Kentucky Innovation, Gonzeaux #5 — Marijuana & Other Secrets

Gregg Fraley, Author of Jack's Notebook

Elizabethtown, Kentucky — Friday May 11, 2012, Gonzeaux #5. So, in Kentucky there are two big innovation secrets. Kentucky used to grow a lot of tobacco, they still do, but the new cash crop, increasing in the recession years, is bluegrass state pot.

Kentucky Liquor Company Buys Austin’s Deep Eddy Vodka


Heaven Hill Brands of Kentucky announced this week it is buying Austin-based Deep Eddy Vodka for an undisclosed amount. The Wall Street Journal in May reported that the Austin-based company was for sale and estimated its valuation at between $165 million and more than […] The post Kentucky Liquor Company Buys Austin’s Deep Eddy Vodka appeared first on SiliconHills.

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Startup Braidy Industries is Disrupting the Transportation Industry

The Startup Magazine

Braidy Industries is a new aluminum rolling mill in Greenup County, Kentucky. Built on a greenfield site, the Kentucky manufacturing facility will process advanced aluminum materials for the automotive industry.

Kentucky EClub Pairs with VC Backed Color to Expand the Final Four Experience

Campus Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship students at the University of Kentucky are taking advantage of their schools participation in the Final Four to partner with a hot, well financed ($41 Million from A-List VCs ) photo sharing/joining application maker — Color. Sounds like the University of Kentucky EClub has some serious ideas and a willingness to go after them. via Entrepreneurship Club pairs with smartphone app to bring ultimate fan experience to campus for Final Four : The Kentucky Kernel.

Sustaining Innovation vs. Disruptive Innovation

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Technology amazon Apple Blockbusters brian neese Campbellsville University Clayton Christensen disruptive innovation disruptor EdTech Education Faisal Hoque Kentucky leadership markets Netflix online MBA Pfizer sustaining innovation

Start Your Business: From Truck Driver to Owner-Operator

The Startup Magazine

There are also restrictions on cargo types in various areas throughout the country, such as the Cumberland Gap tunnel in Kentucky and Tennessee.

Minimum Wage Boost in Silicon Valley Ups the Cinderella Factor

Gregg Fraley, Author of Jack's Notebook

I’d personally like to see Silicon Valley open its doors to immigrants from distant lands like Michigan, Kentucky, Alabama — even Hoosiers from Indiana. Sometimes Cinderella Boys Hit Innovation Holes-in-One.

Carey Smith Launches Unorthodox Ventures in Austin to Invest in Startups with Great Products


Carey Smith sold Big Ass Fans, the company he founded in Lexington, Kentucky, for $500 million in December of 2017 and then moved to Austin.

Build It

Feld Thoughts

During the last few days in Kentucky I was asked some version of the question “how do I get started” a few times. It was usually in the context of “should I write a plan first” or “should I design a full system.”

[ADV] The Dr. Satyabrata Chatterjee Technique – Achieving Medical Success Through Word Of Mouth


He is a leading cardiology expert in London, Kentucky and one of the finest in the state. This made London, Kentucky one of the leading hotspots for people in need of cardiovascular surgery closely following top states like Rochester, MN, and Cleveland, OH among others.

Alternative Financing for International Sales

The Entrepreneurial Mind

Auburn Leather Company , located in Auburn, Kentucky, manufacturers leather laces for footwear and sporting equipment. i] “Kentucky Lace Company Boosts Sales and Increases Workforce with Ex-Im Bank Financing,” Export-Import Bank of the United States, n.d.,

[Review] Beam, Straight Up


It’s uncanny, but you’ll find you may just hear a Kentucky drawl as you go through the pages, but by and large “ Beam, Straight Up ” is a great read. What does it mean to create and dominate an entire category in an industry?

Funding All Projects on DonorsChoose in Alaska

Feld Thoughts

Or, the time I got a note from Norma Gibson at Carr Creek Elementary in Littcarr, Kentucky. Amy and I just funded all of the unfunded DonorsChoose projects in Alaska as part of the annual DonorsChoose #BestSchoolDay event. As part of the #BestSchoolDay program, your donation is matched. In all of the Alaska projects, Aspect Ventures matched our donation. Huge thanks to Jennifer Fonstad, Theresia Gouw, and team!

Alaska 108

Small Business Calendar of Events

Up and Running

8th Annual Kentucky Innovation and Entrepreneurship Conference: The Annual Kentucky Innovation and Entrepreneurship Conference (8th KIEC) will bring together distinguished speakers, tech-based economic development practitioners, researchers, innovators, entrepreneurs, students and postdoctoral fellows. It’s a new month, and time for a new feature – the Bplans Small Business Calendar.

Why All Businesses Should Focus on Preventing Workplace Violence


According to Eastern Kentucky University , on average, 18.9 Workplace violence remains a serious concern in all professions. Managers don't receive the necessary training to spot the signs of potential workplace violence.

10 Tips From Entrepreneurs Who Made Their Own Luck

Startup Professionals Musings

Colonel Sanders started at a late age to build his chicken recipe into KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken). Did you ever wonder why some entrepreneurs always seem to have all the luck and success, while others never seem to catch a break?

10 Survival Strategies From Winning Team Leaders

Startup Professionals Musings

Colonel Sanders started at a late age to build his chicken recipe into KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken). Did you ever wonder why some entrepreneurs always seem to have all the luck and success, while others never seem to catch a break?

10 Ways Successful Entrepreneurs Beat the Odds

Startup Professionals Musings

Colonel Sanders started at a late age to build his chicken recipe into KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken). Did you ever wonder why some entrepreneurs always seem to have all the luck and success, while others never seem to catch a break?

19 Entrepreneurs Share Their Business Goals for 2018


We at KYDS LLC (Kentucky **Distillation** Services) are fundamentally changing the science of industrial hemp extracts. In 2018, our core focus will be expanding our footprint locally first here in Kentucky and internationally, and job creation.

Franchises Finding International Niches

The Entrepreneurial Mind

Kentucky Fried Chicken first came to Vietnam in 1997 through the vision of Singapore entrepreneur and franchisee Tony Chew. ENTREPRENEURIAL PROFILE : Tony Chew: KFC Vietnam. One of the more active regions for international franchising is Southeast Asia.

[US] [Event] Launch Tennessee’s Southland Conference To Highlight South’s Top 50 Startup Companies


'California’s Silicon Valley and New York tend to hog the headlines as America’s most lauded hotbeds of innovation, but Launch Tennessee (LaunchTN) wants to prove that the country’s South also features plenty of innovative startups that can challenge for dominance in the global marketplace. Launch Tennessee , a public-private partnership that supports the creation and development of high-growth companies in Tennessee, will draw attention on the top 50 early-stage companies in the South during Southland , its new conference highlighting the best in technology and Southern culture in Nashville on June 12-13. “We’re giving 50 of the most promising startups in the South the chance to network with top venture capitalists and angel investors from Silicon Valley, the East Coast and the South,” says Charlie Brock, CEO of LaunchTN. “The Southland Conference is going to be a unique confluence of talent, ideas and funds that will benefit our entire region, not just the companies participating. We’re very excited about the potential of this conference and believe it will become the premier event highlighting the South’s most promising young companies and entrepreneurs each year.” 50 startups have been selected – representing a broad cross section of the south, with companies from eight southern states including Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia – to present and compete for the title of “Southland’s Most Innovative Startup” during the conference, with the winner walking away with a US$10,000 prize. These companies have developed new technology and products across the enterprise, consumer and healthcare markets. The Southland conference – in typical Southern style – will blend a entrepreneurship and investment with offerings of Southern food, drink and music. Positioned between the CMA Music Festival in Nashville and Bonnaroo in nearby Manchester, many conference participants are expected to attend one or both of the music festivals. Events & Happenings competition conference Entrepreneurship Launch Tennessee Nashville Southland startup Tennessee'

Startup Map & Trends Analysis – September 2012


However, the states with the highest monthly increase in percentage terms were South Dakota, Kentucky, and Hawaii, also likely due to their small baselines, but yet demonstrating a potentially interesting trend. September’s Startup Map showcases the latest trends in startup profiles created on Gust between September 1 st and September 30 th.

Onward And Upward: Your Relocation For Work Guide


Kentucky. Did your dream job make an offer? It’s everything you want it to be – except it’s in another city, state, or even country altogether. Around 11% of all job seekers in 2018 relocated. The next person to make the big move could be you!

Last week I traveled with Usher and Matt Ryan

Jeff Hilimire

And then this weekend on my way to the Dome to watch the Hoosiers take on Kentucky, I was on Marta with Matt Ryan (Matty Ice to you Falcons fans). Silly post, but on a flight to London last week I was a few rows behind Usher.

Depression and Entrepreneurs

Feld Thoughts

It doesn’t surprise me that I feel down and flat as I sit here in the Charlotte, North Carolina airport on my way to Lexington, Kentucky on day 16 of a 19 day trip. Amy and I wrote a meaningful amount about entrepreneurs and depression in Startup Life. Since we finished the final draft a few weeks ago, I’ve given several talks where depression came up as I’ve woven my own experience with depression into the short (less than 15 minute) version of my story.

PressIt, An Easy Way To Convert Original Content Into Merchandise


'Louisville, Kentucky-based online retailer of stock and user-customized on demand products CafePress has launched PressIt , a simple and effective way for bloggers or small businesses to monetize their original images and other content, by making it simple to put them on products like t-shirts, mugs and tote bags. PressIt is a free, downloadable script that can be added to any Web page whose content a blogger or business owner believes may generate unique e-commerce product revenue (images, graphics, logos, text), which synchronizes that page’s content with CafePress products. Visitors simply need to press a button where the content is displayed, and that content can be put on fully customizable print-on-demand merchandise through CafePress, which currently numbers around 500 base products. If an order is completed and approved, the content owner earns an affiliate commission from CafePress. This means a blogger or small business owner can totally do away with having to design merchandise and manage inventory, while adding an additional revenue stream without significant hassle. Content owners will earn a lot less than if they sold the product directly to a customer, but this way there’s no need for design costs or sunken capital into inventory that may not move. “PressIt is a logical extension of our brand strategy – the intersection of customization and technology,” says CafePress CEO Bob Marino. “It’s a simple yet powerful tool that broadens access to our platform and allows anyone with original content – bloggers, artists, photographers – to engage with their audiences in a new way.” “We can’t think of an easier way for content owners to realize added value from their original work by creating an additional revenue stream that keeps their sites clean and free of advertising,” adds Jason Falls, Vice President, Digital Strategy for CafePress. “If it’s tweet-worthy, it might be tee-worthy as well. Why just share it when you can wear it?” Resources blogging CafePress merchandise original content PressIt small business'

Cultivating A Culture Of Excellence From The Ground Up


In my first year at Ole Miss, five supervisors and I visited Vanderbuilt, University of Louisville, University of Kentucky and several other campuses.

A Must Read Book for the Educated Class

Both Sides of the Table

grew in a single-parent (often zero parent) lower-income home in Middletown, Ohio and spent much of his youth also in his family’s cultural home of Jackson, Kentucky. I just finished Hillbilly Elegy by J.D. Vance. I can’t recommend this book strongly enough. I loved it in so many ways.

Ohio 259

6 Texas-Style Business Lessons That Every Entrepreneur Can Take To The Bank


The biggest business – oil – is always negotiated with a good bottle of Kentucky Sour Mash on the table. By Theresa Roemer, CEO of Theresa Roemer , LLC. As author John Steinbeck said “Texas is a state of mind. Texas is an obsession. Above all, Texas is a nation in every sense of the word.”

Texas 261

My Perfect Saturday of Fire and Fury

Feld Thoughts

” I wonder if there will be a horse named Stable Genius in the Kentucky Derby in the next few years. Yesterday was a perfect Saturday. I decided to do a digital sabbath so on Friday night at 5 pm I shut down my computer. Amy made a nice small dinner of leftover cauliflower soup with farfalle pasta. We then went downstairs and finished off the Burns/Novick The Vietnam War. I woke up mid-morning on Saturday. I meditated for a half hour.

To Be Successful You’ll Need to Shake Hands and Kiss Babies.

Both Sides of the Table

I’m aboard Delta flight 1833 from Cincinnati (actually, Northern Kentucky for what it’s worth) to Los Angeles. It’s Wednesday late afternoon. I had a very enjoyable day in Cincinnati meeting many local entrepreneurs, angels and accelerators.

Join a conference simulcast near you

Startup Lessons Learned

One of the most important things we do with The Lean Startup Conference is make a livestream of the plenary talks available for free to groups around the world, supporting entrepreneurship communities everywhere. The number of hosts has grown annually, and this year, we have 200+ groups joining us on Monday, December 3. They represent more than 10,000 people total. If you're not attending the conference in person, consider meeting up with one of these groups to watch.

[Review] How To Speak American


Despite the title of the book, “ How to Speak American &# is not about the dissecting and hypothesizing about the nuances of Southern drawl or the subtleties of New York accents; it’s really a part-sociology, part-marketing book about addressing the need for brand marketers to embrace the largely ignored – in the marketing scheme of things – “New Heartland&# of the United States. Authored by Paul Jankowski , the chief strategist of Nashville-based Access Brand Strategies and a marketing professional for more than 20 years, this primer on the heartlands looks at why and how brands should pay attention to, understand and embrace this target segment. Do you remember Season 7 of “ So You Think You Can Dance &# (2010) contestant Kent Boyd, the “farm boy&# who hails from Wapakoneta, Ohio? And how people can’t even pronounce Wapakoneta , much less understand its inhabitants as consumers? Well, Jankowski is basically referring to heartland folks like Kent. Jankowski – a self-declared heartlander, and proud of it – writes that far too many marketers believe that if they’ve targeted the coasts, they’ve got their marketing plans covered; he believes it’s a mistake to engage the heartlands, such as those in the states of Kansas, Missouri, Wisconsin, Louisiana and Kentucky, amongst others, the same way they do with the “more progressive&# people living on the coasts. They are likely to also have preconceived, even derisive, notions that can get in the way of understanding the heartlands consumer. “This book is about educating brand marketers about the impact of this loyal consumer segment, one that makes up about 60-percent of U.S. consumers,” Jankowski explains. “As a brand marketer, it is your responsibility to help your brand form deep, lasting relationships with Heartland consumers.&#. “Advertising decisions are generally being made by people who have no connection to the consumers they’re targeting, and that’s a dangerous risk to any brand,” Jankowski adds. “Maintaining the status quo will kill a brand. My goal is to help marketers capture this massive opportunity and restructure their branding initiatives to truly connect with New Heartland consumers.”. In the book, Jankowski shines the spotlight on the deeply-rooted core values that underpin the heartland way of life – the focus on faith, community and family. A heartlander, he asserts, tend to have very deep religious beliefs; and they are strongly connected to their families and communities. Marketing messages and campaigns that ignore, or worse, undermine such beliefs, can have undesired consequences. “ How to Speak American &# is really a well-penned, and beautifully put together, contemplative book of social and cultural observations on a segment of the population that’s usually ignored. Some of the advice given here not only applies to the U.S. – it’s as much Mumbai is to Jaipur, or Beijing is to Harbin. The only downside to this book is that while there’s a lot of thought that goes into dissecting the heartland consumer, one wishes there were more concrete examples and case studies that highlight effective applications of marketing to them. Books & Reviews American book heartlands marketing midwest Paul Jankowski review the South United States

7 Entrepreneurs Reveal How They Spend Their Holidays


Over the years, themes have ranged from a casino night, to a winter Olympics to a Kentucky derby party.

Keep Your Secret Sauce Secret

Mike Michalowicz

When is the last time you whipped up a batch of Kentucky Fried Chicken at home? Not the time you tried and nearly burned the kitchen down, the time you actually replicated the Colonel’s sacred original recipe – perfectly? What’s that? You never quite pulled it off? How could you?

5 Successful Entrepreneurs Who Started Late In Life

Mike Michalowicz

Colonel Harland Sanders, Founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken. Entrepreneurship is for the young. After all you need energy, stamina, relentless focus, and the most important thing, time on your side. The key to successful entrepreneurship is simply doing it.

You Can Teach an Old Dog, New Tricks ? Just Ask a Senior Entrepreneur!

Small Business Force

Colonel Harland Sanders founded Kentucky Fried Chicken when he was 65. Entrepreneurship is not just the province of the twenty-somethings. When it comes to creating new businesses, it's the "old dogs" who are leading the pack. An entrepreneur at 40? Maybe even 60? And why not?

Naming Your Business: Process and Pitfalls

The Startup Magazine

This is why Minnesota Manufacturing and Mining became 3M in 2002 and why Kentucky Fried Chicken adopted KFC in 1991. Company names like Apple, Amazon and eBay evoke an image of success and cutting-edge technology.

[Review] Monster Loyalty


Beyond Lady Gaga’s world famous “Little Monsters”, companies such as Kentucky bourbon maker Maker’s Mark (Maker’s Mark Ambassadors) and Aruba (Airheads) have named their fan communities. Outlandish outfits. Avant garde style. Burlesque performance artist.

I’m Almost 29, Is It Too Late to Start a Business?

Up and Running

But, Sanders didn’t stop and eventually, went on to found and franchise ‘Kentucky Fried Chicken’. This week’s Startup Monday question comes to us from a Quora user.

Entrepreneurship and Failure | 50 Brilliant Failures

Campus Entrepreneurship

Harlan David Sanders : Perhaps better known as Colonel Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken fame, Sanders had a hard time selling his chicken at first. Found this great list of 50 successful people who failed before they became great. Really an interesting list and a good reminder for all entrepreneurs and those learning about entrepreneurship: entrepreneurship and failure come together. Thanks to Newmark’s Door for the find.

26 Entrepreneurs Share Their Tips and Tricks of Staying Motivated


Thanks to Christopher Dangler, The Kentucky Double ! #6- When the going gets rough in business, you’ll need motivation to keep moving. Motivating yourself can be hard but practicing consistent habits such as reminding yourself of why you started can be a major boost.

Chad 99

From the Vault: Labor Day! TCB and TCP

crowdSPRING Blog

Family legend has him being shot at as he was run out of Harlan County, Kentucky and living under an assumed identity for years in order to keep his family safe. EDITOR’S NOTE: We originally published this post back in 2012.