The Experience of Being a Limited Partner in Venture Capital

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Either way, VC funds aren't really built around creating much of an experience for their Limited Partners. Partnership investing is boring. You give someone your money and, once a quarter, they give you a report that says what they did with your money. That's because, for the most part, fund investors fall into two categories: institutions and individuals. If you're an institution, you basically care about returns and that's it.

Questions a Potential Venture Fund Limited Partner Should Ask

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Will the experience of partnering with this individual be a positive one? I have a draft deck put together for a next Brooklyn Bridge Ventures fund. I pretty much hate it. Don't get me wrong--the numbers look great. That's not it. It just doesn't really get at what's really important. I wasn't sure exactly how it missed, so I went back to first principles. What *is* really important for a venture fund?

Limited Partner Due Diligence on Venture Capital and Private Equity Funds

David Teten

Similarly, our limited partner investors have their own due diligence standards, and we manage HOF Capital to keep in line with their standards and expectations. Ask on what KPIs each Partner is evaluated. As a VC, I have a standard due diligence list for companies I’m reviewing.

Limited Partner Due Diligence on Venture Capital and Private Equity Funds

David Teten

Similarly, our limited partner investors have their own due diligence standards, and we manage HOF Capital to keep in line with their standards and expectations. Ask on what KPIs each Partner is evaluated. As a VC, I have a standard due diligence list for companies I’m reviewing.

VC Governance FAQ: (8) How can a limited partner exit from a VC fund?

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Answer: The options here are limited, and they are (1) the LP can try to sell their interest, including the obligation to fund future capital calls, to a fund that acquires secondary interests. It is far less disruptive to the GP and to the GP-LP relationship for the exiting partner to sell to a secondary buyer, but these buyers are totally financially driven and are going to get the best deal possible for themselves.

VC Governance FAQ: (10) Are limited partner defaults on capital commitments triggering a wave of lawsuits in the venture industry?

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This is the last in our series of 10 frequently asked questions from investors in venture capital partnerships. Susan Mangiero , CEO of Investment Governance’s Fiduciary X , asked me the following: Question: I’ve read that some GPs are suing LPs for not making capital calls.

VC Governance FAQ: (1) How much information are limited partners (pensions, endowments, foundations, etc.) entitled to receive from a VC fund?

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It’s that time of the year again– time to send out audited financial statements and K-1’s to your limited partners– which means it’s also a great time to address some of the common questions that investors raise about VC partnership governance and disclosure issues.

Austin-based Next Coast Ventures Raises $85 Million Fund


The fund was oversubscribed by $25 million and its limited partners include leading institutional investors, funds of funds and family offices. Next Coast Ventures announced Thursday that it has closed on its debut fund at $85 million. Next Coast Ventures is looking at investing in deals in Austin and in the middle part of the […] The post Austin-based Next Coast Ventures Raises $85 Million Fund appeared first on SiliconHills. Austin

How do venture capital firms make money by investing in startups?


The general partners of a venture capital fund make money… …by raising the bulk of the capital that the fund’s investable capital from “Limited Partners”, usually institutions such as university endowments, insurance companies and pension funds. Invested Interests capital company general partners investing IPO startup venture capital fund

Get 10 years of experience in 3 years running the most active venture fund in Texas

Austin Startup

You will work closely with Joshua Baer, Gordon Daugherty, Bryan Chambers, the Ventures Team, limited partners, external venture capitalists, lawyers, accountants and startup CEO’s to review legal agreements, perform our diligence checklist, and make sure transactions close in a timely manner. You will coordinate and administer the most active venture capital fund in Texas and see an insane amount of dealflow. You’ll know the inside details about almost every deal that goes down.

Content From LPs

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My partner Lindel Eakman wrote a post a few days ago about his transition from Austin to Boulder and a really helpful one about how to work with him titled A Human User Interface….with This prompted me to poke around for other content from the limited partner (LP) side of the LP/VC/entrepreneurship universe. A few blogs I found include Top Tier Capital Partners , Weathergate , and Sapphire Ventures (on Medium).

LP 213

A Slow, Painless Death

Babbling VC

The same goes for the LP's (limited partners) that invest in venture funds. We're so misled by what we often read in blogs and press stories or see on TV shows. One way or another, we tend to react to drama and they who produce content feed on this.

LP 183

High Functioning vs. Low Functioning Startup Boards

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Here are some observations I have from this exposure: If a company moves from strength-to-strength with predictable outcomes, easy financings, low staff turn-over, limited competitive threats then the composition of the board probably doesn’t matter as much.

VC Firm Creation Versus VC Firm Building


This isn’t the only example, of course, but it’s the most recent one and illustrates what the bar is for building a team of GPs and limited partners. Earlier this year, I reflected on the difference between “fund investing” vs “fund management.” ” It’s a useful post for emerging managers, I’d recommend reading it.

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How long does it take for investors to approve the idea and to grant the necessary investment?


Instead, they have a limited amount of money entrusted to them by limited partners, and they invest in a very, very few companies each year. The question is based on a misunderstanding of how venture capital investment works. First of all, VC funds do not invest in ideas. What VCs invest in are operating companies that are ready (or almost ready) to scale. There are many wonderful ideas, all of which are not fundable. Only companies get funded.

What Founders Need to Know: You Were Funded for a Liquidity Event – Start Looking

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VC’s raise money from their investors (limited partners like pension funds) and then spread their risk by investing in a number of startups (called a portfolio). BTW, Angel investors do not have limited partners, and often invest for reasons other than just for financial gain (e.g.,

Blue Collar VC

Mucker Lab

Just as entrepreneurs should aspire to raise capital from value-added, “smart money” investors, we, too, have focused on partnering with committed, long-term, institutional limited partners (LPs). We are consumed with generating great returns for our limited partners. Four years after founding and bootstrapping Mucker Capital , we are pleased to announce the close of a new $45 million fund, Mucker III.

How to Build a Startup & Understanding Venture Capital

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Venture capitalists raise money with a goal of returning 4x the amount they raise to their Limited Partners (LPs).

What’s a typical day like for a full-time angel investor?


If you mean someone investing mostly other people’s money through a seed fund, they are venture capitalists, and their days are spent like other VCs, meeting with prospective investments, mentoring portfolio companies, raising money from limited partners, negotiating deals, and so forth. There is no such thing as a full-time angel investor (or if there is, I’ve never met one.).

A Deep Dive into What Has Really Changed in Venture Capital

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Yes, VC / Startup Funding is up Massively If you look at how much VC firms have raised from Limited Partners (LPs) over the past 2 decades you’ll see that we’ve returned to a level that we haven’t seen since 1999.

How Does Venture Funding Work for Startups?

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At this stage, if business owners are fortunate enough to partner with a venture capitalist, they need to be prepared to take the money and make it grow quickly. Limited partners are usually comprised of large institutions that work with venture capitalists to get big returns on their money.

VC’s Are Not Your Friends

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Their fiduciary responsibility was to manage a portfolio of investments for their limited partners. At the end of the day VC’s have to provide their limited partners with great returns or they aren’t going to be able to raise another fund.

Fundraising Hacks for Venture Capital and Private Equity Funds

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Historically, the process of winning capital from limited partners has been opaque. LIMITED PARTNERS’ PERSPECTIVE. Origins is a podcast about Limited Partners, created by VC Notation Capital. Denis Tse: Fund Management Craftsmanship: An LP’s Food for Thought for Emerging VC General Partners. GENERAL PARTNERS’ PERSPECTIVE. However, in the last few years a few have started to use social media and become more transparent.

Why the Blockchain is so disruptive for venture capital

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Blockchain and ICOs are giving VCs new ways to run their own businesses – from changing agreements with limited partners to allow the fund to buy tokens and currencies directly to figuring out how to safely store token and currencies. These days not a single meeting with a fellow VC goes by without talking about Blockchain and how to invest in this space. We are all a bit puzzled by how quickly this market has evolved.

This is the Dumbest Op Ed I’ve Read in a While

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But I hate worse when I let down the people for whom I’ve totally committed my time to: the boards I set on, my limited partners, my colleagues at Upfront, companies that are pitching me and looking for feedback and my family.

What’s the Difference? Venture Capitalist vs. Angel Investor

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Investment firms are staffed with analysts, partners, and others to ensure deals are soundly vetted. Venture capitalists act as limited partners, providing help to build successful companies in a market they have deemed has potential.

Announcing K9 Ventures II – A $40M technology-focused micro-VC fund

K9 Ventures

This new $40M fund is backed by several high quality institutional limited partners including university endowments, foundations, family offices and fund of funds and key individuals. I am pleased to announce the formation of K9 Ventures II, L.P.

Announcing K9 Ventures II – A $40M technology-focused micro-VC fund

K9 Ventures

This new $40M fund is backed by several high quality institutional limited partners including university endowments, foundations, family offices and fund of funds and key individuals. I am pleased to announce the formation of K9 Ventures II, L.P.

Book: The Startup Game

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started Draper Gaither & Anderson , one of the first VC firms on the west coast that coincidentally was the first firm to use a limited partner (LP structure). After writing Do More Faster with David Cohen, I have deep appreciation for the effort involved in writing a book. After reading a bunch of entrepreneurship books, I’ve decided there are three categories: (a) autobiographies, (b) consultant roadmaps, and (c) practitioner stories.

Similarities between raising a venture fund and raising for a startup

The Equity Kicker

I’m at the Super Investor conference in Amsterdam, which is the main event each year when private equity and venture capital fund managers and their investors (Limited Partners out LPs) get together.

How We Think About Values Versus Deeply Held Beliefs

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” Each of our funds is $225 million, we have four partners and no other investment staff, and we work out of the same office we’ve worked out of since we started in 2007. Until we created this fund, we limited the amount that we could invest in a company to $15 million. With Select, we are no longer limited to investing $15 million per company.

Details of Upfront Ventures New $400 Million Fund

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A huge thank you to all of the Limited Partners who have entrusted us with your capital, time and reputations. Upfront’s Base As you probably know we are based in Santa Monica and as my partner Greg Bettinelli coined, we’re #LongLA.

Five Questions for Vetting an Investment in a New or Emerging VC Fund

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A lot of VC fund pitches—and I know this because I used to vet VCs for a living as an institutional limited partner at a pension fund—sound the same. If you want to learn more about how VC funds get evaluated and you’re either an accredited investor, a non-partner at a VC fund, or work on behalf of a family office, check out this event tomorrow.

Katie Rae and the Engine at MIT

David Cohen

We became a Limited Partner in Project 11 when it launched and Katie continues to mentor at Techstars regularly. Everyone who knows Katie Rae at Techstars is thrilled that she’s taken a lead role with The Engine at MIT, a new venture fund and incubator space there. Katie was the Managing Director at Techstars for our Boston program from 2010 to 2014.

The LP Opportunity to Change Tech Culture


Limited partners (LPs), who manage the capital that gets deployed into venture capital funds, can play an important role in diversifying the funding landscape. Limited partners are pension funds, university endowments, funds of funds (who get their money from pension funds), family offices and foundations. Over the past month, Silicon Valley has been at the forefront of many conversations outside of the technology world.

LP 57

UK micro-VC

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Invest on behalf of 3rd party Limited Partners. Forward Partners is a tick on all four criteria. I’ve been reading a lot about the development of micro-VC this afternoon.

.Net 114

The Morning After

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Long before the markets corrected my smartest professional trader friends and limited partners were telling me that many people in the market were telling me that all eyes were glued on Sept 16-17 when the FOMC meets to discuss interest rates.

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This Friday at NYU-Annual Stern Private Equity Conference

David Teten

In addition, there will be 8 thematic panels: Leveraged Buyout, Real Estate, Energy, Distressed, Venture Capital & Growth, Media & Entertainment, Emerging Markets, and Limited Partners & Secondaries.

What do you give up when taking outside investors?


From the moment such an investor looks seriously at your company, the investor or VC partner is thinking of the end game, the ultimate sale of the company or even of an eventual initial public offering.

Don’t Give Away Your Board Seats

Steve Blank

And they have a fiduciary responsibility to their own limited partners.)