emergentfutures: Scavengers Stripping Greece of Metals The.

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emergentfutures : Scavengers Stripping Greece of Metals. The Associated Press reported that Greece’s crushing economic crisis has created super scavengers stripping the infrastructure of whatever they can. Full Story: Greece Reporter. metal scavengers scrap metal Greece

Impressions and Lessons from Greece

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I spent last week in Athens, Greece. I gained no great insight into the macroeconomic situation in Greece -- and I didn't have much insight to begin with. I was also honored to spend some time with the American Ambassador to Greece and participate in a reception at his residence.

Save the US from becoming Greece

David Teten

Save the US from becoming Greece. Sometime prior to the 4th Century BCE, the Greeks invented democracy. They were a model for the world. Unfortunately, I think the Greeks are well on their way to being a model for the world again.

12 Questions: Meet Nausika Georgakopoulou (Greece)

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Nausika lives and works in Athens Greece. … it’s pronounced Nafsika) and I come from Greece. I live and work in Athens which is Greece’s capital. How has the economy affected the design industry in Greece?

Greece & Its Default


There's been a lot in the news about Greece and its debt problem. Just this last week, leaders of the European Monetary Union agreed on a "selective default" of Greece and authorized the buying back of securities from Greece if necessary. The foreign currency markets have been jittery about the European Union and whether the Euro as a currency will even survive.

Greece’s Former Finance Minister Outlines the Grim Future of the European Union

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The Eurozone has been, for some time now, in an advanced state of deconstruction

This Is the Man Who Started an Indiegogo Fund for Greece

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So far the campaign has raised over 20,000 euros in an effort to prevent the country from defaulting on its debt

What to Do if Your Company Shares Its Name With Greece's Debt Woes (or an Illegal Drug-Trafficking Ring)

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What the founders of Grexit, SilkRoad, and other unfortunately-named companies did when they found themselves in the middle of a tricky situation

Yousician takes the whole team on the road for a month in Greece


This morning Chris Thür, CEO of Yousician (the new name for Ovelin ) rang me up to essentially brag about how they rented Greece''s largest villa for a month, and have taken their entire team and families down there.

Global Innovation 2011

Gregg Fraley, Author of Jack's Notebook

Creativity and Self-Expression Innovation Politics & Government Trends, Futurism, and Research Alcatel-Lucent Booz and Company Chile China Confederation of Indian Industry Creativity Demark economics Finland Global Innovation Index Greece Gregg Fraley INSEAD Lithuania Moldova Sweden Switzerland UK United Nations USA World Intellectual Property Organization

Greek default: What it would mean | Deimar ~ Business Tips.


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Greece 100

The Greek Bailout Explained:


The Greek Bailout Explained: How to Protect Yourself February 18, 2015 Greece''s bailout expires at the end of this month. Ahead of the bailout deadline on 28th February, Greece and the Eurozone finance ministers (known as the Eurogroup) have held talks, but a compromise has not been achieved. How this may impact markets: A failure to reach a deal for Greece could cause a spike in volatility for financial markets and large swings in prices.

New Pan-European Early-Stage Fund From Greece


Openfund is a pan-European early-stage seed fund based in Greece focused on mobile apps, Internet and software industries. The reason it's pan-European is because the founders of the fund recognized that many promising entrepreneurs live outside Greece and decided to fully embrace that and extend their programme for the whole of Europe. Finnish entrepreneurs, just like their peers from the whole of Europe, can now benefit from a new instrument to fund their ventures - Openfund.

Covert Greek Currency Talks??


This couldn't get any better - ATHENS (Reuters) - Some members of Greece's leftist government wanted to raid central bank reserves and hack taxpayer accounts to prepare a return to the drachma, according to reports on Sunday that highlighted the chaos in the ruling Syriza party.

More global innovation

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Mexico Technology on the ICE Train – Germany Shipping ice cream globally – US, China Big Data of Long Lives – Italy, Greece, Japan Nokia alumni. Innovation from around the globe'' iElevation – Nepal A museum or a library? Globalization and Technology

Nepal 50

EUR: Little To Stop Further Weakness This Week - Barclays


The EU summit (Thursday) may also gain some attention as the situation in Greece is likely to be a topic for discussion, at least on the sidelines. Current funding pressures should encourage Greece to accelerate its efforts in this regard," Barclays adds. EURUSD A very light euro area data and event calendar this week is unlikely to stem recent EUR losses, says Barclays Capital. "We

A world of whiners

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like Greece and Italy face insolvency. The U.S. government resorts to printing money to service. government support. And they must confess that venture capitalists, hedge funds, and big deficit-spending governments are

Ellison Eyewear the Multi-Billion $ Sunglass Industry


Ellison Eyewear offers designer quality sunglasses made in Greece using Italian components. Aristotle Loumis was born in Greece and grew up in Chicago, one of 8 children raised by a single parent. I was inspired by the culture, beauty, and history of Greece.”. Handmade in Greece.

Eurozone - Regional Outlook Improves


Meanwhile, Greece presented its post-bailout vision to Eurozone members on 27 April as it enters the final stretch of its third bailout program. A string of weaker economic data suggests that the Eurozone economy decelerated at the start of 2018, following a robust spell of growth last year.

Franklin Templeton hires Blackstone to advise on Ukraine debt restructuring talks


Blackstone represented Greece''s creditors in 2012. "A Reuters Ukraine''s largest creditor, Franklin Templeton, has hired investment and advisory firm Blackstone to advise a creditor group during debt restructuring negotiations with Kiev, sources familiar with the situation told Reuters on Sunday.

Greek Americans to the rescue

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gather some of the top Greek American venture capitalists to create a fund called Greece Future says Pappas, whose parents emigrated to the United States from Crete after the Second World War. Greece’s cultural heritage. Secondly, he proposes a venture capital fund to support Greek entrepreneurs. The idea.

[Infographic] Best Business Climates Of The World


On the other hand, much of Europe is languishing in recession – Portugal, Spain and Greece bring up the rear as three of the five cities with the worst business climates. Did you know that the many of the best cities around the world for business is actually in the Middle East?

Greek Start-ups? Nope, That's Not an Oxymoron

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A new event aims to nurture Greece's small but growing entrepreneurial ecosystem, despite the country's dire economic woes. And as entrepreneurial ambitions seized the continent from Estonia to England , they also took hold in Greece.


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For the next few days I am at the WPP Stream Un-conference in sunny Greece. Many of the worlds best minds in technology, communications and media are here. So I’ll be living tweeting their insights and blogging what I learn. If you don’t already make sure you follow my twitter stream by click on the icon below and share the learnings with your crew too. Click this to follow me: entrepreneurship stream tweetstream unconference WPP

10 Startups To Keep Your Eye On


Wine Outlet is a company based in Athens, Greece that was founded in 2016. Nannuka was founded in 2014 and within a year became a leading child care online platform in Greece and all Europe.

Book: Boomerang: Travels in the New Third World

Feld Thoughts

The book starts in Dallas, takes us to Iceland, to Greece, to Ireland, to Germany, and finally back to the California. If you want to understand what is going on in Europe, especially Greece, Ireland, and Germany, how it happened, why it matters, and where it might go, read this book. I’ve generally ignored the mainstream media during the original US financial crisis and the more recent European financial crisis.

Will Diners Go for Greek Wine?

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And with more and more being sold outside of Greece (until 2009, 80% of the wine was sold within the country) the export is one of the few bright spots in the country's ailing economy. France did it in the early 20th century, Italy did it in sixties and seventies and Greece is doing it now.

How Packaging Design Can Help Create a Winning Product

Up and Running

The solution, designed by the Athens, Greece-based creative office Matadog Design , was a label that welcomes the consumer, and literally asks them to take it home. The label on the back reads: “I am a pure extra virgin olive oil from Greece and I am made especially for you.

Disturbing Chart of the Day: Public Sector Pay

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tax payers will be giving money to Greece. who will use a lot of it to roll over old bonds, letting European banks and funds reduce their exposure to Greece while tax-payers all over the world who fund the IMF assume that risk. that Greece will pay that debt back?

Some encouraging data on migration

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Spain and Greece, by contrast, have seen increases in emigration. Recruiting great staff is the biggest challenge for many startups. This is the central conclusion of the Scale Up Report and we see it every day in our own operations and at our partners.

30-35 Million People Will Be Coming Thru


It became clear that – though its border of Schengen – Greece couldn't protect the border of the European Union. Is this too fantastic or what (from Right Wing News)? An influx of 30-35 million people will bust EU nations at the seams! - CH - by John Binder 20-Sep-2015 15:29:44 Copyright (c) 2015 Right Wing News English 343 words Sep 20, 2015 The Syrian refugee crisis is already a disaster that has been caused by a disaster in the Middle East.


Venture Chronicles

What we are seeing happen in Greece right now, both with the insolvency and citizenry on the dole fighting against any cuts, is California on a national level. Greece can’t devalue their currency or print money, like California.

What Greek Startups Can Teach the World


Whitehill “saw a real resurgence of people in Greece who realize entrepreneurship is the way out of the [economic] challenges they were having.” According to Whitehill, entrepreneurs are “viewed as outcasts in Greece.”

Visiting the Balkan Ghosts

Ben Casnocha: The Blog

Greece is the most misunderstood Balkan country. The West demands that Greece behave exactly like the other members of the alliance because it is middle class and a member of NATO. The first time I arrived in Greece was by train from Yugoslavia.

[Singapore][Competition] Applications For 14th Start-Up@Singapore Now Open


Its recent edition attracted more than 3,000 teams and 9,000 participants, both locally as well as from countries such as Australia, Canada, Norway, India, Brunei, Pakistan, Russia, Greece, the Philippines and Indonesia.

EURO: how short-term politicking is threatening our continent

Fred Destin

Countries like Greece were always going to have a hard time. What do you get when you marry Greece and Germany under one currency, as seen from Athens: Interest rates are low, which is an incentive to borrow, but there's no inflation eroding the principal.

What We Can Learn from the UK

Will Price

Today, we are facing such crises and existential threats - notably a looming fiscal crisis that makes us look worse than Greece. Debt is projected to equal 140% of GDP within two decades, while Greece is suffering with debt levels at 110% of GDP. At some point the problems will be so acute that financial markets will force our hand, as they did in Greece. The United Kingdom is facing dire financial and structural problems.

Your Euro Crisis Cheat Sheet

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What's Greece got to do with your business? But one key pillar of the plan called for Greece to cut government spending further and raise taxes higher than it already had, in return for a break on the amount of debt it had to pay back. Late Monday the Greek Prime Minister announced that Greece would hold a national vote on whether to swallow more austerity or not. In that case, Greece won’t get the help it needs to pay its debts and it will default.

ProductionHUB Helps You Search For Media Production Professionals


Just this past week, we used ProductionHUB to find gear and crew in Athens, Greece!”.

Quick Impressions of Italy, 2012 Edition

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By contrast, when I was in Greece, people in Athens would tell me about the economic crisis and then I would look around and see trash piled up on the sidewalk corner because the garbage men were striking. I spent last week in Italy (Milan and Naples) launching the The Start-Up of You there.

Italy 78