4 Tips To Ensure Mobile App Success

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In today's digital age, mobile apps have become a valuable resource for all types of businesses. Here's how to make sure your mobile app is a success. Grow Technology mobile app mobile app development mobile app marketing mobile apps technology

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How Mobile Technology Changed Casinos

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Casinos, in a similiar way to a number of today’s businesses, have been revolutionised by new technology. Mobile technology, in particular, has made the casino business much more pronounced by bringing the niche to a much wider market segment.

The Rise Of The Mobile Web And App Domination

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Consumers and businesses, alike, will benefit from the rise of the mobile web. Grow Technology mobile app mobile app development mobile apps mobile trends technologyIs your business ready to capitalize on it?

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6 Powerful Ways Mobile Technology Has Transformed Business

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Advancement in mobile technology has changed the face of business. Mobile tech has become increasingly important as more companies rely on the growing mobile workforce," according to Mobile Day. Grow Operations mobile mobile technology mobile trends technology

Founder Interview: RedMane Technology’s Tony Lakier

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Tony is the Founder and CEO of RedMane Technology. He has some insights on technology and how to use it to impact the world. Technology is just one of our tools. Our work spans everything from technology strategy and needs analysis to systems development and ongoing maintenance.

6 Simple Ways To Validate Your Mobile App Idea

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Grow Technology business idea mobile app mobile app design mobile app development mobile app marketing technologyIt would be quite risky to develop a new app based solely on your own ideas about what the market and potential audience need.

8 Mobile App Development Pitfalls To Avoid

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Mobile app development must be a clear and focused endeavor. Grow Technology mobile app mobile app design mobile app development technologyThe goal is to create a flawless application that’ll be loved and shared by thousands of users.

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How Mobile Tech Has Impacted On Business


Many people these days use mobile devices for personal reasons but this technology has also become increasingly invaluable to businesses. When you have mobile tech at your fingertips, you can even run business from your smartphone , which makes this an invaluable tool for most people.

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3 Creative Ways Local Businesses Can Use Mobile POS

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Grow Operations accept mobile payments mobile pos mobile technology POS software technologyYou can use cloud POS to modernize and revolutionize your small business.

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The Industrialization of Mobile

Feld Thoughts

I am on the board of Sitrion , who just released their latest version of Sitrion ONE , which allows enterprises to deliver mobile solutions in one single day. A little over a decade later, mobile is dominating much of the growth of the web. Every company we are involved in is working on a mobile app. As a hidden gem, we got the beginnings of an amazing mobile product that Sitrion had started working on.

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6 Emerging Trends In Education Technology


The wealth of new technologies available to universities is transforming the learning landscape. Even the design of universities is changing with technology inspired learning spaces and automated attendance monitoring being used. The use of gaming technology for deep learning.

The Future Of Mobile Phones Is NFC


The first computer was the size of a room, now the latest mobile phones are in essence super computers the size of our palms. Wireless communication technology in these devices has permeated every part of our lives. by James Kane, Director of Sandpiper Digital Payments.

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Going The Distance: Turning Your Business Into A “Mobile” One


Overestimating Your Technology. Technology is a complicated subject matter when you know nothing about it, and this is where it pays to have the right people on board, or ensure you are sufficiently clued up as far as rules and regulations are concerned….

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6 Mobile App Design Tips To Improve Conversions

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Mobile app design plays a crucial role in delivering higher conversions. Keep the following design tips in mind to boost your mobile app conversion rates. Grow Technology appreneur mobile app mobile app design mobile app development mobile app marketing

Technology Is Still Essential To Non-Tech Startups

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Competition is high in a technology-based society today. We hear about the many startups that are technology-based, but what about the startups that are not tech-based? Technology for Non-Tech Startups. Mobile. I use my mobile phone to get directions for these campsites.

5 Common Mobile App Development Mistakes To Avoid

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Ready to build a mobile app? Here's a look at the most common mistakes appreneurs and mobile app development firms make when they launch a new app. Grow Technology mobile app mobile app development technology

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Top 4 Wearable Tech And Mobile App Development Trends

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As wearable devices continue to penetrate the market, mobile apps play a crucial role in the future of wearables. Grow Technology mobile app development mobile apps technology wearable tech wearables

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5 Survival Tips For Mobile App Startups


A couple of years ago, launching an application was all that was needed to be ahead of the game in the mobile software world. Mobile app startups today have to get everything right before they can think about gaining any profits from their work.

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The Growing Importance Of Mobile Advertising


As consumers increasingly turn to their mobile devices for a wide array of information and entertainment, advertising agencies and brands across the nation are beginning to focus more intently on the integration of mobile advertising strategies. by Kassi Belz, president of MassMedia.

Technology Adaptation In e-Commerce


The intersection of humans and technology is vastly seen when e-commerce comes into the picture. The craze for technology has advanced so much that every person nowadays is using two gadgets at the same time. Technology is helping their customers to keep a track of their purchases.

The move to "rich" mobile apps

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Many enterprise vendors and customers view mobile UI as just another more convenient portal to their back end processes. A growing number of companies are, however, building “rich” mobile apps to get more face time with their customers and even. Innovative Business Uses of Technology

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8 Ways To Raise Money For Your Mobile App Startup

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A great mobile app idea alone doesn’t cut it. Grow Technology appreneur mobile app mobile app development technologyYou need a viable prototype, some public interest, traction and more. When you're ready here's a look at 8 ways to raise funds.

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Overcoming The Struggles Of Enterprise Mobility


Given that smartphones, tablets and laptops are the modern office worker’s preferred productivity tools, that will mean having to design for mobile, first. There are typically three stages that developers encounter in their enterprise mobile app journey: Denial, Grief, and Acceptance.

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The Importance Of Mobile Security


Mobile device usage has exploded in the last decade. Therefore you have to implement new ways to protect your privacy and personal information when you are using the many features and innovative technology that is offered. Your Level of Mobile Security. Enable mobile tracking.

Mastering Mobile Popups


All of which confirms that launching dedicated mobile lead generation campaigns is no longer an option but a necessity. What’s the Size of the Current Mobile Opportunity? Fact: We live in a primarily mobile world. Why is mobile so challenging for marketers?

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Are Your Sales Reps Using The Right Mobile CRM?

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Grow Marketing & Sales Technology crm mobile crm salesMake sure your sales team is equipped with the tools it needs to succeed – whether it be at your main office or on the go.

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The Future of Web Development In a Mobile World

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Mobile is taking over but does that mean it will eliminate the need for web development? Here's why mobile apps will always be dependent. Grow Technology mobile app development technology web developmentCertainly not!

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Five Tips for Better Mobile Customer Engagement

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It isn’t time to stop thinking about customers engaging with your business through a computer, but it’s definitely time to focus on mobile as your first priority. percent of all website visitors came through mobile. Here are five tips for getting that mobile engagement.

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5 Creative Ideas About Mobile Innovation


Mobile technology has provided great convenience to individuals who utilize it. Many tasks that previously required numerous different devices, can now be performed much more easily using mobile technology and many other tasks are yet to be handed over to it.

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Mobile Devices Drive Modern Business – Here’s How To Stay In The Fast Lane

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Consumers mean business when using a mobile device. Grow Marketing & Sales company website marketing mobile mobile marketing mobile technology mobile trends mobile website technology

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How Successful Companies Utilize Technology


It’s no secret that technology plays a pivotal role in how businesses conduct daily operations and market themselves. Cloud Computing & Synced Device Technology. A large movement towards cloud computing and synced-device technology is well underway. by Jessica Oaks.

3 Brands Using Inspiring Mobile Storytelling Techniques


Brands are available not just on one, but multiple screens- from a large 60 inch TV set to a small mobile phone. Today, to inspire a little bit of creativity in you, we have examples of brands using mobile storytelling techniques remarkably well.

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Breaking Into Mobile Commerce


With social media on the rise, and a new technology becoming available every day, your company is required to conform. Mobile commerce is the newest addition to the small business family, and worth considering. Professionalisms mobile applications mobile commerce thought leadership

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Why Every Startup Needs a Mobile App

The Startup Magazine

Using technology to spread the word about your new venture is a great idea. Rather than trying to skimp on the quality of your mobile app in order to save money, you need to hire a reputable and experienced developer to help you out.

When It Comes To Mobile Payments, An Omnichannel Strategy Is Best


It’s been four years since Apple launched Apple Pay, which together with Google Pay and Samsung Pay have ushered in the modern era of mobile payments. The true value of mobile payments comes from the marketing value of an omnichannel approach. Take mobile order-ahead as an example.

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Hire A Mobile App Developer That Is Both Crazy And Qualified

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While most entrepreneurs think their mobile app idea is game-changing, a successful app takes collaboration. Grow Marketing & Sales appreneur mobile mobile app mobile app development technology

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5 Ways To Get Customers Hooked On Your Mobile App

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Mobile apps are increasingly becoming a part of our lives. According to mobile analytics firm Flurry mobile
 use grew 58% in 2015. Grow Marketing & Sales gamification mobile app mobile app design mobile app development mobile app marketing technology

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The New Normal: Mobile First


The actual catch phrase (or, slightly less charitably, buzz word) that has most recently begun to pop up throughout the innovation and technology entrepreneurial landscape is: “Mobile First.” ” Mobile First means think mobile, think often, think small screen.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Mobile Marketing Strategy

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Mobile marketing is the promotion of one’s business on mobile and smartphone devices through websites, apps, and social media. Why do you need a mobile marketing strategy? When looking at how we consume digital media, mobile usage has surpassed desktop.

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Launch Your Mobile App With These Tips In Mind

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Everyone wants a piece of the mobile app market. Grow Technology app development appreneur mobile app design mobile app development technologyBut as of now, only a handful of app developers are making real money. Here's how to increase your odds.

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Real Estate Agents: Considerations When Choosing Mobile Apps like SetSchedule


The rise of new technology has helped real estate agents rely on better and more innovative solutions like SetSchedule to solve their productivity problems. Must-have Functions for Mobile Apps like SetSchedule. It can be installed on a lot of devices, most especially the mobile ones.

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More than 160 Israeli Companies Exhibit at Mobile World Congress 2013

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his week, 70,000 attendees will descend on Barcelona for the annual mobile techie Fiesta known as the Mobile World Congress. Among the 1500 exhibitors, more than 10% are from Israel, the third largest contingent of any country at the show. [[ This is a content summary only.

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5 Step Mobile App Marketing Strategy for Appreneurs

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Here’s a look at five steps to help you market your mobile app, faster and smarter. Grow Marketing & Sales appreneur marketing mobile mobile apps mobile marketing technology

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