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Why Don’t We Make Learning A Computer Language A Requirement In High School?

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I spent this weekend at LindzonPalooza. Once a year Howard Lindzon gets together a bunch of his friends at the intersection of financing, tech, media, and entrepreneurship, we descend on The Del in Coronada, and have an awesome 48 hours together. Many interesting and stimulating things were said, but one I remember was from Peter Pham over dinner. It was a simple line, “why do we teach languages in junior high and high school but not a computer language?”

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Analysis Paralysis (and Blaming Lean Startup)

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(Powered by LaunchBit ). Lately, I’m getting more and more feedback from entrepreneurs that Lean Startup is holding them back. I’m seeing this in action as well; startups that are “stuck” in a permanent mode of analysis with little to no action. Entrepreneurs blame the Lean Startup process. They point out that the need to validate everything before moving forward slows them down and confuses them too much.

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Early Predictors of Long-Term Survival for Startups

Startup Professionals Musings

I’m always looking for evidence of early startup characteristics that might be predictors of long-term success. Every investor has his own list, usually based on his own very small sample, or simply his gut feeling.

12 Deadly Grammatical Errors Startups Must Avoid


Can the difference between "it's" and "its" actually affect the fortunes of a technology startup? You might be surprised. If you're working with a startup, odds are you're wearing a half-dozen hats and doing too much with too little.

6 Easy Ways to Reduce Stress

Inc Startups

Workplace stress is not inevitable. Here are some simple techniques to lower your own levels. Stress sucks.

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7 Signs You’re Not Entrepreneur Material

Inc Startups

Finally ready to take the plunge? Don't--if any of these signs look familiar. You've always dreamed about starting your own business. So you've read the books, listened to the cautionary tales, and worked through some checklists. You've done your homework.

4 Golden Freebies to Outshine your Competition

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

Beating your competition is the essence of good marketing and equates the success of one business over another.

Is your resistance to asking for help drowning your dreams?

Escape From Cubicle Nation

Some weeks, I imagine what would happen if I had a hidden camera in my office. You would all be appalled to watch me move from one distraction to the next, carefully avoiding the one thing that I really need to get done.

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Why I Have Sex With My Co-founder

Inc Startups

Your relationship with your founding partner is as intense and consuming as a marriage. My advice: choose your partner as carefully as you chose your spouse. I have sex with my co-founder. And I like it, though I'll let said co-founder speak for herself.

Don't Make Raising Angel Funding Your Plan B


The following is a guest post by Chris Sheehan. Chris is a seed stage VC and angel investor at CommonAngels. You can follow him on Twitter at @c_sheehan and his blog Early Stage Adventures.

Better Way to Motivate Your Team

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A little friendly rivalry can boost employee performance. But if you don't handle contests carefully, they can backfire. Whether on a sales team or anywhere else in an organization, reward programs and contests are supposed to motivate each member of a team to perform at the top of his or her game.

What Not To Say in a Business Plan

Recent Buzzes - VC Experts, Inc.

Sometimes I find that the company's founder is so far 'outside the box' that they 'stretch the envelope.' As an angel investor, I review more than 500 business plans each year. Unfortunately, many are so riddled with economy lingo, business jargon and clichés, that they do not communicate any real business value. In my opinion, terminology, such as disintermediation, sweet spot, ASP, best of breed, and win-win should be outlawed for the next 100 years.

5 Leadership Lessons From the Trenches

Inc Startups

In the age of Pinterest and Instagram, 11 years in business seems like a long time. Here's what longevity has taught me.

The Kind of Luck that Every Entrepreneur Deserves to Have

Growthink Blog

A lot of folks are frightened by the word luck. Especially for those of the capitalistic persuasion, luck can be a very uncomfortable word. It can offend our puritan sensibilities. Our sense of us as masters of our fate. It can fly at the heart of that sacred concept of our American way of life, of the American dream, that if we work hard, we get ahead. And if we don't, we won't. Yes, shouldn’t our fate really rest not in our stars but in ourselves? And then there is our entrepreneur.

6 Sales Lessons From Game of Thrones

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What do you need to know before going into battle for a big deal? The HBO hit has a few lessons that might apply. The popular series Game of Thrones chronicles the battles, intrigue, alliances, betrayals, and power struggles in a mythical land.

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What has your logo done for your lately?

Up and Running

Make Good Decisions: 4 Tips

Inc Startups

Wise decision making is not a constant, research shows. But you can set yourself up for success in these straightforward ways. Judgement counts.

Seeking CEO+Cofounders for Spinoff of VC-Backed Startup, W. 36th St.

David Teten

- Do you have a great team but your product just isn’t working? - Are you thinking of applying to Y Combinator without an idea? Does your team want to quit your day jobs and really kick-off a company? Would you like to have a salary from day one of your startup?

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Build a Billion-Dollar Business

Inc Startups

Do you have a billion-dollar idea? The founders of Gilt Groupe explain how they changed the rules of retail. Scaling a business is akin to balancing a set of fine china while walking a tight rope; it's a fragile operation requiring precision and skill.

How to Choose a Startup Incubator


Incubators are hot. There are more than a thousand in the U.S., and the proliferation is causing some tech-industry watchers to fret.

How to Keep Innovation Alive

Inc Startups

Clayton Christensen and Hal Gregersen, co-authors of The Innovator's DNA, on what makes the most innovative companies in the world tick.

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5 tips for emerging women leaders

Sophia Perl of Wisdom

It’s been awhile since I’ve been out and about in the Valley. Last Saturday, I attended Santa Clara University’s Women in Business Conference at eBay’s north campus, aka PayPal. I’m a bit of hard person to please when it comes to talks. I get bored easily if the talk is too high-level, abstract with no takeaways. That Saturday morning, it was far the opposite.

No Stupid Questions? Avoid These 2 Exceptions

Inc Startups

How to replace innovation-squelching vanity questions with some that Socrates would be proud of. Since you were old enough to talk, you've been asking questions. Don't believe me? Ask your parents. ("Are Are we there yet? Are we there yet?")

Thought Readership #5: Telling Tales

Active Garage

If you’ve ever attended one of the Dale Carnegie introductory seminars you’ll be familiar with this “trick.”. A facilitator shows participants a list of 20 items – say, a pair of shoes, lampshade, ice cream etc. –

From eBay Store to a $24 million Business

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5000 Applicant of the Week Nasty Gal transformed from a vintage clothing store on eBay into an international fashion website. As applications for the 2012 Inc.

Glue 2012 will be the best Gluecon yet

Seth Levine's VC Adventure

As you may know from reading prior posts on the subject the two days that comprise the Glue Conference (May 23rd and 24th, 2012) are some of the most information packed and interesting days of my year. To me what sets Glue apart is that it stands almost alone in the conference circuit as a show that’s neither company specific (Google I/O, Dreamforce, Chirp) or startup celebrity focused (DEMO, TC50, etc.).

Best Advice I Ever Got: Evan Kirkpatrick

Inc Startups

Evan Kirkpatrick, founder and CEO of Wendell Charles Financial, shares three key pieces of advice that shaped his development as a leader. Don't take advice from someone who hasn't had your kind of trouble," said Sydney J. Harris.

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Minimum Viable Community: The Secret Behind Lasting Brands

Nick O'Neill

Many entrepreneurs who subscribe to lean startup methodologies would say that you need to develop a product that resonates with your target audience. In other words, you are constantly searching for product-market-fit.

Why Your Why Doesn’t Matter

Inc Startups

Most entrepreneurs have their inspirational Why for why they do what they do, but actually, it's not your why that brings in customers.

That Uneasy Feeling

You know it when you feel it. Something isn't right. There's some discussion happening somewhere else, and you aren't in it. Or the email isn't returned. Or the tone is guarded. You can feel that unease for a lot of reasons. Maybe it's a communication issue. But maybe communication is the symptom. You give the benefit of the doubt. You wish for the best and assume it. And then days become weeks, weeks become months. And you look back at those months, and wonder what happened.

Can You Be a Business-Minded Environmentalist?

Inc Startups

How one VP turned his passion for environmentalism into new business opportunities. It's not uncommon to have interests that collide when doing business-personal and professional lives, your individual view on an issue versus a customer's needs, or the impact of commerce on the environment.

Jeff Bezos explains why gatekeepers are a brake on innovation

The Equity Kicker

Regular readers will no that I’m a long-time fan of Jeff Bezos and Amazon and also that I have a keen interest in the evolving roll of gatekeepers in the internet age (see here and here for two recent posts). For these reasons I was very interested to read the following quote from Jeff Bezos recent letter to his shareholders (reported on Techcrunch ): even well-meaning gatekeepers slow innovation.

For Entrepreneurship Education, Experts Look to High School

Inc Startups

Looking to business schools for talent? Nowadays, educators, business leaders, and investors are looking to elite high schools for teaching the next generation of entrepreneur.

Equity, Valuation, and Getting Rich - Constantly Learning

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