How Philadelphia is Winning a Startup Renaissance

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Philadelphia gets called a lot of things. One thing this historic city doesn’t often get noticed for is its emerging Philadelphia startup scene. Office space is generally quite affordable across the Philadelphia startup scene. The City of Brotherly Love.

Philadelphia Marathon

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I ran the Philadelphia Marathon in 4:28:46 yesterday. When I got to Philadelphia on Friday I was tired and mopey, as evidenced by the post I wrote on Saturday titled The Last Marathon of the Year. Marathons philadelphiaMarathon #21 is done. Of the 21 marathons I’ve run, it was my third fastest (I did the Dallas Marathon in 4:28:00 when I was 17 and the Chicago Marathon in 4:05:27 in 2003.)

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Philadelphia University Commencement Speech – May 15th 2011

Steve Blank

I am honored to be with you as we gather to celebrate your graduation from Philadelphia University. While I teach at Stanford and Berkeley, to be honest… this is the closest I’ve ever gotten to a college graduation.

Why Philadelphia Business Owners Should Consider an Executive Leadership Course

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Below are some of the main reasons Philadelphia business owners should consider an executive leadership course. You can also enroll in an online version of the course, which is the perfect solution for busy Philadelphia business executives who may not have the time to attend traditional classroom-based lectures. Unfortunately, many Philadelphia business owners may not be performing to their full potential.

Small Business Saturday Spotlight: Falls Flowers in Philadelphia

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Located in the historic Philadelphia neighborhood of East Falls, Falls Flowers specializes in custom, garden-style designs. Falls Flowers’ arrangements are natural and lush…with a touch of wild. Every bouquet focuses on the harmony between colors and textures, which allows you to indulge in the individual beauty of each flower. Falls Flowers is offering a free gift with any purchase tomorrow, see their website: [link] for more details. Business Planning small business saturday

Improving Job Satisfaction for Employees

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Searching for ‘ custom t-shirts Philadelphia ‘ on the internet will give you plenty of options, but be sure to choose a trusted company with positive customer feedback. Job satisfaction is an intrinsic part of retention in the workplace.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Need Insurance as an Entrepreneur

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According to a worker’s compensation lawyer in Philadelphia , workplace accidents take pale every single day and can leave employees with serious injuries that will prevent them from returning to work. Note: “According to a worker’s compensation lawyer in Philadelphia , workplace accidents take pale every single day and can leave employees with serious injuries that will prevent them from returning to work. – Peer-to-Peer Marketplace For Renting Storage Or Carpark Space


Philadelphia-based Storably is founded by Wharton Penn graduates Josh Kowitt and Apu Gupta. The site was formally launched in Philadelphia on September 21, and the startup intends to expand nationally soon. Feature Story online marketplace parking peer-to-peer Philadelphia Storably storage Wharton ( ) is an online peer-to-peer marketplace for parking and storage.

The Pros and Cons of Filing Business Bankruptcy

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I spoke with experienced Philadelphia bankruptcy attorney David Offen, Esq. Veronica Baxter is a writer, blogger, and legal assistant operating out of the greater Philadelphia area. Finance Legal insight attorney Bankruptcy Business Bank Chapter 11 Chapter 13 Chapter 7 creditor debt expenses income legal liquidation loans negotiate operations pension Philadelphia repayment Sole proprietorshipwho let me know about some general pros and cons of filing bankruptcy for a business.

How My Failed Music Career Led to Founding a Successful Business

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Sagapixel, the Premier Philadelphia Area Web Design and SEO Company. Marketing People Technology The entrepreneurs agency booking contractor customers digital marketing agency internship law firm musician passion performance Philadelphia podcasts programming promotion SEO Spanish team Temple University Web Design web trafficI am a failed musician. Years of practice, dedication, driving hundreds of miles in a night to play a gig on no sleep, all was for nothing.

The Last Marathon Of The Year

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Tomorrow I’m running the Philadelphia Marathon , which will be the sixth marathon I’ll do this year and the last one for 2011. Marathons philadelphiaThis year I’ve done marathons in Cincinnati, Madison WI, Bismarck ND, Newport RI, and St. Louis. My times have ranged from 4:47:27 to 5:24:45. Overall I’m pleased with what I’ve done, especially since I didn’t chance my normal life tempo for them.

Tucson 103

Creating a Successful Brand Ambassador Program

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If you’re interested in business topics like this, consider Philadelphia University’s online degree in business management or online Innovation MBA. Marketing Startups lululemon makers mark mercedes benz philadelphia university upward labsWord-of-mouth marketing remains one of the most effective tools at a company’s disposal; 74 percent of consumers identify word of mouth as one of their top points of influence.

Guide to Creativity & Innovation Conf. Part II

Gregg Fraley, Author of Jack's Notebook

Books & Reviews Creative Problem Solving (CPS) Creativity and Self-Expression Entrepreneurial Innovation Travel American Creativity Association Andre and Judy de Zanger Drexel University Lousiville Philadelphia Sydney Australia The Amplify Festival The Idea Festival The Next Idea Creativity ConferenceAs I suspected would happen a lot of additional information has come in regarding creativity conferences.

Innovating Municipal Government Culture

Steve Blank

Widder is the Vice President of Innovation and holds the Steve Blank Innovation Chair at Philadelphia University. He’s helping city government in Philadelphia become more innovative by applying Lean startup methods and Philadelphia University’s innovation curriculum. This February Philadelphia University and the City of Philadelphia founded the Academy for Municipal Innovation (AMI). Philadelphia University Undergraduate Curriculum.

College and Business Will Never Be the Same

Steve Blank

This weekend I had dinner last night with one of them – a friend who’s now the President of Philadelphia University. Philadelphia University Integrates Design, Engineering and Commerce. Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school.

How To Build A Wildly Successful Business

Mike Michalowicz

Mike Michalowicz, Author of The Pumpkin Plan , lectured in October 2012 in Philadelphia on how to build a wildly successful business. Using strategies Michalowicz learned from colossal pumpkin farmers, entrepreneurs can grow a colossal business. It all starts with selecting the right seed. Entrepreneur Strategies Entrepreneurship Management Strategies Marketing Strategies Mindset The Pumpkin Plan build entrepreneurship mike michalowicz pumpkin plan seed selection successful business

QuotaPath Raises $3.5 Million


The company, which is based in both Austin and Philadelphia, plans to use the funds to hire more employees and launch the QuotaPath platform to the public during the next three months. QuotaPath, which makes a compensation management platform, announced this week it has raised $3.5 million. QuotaPath’s software allows anyone to track their sales […]. The post QuotaPath Raises $3.5 Million appeared first on SiliconHills. Austin

Building the Helium Mesh Network in the Mid-Atlantic

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I’m hopeful that some of the readers of this blog live in Baltimore, DC, or Philadelphia and are interested in participating in the Helium rollout. We’re looking to work with 15 – 25 locations in or around the cities of Baltimore, DC, and Philadelphia to host hotspots. As you might have seen in an earlier post, Foundry Group is helping to bring the Helium Network to Boulder.

LevelUp Your Startup with a New Offer from SCVNGR


LevelUp launched about a month ago in Boston and Philadelphia, and today's deal is aimed squarely at the startups there. Gamification meets Daily Deals. Considering the popularity of these two trends right now, it was bound to happen, right?

4 key traits retailers need to adopt to thrive in 2018

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On August 11, 1994, the first ever ecommerce transaction occurred when a 21-year-old in New Hampshire named Dan Kohn sold a copy of Sting’s Ten Summoner’s Tales to a friend in Philadelphia who paid $12.48 An eleven-time Grammy winner, Sting revived the soul of rock and roll by infusing reggae just when the genre was growing stale. His far lesser known accomplishment is starring in the birth of internet retail.

Four Startups to Present at the Innotech San Antonio 2013 Beta Summit


Last year’s winner, CallGrader went on to land a spot on DreamIt Ventures’ Philadelphia incubator program. The Beta Summit at Innotech San Antonio showcases some of the most innovative young startups. This year, Nicholas Longo, co-founder and director of Geekdom, a collaborative coworking space at the Weston Centre downtown, will moderate the event. Silicon Hills [.] The post Four Startups to Present at the Innotech San Antonio 2013 Beta Summit appeared first on SiliconHills.

Does Your Small Business Need Workers’ Compensation Insurance?


Veronica Baxter is a blogger and legal assistant living and working in the great city of Philadelphia. a busy Philadelphia workers’ compensation lawyer. by Veronica Baxter. Perhaps. Statutory workers’ compensation laws are particular to each state, but in general, businesses having employees that are not large enough to self-insure must carry workers’ comp insurance.

Coolest Mobile Business Ideas To Consider as a Career

Women Entrepreneurs Can

The popularity of food trucks made it possible for entrepreneur Marti Lieberman to sell her killer mac and cheese on the streets of Philadelphia after just two years out of college. There’s no one “right” path to success, but wherever your journey takes you, it’s a lot more fun on wheels.

Startup Stories: Zagster’s mission to make bike sharing simple

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Founded in Philadelphia in 2007 as CityRyde and now headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Zagster helps property managers, hotels, businesses and universities across North America offer bike sharing programs to tenants, employees, guests and students. Startup Stories is a series of short documentaries about TechStars companies, hosted exclusively by The Next Web. This time, we’re taking a look at bike sharing startup Zagster.

DreamIt Ventures Launches Pre-Seed Stage Accelerator in Austin


The Philadelphia-based incubator will launch its first accelerator program in Austin, which will kick off in mid-December and run through March. Got a dream for the next big thing? Then DreamIt Ventures has got an pre-seed stage accelerator program for you. The companies in the program will launch at South by Southwest Interactive. DreamIt Ventures [.]. Austin Technology San Antonio Technology

eSports is poised for growth in 2020

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esports stadiums are popping up everywhere, including the Fusion Arena , a $50 million stadium being built by Comcast in Philadelphia. Lets start with some numbers: Newzoo estimates the gaming market revenue will reach $189.6 billion in 2020, up from 148.8 billion in 2019.

Hyperbolic Headlines About Silicon Valley

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And, blink three times if you realize that Netscape is now owned by Oath, which is a subsidiary of Verizon, which is headquartered in New York, and is the merger of Bell Atlantic (Philadelphia), NYNEX (New York), and GTE (which, awesomely, bought BBN, created GTE Internetworking, spun it off as Genuity after the Bell Atlantic merger, which was then acquired out of bankruptcy by Level 3 (Broomfield, Colorado – adjacent to Boulder) which is now owned by CenturyLink (Louisiana)).

What we can learn from high performing athletes

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Two weeks ago during Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals against the Philadelphia 76ers, Toronto Raptors superstar Kawhi Leonard hit a legendary game-winning shot. I have been on cloud nine since Saturday night. As a long-time Toronto Raptors fan, my hometeam is headed to the NBA Finals for the first time in franchise history. Throughout this playoff run, I have been thinking a lot about high performing athletes, and what we can all learn from a champion’s psychology.

SXSW Pitch: The 50 Finalists for 2020

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SXSW Pitch features 50 incredible startups from across the United States and around the world The Forrest Four-Cast: February 1, 2020 Scheduled March 14–15 at the Downtown Austin Hilton, SXSW Pitch brings together 50 of the world’s best startups.

CitiKitty For Toilet-Trained Feline Friends


That’s the situation 26-year old Philadelphia resident Rebecca Rescate found herself in when she and her husband moved into a small Manhattan apartment which didn’t have enough space for even a litter box. If you own a cat and live in a small, tight shoebox apartment, you’d likely know how traumatizing it can be if your cat isn’t toilet-trained.

Losing Isn’t The Worst Thing: A Lesson In Purpose 


Matt and I had a history, as we rowed together in Philadelphia after college. by Jason Caldwell, founder of Latitude 35 and author of “ Navigating the Impossible: Build Extraordinary Teams and Shatter Expectations “ These days, I give a fair amount of keynote speeches.

The Top 5 Benefits Of Social Media On Small Businesses


David Offen, a bankruptcy lawyer in Philadelphia , said, “A positive online presence is perhaps more significant for small businesses that have a smaller client base.

Why Wilmington, Delaware Is The Best Place To Start Your New Business


Wilmington, Delaware is conveniently located between two other major cities (Philadelphia and New York). by Cynthia Griffith, author of “ The Sun Village Project “. The 21 st century’s industrial revolution is upon us and totally innovative ways to make a profit are being discovered all the time.

SXSW Pitch Finalist: Sapient

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Instead, an idea for smart outlets, conceived while he was still a student at University of Pennsylvania, evolved into Sapient Industries, based in Philadelphia, Penn.,

Get a Viral Launch Page For Your Startup With LaunchRock


But a team at this weekend's Startup Weekend in Philadelphia has taken this idea one step further, designing a product that will help startups build viral launch pages: LaunchRock.

Viral 168

From The Flea Market To The Stock Market


My father was laid off work and decided to join me on the Philadelphia and New Jersey flea market circuit.

Stock 109

Upfront Ventures Raised New $280 Million Fund

Both Sides of the Table

You can usually find 2-3 investors per location but it’s not uncommon to see VCs in: Boston, NY, Connecticut, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Chicago, St. We’ve been dying to tell you all for a while that we had raised a new venture capital fund and of course given SEC filing requirements the story was somewhat already scooped by the always-in-the-know Dan Primack a few weeks ago. We raised $280 million.

Denver PUC is being Uber-Annoying

David Cohen

Help us keep Uber in Denver along with other great cities of the world such as San Francisco, New York, LA, Seattle, Chicago, Boston, DC, Vancouver, Toronto, Paris, Milan, Philadelphia, San Diego, and Dallas. If you’ve ever ridden in an Uber , you know it’s a great innovation. Now Denver’s PUC is trying to shut Uber down by inventing new rules targeted directly at it. It’s a sickening defense of a poor incumbent. Image from Right!

How To Market Better and Grow Your Small Business Faster Using The Psychology of Reciprocity

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Dunkin’ Donuts turned wins by the Philadelphia Eagles into free coffees and huge mobile downloads. Called “ Eagles Win, You Win ,” the campaign offered Philadelphia area customers a free coffee the day after the Philadelphia Eagles won a game.

Here’s Why We Fell in Love with Draft

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Over the last few years my enjoyment has gone back up considerably because fantasy football has now become a great bonding experience for my two boys and I as we get to talk about which players around the league are doing well, we pay more attention to games that don’t involve the 2016 Superbowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles and we talk about who to start each week.

The One Video Every Silicon Valley Investor Should Watch

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” Troy started his life in a poor neighborhood in West Philadelphia. There was so much great content at the Upfront Summit but I think one held a special place in minds of most people I talked to – our panel on diversity led by my partner Hamet Watt (<– what? you’re not following him?). The message of the panel was very clear – “We don’t need your help. We want to partner with you to make money.”

Why I Dropped Out Of Georgetown… And Started 2 Successful Online Businesses


25-year old John Accardi grew up in Stone Harbor, NJ and earned a Bachelors of Science degree from Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia. by John Accardi, founder of and 6 months ago, I dropped out the neuroscience PhD program at Georgetown University. Not only was I granted a full scholarship, but I was being paid a generous stipend to attend.

"The Startup Way" is Headed to London

Startup Lessons Learned

From New York, Philadelphia, and Boston to Los Angeles and San Francisco, entrepreneurs came out to share their enthusiasm -- you really are everywhere. “A remarkably useful playbook that every business, government, and nonprofit needs to ignite the spark of innovation and fuel the fire of change.”