Innovation and Venture Capital in New Jersey

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If you are a fan of Startup Communities , there’s a lot going on around new initiatives on this front. An example is a post we put up today titled Thoughts on the New Jersey Innovation Evergreen Fund. The post Innovation and Venture Capital in New Jersey appeared first on Feld Thoughts. Startup Communities new jersey startup communities startup community way startuprev Techstars

The Intersect Fund – Small (Business) Is The New Big


When Rohan Mathew and Joe Shure were editors at The Daily Targum — Rutgers University ’s student-run newspaper — they were privy to two totally different sides of New Brunswick, New Jersey. Feature Story Funding microfunding New Jersey small business The Intersect Fund

Fundraising Hacks in Princeton NJ, Friday, Oct. 4

David Teten

Fundraising HBS Alumni Angels New Jersey Startup Fundraising Hacks. I hope you can join me at a Harvard Club of Princeton event on Friday, October 4, 2013, 8:00AM. I’ll be speaking on “Fundraising Hacks” You can see a preview above and below.

[US] Rutgers Partners H360 Capital And NJIT To Attract Tech Companies To Newark


Rutgers’ Center for Urban Entrepreneurship & Economic Development (CUEED) , has announced a partnership with a minority-run early stage venture capital firm, H360 Capital , and NJIT’s Enterprise Development Center (EDC) , to attract technology companies to Newark, New Jersey.

RxWiki Merges with TeleManager Technologies and Launches Digital Pharmacist


Austin-based RxWiki, a digital health company, has announced its merger with TeleManager Technologies, a communications solutions company based in Newark, New Jersey. The financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. Together, they have launched Digital Pharmacist with 55 employees.

Keeping Corporate Culture

Mike Michalowicz

It was a new store that had opened in New Jersey, yet I noticed many of the employees had southern accents. By taking some of their best people to this new location Cracker Barrel was more than just training employees, they were keeping the corporate culture strong.

TPG Capital Buys Grande Communications for $650 Million


The firm also announced plans to buy RCN Telecom Services of Princeton, New Jersey for $1.6 TPG Capital, a private equity firm, announced Monday plans to buy San Marcos-based Grande Communications Networks for $650 million. billion. It purchased the companies from ABRY Partners in separate transactions. William Morrow founded Grande Communications in 1999 and served […] The post TPG Capital Buys Grande Communications for $650 Million appeared first on SiliconHills.

Small Business Saturday Spotlight: Mike the Gardener Enterprises, LLC

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Appropriately located in the Garden State of New Jersey, Mike the Gardener Enterprises offers a seeds of the month club, gardening tips, and many other tools to help anyone become a master home gardener.

LLC 89 – Daily Deals For Animal Lovers


Based in Fair Lawn, New Jersey, LeLePets is a members-only online retail site that specializes in pet-related products, as well as products inspired by pets. There are daily deal or group-buying websites that cover almost every niche.

How To Win Business Awards

Mike Michalowicz

But the day I won the Young Entrepreneur of The Year Award from the SBA in New Jersey, I had a PR coup that just wouldn’t quit. Every major New Jersey newspaper ran an article, all the local TV news station highlighted me, and the networking… oh the networking… it was amazing.

Episode 107: Is the Recession Over Yet? with James Coyle

Mike Michalowicz

Coyle is the President of the Gateway Regional Chamber of Commerce, one of the largest and most active business associations in New Jersey. Within New Jersey political circles, Mr. Coyle has become well known. In 1995, Mr. Coyle was tapped by Governor Whitman to manage the day-to-day operations of the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities. Before coming to New Jersey, Mr. Coyle managed a trading and consulting firm based in Singapore.

Egypt 75 – Moms Sharing Tips


Enter New Jersey-based social commerce startup HashTip ( ), which uses a Pinterest pinboard-style format to help these moms make smart buying decisions by narrow down product choices, compare reviews and information, and find the best deals online.

Episode 43: Content Sharing and Budget Management with Nathan Hecht and Gregg Hollmann

Mike Michalowicz

A graduate of The College of New Jersey with a degree in business, Gregg caught the DJ bug in his late 20s and has not looked back. For the past three years, Gregg has served as President of the New Jersey Disc Jockey Network (NJDJN), a premier professional DJ association.

Onward And Upward: Your Relocation For Work Guide


In addition to the obvious advantages of the new position, there are social, professional and tax ramifications tied to relocating for a job. The costs of buying a new home and selling your old home are typically part of executive level relocation packages. New Jersey.

What’s Your Company’s First Impression (The Armpit Syndrome)

Mike Michalowicz

If you have ever visited my home state of New Jersey there is a chance that the visit left you with one of two impressions. You see… if you are coming into New Jersey by plane, you will land at New Jersey’s international airport located in Newark.

Bookmarking Service Clipix Helps You Organize Online Content


““Over the past nine months the Clipix team has developed a number of unique solutions for users who need a tool to help them be organized online and easily collaborate with others as needed,” says Oded Berkowitz, founder and CEO of Fort Lee, New Jersey-based Clipix.

Episode 106: Implementing Profit First With Frank DeBenedetto and Ralph M. Rivera

Mike Michalowicz

Aside from my professional pursuits, I teach web development at Manhattan College in New York City and am a member of the leadership team of my homeowners’ association as well as the local chapter of BNI. I currently live in Holmdel New Jersey, but I still consider myself a resident-in-spirit of the island of my birth – Manhattan NYC. Today, he spends the majority of his professional time on new business development. Also Available On. Show Summary.

From The Flea Market To The Stock Market


But when my friend dropped out of our partnership, I didn’t need to look far to find a new partner. My father was laid off work and decided to join me on the Philadelphia and New Jersey flea market circuit.

Stock 141

Strangling Innovation: Tesla versus “Rent Seekers”

Steve Blank

The greatest number of jobs is created when startups create a new market – one where the product or service never existed before or is radically more convenient. This got me thinking about the legal obstacles that face innovators with new business models.

Secrets To Success: What This Maverick Turnaround Expert Learned From An Extraordinary Six-Year-Old


by Rick Miller, author of “ Be Chief: It’s a Choice, Not a Title “ Years ago, I volunteered at a rehabilitation facility in Morristown, New Jersey, working with a gifted physical therapist in a 100-degree heated pool.

Avoid Monoculture. Travel. Read Widely. Let Experience be Your Compass.

Both Sides of the Table

But when you’re in the mood to draw in a few new sources for entrepreneurship you might consider these two books non-traditional books on entrepreneurship that had an impact on me. He writes about the fabric of American life, often from the perspective of his Jewish, New Jersey roots.

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Entrepreneur Creates a Technologically Savvy Daycare Model


In 2011, the company began franchising in an effort to expand beyond our New Jersey footprint. Since then, we have rebranded as Lightbridge Academy and grown the company to 17 child care franchises open throughout New Jersey employing over 450 and serving over 2,400 children.

Strangling Innovation: Tesla versus “Rent Seekers”

Steve Blank

The greatest number of jobs is created when startups create a new market – one where the product or service never existed before or is radically more convenient. This got me thinking about the legal obstacles that face innovators with new business models.

Episode 118: The Youngin’ in an Old Mans Business World ft. Kieran Lynch

Mike Michalowicz

Kieran now leads the finance, marketing & strategic planning departments of Lynch Contracting providing new-age guidance on significant decisions for the company. Kieran lives in northern New Jersey with his wife Felisha and their son Maguire. Kieran now leads the finance, marketing & strategic planning departments of Lynch Contracting providing new-age guidance on significant decisions for the company. Also Available On. Show Summary.

Episode 54: Business Synchronization and Profitability Antoine Gerschel

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Recently he has helped such organizations as the US Trademark and Patent Office, The Department of Health and Mental Hygiene of the City of New York, Bayer, Pfizer, Munich Re, Swiss Re, UBS, Walmart and multiple start-ups. Also Available On. Show Summary.

3 Steps Millennials Can Take To Disrupt The Business Waters


While they might not be following in the entrepreneurial footsteps of previous generations right now, choosing instead to watch and plan, they can begin to take certain steps to ensure that when they do dive headfirst into a new venture, they won’t drown their businesses.

ConnectYard Integrates Social Media Into School Communications


While text messaging and social media tools like Facebook and Twitter have transformed the way that today’s students communicate, the problem is that most educational institutions haven’t quite kept up.



Central to that effort, she also provides powerful learning experiences, which help leaders to challenge their assumptions, build new adaptive skillsets, take on more responsibility, and advance their careers.

Episode 116: The Power of Your Voice with Susan Berkley

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located in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, providing recorded voice prompts for phone systems in all languages. Last Fall, Berkley was a behind-the-scenes expert presentation skills coach on Donald Trumps Apprentice, helping to coach the new Apprentice Randal and his team to victory. located in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, providing recorded voice prompts for phone systems in all languages. Also Available On. Show Summary. Today we interview Susan Berkley.

Critical Workplace Skills For New Graduates


In fact, many companies are developing new job interview questions and strategies, aimed at better assessing the level of soft skills each candidate possesses. Here are five critical soft skills that many new graduates should develop in order to land a job: 1.

Don't build an empire overnight - lessons from FreshDirect and Webvan


The other day I received a direct mail piece from FreshDirect , the online delivery service based out of New York. What struck me is that the service has been around for years in NYC, and it is now getting out to some of the suburbs in New Jersey. In fact, after having done a little research, FreshDirect was started in 2002 and now 8 years later is delivering in New Jersey.

How You Define Competition Determines Your Level Of Success

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For instance, if you’re Comcast/XFinity, you’d want to know when a new cable company pops up and promises faster speeds for half your prices. For example, it’s not hard to see that a used car dealership in New Jersey isn’t in competition with a used car dealer in California.

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The Secret To Packing A Room For A Speaking Event

Mike Michalowicz

So when I was asked if I could speak at an event for EO New Jersey I was a little bit worried, right? The only thing worse than a fear of public speaking is a fear of no one showing up to hear you speak!

NDA 142

Episode 72: The Irony of Success and Profitability with Matt Shoup

Mike Michalowicz

Quick highlights of Matt ‘s life: Thrown out of: – 6 schools: 2 in New Jersey and 4 in Colorado, – 2 banks. Mike Michalowicz will be speaking at Scaling New Heights 2016 ( #SNH16 ) at the BEAUTIFUL Atlantis on Paradise Island in the Bahamas! Also Available On.

Bending Bootstrapping To The Needs Of Your Business


Learning New Skills. It is also quite expensive to dispose of (one of many examples of the unforeseen costs people talk about in relation to opening a business) or you have to drive it, in several trips, to the dump in New Jersey. in New York City.

What eCommerce Startups Need to Know About Online Sales Tax

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When you start an ecommerce business , you must follow the same rules as any new small business owner. There are five states that do not charge sales tax: Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire, and Oregon. You have nexus in Ohio, New Jersey, and California.

News You Can Use: Who are the Bplans 100,000?

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With the new membership component and greater integration with social media platforms, is now connecting small-business owners and entrepreneurs so that they may ask questions, share their experiences and ideas, and grow together as a community.”.

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Three Leadership Lessons From “The Boss”


Born To Run is an account of one such journey, which led Bruce from Colts Neck, New Jersey to becoming “The Boss.”

Farming for Developers: Coastal Commission Stories – Lesson 1

Steve Blank

Last week I got an email last week from a New York VC asking for advice about building a house in the California Coastal Zone. The Coastal Act saved California from looking like the coast of New Jersey. “Oh, what a tangled web we weave…when first we practice to deceive.”.

3 Techniques To Help You Switch Industries


That’s enough water to supply the states of New York and New Jersey. Self-education is an ongoing process, so I’m constantly researching government regulations, water infrastructure, the market effects of droughts, and new flow-limiting concepts.

Zweena Aggregates Your Medical Records For Easy Management


We all know the drill: every time we change a healthcare provider, we need to somehow reproduce our medical records for the new provider, and yet maintain our privacy – a situation exacerbated by an increasingly mobile population.

In Defense of Unreasonableness – Saving the California Coast

Steve Blank

It was the Coastal Act that saved California from looking like the coast of New Jersey. New development, sure –just avoid the wetland. Last night Alison and I along with others were honored for environmental leadership by the California League of Conservation Voters.

Humanization And Monetization Of Data


The startups, small entrepreneurs, companies trying to make something new from the ground up? As the chief visionary behind Exigent Technologies ’ long-standing success in the IT industry, Daniel Haurey stands out as one of New Jersey’s leading entrepreneurs and accomplished business leaders.