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12 Questions: Meet Rommel Rojas (Venezuela)

crowdSPRING Blog

Rommel lives and works in Valencia, Venezuela. My name is Rommel Rojas, I live in Valencia, Venezuela. In our 12 Questions blog series, we feature interviews with someone from the crowdSPRING community.

Superfund Newsletter #8


LINK Sadly, a report from Bloomberg Markets: The Delusions of Venezuela and Argentina. Superfund Equities Report Headlines: A good look at a great move in the startup world. Especially when companies start out seemingly pigeonholed. LINK Warning! US slowdown ahead. LINK In Depth: The NASDAQ hit 5000 today. Bill Gross is saying we are in a tech bubble. Remember AOL Time Warner? We could be in a sub-prime auto finance bubble ( see here) , or perhaps it is just good old-fashioned growth.

Chad 16

Trump is everyone's problem now.

This is going to be BIG.

How about Venezuela funds from 1998? Just realizing that I forgot to list one risk factor in my Fund II PPM--the possibility that the US turns into a fascist dictatorship. That probably won't have a positive effect on venture capital returns. I mean, think about it--how well do you think those late 1930's German venture capital vintages did?

Thank you Israel for welcoming our British startup (Guest post)

VC Cafe

You only had to look around little Techloft to meet people from, amongst others: Israel (of course), the US, UK, France, Venezuela, Canada & Eastern Europe. By Daniel Abrahams *. I’ve always been intrigued by the success of the ‘Startup Nation.’ In this post, I want to share my story.

What to Do When You Fear Your Leadership Is Failing

Inc Startups

Your new product launch has flopped, perhaps, or the fire marshal has just handed you a list of code violations that means the hospice won''t open on time, or your team of anti-logging activists hasn’t received the visas they need to go on-site in Venezuela.

This Entrepreneur Has One Simple Goal: Improve a Billion People's Lives

Inc Startups

With 200 million users around the world and 250,000 new users signing up every day, HotSpot Shield is the reason protesters from Egypt, Turkey, Thailand, China, and now Venezuela have been able to access Twitter. David Gorodyansky, whose company AnchorFree developed an app that has helped revolutionaries in several countries evade government censorship, talks about the people who inspired him.

Egypt 22

Chavez Uses Twitter to Intimidate Venezuelans

Venture Chronicles

CARACAS, Venezuela — President Hugo Chavez urged supporters to use Twitter to blow the whistle on currency speculators on Sunday and announced that police raids on illegal traders would continue as Venezuela’s government tries to defend the embattled bolivar. I read this and realized that the social media industry has indeed become mainstream when thuggish potentates in banana republics are using Twitter to suppress and intimidate the citizenry.

Climb the Ladder Of Intentionality To Unleash Your Potential


He has held senior management positions at Procter and Gamble and PepsiCo; served as CEO of The Lighting Science Group; has lived and worked in Sweden, England, Mexico, Venezuela, Brazil and the United States; and took 16 months to sail around the world with his family.

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37 Entrepreneurs Explain Why They Started Their Businesses


I originally came from Argentina, and lived in Brazil and Venezuela before moving to the US. Each business has a story. No matter if the business is a Goliath like Wal-Mart, or a local business owned by a couple or family, the business has roots in an idea.

Houston Hackathon winner CarEye wants to eliminate hot-car related deaths

Startup Houston

De Grazia, who was born in a small town in Venezuela, moved to the United States when he was 17 and attended the University of Houston with an academic scholarship. “I believe in Venezuela there are only two places where you can go and 3D print something,” De Grazia said.

How to Build a Company That Lasts Forever

Inc Startups

The rest are on three-month sojourns installing organs in Iceland or Venezuela or Texas. At the core of Europe''s strongest economy is the Mittelstand, a tier of impeccably run small manufacturers that measure growth not in years but n centuries.

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Facebook S-1: The Most Anticipated IPO in a Decade ? AGILEVC

Agile VC

In fact penetration in Chile, Turkey, and Venezuela is estimated at >80% which is astonishing. How to Evaluate Firms for a Seed VC. How To Think About The Future. About Me. AGILEVC My idle thoughts on tech startups. Facebook S-1: The Most Anticipated IPO in a Decade. February 2, 2012.

Luxury Outhouse for Dogs: PetLawn

Inc Startups

Canada, Panama, Venezuela and Columbia. Two Chapman University sophomores are working to improve dog and owner relationships everywhere--with a simple patch of fake grass. Dylan Balsz and Tilden Smith had a simple vision: take a product, make it better and sell it for cheaper.

Income Inequality Continues Relentless Ascent

Leveraging Ideas

As Timothy Noah of Slate noted in an excellent [article] on inequality, the United States now arguably has a more unequal distribution of wealth than traditional banana republics like Nicaragua, Venezuela and Guyana.

Tobias Lutke, CEO, Shopify at Business of Software 2011: “How we can build businesses that people in 100 years won’t be embarrassed by?”

Business of Software Blog

And then, I integrated two gateway payments which I wanted and then called in my co-founder and saw, oh, he did another three and so we were supporting five payment gateways and then he flew on his Honey Moon to Venezuela and when he came back three weeks later.

Twitter Link Roundup #51 – Small Business, Social Media, Design, Copywriting, Marketing And More

crowdSPRING Blog

Interview with a crowdSPRING designer – 12 Questions: Meet Rommel Rojas (Venezuela) – [link]. Every day on the crowdSPRING Twitter account and on my own Twitter account , I post links to posts or videos I enjoyed reading or viewing.

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Facebook's growing infrastructure spend

Niall Kennedy's Blog

Venezuela 2,533,400 5,720,000 44.29%. On Thursday BusinessWeek reported Facebook is seeking new financing for its data center operation growth in 2009.