The Death of B2B and B2C Marketing Mindsets

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Human-to-human marketing could disrupt traditional B2B and B2C methods. Marketing


3 B2C Marketing Strategies That B2B Companies Should Embrace

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B2B marketing doesn't look like the same as it did 5 years ago. It's more personal, more diverse, and more transparent. Marketing


The False Dichotomy of B2C and B2B

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Ray Wang wrote a summary of CRM Evolution that I found particularly interesting, and one point in particular resonated with me because it aligns to something I have been talking about at Get Satisfaction for a while now… B2B and B2C distinctions are dead. The segmentation of business (B2B) and consumer (B2C) behaviors is a false dichotomy to begin from, what really matters is the customer lifecycle and renew-ability of the relationship. B2C and B2B is dead.


Planning B2B vs. B2C Strategies

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There''s a big difference between hustling end users and other businesses, so you have to be prepared for both


B2C, B2B, B2G: what about us B2Developer Startups?

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You’ve heard the adage that doctors make the worst patients? Well, software developers can be a hard market to sell software to. That’s why I’m especially pleased to announce a new Scholarship just for those startups building and selling the tools we all need to build our products.


Which Is The Best Business Model For Your Startup – B2B Or B2C? by Yaro Starak

There are a few reasons as to why entrepreneurs should venture into “B2B” (“Business to Business”) service based companies as opposed to any form of “B2C” (“Business to Consumer”) company, “B2B” product-oriented company or strictly a web-based B2B firm. What Is “B2C&# ? Defining the examples: “B2C” – means that you are selling a product or service directly to the consumer as opposed to selling a product to service to another business.


Strong B2C biz models – moats, bars, alerts, and habits

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Strong B2C business models have moats, bars, alerts, and habits. Moats keep your competitors out. Bars keep your customers in. And alerts remind them to keep coming back until they develop a habit. Here’s how it fits together: The most dramatic moats are in winner-take-all markets and are built from user activity, which means they grow stronger as your business scales.


How’s Your DIY Marketing Going?

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B2C becomes B2B every time someone walks into an office with their smartphone in their pocket

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B2C becomes B2B every time someone walks into an office with their smartphone in their pocket. It’s been amazing over the last 18 months to see Shyp make organic inroads into small businesses, retailers, marketing departments, etc not because they’ve targeted these customers or because the product has evolved specifically in their direction (more work to be done!) but because individuals in San Francisco, NYC, Miami have used the app in the personal lives.


3 Ways B2C Is More Direct Than Ever

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The gap between businesses and customers is shrinking faster than ever


Why B2B SaaS Sales Is Way More B2C Than You Think

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Happy end users are the key to long-term success


"Investment is coming from exploiting analytics to make B2C processes more efficient and improve."

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“"Investment is coming from exploiting analytics to make B2C processes more efficient and improve customer marketing efforts. Investment will also be aligned to B2B analytics, particularly in the supply chain management space, where annual spending is expected to grow 10.6 per cent in 2014," said Richard Gordon, managing vice president at Gartner.


Why is most b2c communication negative? []

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Why 2018 Will be the Year of Human-to-Human Marketing (H2H)

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Forget about B2B or B2C. The future or marketing is H2H. Marketing


Super Charge Your Business With a Chatbot

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Does Rewalon have a shot at gamifying corporate B2C?


Lithuanian Rewalon that debuted last year as a corporate micro-reward service is now expanding into corporate gamification sphere. Over the last year they have quickly gained traction and signed deals with significant B2B clients like Swedbank, American Express and Alfa Bank.


Note that this is based on an analysis by CB Insights of.

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tech enterprise tech IPO VC private equity B2B B2CNote that this is based on an analysis by CB Insights of “472 venture capital- and private equity-backed technology companies in the United States today with valuations, real or rumored, of greater than $100 million.”


4 Ways to Make 2018 Your Year For Killer Content

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Three Commandments for Pursuing a Pivot

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Whether you're a B2B business moving into the B2C space -- or vice versa -- keep these pivot commandments in mind


How Influencers Can Help You Sell More Than Trendy Health Drinks or Makeup Lines

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Influencer marketing can be just as effective for B2B marketers as it is for B2C companies. Find out how to succeed with B2B influencer marketing. Marketing


What Is B2B And Why Choose This Business Model For Your Startup? by Yaro Starak

Last week, in part one of the B2B versus B2C series, I explained there are several reasons as to why entrepreneurs should venture into “B2B” (“Business to Business”) service based companies as opposed to any form of “B2C” (“Business to Consumer”) company, “B2B” product-oriented company or strictly a web-based B2B firm. I outlined the disadvantages and advantages for the first-time entrepreneur in starting up a B2C product-based or service-based company.


3 Tips for Reaching B2B Customers With Content Marketing

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B2B content marketing is a totally different game than B2C. Follow these 3 tips to make sure you're doing it right


6 Content Marketing Lessons for Beginners

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According to recent research, 88 percent of B2B and 76 percent of B2C marketers are doing content marketing


3 Mistakes You're Making On Your Content Creation Strategy

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Although there are lots of B2C businesses opting for content creation, only 37% of this group says it's effective


Is Being “Lean” Different for B2B Startups?

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The success stories for this model are typically B2C startups like IMVU and Dropbox. Meanwhile, B2B startups like Rentjuice appearing to make fewer pivots than their B2C peers and in many cases require large amounts of capital. I wonder if the chasm is different in B2B vs. B2C as well.


 B2B Customer Service When Lives Are at Stake

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Customer service isn't just about B2C (retail). It's also about B2B (business-to-business, wholesale), where relationship-building is at least as crucial


[Traction #48] NextView All-Hands: Redesigning the Everyday Economy

View from Seed

In this very special episode of Traction, we sit down as a team and discuss the new mission of the firm and talk through B2C and B2B examples of the Everyday Economy. We learn what commonalities exist among founders who are redesigning that economy, and the NextView partners share their perspectives on the next big wave of internet innovation. Plus, we share some news about the future of the show. Listen now or subscribe on Apple Podcasts , Stitcher , SoundCloud , or Google Play.


3 Tips For Entrepreneurs Entering The B2B Industry


It is unlike the B2C (business-to-consumer) industry many of us interact with on a daily basis – be it through grocery shopping or buying a gift for a friend – and there are several unique distinctions between the two industries. The B2B industry does not move as quickly as B2C.


This Week’s Featured Product Management Jobs (Week of May 17, 2014)

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eCommerce Product Manager @ Scientific American (New York, NY) Keywords: Agile, b2c, eCommerce, Product Manager, UX [link] Filed under: product jobs Tagged: product management. product jobs product management


Leadership Roles on Product Management

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Product Director @ WayUp (New York City) Keywords: b2c, consumer, delight, engagement, retention [link]. Product Manager @ WayUp (New York City) Keywords: b2c, consumer, delight, engagement, retention [link]. Product Manager, Email Marketing @ WayUp (New York City) Keywords: app, b2c, email, marketing, web [link]. If you are a great product person looking for a great product job, or vice versa, check out our job board.


4 Tips for Handling Customer Complaints Without Compromising Your Values

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Customer backlash is unavoidable as a B2C brand, but it''s crucial to be proactive in monitoring conversations and aggressively engaging unhappy customers to acknowledge their problems


Crazy Holiday Schedule? Your Content Marketing Doesn’t Need to Be!

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Stop the madness and focus on what works with your B2B and B2C content strategy You are running around like a crazy person trying to shop, decorate, clean, prepare for guests, pack, wrap, ship gifts… the list goes on.


SxSW Interactive Wrap-Up and Why Most Startups are DOA


I’ve had dozens of meetings scheduled since then, met people I haven’t seen in a while, and I’m helping organize a reunion for the B2C (business-to-consumer) and Web CEO groups I was a part of when I was working on Babble Soft. babble soft conferences entrepreneur entrepreneurship 1 semester startup b2c beDJ sxsw interactive techcrunch web ceoMy 2012 SXSW Interactive experience this past week was very low key. No badge. A few days. A few parties. All productive.


This Week’s Featured Product Management Jobs (Week of July 20, 2013)

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Product Manager @ (Austin, TX) Keywords: b2c, coupons, ecommerce, internet, retail [link]. Product Manager @ Paltalk (New York, NY) Keywords: API, community, content, user testing, video [link]. Filed under: product jobs Tagged: product management. product jobs product management


Secrets to a Perfectly Crafted Social Media Post

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Twitter: One to five words is the ideal length for B2C companies; consumers appreciate short and sweet. LinkedIn: For B2C, 21-25 words is the ideal length. Twitter: Messages receive 52% fewer clicks if a question mark is included for B2C, 39% fewer for B2B.


Infographic: 5 Social Media Trends For Small Businesses


5.What is the Difference Between B2B and B2C Usage For Social Media? B2B companies start off with LinkedIn (41%), which B2C companies primarily begin with Facebook (65%).


Can Social Media Hurt The Success Of Young Entrepreneurs? by Yaro Starak

If you want to open a B2C ( Business to Consumer ) company, than yes, social media helps. In B2C,… Read the rest of this entry » Social Networking cold calling facebook time waste linkedin for sales twitter marketingI’m always amazed that interns at my company can do so much with the web. I’m even more amazed at the limitations social media has put on young aspiring entrepreneurs and how it hinders the necessary fundamentals to start a business.


Growing your B2B marketplace

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When we talk about marketplaces, we’re usually referring to B2C companies – eBay, Uber, Etsy, etc. But as anyone who is involved in B2C marketplaces knows, the dynamics governing B2C and B2B marketplaces are poles apart. The key factors in a B2C marketplace are typically availability and price. This is the third in a series of posts summarizing our speakers’ insights from the V1 marketplace meetup on October 20.


Growth Story: How learning app Blinkist became one of Europe’s fastest growing startups

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This week the CEO and co-founder of Blinkist, Holger Seim, shares valuable insights into growing a subscription-based B2C service. Growth Story is a new four-question format we’re doing about startups finding and influencing a defining metric that helped really grow their company.


Selling pickaxes during a gold rush

Chris Dixon

Y-combinator is known for their high-profile B2C startups but their biggest exits to date have been in infrastructure (most recently Heroku which rode the popularity of Ruby on Rails to a >$200M exit)*. Tools companies tend to require stronger technical and sales skills, whereas B2C companies tend to be more about predicting consumer tastes and marketing skills. Because B2C companies tend to be “sexier&# and get more press coverage, many entrepreneurs are drawn to them.