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Why Silicon Valley and Hollywood Don’t Get Each Other and Who Will Win the Future

Both Sides of the Table

For the past three years I have been pounding the table as loud as I can about the future opportunities in digital video. The concise guide is here. My narrative has stayed pretty simple: People in the US watch 5.3 hours of TV per day. People read for less than 30 minutes.

5 trends that are changing how we do big data

GigaOM. Apple. Cleantech. Cloud. Europe. Mobile. Video. Nov 3, 2012 - 2:00PM PT. 5 trends that are changing how we do big data. By Derrick Harris 7 Comments. Tweet. Email This.

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Why Startup Entrepreneurs Need to Communicate More Like George Bush Than Al Gore

Both Sides of the Table

This article originally appeared on TechCrunch. It is election season. So it’s tempting to think this is going to be a partisan post – it is not.

The Golden Age of the Boston Internet Entrepreneur

Genuine VC

There are a couple classic archetypes of internet/software founders, including the genius college student cooking up something quirky but ultimately disruptive in his dorm room who launches his company straight out of undergrad.

Surprising Insights From HubSpot's $35M Mezzanine Round


The following is a post from my friend and co-founder/CEO of HubSpot , Brian Halligan. HubSpot just closed its mezzanine round, so I thought I’d share some surprising things I learned during the process. I’m by no means an expert in this field, so these are just the observations of one entrepreneur. A Surprising Number Of Potential Investors With Widely Varying Value Propositions. My impression is that times have changed in the growth equity game.

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9 Daily Habits That Will Make You Happier

Inc Startups

These minor changes in your daily routine will make a major difference in your life and career. Happiness is the only true measure of personal success. Making other people happy is the highest expression of success, but it's almost impossible to make others happy if you're not happy yourself.

Running My Business From A Shelter

Mike Michalowicz

A picture from my “office” at the local town shelter. This is Day 7 with no power, heat, phone or beer at my house. Damn you Hurricane Sandra. Damn you! Entrepreneur Strategies Failure Management Strategies hurricane shelter no internet no power run business work from shelter

6 Secrets of How Successful Women Lead

Inc Startups

Two authors look beyond the stereotypes to examine the research-based evidence about the leadership traits women possess. Psst: They lead straight to success.) In the era of post-post-feminism, let's just admit it: Men and women are--or at least can be--different in certain ways.

[Infographic] Laziness And Workplace Productivity


We often hear how staff are often overworked in the office, but did you know that employee laziness at the workplace actually cost employers a lot of money?

9 Tips to Turn an Idea into a Business

Inc Startups

Here's a straightforward approach to analyze a product's potential and bring it to market. Ideas: Everyone has them. Few act on them. Even fewer make money from them. Want to turn an idea into a real business?

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The one barrier to entry startups should focus on

Version One Ventures

Barriers to entry! Photo credit: phill.d) Creating effective barriers to entry can be the single most important driver defining the profit potential of a company. In today’s B2B and B2C web markets, barrier to entry boils down to one thing: demand-side benefits of scale.

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13 Buzzwords to Stop Using

Inc Startups

The first few times you say these phrases, you might sound 'in the know.' But the road to pretentiousness--and silliness--is a short one. Trendy terms and phrases can make you sound pretty smart. until they don't. Once everyone starts to use them they turn into buzzwords.

Great Startup Teams Foster a Culture of Likability

Startup Professionals Musings

You don’t have to be likeable to everyone to be a great entrepreneur, just to the people who count. Of course, we can all point to apparent exceptions, like Ted Turner or Larry Ellison, who are sometimes seen as lions, downright predators, or even jerks.

Don't Sabotage Your Social Media: 6 Sure Ways

Inc Startups

Here's a basic checklist to quickly make sure your social media tactics are on the right track. As a digital marketing advisor, my job is to help you avoid waste and self-sabotage. Look at this list below as audit points against which you can check your own efforts.

Finding Traction

Feld Thoughts

Ever since I did the American River 50 Mile Endurance Run I’ve been fascinated with ultramarathons. After struggling through the emotional fallout of the six weeks after the race , I decided that for now I’m sticking to marathons given my work schedule and general life tempo, but I’m still completely intrigued by them and the people who do them. A few months I watched the movie Unbreakable: The Western States 100 - it gave me chills and was hugely inspiring.

What's Your Unfair Advantage?

Inc Startups

Anything that is worth copying will be copied, so how do you establish an advantage? By building something that cannot easily be copied or bought. New business ventures often face the challenge of how to be truly differentiated.

Innotech Beta Summit Participants

Austin Startup

Our showcase companies this year are TrustRadius, Outbox, Ube, Skyence, and Compare Metrics. Events innotech beta summit

Collaborative Consumption Creates New Marketplaces (Guest Post)

VC Cafe

It would not surprise me if you had recently stumbled across the term "collaborative consumption" while roaming the World Wide Web. The Peer-to-peer movement seems to be making waves of technological. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]. It would not surprise me if you had recently stumbled across the term "collaborative consumption" while roaming the World Wide Web.

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Why Online Review Products Are Frequently Wrong

Nick O'Neill

You find yourself shopping for a restaurant to eat at, a hotel to sleep at, or a destination to travel to, so what do you do? If you’re like me or millions of other internet users you may turn to online review sites like Yelp, TripAdvisor, and others. Why wouldn’t you?

Fifteen Personal Finance Tips For Making Sure You Are Better Off Four Years From Now


by Eric Tyson, author of “ Personal Finance For Dummies “ Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months, you know that the presidential election is just around the corner.

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Which is your limiting factor?


Every task has a limiting factor which determines how fast you are able achieve your goal. Identifying and working on it has a great impact on your time management and productivity. In today's world, people work at their 110% - 130% of capacity, whereby; every second at your disposal is essential.

Beware of the Dangers of Over-Networking

Inc Startups

The co-founder of Wistia offers four reasons you should beware of devoting too much time to networking. As a general rule of thumb in life, knowing the right people socially never hurt anyone achieve their dreams.

Winning Startup Weekend and Competing In the Global Startup Battle

Startup Houston

Startup Weekend is back in town on Friday at the Houston Technology Center. The winning team will go on to represent Houston in the 2nd annual Global Startup Battle during Global Entrepreneurship Week.

9 Reasons This Small Business Owner Should Be President

Inc Startups

I realize you're about to go vote for this country's next President, but let me offer a better alternative. It's been a long election season, and many people still haven't figured out who to vote for. Are you undecided?

Top 10 Tips for Choosing the Right Business ISP

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

If you are a company of any kind, then your Internet connection will likely be a business broadband service, which will be provided by a specific ISP, or internet service provider.

#Sandy: Biggest Event in Instagram History

Inc Startups

More than 800,000 photos were marked #Sandy on Instagram. Kevin Systrom, the company's co-founder, explains how this fact marks a shifting tide for social media. Kevin Systrom, co-founder of popular photo-filter app Instagram, had planned to visit the East Coast last week.

Startup CEO (OnlyOnce- the book!)


Startup CEO (OnlyOnce – the book!). One of the things I’ve often thought over the years since starting Return Path in 1999 is that there’s no instruction manual anywhere for how to be a CEO. While big company CEOs are usually groomed for the job for years, startup CEOs aren’t…and they’re often young and relatively inexperienced in business in general. That became one of the driving forces behind the creation of my blog, OnlyOnce (because “ you’re only a first time CEO once ”) back in 2004.

The Election Could Affect the Sale of Your Business

Inc Startups

Before you vote, take a look at how either candidate could impact your ability to successfully exit your small business. Regardless of which Presidential candidate you support, there is a lot riding on this election for small business owners.

Consumerization of Enterprise Sales

Constantly Learning

In 2004 The Consumerization of Information Technology was published talking about how consumers of devices are penetrating the enterprise. In the past few years corporate strategies have changed. Organizations are now thinking about how to incorporate their employees assets into the enterprise. Employees bringing their own phones and laptops and

What Election Predictions Can Teach You About 'Big Data'

Inc Startups

Why do the New York Times' controversial election predictions matter? They offer key lessons about how to be smart with 'big data.'

This Happens in Just 56 Days

Growthink Blog

2013 is just 56 days away. And if you want to make 2013 your best year ever, you need to start planning now. To help you succeed, I’m hosting a complimentary webinar next Wednesday, November 14th at 8pm EST / 5 pm PST. The webinar is called “How to Make 2013 Your Best Business Year Ever!” REGISTER HERE (note, to allow for quality audience interaction, we are limiting attendance to the 1st 40 registrants):? On the webinar you will learn:? •

Report: You're Company Mobile Devices Are Likely at Risk

Inc Startups

A recent survey reveals that while small business owners are concerned about mobile security threats, few are actually prepared for them. Is your small business prepared for a mobile security threat?

Startup Over-Confidence of Network Effects

Network effects have been on my mind lately--a lot--and since Fred referenced the term yesterday I made a few comments and did some core research to validate/invalidate my assumptions and gut. I feel there's lack of understanding about the dynamics and efficacy of network effects. Typically we refer to Metcalfe's law and talk about a pure environment , where every node that's added to the network is universally and always available.


One Entrepreneur's Big Push to Prevent Breast Cancer

Inc Startups

Through her non-profit Bright Pink, Lindsay Avner has established herself as a leader in breast and ovarion cancer prevention. Her organization has impacted over 5 million people worldwide