Socati’s Dr. Frances Gilman Speaks About Her Startup Work

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One person who fully understands the need to create many ways to integrate differing skills is Dr. Frances Gilman. The post Socati’s Dr. Frances Gilman Speaks About Her Startup Work appeared first on The Startup Magazine.

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A Guide to Conducting Business In France

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France is one of the world’s leading global powers, but what is it like to conduct business there? The following are 10 things you need to know about conducting business in France. France Has A Very Large Market. The market in France is 65 million consumers.

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Economic Diplomacy and Tech Startups: the “What” and “How” of an Honorary Consul of France in…

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Economic Diplomacy and Tech Startups: the “What” and “How” of an Honorary Consul of France in Austin, Texas I do not have diplomatic immunity, but special license plates are available to me for purchase. All this for the post of Honorary Consul of France.

Round size vs. ambition: Tips from France Digitale Day 2015

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I had the chance to be invited to speak at the France Digital Day 2015 with Toby Coppel from Mosaic and Delphine Villuendas, GC at Partech. We discuss start-up ambition vs. round size as well fund raising tactics. Here is the video

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France invents “Slow Innovation”: deconstructing Montebourg at #leweb

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Montebourg is trying to convey a core message: France is a great creative nation and is innovating today, as proven by its R&D and its technology giants. In other words, you can build great companies in France today. Bottom line: France is facing technological decline.

Shame on France : the Yahoo – DailyMotion debacle

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Here is the what the Minister reportedly told the CFO of Orange: "I won''t let you sell one of France''s best startups," Mr. Montebourg told Mr. Pelissier, his voice raised, according to people briefed on the meeting. The battle for DailyMotion is not in France, where growth is limited.

National Instruments Buys Micropross of France for $108 Million


Micropross, founded in 1979 and based in Lille, France, is an industry leader in supplying software-based test systems for Near Field Communications, smart cards and […] The post National Instruments Buys Micropross of France for $108 Million appeared first on SiliconHills. National Instruments on Tuesday announced the acquisition of Micropross, a French company which makes smart card testing systems. The deal is valued at approximately $108 million, according to the company.

[Infographic] Education By Country (United States, China, Russia, France, Germany and Japan)


and in front of Germany, France and Japan. Others China education education system France Germany government expenditure Japan Russia students United States

Here are the 5 hottest startups in France

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With the UK, France’s longtime tech rival, facing the instability and uncertainty of Brexit, the country has been positioning itself to seize the moment and become next in line.

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European Real Estate in 2020: Cooling or Continued Growth?

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A December 19 th report by ING points towards a cooling of house price growth in 2020, with three exceptions: France, Italy, and Greece. Germany and France lead. As the uncertainty around Brexit intensified, France had become the major destination for real estate investors.

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6 Tips For Surviving The First Five Years In Business


by Frances Kweller, founder and CEO of Kweller Prep. Frances Kweller is an education and testing standards expert and the Founder and CEO of Kweller Prep. Advice For The Young At Heart business advice Frances Kweller success planning

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5 Tips On How To Turn A Bad Customer Into A Good One


by Frances Kweller, founder and CEO of Kweller Prep. Frances Kweller is an education and testing standards expert and the Founder and CEO of Kweller Prep. Professionalisms customer management customer service Frances Kweller managing customers

Find Local Service Providers With


He was finding it incredibly difficult looking for babysitters to care for his kids while living in France and wasted much time doing so. Ideaspotting Aladom France online marketplace online matchmaking service provider United States

6 Things Female Business Entrepreneurs Must Know Before They Start That Startup


by Frances Kweller, CEO and founder of Kweller Prep. Advice For The Young At Heart business lessons entrepreneur Frances Kweller startup women power As scary and intimidating as starting a business can be, there are many reasons why women want to take that leap.

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French President Hollande Leads Delegation to Meet Israeli Startups

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Francois Hollande, President of France, led a delegation this week of 260 senior French executives and government officials to Israel for the 2 nd annual France-Israel Innovation Day.

#Geonpi: the bizarre case of an ever shrinking France

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Chambo, arguably the best e-commerce venture guy in France, wrote a hard hitting column in La Tribune last week attacking an " anti-startup" fiscal law. I don't really do politics, but I do care about my beloved old continent and as a French-speaker France is dear to my heart. France is seemingly locked into a battle with itself over whether wealth is acceptable whilst the rest of the world shrugs and moves on and many of its best entrepreneurs leave for most hospitable shores.

6 tips to bridge cultural differences in marketing communication

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Moreover most of France shuts down in August. Your products and services are successful in your home country. There’s nothing stopping you to enter foreign markets. If it works here, your neighbors must love it too! But then results disappoint. What went wrong?

Housing Hack – Getting Proof of Address in Paris


If you need a fast-track, just ask a local friend staying in France who already pays electricity (EDF) to include your name in their utility contract. Paris Startups Station F france“Justification de domicile” means proof of address in French.

Tech Investments: is Paris ahead of London?

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AI Brexit France TV interview Venture CapitalInterview (in French) on BFMTV earlier this week.

Applying For French Residence Permit (Titre de Sejour a.k.a Carte de Sejour)


It allows you to work and run your startup in France renewable every four years. Firstly, you should arrive in France with your Passeport Talent. If you are in living anywhere in Paris (not île de France). Entrepreneurship Startups Station F france paris

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Incorporating a Company in Paris (SAS/SASU)


As of this writing, it’s virtually impossible to incorporate a SAS/SASU company in France with your receipt (rêcépissé) of your carte de sejour or Passeport Talent visa 313 20 6. Business Entrepreneurship Paris Startups Station F france incorporating company SAS SASU

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Opening a Personal Bank Account (For Station F Entrepreneurs)


Some banks in France do not accept the proof of residence issued by Flatmates. Paris Startups Station F bank account france

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Opening a Bank Account For Station F Entrepreneurs


Some banks in France do not accept the proof of residence issued by Flatmates. Entrepreneurship Paris Startups Station F france station f

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Getting Your First French Mobile Number


Entrepreneurship Paris Startups Station F franceJust a quick note on how the French mobile industry works. We have a big local players and foreign solutions. Orange is one of the leading players, has great coverage but is the most expensive.

Opening a Corporate Bank Account in Paris


Business Entrepreneurship Paris Startups Station F franceJust a quick note to understand French banks. This account is called ‘professional’ accounts. This is a tricky step in the process of creating a bank account for your business.

Spotlight on Engineering Team Building: Lessons learned from Algolia

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Cloud Computing France Portfolio SaaS software Start-up Venture CapitalTeam building is top of mind for any start-up founder or exec. Recruiting and retaining top talent is even more challenging for software engineers.

5 Tips to Planning Your Honeymoon in Cannes

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Entrepreneurship World Cannes entrepreneurs France honeymoon vacationEntrepreneurs desire and deserve great vacations, and exotic locales and unique destinations appeal to your adventurous side. Cannes is one of the most prolific holiday destinations in the French Riviera.

French Tax Law for Start-ups: Ringing the Alarm Bell

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While France has been a fertile ground for innovative start-ups, the new fiscal law threatens to disrupt an ecosystem that has slowly emerged over the past 12 years. France is indeed a country with a proven track record of developing innovative business models. for France vs. 26.5%

Adam Gopnik, France and the start up world

Adam Gopnik, France and the start up world. skip to main | skip to sidebar. Maximizing the serendipity around you. Sep 20, 2007. As I look at seed stage start ups, the international environment is much more relevant now compared to 10 years ago, at least in terms of competitive standing, markets to go after, and centers or pockets of innovation.

MapMyFitness lands $3 million in Financing


MapMyFitness is also sponsoring Le Tour Challenge in conjunction with the Tour de France. Austin Technology Le Tour Challenge MapMyFitness Tour de FranceMapMyFitness, a collection of fitness apps, has landed $3 million in financing from Square 1 Bank. The Austin-based startup also announced it has more than 10 million registered members. The challenge gives cyclists worldwide a chance to compete against other athletes [.].

Marco Polo 2.0

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First entry this year in a series on innovation from places you do not typically expect much innovation from The Invisible Bike Helmet – Sweden Big Data of International Technology Patents – Washington, US TGVLabs – France Florida Poly Futuristic.

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How Fran Kerr Turned Her Acne Prone Skin Into A Profitable Blogging Empire by Yaro Starak

Tags: Blogs & Blogging Entrepreneur Profiles Podcasts Podcasts & Podcasting Podcasts Pillar acne treatment frances kerr make money blogging organic lifestyle raw food video marketing

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More Global Innovation

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Bumper crop of innovations from various parts of the world we don’t always expect innovation from Near Cashless Society – Sweden A decade of LeWeb – France Faber-Castell – Germany Wine “Rover” – German wine country Rail Power – Kazakhstan.

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Uber vs. Le Taxi: The Disrupter and the Disrupted

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Adjacent to this story was a very public row around Travis Kalanick’s Uber service and concerted efforts to slow down its spread in France. The taxi market in France has been regulated for a long time. Like seemingly everyone with a grudge in France, taxis took to the street.

Here are the 5 hottest startups in Sweden

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At a total of 120, it topped the number of exits from other, much larger startup ecosystems like Germany (112), the UK (77), and France (44). Dubbed a ‘unicorn factory’ Sweden has become a powerhouse incubator for some of the most innovative startups.

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French Tech Austin Launches at SXSW


By Laura Lorek Publisher with Silicon Hills News At a breakfast meeting, Sunday at South by Southwest, Austin, and France launched a new website and movement designed to bring the two technology communities closer.

Tech5 2019 will expand its reach to all of Europe and Israel — apply now

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Except this year we’re going big… In the past, only startups from the Netherlands, the UK, Spain, France, Germany, and Sweden could apply. TNW and Adyen’s annual Tech5 competition is back again.

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Here are the 5 hottest startups in Ireland

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percent compared to Britain’s 23 percent and France’s 33.3 With one of the lowest corporate taxes in Europe (only 12.5 percent) and laxer regulations, almost every major tech company has chosen Ireland as the site for their European headquarters.

Here are the 5 hottest startups in Estonia

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And the country isn’t just dominating in terms of quantity, in 2017 it also brought in more venture capital funding per capita than major tech hubs like Germany, France and Spain.

Mattress company Emma is fastest-growing startup in Europe

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For the fifth year in a row Adyen and TNW teamed up to find the fastest growing companies in Europe’s six hottest startup ecosystems: the United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain, and Sweden.

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Join Me Thursday for a Business Town Hall with Rep Joe Neguse

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Frances Padilla from the Small Business Administration Colorado will offer some thoughts on the call as well (she heads the SBA in CO and is super thoughtful).

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How Blacklane went from one city to over 250 around the world

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In the lead-up to Tech5 2017 – the annual competition organized by TNW and Adyen which celebrates Europe’s fastest-growing tech companies in The Netherlands, UK, Germany, Spain, France and Sweden– we’re launching a series of remarkable stories of businesses that experienced extreme growth.

Take Spring Break At Home For Two Weeks Starting Now

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And know that if we don’t get ahead of this, we will likely end up in a situation like where France has had to close all restaurants, cafes, cinemas and clubs due to coronavirus , which seems like an extraordinary decision for a country and culture that loves to be out in public together.