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I am excited to be participating in and announcing the of: Southern California Tech Central This is a community of people in Southern California who have come together to help find and organize the best content from blogs, news sources and other web sites all around technology in So Cal. This site is being sponsored by the Technology Council of Southern California and my company TechEmpower.

Networking Events in Los Angeles and Southern California


He talks about a bunch of the different networking events that occur in Los Angeles and other parts of Southern California. LA CTO Forum Dealmaker Media Digital Family Reunion Startups Uncensored Social Media Club, LA Twiistup Mindshare LA LA Hadoop Meetup Dorkbot Geek Dinners LA Cloud Computing LA Web Application Developers LA PHP Developers In addition to these, I'd recommend looking at: Technology Council of Southern California – Surprised John didn't mention this one.

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Software Development Companies in Southern California


In a recent conversation with a fellow CTO, we lamented about the fact that while there's very active software development and web development going on in Southern California and West Los Angeles, yet there didn't seem to be as much of a community around it. But where do the software development companies in Southern California congregate? Even still, this barely touches all the different companies in Southern California where software development is happening.

Technology Jobs in Southern California – a Rebound?


This is purely anecdotal, but it seems like a lot of companies are hiring technology talent here in Southern California. I’ve recently seen several tweets from software development companies looking for talent. And I’ve heard from several people looking for Startup Software Developers. And we have been looking to hire several positions (but are being really picky as is normally the case). I’ll be curious to see if that bears up at our Los Angeles CTO Forum meeting tomorrow.

Techies? Write Your Own Ticket In Southern California

I’ve covered this topic many times before, but I keep coming back to it, because everytime I turn around I’m talking with both startups and established companies in Southern California who are telling me they are looking for technical talent to join their company.

USC Village is the largest development in the history of the University of Southern California


million-sf expansion to the University of Southern California campus and marks the largest development project in the university’s history. The recently completed USC Village brings a 15-acre, 1.25 The $700 million project provides an additional 2,500 beds and 100,000 sf of retail space to the Trojan campus

Southern California #Angels and Their Investments

Scalable Startup

Southern California Angels on Twitter and Facebook. Are you a southern California angel (or do you know one) who’d like to be on our list? Click here to add an angel. Jason Calacanis (Los Angeles). link]. link]. Sample Investments: [link]. link]. link]. link]. link]. link]. link]. Matt Coffin (Los Angeles). link]. Sample Investments: [link]. link]. link]. link]. link]. link]. link]. link]. link]. link]. Paige Craig (Los Angeles). link]. link].

Living The SoCal Chillax Life With Just Chill


What’s better than chilling out on a Southern California beach? Chilling on a Southern California beach with a great drink in hand, believes The Chill Group. We are excited to launch the brand in Southern California where our roots are,” said Max Baumann, Just Chill ‘s 21-year old co-founder and CEO. Ideaspotting Chill Group food & beverage Just Chill Southern California United States

The Complete Guide To Southern California Accelerators and Incubators, Part II

In recent months, a dozen accelerators and incubators have emerged in the Southern California area, looking to help take the new generation of technology startups to funding and beyond. In an attempt to help people navigate the landscape of accelerators and incubators, we've come up with a (hopefully) comprehensive list of Southern California's various startup accelerators and incubators.

What We Must Learn from Asia

Both Sides of the Table

I run a monthly meeting called the VCA that represents the majority of Southern California venture capital firms. My goal is to bring in informative speakers who stretch our collectively thinking on topics that will influence our investment strategies and use it as a way for us to share our experiences in ways that I [.].

Asia 216

Rackspace’s Videographer Launches Kickstarter for Short Film


Dave Sims, filmmaker and storyteller at Rackspace, has launched a Kickstarter to produce a 15 to 20 minute short film set in the Joshua Tree National Park in Southern California. “The film tells the story of a woman who while hiking in the remote desert stumbles upon an unconscious man, prompting a haunting story of […] The post Rackspace’s Videographer Launches Kickstarter for Short Film appeared first on SiliconHills. San Antonio

Waldo Photos Launches in Austin and Raises $5 Million in Funding


Southern California venture capital firm Upfront Ventures led the round. Where’s Waldo? Right here in Austin, Texas. And they’ve just raised $5 million in venture capital to create a new photo-finding platform. Rodney Rice and Michael Beaudoin, veteran entrepreneurs who co-founded HomeAdvisor and Einstein Bros.

Seven Questions Startups Should Ask To Get On Store Shelves


I joined immediately and became the Zevia go-to-girl for Southern California. They were in need of someone in California to close deals and quickly manage this Southern California territory. By Abigail Steinberg, author of “ Recipe for Success: An Insider’s Guide to Bringing Your Natural Food to Market “ I have always been fascinated by start-ups, dreaming big, and being an entrepreneur.

Silicon Beach at SXSW

The Startup Lawyer

Join us for free drinks, demos and mingle with Southern California startups. In the event you are in downtown Austin on Monday around lunchtime, you should check out the “ Silicon Beach at SXSW &# event at Parkside on 6th Street.

Coolest Mobile Business Ideas To Consider as a Career

Women Entrepreneurs Can

An Airstream in Austin, Texas, sells designer shoes, and you can buy knitting supplies from a converted Little Debbie’s truck in Southern California. There’s no one “right” path to success, but wherever your journey takes you, it’s a lot more fun on wheels.

Farming for Developers: Coastal Commission Stories – Lesson 1

Steve Blank

Last week I got an email last week from a New York VC asking for advice about building a house in the California Coastal Zone. For six and a half years I served as a public official on the California Coastal Commission. The California coast is a panorama of open farm fields and hundreds of miles of undeveloped land. The Coastal Act saved California from looking like the coast of New Jersey. That’s why developers on the California coast love farming.

Going Beyond Facial Recognition – Why The Future Of Security And Possibilities Lie In Video Analytics


A BS from IIT-Bombay and a PhD from University of Southern California, he has previously held key technical and management roles at Qualcomm, Ericsson, and Morphics. . by Abhijit Shanbag, CEO of Graymatics.

ArtLife – Redefining Fashion And Art


That’s what California-based apparel company ArtLife ( ) does – the new contemporary lifestyle brand offers consumers artist-inspired wardrobe must-haves such as cotton tees, tank tops, raglans and sweatshirts showcasing designs of various mediums. “Growing up in Southern California has provided me with the greatest inspiration imaginable and each piece of the collection is a reflection of how art can be transformed from canvas to cotton.”.

Is there a difference in expectation and attitude between Angels in the USA vs those in other Geographical regions and are there disadvantages because of this?


I am friends with many professional angels from around the world, and my analyses (allowing for our individual investment preferences) are virtually identical to those of Dave Berkus in Southern California, Matey de Nedkov in Montreal, Phillippe Gluntz in Paris and Dušan Stojanovic in Sweden. Surprisingly, no.

SoCal Stunners: Why Homebrew Has Gone South

Hunter Walker

Our second Homebrew fund, the one we’re currently investing out of, has three Southern California startups, all of which are absolutely better, more durable companies being based where they are versus if they had started in the Bay Area. There’s a question we ask ourselves when investing in a startup outside of the Bay Area: is their location a positive for the company?

Pitch Deck Month: “What Do You Do?” Slide

View from Seed

He then said EXACTLY what he was going to be shipping first: A 100% online, fully-accredited Masters in Education degree with the University of Southern California. *This post is part of our “pitch deck” series where we dissect the seed stage pitch deck and discuss the ideal flow for a pitch. You can read the rest of the posts in the series by clicking here *.

Building Good Relationships Is the Goal of Great Networking

Duct Tape Marketing

is from the University of Southern California. is from the University of Southern California. Building Good Relationships Is the Goal of Great Networking written by John Jantsch read more at Duct Tape Marketing. Marketing Podcast with Dr. Ivan Misner. In this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast , I interview Dr. Ivan Misner who is the founder and chairman of the business networking organization BNI.

Map of VC Investments


Dr. Karrer was valedictorian at Loyola Marymount University, attended the University of Southern California as a Tau Beta Pi fellow, one of the top 30 engineers in the nation, and received a M.S. Technology Jobs in Southern California – a Rebound.

CTO Equity and Compensation at Venture Backed Companies


Southern California - my primary location - looks to be about the middle of the pack Todd Gitlin of Safire Partners was nice enough to compile some data on CTO Equity and Compensation at Venture Backed Companies for the LA CTO Forum and present last year.

CTO 302

Checking In With The Market And Rorschach Tests


I’m at an offsite down in southern California. Hi everyone. Yesterday, I briefly tweeted something that was on my mind (during a break at the offsite) just to get it out of my head. I didn’t check Twitter for hours after that, and then got a private message that went something like, “Hey, man, you may want to blog about a topic like this rather than tweeting it.” ” Whoops!

Have you fallen into the buggy whip trap?


late 1960’s (yes, I know, a long time ago), there were 31 phonograph record manufacturing plants in Southern California alone. Surely, you’ve heard the buggy whip analogy. A business making those necessary items ignored the signs of progress and found itself without a market.

Los Angeles Startup Events


I recently posted about the Increase in Early-Stage Startup Activity in Los Angeles. In that post, I mentioned how one of the signals is the big increase in number of startup events and the number of attendees at those events. I realized that it has been a little while since I posted about the Los Angeles Startup Community and so needed to update my list of startup events that will be out of date almost before I finish publishing it.

Startup Opportunities in SoCal


On Ben Kuo's blog, he posted about Entrepreneurs in Southern California and pointed to a post by Will Johnson, a Southern California entrepreneur and blogger. Will's post talks about lack of interest in working for startups here in Southern California, saying: we probably’d don’t have the: a) same support infrastructure (meet-ups, networking events, etc.);

Startup CTO Salary and Equity Data


Southern California - my primary location - looks to be about the middle of the pack Todd Gitlin of Safire Partners was nice enough to compile some data on Start CTO Salary and Equity at Venture Backed Companies for the LA CTO Forum and present last year. He agreed to make this data public which is awesome. Todd is a go to resource for people looking for talent in startups. He was a great presenter to our group. I highly recommend getting to know him.

Salary 250

Neff Headwear Makes Headway In Fashion And Culture


Shaun Neff was always surrounded by Southern California’s skate, surf and snow culture – as an active participant in those sports he’d always dreamed about being involved in the business side of the industry. Feature Story California fashion Neff Headwear pop culture snowboarding surfing

Where Does Foundry Group Invest?

Feld Thoughts

When we started Foundry Group, we said that 33% of our investments would be in California (which, at the time, we thought of as equivalent to the Bay Area), 33% would be in Colorado, and 34% would be in the rest of the United States.

How to undermine or reinforce your corporate culture


The catch: the property was on a remote island in Australia, and the manufacturing plant in Southern California.

Realistic Entrprenuers Guide to Venture Capital


Dr. Karrer was valedictorian at Loyola Marymount University, attended the University of Southern California as a Tau Beta Pi fellow, one of the top 30 engineers in the nation, and received a M.S. Technology Jobs in Southern California – a Rebound. MyShape Article - Analyst Misses the Point Map of VC Investments Open Source Business Model Entreprenuer Network ► February (10) Southern California Tech Central Southern California Tech Central Loading

Launchpad LA – More Details Revealed

Both Sides of the Table

When I kicked off Launchpad LA a year ago I had a few objectives: Create an ecosystem where all Southern California VC’s had the chance to work together more actively outside of the boards on which we mutually sit. Today we announced Launchpad LA V2.

Investing Outside Of Silicon Valley: Now More Than Ever (Where “Ever” = 2013)

Hunter Walker

Phase 2 California + NYC (2015-2017). And at the same time, came upon a handful of amazing opportunities in Southern California (two in LA, one in San Diego). Homebrew is making more investments outside of Silicon Valley than we have in our history!

Episode 22: Engineering and Industry Domination With Kurt Shafer

Mike Michalowicz

Graduated BSEE University of Southern California 1965. Our Guest Graduated BSEE University of Southern California 1965 Field Engineer for Bendix, Magnavox, Harris. Show Summary. Kurt Shafer, CEO of Invisco, joins Episode 22 of the Profit First Podcast. Kurt shares his story of how an inventor came to dominate the industry. Our Guest. Field Engineer for Bendix, Magnavox, Harris.

Entrepreneurs Revolutionizing the Beverage Industry Through Canned Labels


Eliqs is a Southern California based start-up who creates custom-designed craft beverage cans for any occasion worth celebrating. Creativity helps spark innovation and break the norms in an industry.

Finding Developers is Tough Again


And it’s not just me, Ben Kuo just posted - Good news for developers (and jobs) We’ve been talking with a lot (and I mean a LOT) of people who are looking for developers in Southern California (Los Angeles and beyond). Update from original - just saw a follow-up post by Ben Kuo - Southern California Technology Jobs Surge. See Networking Events in Los Angeles and Southern California.

Tale of Two Valleys: LA and the Bay Area from an Investor’s Perspective

Mucker Lab

Over time, though, military spending wound down and many large aerospace and military companies left Southern California. Dealflow in Southern California is much more organic and less efficient. Categories like retail, automotive, logistics, distribution, manufacturing, and many others all play a significant role in employment AND entrepreneurship in Southern California.

[Review] Unrelenting Innovation


As it turns out, innovation is not so much systems and processes as it is about building a risk-taking culture, according to Tellis, a professor of marketing, management and organization as well as the director of the Center for Global Innovation at the University of Southern California Marshall School of Business. Innovation – that strangely elusive quality that most businesses would kill for, but many struggle to attain or maintain.

What Do You and Elon Musk Have in Common?

Growthink Blog

The first was first reading the cover article of the most recent issue of BloombergBusinessWeek, featuring Tesla's and SpaceX's founder Elon Musk and his new "Boring Company, " and then traveling to SpaceX’s headquarters just a short drive from my Los Angeles office to see for myself what all of the hubbub was about The Boring Company is Musk's and fanciful idea to build giant tunnels under the congested freeways of Southern California.

Rustic Canyon Speaks out on GaiKai Exit, Changing Nature of VC, LA Tech & More

Both Sides of the Table

We sat down for an hour to talk about why what GaiKai built was able to overcome its much better funded rival and to dispel the myth that great engineering teams don’t exist in Southern California. 30:30 Mike Jones is one of the five most prolific angel investors in southern California. Nate Redmond is the managing partner of Rustic Canyon Partners – he’s probably one of the youngest managing partners of a major fund you’ll meet.

Open Source Business Model


There are quite a few other Software Development Companies in Southern California working on open source and/or freemium business models. Dr. Karrer was valedictorian at Loyola Marymount University, attended the University of Southern California as a Tau Beta Pi fellow, one of the top 30 engineers in the nation, and received a M.S. Technology Jobs in Southern California – a Rebound.