Strategy Roundtable: Spotlight On Jacksonville, Florida


Today's roundtable was co-hosted with the Jacksonville Startup Weekend. This past weekend, the Jacksonville entrepreneurship community hosted their own version of this exciting program. Overall, today's roundtable was a window into Jacksonville's efforts at drumming up additional entrepreneurship for regional economic development. For the uninitiated, Startup Weekends are 54-hour events where entrepreneurs come together to pitch ideas, form teams, and learn best practices.

How To Be An Innovative Entrepreneur


Giving yourself time to look into people like Roger Osteen Jacksonville , founder and CEO of the PARC Group, can help provide you with invaluable information on what methods may yield the best results.


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5 Steps For Penetrating A New Market


For example if you decide to move to Florida or Jacksonville for new a restaurant, you’ll need to account for everything from market size to the housing prices of homes for sale in Jacksonville. Entering new markets can be a great way for your business to expand its portfolio and diversify its product offering.

How not to be as stupid as this brand

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At one time, I owned a small property in Jacksonville Missouri. I’ve always wanted to own real estate. I bought it without ever seeing it, as an investment opportunity. Four years, a foreclosure, and a lot less money later, I learned my lesson. I’m now in the habit of picking up another kind of real estate; I’m what you might call a domainer. A domainer is someone who buys, for whatever reason, a domain name on the domain aftermarket or possibly even hand registers it.

Investment Tips for Small Business Owners

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and Jacksonville, Florida, which also happens to boast a comparatively low cost of living, ranked relatively high among the best places to start a business. You may also be able to save big by purchasing one of the Jacksonville homes for sale and increase your odds of developing a successful business at the same time. Running a business, particularly when you’re first starting out, can be a challenging endeavor unless you’re one of the few for whom money is no object.

Healthbox Picks Seven Startups For Inaugural Accelerator Program


Jacksonville, Florida-based and healthcare technology-focused business accelerator Healthbox has identified seven companies that will be selected to participate in its inaugural accelerator program.

The Most Efficient Forex Indicators That Can Boost Your Profits


The popularity of Forex trading – in Jacksonville and all over Florida, as is with the rest of the world – is growing. It seems that many people have acknowledged the benefits that this specific type of trading brings and they want to get involved.

The Importance of Long-Form Content for Brand Building

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As an example, one of our customers SEDA Construction in Jacksonville has seen a 48% increase in clicks in 3 months due in large part to improvements in their content creation. In a world full of 500-word blog posts, long-form content is a refreshing break from the norm, a way to really engage with your audience, and a chance to show off some professional skills. Photo by Perfecto Capucine on Unsplash.

Pros & Cons Of Non-Compete Agreements


Mike Freed is a shareholder in Gunster’s Jacksonville, Florida office. By Mike Freed , attorney at Gunster. Three of the most valuable assets of businesses are trade secrets, customer relationships and employees. Non-compete agreements can be an effective tool to protect these assets. Under the right circumstances and when properly drafted and implemented, non-compete agreements are enforceable in Florida.

Choosing An Accelerator That Fits Like A Glove – 5 Questions To Ask


To that end, he has launched CoWork Jax, downtown Jacksonville’s first coworking space, and co-founded OneSpark, a five-day event for creators where they can connect with the people and resources they need to make their great ideas reality. By Elton Rivas, co-founder of KYN. Starting a company a few years ago was a lonely enterprise. The path was simple, yet fairly indirect and organic.

Testing Your Entrepreneurial IQ


For example, the Jacksonville, Florida–based nonpartisan Wounded Warrior Project was founded by a “group of veterans and friends who took action to help the injured service men and women of this generation.” By Eric Tyson, author of “ Investing For Dummies “ Many people dream about running their own companies — and for good reason. If you start your own business, you can pursue something that you’re passionate about, and you have more control over how you do things.

16 Companies That Care… And How They Show It


I recall purchasing a suit from a salesman named Fitz at Rosenblum’s in Jacksonville, Florida. By Jon Gordon, author of “ The Carpenter: A Story About the Greatest Success Strategies of All “. Caring” isn’t just another feel-good word — it’s a strategy that many of today’s most successful companies are using to differentiate themselves from the competition.

Strategy Roundtable For Entrepreneurs: YCombinator vs. 1M/1M


Next Doug Lowenthal from Jacksonville, Florida presented Buy Or Boycott , which he came up with at the recent Startup Weekend program. Today's roundtable, as usual, was an international affair, with entrepreneurs presenting from different parts of the US, India, Israel, and many other geographies.

Strategy Roundtable For Entrepreneurs: Are Media Sites Fundable?


Please note, next week's roundtable will be co-hosted with Jacksonville Startup Weekend and a couple of hundred entrepreneurs are participating in this weekend's event in Florida. Today's roundtable brought some core issues up for debate regarding media startups that are focusing largely on Content and Community features and expecting to get funded.

The Intersection of SEO and CRO (and How to Maximize Long Term Growth)


For example, if you go to our Jacksonville page, there’s no way our headline can’t have the words “lawn service” and “Jacksonville” in them, even though with Adwords we’ve found better converting headlines. You’d think conversion optimization and SEO should play together nicely, right? In theory, conversion optimization aims to improve the user experience, which, conveniently, is what Google wants to do as well with their top search results.

SEO 76

Strategy Roundtable For Entrepreneurs: Are You Fundable?


Next, Andrew Jaffa from Jacksonville, Florida, pitched BabbleTAB , a social media marketing service that generates relevant content for the Facebook pages of small businesses like car dealerships, restaurants, retail, etc. Today's roundtable had a couple of interesting businesses, but before I get to them, I want to underscore that entrepreneurs MUST gauge fundability before assuming that they can build their businesses by raising money.

Smells Like Money: The Business of Waste Management

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a dumpster rental and waste hauling company in both Orlando and Jacksonville, Fla. With the bright lights of Las Vegas reflecting in his rearview mirror, Keith Ferguson listened to his wife, Cheryl, who was convincing him to finally start his own business. “Why don’t you do it? Just do it,” he remembers her saying. “If it doesn’t work out in 6-8 months, then you can just go back to working for someone else.” ” That was 19 years ago.

Small Business Spotlight of the Week: The Umbrella Initiative

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We were at a gathering of minority businesses on April 15 th in Jacksonville and the Lieutenant Governor of Florida stood up and pledged Executive Support to our project because (this is Jennifer Carroll’s quote) “The Umbrella Initiative offers actual solutions with measurable results to a State dilemma the Governor intends to solve.”. As most of you know, starting a small business is hard.

12 Questions: Meet Maximilian (USA)

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Max lives and works in Jacksonville, Florida, USA. How does a central European expatriate (yes, that would be ME) end up in one of the dullest cities in the USA (yes, that would be Jacksonville, Florida)? In our 12 Questions blog series, we feature interviews with someone from the crowdSPRING community. For these interviews, we pick people who add value to our community – in the blog, in the forums, in the projects. Plainly – activities that make crowdSPRING a better community.