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Madeline Veenstra Explains How She Achieved Early Startup Success Combining Fashion With A Wiki by Yaro Starak

This is because of my own interest having a startup and because things are heating up in Australia… Read the rest of this entry » Entrepreneur Profiles Podcasts Podcasts & Podcasting Podcasts Pillar brisbane startup fashion wiki madeline veenstra wiki fashionDownload the MP3 [ 28 Minutes - 13 MB ].

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Why Wiki-Work is the Future

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

I call this wiki-work: web-distributed, massive scale, collaborative work executed in bits and pieces. The U.S.

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Book short: Life Isn’t Just a Wiki


Book short: Life Isn’t Just a Wiki. Others I would love to try or take more advantage of include internal blogs (specifically the P2 and upcoming O2 WordPress themes; [link] ), GitHub pull requests (even for non-code) and a simple wiki. If you want to go farm go together” when I read it. Different target outcomes, different paths.

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Business Intelligence in a Wiki World!

Active Garage

Wikis. The Wiki world in contrast to the traditional BI world thrives on openness and transparency. The Problem. The Dilemma.

Social ROI Wiki

The Common Sense Web... An Entrepreneurs' Blog

I thought I'd post a list of good articles on Social ROI. If you'd like me to add one of your favorites to this list, please either e-mail me or submit in the comments below. We'll update this list as people share their great thoughts & ideas. Biserka Anderson - Social ROI, A Tough Nut to Crack. Data Mining Polygraph

AngelList new employee reading list

Venture Hacks

Internal Github engineering wikis. I do the onboarding for all new AngelList team members. Part of it is asking them to read the following (many candidates have read these before they even come in for an interview). Culture. Startups are here to save the world. Things we care about at AngelList. Doing the wrong things the right way.

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Google’s Search goes open: Wiki-style

Jason Ball's TechBytes

I couldn’t believe my eyes this morning when I ran a search on Google. If you are signed in, you can now promote results as well as leave comments. I had asked a Googler last year when they were going to meld Bookmark Sync (social ranking) to Google’s PageRank. This is equally good/better. Google’s been wikified.

Google’s Search goes open: Wiki-style

Jason Ball's TechBytes

I couldn’t believe my eyes this morning when I ran a search on Google. If you are signed in, you can now promote results as well as leave comments. I had asked a Googler last year when they were going to meld Bookmark Sync (social ranking) to Google’s PageRank. This is equally good/better. Google’s been wikified.

Google's Search goes open: Wiki-style

Jason Ball's TechBytes

I couldn't believe my eyes this morning when I ran a search on Google. If you are signed in, you can now promote results as well as leave comments. I had asked a Googler last year when they were going to meld Bookmark Sync (social ranking) to Google's PageRank. This is equally good/better. Google's been wikified.

5 Business Blogs That Are Kicking Ass in Content Marketing


The platform offers wikis, downloads, webinars, articles and other sources. Eventbrite. Definitely bound for success! Of a Kind. Equinox.

There Is Such A Thing As Free Lunch - Free Lunch Is Opportunity Cost In Economics


Free Lunch Is Opportunity Cost In Economics - Just saying: there is such thing as a free lunch, it usually involves a trade off (free lunch at a bar if you order a muinimum of drinks). TINSTAAFL - There is no such thing as a free lunch.

Unlimited Mobile / 3G Internet Data In Paris On My Android Phone

Feld Thoughts

It was remarkably easy, once I knew the magic trick, which I found on the site Pay as you go sim with data wiki (thanks Toby Ruckert – lunch is on me tomorrow.). Now you want to follow the instructions for Internet Max on the wiki I referred to earlier. The menu options had changed from the wiki – here are the ones I had.

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The Gig Economy

Allen's Blog

But, this article , given my everyday experience, doesn’t feel right – kinda like Robert Solow’s quote back in the ‘80’s, “ You can see the computer age everywhere but in the productivity statistics. ” ( ). I love the Economist. Not sure what the analog is w/r/t the Gig Economy.

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Guy Kawasaki appointed to the Board of Trustees of the Wikimedia Foundation

How to Change the World

This entity is the parent organization of all the “Wiki” projects such as Wikipedia and other free-knowledge projects. I’ve joined the board of trustees of the Wikimedia Foundation. The activities of the Wikimedia Foundation represent one of the most important projects in the history of civilization. ” Press Release.

13 Social Media Rules to Live By

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

DO take personal responsibility for the content that you publish on blogs, wikis, or any other public forum. These rules are loosely adapted from IBM''s social networking policy--with an extra dollop of common sense. Social networks are now commonplace in sales , marketing, and general business communications. we", "us", "our").

Hacking for Defense @ Stanford – Making the World a Safer Place

Steve Blank

They are able to collaborate using Telegram, Instagram, Facebook, Skype, FaceTime, YouTube, wiki’s, IM/chat. Why? . al-Qaeda. North Korea.

Using Evernote to manage your Startup

47 Hats

While there are lots of alternatives (Wikis, Circus Ponies Notebook, plain text files, etc), Evernote gives you a set of nice features (versioning, formatting, device ubiquity, robust search) that no other single app has. I recommend Evernote. Dozens of posts culled from my RSS reader (Mr. Startup Tools Evernote

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How to Use Crowdsourcing to Get Funding

Up and Running

A good example of this would be Wikipedia and other online wikis. Getting a big project or business off the ground isn’t easy.

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Anonymity, Commenters and the Internet

Mark Birch

There is a delicate balance however to managing online communities however whether they are discussion boards, wikis or blog comments.

Planning Your Communication Success: 3 Tips

Soho Solutionist

Wiki-Pedia describes it as, “…a psychological phenomenon by which people tend to develop a preference for things merely because they are familiar with them. Have you heard of the Mere-Exposure Effect? In social psychology, this effect is sometimes called the familiarity principle.

The Awesomeness of a Hackathon

Feld Thoughts

The Hackathon manager should come up with an easy way to manage the team list (hint – wiki). In the best hackathons, there is a wiki that is very dynamic during the hackathon. Over the years, a number of companies I’ve been an investor in have had hackathons. Most of the companies we invest in release software at least once a month.

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Need a Personal Assistant? Try These 4 Apps

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

and the app will pull up a wiki on the 44th President of the United States. Meet the cyber-secretaries vying to be your next personal assistant.

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RWW Recommends: The Startup Toolkit

List Yours, Find Others' on This Wiki. startup tools wiki. ReadWriteStart. ReadWriteWeb. Channels. ReadWriteStart. ReadWriteBiz.

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5 Things Elite Customer Service Teams Never Do

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

In any profession, sport, or trade, world-class teams do certain things that separate themselves from others. The world of service is no different.

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How To Create Internal Brand Ambassadors


You may have heard this on this blog before: Content IS a team sport. But before we get there, here are a few interesting statistics to think about.

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Test Your Aptitude for Business Internet Jargon

Startup Professionals Musings

Wikis are used to create collaborative websites on a given subject, maintain corporate intranets, and build simple data bases. Viral marketing.

Does Ghostwriting Mean Intellectual Prostitution?


Wiki would have us believe that even Mozart was ghostwriting music for rich clients. We just don’t have a service like that. Image source.

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How To Predict The Future

Feld Thoughts

Wikipedia was a tremendous invention in the process of knowledge curation, and it was dependent, in turn, on the invention of wikis. A documentation system such as a wiki is useless without any way to access it. Apocalypse , near-term science-fiction novels about realistic ways strong AI might emerge. Yet it never happened. 2016.

Where Social Media Will Go in 2013

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

These four trends show just has fast technology and social media are evolving -- and how you need to respond. The key word here is anticipation. (2)

A Micromanager's Guide to Trust

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

At, Martin came up with a novel solution: He created a wiki that describes how to handle some 500 operational issues. he says.

Does HubSpot Walk The Talk On Its Culture Code?


For example, one of the posts on our wiki goes into detail on every funding round we''ve done. It has had over 340,000 views. Score: 9.5/10.

Wiki 55 Death By Umbrella, Waterloo Bridge


From Wiki : Georgi Ivanov Markov was a Bulgarian dissident writer. Translate. Thursday, April 18, 2013. link]. link].

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7 Highly Promotable Forms of Content Marketing

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Here are the most popular forms of content marketing assets, as well as advice on when to use them.

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12 things product managers should do in their first 30 days at a new company

Google Ventures

Read anything you can get your hands on – old OKRs, specs, design documents, wiki pages. This article was originally published at The Next Web. Congratulations, a product has found its product manager. Perhaps you’re joining a small startup, or maybe you have a new project in a big company. Set clear expectations with the CEO or your manager.

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Entrepreneurs are Everywhere Show No. 19: Carmen Medina and Don Burke

Steve Blank

Carmen was the first CIA executive to envision many of the applications now used by CIA analysts, including online production, collaborative tools, and Intellipedia , the Intelligence Community-wide wiki developed by Don Burke and Sean Dennehy. They are attuned to finding colleagues who think like they do. Two, you can’t give up.

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4 Extreme Habits of Highly Successful Remote Teams

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

To make a virtual office function well, you may need to take some extreme measures. These companies did--and they''re better off for it. every morning.

How to Get Remote Teams to Work Together

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

The CEO of a company the works remotely shares his secrets for overcoming the challenges of working remotely. He offered three suggestions.

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Inside a Completely Transparent Company

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

We created a formula for how salaries are calculated and added it to our Wiki page for everyone on the team to see. you''ve become your parents.

Is Collaboration Still a Key to Success?

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

By collaborating internally via social media tools, wikis, videoconferencing and more, you increase productivity. Everyone uses it.

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Twitter Link Roundup #268 – Pristine Resources for Small Business, Startups, and Design!

crowdSPRING Blog

Best Knowledge Base WordPress Themes for Customer Support, FAQs and Wiki Had to experience the joy again? And again? Enjoy!