What Every Entrepreneur Should Know About B2C E-Commerce

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Knowing the basics of business-to-consumer e-commerce will help you market and sell more effectively. Here's what you need to know. Grow Marketing & Sales company website e-commerce ecommerce tips marketing online business online marketing

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B2C and B2B Content Marketing Tips – Is Your Copy Just Sitting There?

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The post B2C and B2B Content Marketing Tips – Is Your Copy Just Sitting There? It’s time for a content strategy that produces actual results! You write weekly blogs to share your insight and post regularly on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and more. You have tons of Web pages, Infographics, videos, company news, articles… the list goes on. That’s great. You win an award for having lots of content. But […].

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What do you know about Consumer startups in Israel?

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What do you know about Israeli B2C startups? B2C Consumer startups Israeli consumer startups b2b2c b2c Babylon Consumer consumer digital health consumer fintech consumer internet consumer mobile content esports Exits houzz icq Israeli scaleups Israeli startups online publishing Orcam wixIn this post I shine a spotlight on the consumer segment in Israel and explore the trends in consumer tech in Israel. Continue Reading → This is a content summary only.

Which Is The Best Business Model For Your Startup – B2B Or B2C?

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There are a few reasons as to why entrepreneurs should venture into “B2B” (“Business to Business”) service based companies as opposed to any form of “B2C” (“Business to Consumer”) company, “B2B” product-oriented company or strictly a web-based B2B firm. What Is “B2C&# ? Defining the examples: “B2C” – means that you are selling a product or service directly to the consumer as opposed to selling a product to service to another business.

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B2C becomes B2B every time someone walks into an office with their smartphone in their pocket

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B2C becomes B2B every time someone walks into an office with their smartphone in their pocket. It’s been amazing over the last 18 months to see Shyp make organic inroads into small businesses, retailers, marketing departments, etc not because they’ve targeted these customers or because the product has evolved specifically in their direction (more work to be done!) but because individuals in San Francisco, NYC, Miami have used the app in the personal lives.

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The False Dichotomy of B2C and B2B

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Ray Wang wrote a summary of CRM Evolution that I found particularly interesting, and one point in particular resonated with me because it aligns to something I have been talking about at Get Satisfaction for a while now… B2B and B2C distinctions are dead. The segmentation of business (B2B) and consumer (B2C) behaviors is a false dichotomy to begin from, what really matters is the customer lifecycle and renew-ability of the relationship. B2C and B2B is dead.

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Meet The San Diego Watch Brand Championing Direct-To-Consumer


Interviews b2c business to consumer interview Vincero WatchesAs traditional retail stores continue to close up shop across the nation, business en masse is moving online. Behemoths like Amazon and eBay are increasingly taking the place of Kmarts and Macy’s that we’re used to.

Strong B2C biz models – moats, bars, alerts, and habits

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Strong B2C business models have moats, bars, alerts, and habits. Moats keep your competitors out. Bars keep your customers in. And alerts remind them to keep coming back until they develop a habit. Here’s how it fits together: The most dramatic moats are in winner-take-all markets and are built from user activity, which means they grow stronger as your business scales.

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Four Marketing Metrics Every Startup Should Live By

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Whether you run a B2B or B2C small business, these four metrics will shed light on the strength of your marketing efforts. Grow Marketing & Sales business metrics key performance indicators marketing

What Is B2B And Why Choose This Business Model For Your Startup?

Entrepreneurs-Journey.com by Yaro Starak

Last week, in part one of the B2B versus B2C series, I explained there are several reasons as to why entrepreneurs should venture into “B2B” (“Business to Business”) service based companies as opposed to any form of “B2C” (“Business to Consumer”) company, “B2B” product-oriented company or strictly a web-based B2B firm. I outlined the disadvantages and advantages for the first-time entrepreneur in starting up a B2C product-based or service-based company.

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3 Tips For Entrepreneurs Entering The B2B Industry


It is unlike the B2C (business-to-consumer) industry many of us interact with on a daily basis – be it through grocery shopping or buying a gift for a friend – and there are several unique distinctions between the two industries. The B2B industry does not move as quickly as B2C.

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[Traction #48] NextView All-Hands: Redesigning the Everyday Economy

View from Seed

In this very special episode of Traction, we sit down as a team and discuss the new mission of the firm and talk through B2C and B2B examples of the Everyday Economy. We learn what commonalities exist among founders who are redesigning that economy, and the NextView partners share their perspectives on the next big wave of internet innovation. Plus, we share some news about the future of the show. Listen now or subscribe on Apple Podcasts , Stitcher , SoundCloud , or Google Play.

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Why Do Consumer IPOs and B2B IPOs Get Treated Differently?

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Zoom is a B2B company Pinterest and Lyft are obviously B2C companies. That not only bodes well for strong companies seeking to go public, regardless of whether they’re B2B or B2C. 2019 is off to an exciting start for IPOs of VC-backed startups.

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SxSW Interactive Wrap-Up and Why Most Startups are DOA


I’ve had dozens of meetings scheduled since then, met people I haven’t seen in a while, and I’m helping organize a reunion for the B2C (business-to-consumer) and Web CEO groups I was a part of when I was working on Babble Soft. babble soft conferences entrepreneur entrepreneurship 1 semester startup b2c beDJ sxsw interactive techcrunch web ceoMy 2012 SXSW Interactive experience this past week was very low key. No badge. A few days. A few parties. All productive.

B2B Ecommerce Sites: What Works for B2B Buyers?


But if your B2B ecommerce site differs on any of those elements—high prices, large quantities, or a need to serve B2C and B2B buyers—things change. What works with the average B2C consumer won’t always work with B2B ecommerce buyers. That makes some B2C marketing tactics less useful.

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Crazy Holiday Schedule? Your Content Marketing Doesn’t Need to Be!

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Stop the madness and focus on what works with your B2B and B2C content strategy You are running around like a crazy person trying to shop, decorate, clean, prepare for guests, pack, wrap, ship gifts… the list goes on.

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How close are we to a smart toilet?

Version One Ventures

Should the company be B2C so that it can completely own the data? That seems logical, but how does one launch a B2C if there’s no immediate value (i.e. Imagine a future, maybe 20-25 years from now, when there’s a smart toilet in every home. Picture it: the smart toilet, a device that collects our fecal matter and provides information about our health via our microbiome.

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Why This Startup Teaches Everyone to Code + a Framework to Find a CTO

View from Seed

Why Vin decided to pivot the business (read: launch a second startup) and what he learned going from B2C to B2B. Traction is a biweekly podcast where founders share the creative or unusual things they did during the seed stage to make early progress.

Can Social Media Hurt The Success Of Young Entrepreneurs?

Entrepreneurs-Journey.com by Yaro Starak

If you want to open a B2C ( Business to Consumer ) company, than yes, social media helps. In B2C,… Read the rest of this entry » Social Networking cold calling facebook time waste linkedin for sales twitter marketingI’m always amazed that interns at my company can do so much with the web. I’m even more amazed at the limitations social media has put on young aspiring entrepreneurs and how it hinders the necessary fundamentals to start a business.

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Growing your B2B marketplace

Version One Ventures

When we talk about marketplaces, we’re usually referring to B2C companies – eBay, Uber, Etsy, etc. But as anyone who is involved in B2C marketplaces knows, the dynamics governing B2C and B2B marketplaces are poles apart. The key factors in a B2C marketplace are typically availability and price. This is the third in a series of posts summarizing our speakers’ insights from the V1 marketplace meetup on October 20.

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Pitch Deck Month: “Is It Working?” (aka the “Traction” Slide)

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If in the long run your B2C business is likely to have an ad-based revenue model, the ability to acquire a large number of users at zero or extraordinarily low cost is critical.

Growth vs. profit: What should rising startups focus on first?

The Next Web

Are you B2B or B2C? George Deeb is the Managing Partner at Chicago-based Red Rocket Ventures, a startup consulting and financial advisory firm based in Chicago. This really is not a simple question to answer.

Infographic: 5 Social Media Trends For Small Businesses


5.What is the Difference Between B2B and B2C Usage For Social Media? B2B companies start off with LinkedIn (41%), which B2C companies primarily begin with Facebook (65%).

Growth Story: How learning app Blinkist became one of Europe’s fastest growing startups

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This week the CEO and co-founder of Blinkist, Holger Seim, shares valuable insights into growing a subscription-based B2C service. Growth Story is a new four-question format we’re doing about startups finding and influencing a defining metric that helped really grow their company.

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4 Ways To Get Your Customers To Use Your B2B eCommerce Site

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Launching a B2B eCommerce site differs from launching a B2C one. One of the things B2B and B2C customers have in common is that they have expectations when website functionality is involved. The world of eCommerce is one of the fastest growing markets today.

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Why A Wholesale e-Commerce Platform Is Essential For Your B2B Business


Your B2B customers are also consumers, and B2C commerce is leading the way with companies like Amazon and Ebay way out in the front. From their experience in the B2C world, your customers have high expectations.

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Why This Startup Teaches Everyone to Code + a Framework to Find a CTO

View from Seed

Why Vin decided to pivot the business (read: launch a second startup) and what he learned going from B2C to B2B. Traction is a biweekly podcast where founders share the creative or unusual things they did during the seed stage to make early progress.

21 of the best B2B growth tactics to test

The Next Web

Many B2C growth hacks can be creatively tweaked to be valuable as B2B growth hacks. David Arnoux is Head of Growth and co-founder of Twoodo, helping teams organize using simple #hashtags. This post originally appeared on the Twoodo blog.

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How To Suck At Social Media: An Indispensable Guide For Businesses

Occam's Razor

In this post let's look at each Social Network, see what B2B and B2C brands are doing there today, from that draw lessons as to 1. Let's look at B2C companies. Let's pivot even more, try the most B2C of entities, a car company. Facebook, at last count, has 1.5

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Our Recent Seed-Stage VC Investments

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We’ve been remarkably consistent on this dimension as well: five of the recent 13 investments were B2C, five were B2B, and three you could categorize as B2B2C. A few themes which have emerged from our 13 most recent investments: CONSUMER (B2C).

Sorry, Brands…Your Digital Agencies are Lying to You

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Brands spend a fortune on marketing- more than 9% (b2c) and 7% (b2b) of total revenue. Within marketing budgets, the fastest growing portion (+40%) is social media. Unfortunately, a growing body of evidence suggests that garnering LIKES on a Facebook page does nothing to foster community or increase engagement. Your digital agency has been lying to you. The better approach for lowering customer. [[ This is a content summary only.

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Why Apple and IBM’s new romance proves never is a very long time

Start Up Blog

It’s difficult to serve both B2B and B2C markets simultaneously. The recent strategic alliance of Apple and IBM is not really a surprise. But more than that it reminds us all of a few things about the times we are living through: - Sometimes our enemies become our friends. -

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The high road to building an enterprise SaaS company

The Next Web

However, we argue that in the long run, B2B companies can be more capital efficient than B2C companies, achieving maximum traction at minimal investment. Yoav Leitersdorf and Ofer Schreiber of are partners at YL Ventures. Developing an enterprise-grade SaaS product is not easy.

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B2B Social Media Marketing Strategies Guaranteed To Be Effective


An important thing that every B2B business owner needs to understand is that while all marketing follows the same general guidelines, there are significant differences in B2B and B2C approaches.

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3 missteps to avoid at all costs when building a minimum viable product

The Next Web

Therefore, the best first step for many startups with an idea for a B2C or B2B software application is to build a Minimum Viable Product. So… your brilliant idea for a web or mobile application is going to completely change the way consumers or businesses [fill in the blank]. Great!

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4 B2B Companies That Could Inspire Your Next Content Strategy


One might think that B2C companies have a lot of room to play around in when it comes to interesting content, but we came across some B2B companies that nailed interesting to the t!

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Highlights from NextView’s inaugural Hiring Bootcamp

View from Seed

B2C companies usually have a strong grasp of their marketing funnel (and B2B companies with their sales funnel), and the best ones are relentless on constant fine-tuning and optimization.

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How Important Is Mobile Readiness For Hotels?


Hotels are often B2C and therefore it is essential that we are communicating to customers in the best way. Creating and managing a robust digital presence in an mobile-first environment is essential.

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Introducing NextView III and Our Focus on the Everyday Economy

View from Seed

While our lens on the Everyday Economy is focused on our actions as individuals, it’s not constrained to B2C companies. What will the future hold? It’s a question every VC asks themselves and the entrepreneurs they invest in.

Catching Up on Bylines: Lies & Hacks

Mucker Lab

By the end, 99 percent of the B2B marketplaces had cratered and only B2C eBay was left standing and thriving. it’s really a software business, not liquidity driven) and that B2C marketplaces could not be built under the giant momentum of eBay’s “ network effect. Making fun of myself and the b t I spew on a daily basis. It’s almost been two years since I co-founded LA-based accelerator MuckerLab and since then, I’ve gotten pretty good at lying.

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