Kansas, was checking the inventory for a recent cleaning job.

The Soul of a Project #1: The Paradox of Communications

Active Garage

A new series “The Soul of a Project” begins with this blog – “The Paradox of Communications” This is something near and dear to me since it is one of the cornerstones of my consulting practice. The common ground with previous blogs is getting the job done.

Is it Time to Pivot? How to Tell

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"Pivots" come in all shapes, sizes and varieties. How to see a course correction coming. In the early days, an entrepreneur’s success at raising money and recruiting strategic advisors depends mostly on a grand vision and a business plan that shows how everyone can make a lot of money.

App Startup Idea #131 (w/mockups!): Life Win/Lose Percentage playing Games (aka Broughten)

Steve Poland

Tweet This is my buddy Aaron’s idea originally (@ lloydxmas ). I’m sharing because he and I would like someone to create this. I spent a bit of time exploring this idea. You’ll see my mockups below.

A Top Chef's $15 Million Gamble

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Brian Malarkey's restaurant ventures are backed by massive investment. But can his social-dining experiment thrive?

Startup To Translate Obama’s State Of The Union Address Up To 6,976 Languages In Real Time


This evening, as U.S. President Barack Obama speaks to the nation during his State of the Union address, many volunteers will be working behind the scenes to translate his speech into thousands of languages.

Inc. Picks: Questions for the President

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We asked members of the Inc. community what one question they want the president to address in Tuesday night's State of the Union. Here's what they had to say. President Barack Obama will deliver his third State of the Union address tonight at 9 p.m.