How To Increase Sales Using The Right Product Video


And among the slew of powerful formats, product videos remain atop the most used due to their versatility and usefulness. The thing is that no two product videos are the same. Format – All product videos are the same, right?

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4 Ways Technology Can Improve Your Sales Productivity

YFS Magazine

Technology can remove redundant tasks and boost productivity. Identify bottlenecks in sales operations and use technology to fix them. Grow Marketing & Sales Technology productivity sales selling tips technology

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Celebrities influencing the sale of products

Our Own Start-up

Special Feature celebrity influencers celebrity product endorsement influence marketing influencer marketing marketing strategy products endorsement32 per cent consumers say that celebrity endorsement influences their purchasing decision.

Why A Product Catalogue Can Help You Increase Sales


It’s your opportunity to entice people to your product and keep them engaged. So, what happens if listing your products on your website detracts from it being one or more of these things? No-one really wants to wade through list upon list of products.

4 Tech Essentials For Setting Up A Productive Mobile Sales Fleet


The mobile revolution continues to reshape the sales industry. Last Cyber Monday signaled the shift, as online sales increased 17 percent from the previous year to reach $6.6 billion, including a record $2 billion in mobile sales, according to the National Retail Federation.

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[Review] The Sales Bible


“Everyone wants to succeed at sales. ” Filled with motivational quotes like the ones above, Jeffrey Gitomer’s “ The Sales Bible ” is a hard-hitting, no-holds-barred compendium of ideas and techniques to boost one’s success in sales.

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Improving Your Sales Reps’ Performance


This is an incredible hurdle for sales professionals to overcome, but one that must be met and conquered head on for success. Research conducted by found that 35-50% of sales go to the vendor that responds first. By John McGee, President of OptifiNow.

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How To Drive Online Sales With A Printed Catalog In 2019 And Beyond


Even in this day and age, businesses can boost their sales and enhance their sales with printed catalogs; they are considered as a direct form of marketing. If you own a business and are trying to boost the sales with a printed catalog, here are some things for you to keep in mind.

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7 Tips For February Sales Growth (Without Spending a Fortune)

Rembrandt Communications

How are sales going? You may be ready to boost sales and experience success like never before. There are many things you can do to skyrocket sales right now. 7 Tips to Catapult Sales Right Now (whether you have a budget or not!). (As It’s February.

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How to Forecast Sales

Up and Running

First, allow me to deal with a very common problem: Business owners are often afraid to forecast sales. It doesn’t take spreadsheet modeling, much less econometric modeling, to estimate units and price per unit for future sales. Do you have new opportunities that will make sales grow?

What’s more important: product or sales?

Version One Ventures

It’s the age-old debate among start-up circles: which is more important to the success of a start-up: the strength of the sales/distribution strategy or the quality of the product? On one end of the spectrum, many start-ups think that great products sell themselves, while the other camp argues that it’s the channel and monetization that define a company’s success. To be successful, a stand-alone company needs a top-notch product and a clever distribution/sales strategy.

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Shifting from a product company to a sales/marketing company

VC Adventure

Early on in their lives most companies are built around a focus on product. Perhaps a sales person or community manager/user advocate is hired. Sales and usage related goals start to show up more prominently in weekly reports. Startups Product product sales shift sales

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Starting A Business? Use These 5 Hacks To Raise Sales


The hardest part of running a business is generating sales. Here are 5 growth hacks that every new business owner must use to raise sales: 1. Unless you show the advantages to your customers as to why they must buy from you or register with you, you literally can’t generate much sales.

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Helping Startups Understand Salespeople & the Sales Culture

Both Sides of the Table

Most technology startups seem to be funded by product people or business people. Specifically what is often not in the DNA of founders are sales skills. The result is a lack of knowledge of the process and of sales people themselves. Sales people: Are motivated by cash.

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Mixing The Perfect Sales Cocktail


by Anthony Caliendo, author of “ The Sales Assassin: Master Your Black Belt in SalesSales can be complicated! Whether you’re a career sales professional or just starting your first sales job, being a good salesperson can be frustrating and complex.

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Sales and marketing strategy – planning your journey to sales success

NZ Entrepreneur

Do you have a clear sales and marketing strategy to grow sales in this new financial year? All our clients come to us with a common goal of ‘I want to grow my sales’. How to Develop your Sales and Marketing Strategy. Keep your sales metrics visible.

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Is your sales problem really a product problem?

VC Adventure

Not suprisingly when companies are having issues in sales they look to their sales or and sales leadership for the source of the problem. In the cliche example (but one which happens all the time) sales will loop in marketing (“we’re not getting enough leads”, “the leads aren’t high quality enough”). But typically product is left out of this mix. But often overlooked is the role product plays in sales challenges.

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Want to Start a Business? Hone Your Sales Skills

Up and Running

Look somewhere you might not have considered: the sales department. Cutting your teeth in sales. Can you consistently generate more sales each month without overspending? Can you predict your sales conversion rates, revenue, and overhead every month ?

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How to build a healthy sales pipeline

NZ Entrepreneur

How are sales?” ” These two questions give a quick pulse check on your current sales health. But the bigger question business owners really need to be asked is, “How’s your sales pipeline?” So what exactly do we mean by sales pipeline?

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Pitching Your Tech Startup Products to CxOs

The Startup Magazine

And as a new entrepreneur trying to launch a tech startup, it can be challenging to get the recognition needed from the decision-makers at these businesses to get the sales pipeline flowing. The post Pitching Your Tech Startup Products to CxOs appeared first on The Startup Magazine.

Streamline Your Sales Process With These Five Proven Techniques


All of these problems can often be traced back to an ineffective sales approach. Here are five techniques to nail your ad campaign, streamline your sales process, and achieve sustainable sales growth: 1. Refine Your Sales Process. by Lewis Robinson.

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How Product Unbundling Can Increase Revenue

YFS Magazine

Grow Marketing & Sales marketing product bundling product strategyAs business owners, we are always thinking about more: How can we find more clients, add more value than competitors, and of course, earn more money? One way to offer more is to unbundle your offerings.

10 Sales Truths Every Entrepreneur Needs To Practice

Startup Professionals Musings

You may think this is only important to your marketing and sales people, but in reality it doesn’t matter how great your product or technology might be, you won’t succeed if you don’t understand your target customer decision process. Every aspect of your business must be about sales.

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The Startup Guide To Training Your Sales Team


A sales team is the lifeblood of any B2B organization. To put this in other words, the success of a business depends to a great extent on their sales team. The objective of a startup is to nurture and build a sales team quickly and effectively without a lot of overhead.

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9 Lessons For Entrepreneurs From A Sales Expert

Startup Professionals Musings

Yet in this age when customers have a thousand alternatives, and are overwhelmed by a multitude of messages, sales efforts can make or break a business. In fact, I believe modern entrepreneurs need to be super sales people, in the most positive sense, to their team as well as customers.

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Savvy Sales Techniques For Startups


Even if you have come up with a winning product or service idea, it won’t bring your startup business success unless you know how to sell it. There are several sales techniques that every startup should be aware of before they enter the market. Professionalisms sales strategies sellin

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How Startups Can Convince Young Professionals To Join Their Fledgling Sales Team


by Keith Johnstone, Head of Marketing of Peak Sales Recruiting. High-growth startups in the software sales space need to hire adept salespeople to be competitive. When looking for salespeople, understand that the job will vary greatly depending on the product or service being sold.

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Founder Interview: Sales Leads Platform AssuredLeads

The Startup Magazine

As part of The Startup Magazine founder interview series , we talked with Travis Batiza, the founder of AssuredLeads, a sales and marketing platform serving the insurance industry. based company that optimizes commercial insurance production for brokers, agencies and insurance carriers.

Why Your Startup Needs a Sales Methodology

Both Sides of the Table

Like most startup entrepreneurs, when I began my first company in 1999 I had no formal sales experience. Invariably your first efforts at product won’t quite hit the mark – and this is OK. question in sales. question in sales. Sales & Marketing Advice

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How Entrepreneurs Can Sharpen Their Sales Focus

Startup Professionals Musings

Don’t hope that a miracle will happen and your products and services will sell themselves. Generate leads using social media, but don’t rely on it alone to make sales. Facilitate a transition to a private environment for closing a sale.

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5 Small Business PR Ideas to Skyrocket Sales

Rembrandt Communications

5 Small Business PR Ideas to Help You Boost Sales By Year-End. There are numerous things you can do like have a fun race, yard sale, “adoption day,” costume or art contest, dog parade, and more. Plus, you’ll increase positive awareness and see sales soar by year-end.

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Five Sales Tips For Entrepreneurs To Close More Deals


By Martin Limbeck, “ NO is Short for Next Opportunity: How Top Sales Professionals Think “ You had the guts and the drive to start your own business. You now have a product, service or idea that potential clients need and want. The same is true in closing a sale.

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The Never-Ending Journey: In Search of Product-Market-Fit

For Entrepreneurs

Intro Many potentially great companies fail each year because, while they have an incredible product, they don’t figure out how to get it to market fast enough. Figuring out how to reach customers and break through to Product-Market-Fit remains one of the hardest parts of building a successful startup. Startup Help PMF product market fit SaaS sales Sales and Marketing

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How to Make Product Pages That Sell

Up and Running

Product descriptions are meant to convince customers to buy things, right? But if a shopper can’t find your product description, it will never work its magic. That’s why you need to make sure that your product descriptions pop up higher in the search rankings.

3 Ways Fast-Growing Startups Are Building Sales Teams Differently


by Keith Johnstone, Head of Marketing of Peak Sales Recruiting. That is, if they have the right sales team in place…. Ahead of CES, product development teams scrambled to make sure their shiny new product was ready for prime time.

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10 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Should Consider Product Licensing

YFS Magazine

Product licensing is an efficient way to turn a business idea into a product that's ready for sale. Plan business planning Intellectual Property inventors product licensingHere's a look at ten clear benefits.

What Your Sales Team Really Needs from Young Executive Leadership


Millennial CEOs in today’s business climate face a changing role from the traditional leadership image of the suit in the C-suite, especially when it comes to sales. Sometimes, though, even that isn’t enough to provide your sales team with the competitive edge they need.

How Outsourcing Delivery Improves Employee Productivity


No matter if you’re a small business or a Fortune 500 company, workflow management and employee productivity top the list of things to improve. But for those who understand how to cultivate productive employees, outsourcing remains a key factor in improving workflow management.

Savvy Entrepreneurs Plan Both Business And Product

Startup Professionals Musings

Most technical entrepreneurs I know demand the discipline of a product specification or plan, and then assume that their great product will drive a great business. A product plan is never a substitute for a business plan. business plan entrepreneur product plan startup

3 Reasons It’s Smart To Prototype Your Product


Named after the French word for “model,” Maquette uses VR to allow product developers to create prototypes in three dimensions instead of relying on two-dimensional representations. Here’s a closer look at three reasons prototyping your product is the smart way to go.

5 Product Packaging And Design Tips For Startups

YFS Magazine

Approaching product packaging and design with an open mind and these 5 tips will help you nail your packaging strategy and entice customers. This article 5 Product Packaging And Design Tips For Startups appeared first in YFS Magazine.

The Illusion of Product/Market Fit for SaaS Companies

Feld Thoughts

“We have product/market fit.” ” “We are searching for product/market fit.” ” “We are raising this financing to find product/market fit.” ” “Our customer traction demonstrates product/market fit.” ” Product/market fit. I was in a meeting a month ago with a company I’m on the board of where product/market fit was asserted. When you have $0 of MRR, you have no product/market fit.

Start Early With a Solid Product Management System

The Startup Magazine

For startup owners, similar questions need to be asked about their company – particularly the product (or service) they’re providing their consumers. Here are several detailed reasons why strong product management is so important: Complexity. Who are we? Why are we here?