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U.S. Business Leaders Cracking Down on Thailand After Slavery Story Surfaces

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

The Associated Press story had investigated enslaved workers being used as fishermen

Bank of Thailand Outlaws Bitcoin, Internet Laughs

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Thailand''s central bank decided not to regulate Bitcoin, but that won''t stop people from using the currency.

4 Simple And Savvy Tips For Real Estate SMBs


Thailand has a lot of restrictions on who can and own property and where. Others property real estate ThailandKeeping Costs Low.

Music Streaming Service Deezer Launches In Singapore and Malaysia


In the News Asia Deezer Malaysia mobile service music streaming Philippines Singapore subscription service Thailand

Morning reflections…

Mark Birch

Bangkok Thailand pool morning peacefulMorning reflections….

Some seafood noodle soup…for breakfast

Mark Birch

food Thailand Bangkok noodle soup street foodSome seafood noodle soup…for breakfast.

5 Ideal Locations For Young Startups


Thailand. Young startups love Thailand. Anywhere can become an ideal location when in Thailand if the startup has access to the web.

How Two Founders Juiced Their Coconut Water Competitors

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

The $100 million company found liquid gold in Thailand--and turned it into a Whole Foods bestseller

The Path of Our Lives

Steve Blank

My roommate, Glen, would become my best friend in Florida and Thailand as we were sent to different air bases in Southeast Asia. Predestined.”.

Entrepreneurship is hard but you can’t die

Steve Blank

Most of the fighter planes used to support the war were based in Thailand , or from aircraft carriers (or for some B-52 bombers, in Guam.)

Fortumo Expands To Thailand


They have now opened up business in their 48th country, Thailand according to a recent blog post. What drives this mobile internet usage then?


More innovation off the beaten path

deal architect

Innovative Business Uses of Technology

A Collection of Noodle SoupThere are few things I enjoy more.

Mark Birch

And in Thailand, I head for the street noodles from the numerous vendors all throughout the city. It was so good though, I had to include it.

What it’s like to interview with Y Combinator

The Next Web

YogaTrail is a global yoga directory, created and maintained by a team that’s based in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Rotten WiFi announces world's 20 best WiFi airports


Thailand. Thailand. Thailand. Thailand. Thailand. Thailand. Thailand. Airport. Country. 42.22. 42.28.

nasdaq: Instagram released a list of their top 10 most.

Mark Birch

While the Suvarnabhumi Airport is certainly nice, there are a few better picture taking spots in Thailand that come to mind….

SketchNotes of My 2014 DCBKK Talk: “Optimizing Lifetime Value: How to Make More Money from Your Business”

Software By Rob

In October I spoke at Dan & Ian’s DCBKK event in Bangkok, Thailand about how to make more money from your business. Startups

A Step by Step Guide For Settling Down in Chiang Mai For Entrepreneurs With Families

Startup Noodle

Daily Costs Hacks Resource Thailand Chiang Mai Nursery Where to live? If we can work from everywhere then why not? baby). So, here we go.

Global Business Outsourcing (Infographic)


China, Malaysia and Thailand are all included with specific advantages to each. Why outsourcing could save your business.

Q4. Done.

Ben Casnocha: The Blog

I’m celebrating New Year’s in Hong Kong and Thailand. The fourth quarter of 2013 was a doozy. Write more personally.

How Glenn Beck Won the Audience Over at the Upfront Summit

Both Sides of the Table

This is a seriously well written & thoughtful article by @glennbeck - I have to say "hats off" Please watch.

Careers Start by Peeling Potatoes

Steve Blank

KP – Kitchen Patrol. If you got assigned to KP you were sent to the base kitchen and had to peel potatoes all day for all the soldiers on the base.

The Secret To Content Marketing Success: Storytelling

crowdSPRING Blog

For example, “Giving” is a 3 minute commercial for Thailand mobile phone service provider True Move. Marketing is storytelling.

Transportation, On-Demand And The Asian Economy – Asian Horizons


Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam) We’ve identified some factors that set them apart from other ride-sharing outfits.

[Interview] Amanda Mills, Founder Of Amanda Mills Los Angeles


They did everything from consulting in Thailand to volunteering at orphanages in southern India. AMLA is 100 percent natural and ethical.

A “How To” Guide on Working From Home

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

There are dozens of benefits to working from home ? Fortunately, being aware of the pros and cons brings you one step toward overcoming them ? How To

Stop Trying to Make Your Customers Smarter!

Duct Tape Marketing

She was headed home, after being part of a two-week group tour around Thailand. Stop Trying to Make Your Customers Smarter! United did that.

The Power of Company Retreats: Thoughts after the 8th Buffer Retreat

Bangkok & Pattaya City, Thailand (November 2013, 10 people). By now we have a fairly long history of doing retreats at Buffer. Hawaii, U.S.A

How my co-founder and I structure ourselves as CEO and COO

In the first week of December we were in Thailand for our second company retreat. He had always helped me to think through other areas.

How my co-founder and I structure ourselves as CEO and COO

In the first week of December we were in Thailand for our second company retreat. Tweet. Buffer. How we initially structured the COO role.

What Riding an Elephant Taught Me About Leadership

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog CEO Jay Steinfeld reflects on a recent trip to Thailand. A couple of weeks ago I rode elephants on my honeymoon in Thailand.

Stop Working More Than 40 Hours a Week

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

You may think you're getting more accomplished by working longer hours. You're probably wrong. to be with her kids. business world. If U.S.

80’S TUESDAY: One Night in Bangkok by Murray Head - An odd.

Mark Birch

The lyrics were so acerbic that Thailand banned the song when it was released in 1985. On a side note, while the song may take a dim view of the capital city, over several trips to Thailand I have come to appreciate and enjoy Bangkok. music pop 80's Murray Head One Night in Bangkok Chess Thailand

Clusters, Class, Culture and Unfair Advantages

Steve Blank

My first week on the base our shop chief announced: “We’re looking for some volunteers to go to Thailand.” I just finished reading J.D.

My Favorite Entrepreneur Story in a Long Time

Both Sides of the Table

Turns out it is a family-owned business started by a refugee from Vietnam and named after a small village in Thailand Si Racha. ” .

The choices we make when we build startups

doing retreats 3 times a year (the last two were Pattaya, Thailand and Cape Town, South Africa). Tweet. Buffer. Is it? Photo credit: DennisM2.

Product Management Opportunities Around the World!

The Product Guy

Product Manager, Mobile @ Lazada (Bangkok, Thailand) Keywords: android, ecommerce , ios, mobile, Product Management [link]. VP, User Experience Research @ Lazada (Bangkok, Thailand) Keywords: CRO, research, user experience [link]. If you are a great product person looking for a great product job, or vice versa, check out our job board.

The joys and benefits of working as a distributed team

We had our first in San Francisco (and Lake Tahoe) and next time we’ll be heading to a beach in Thailand! Tweet. Buffer. How Buffer is set up.

Philadelphia University Commencement Speech – May 15th 2011

Steve Blank

My first week on the base… our shop chief announced: “We’re looking for some volunteers to go to Thailand.” I hated school. I took her advice.

5 Mistakes We Made While Growing A Startup In Southeast Asia


Especially in Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines where people are a lot more responsive over the phone. Being too direct during meetings.