Why Bitcoin Is Super Hot in Zimbabwe

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People in Zimbabwe and other countries in political and economic turmoil increasingly are turning to digital currencies. Money

Supercell Reaches 100 mln Daily Players


I want to thank every single one of them: from Albania to Zimbabwe and everywhere else in between. The Helsinki-based gaming studio is known for its Clash of Clans and Hay Day games, which have been topping charts for several years already.

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Mark Zuckerberg’s year of books: The essential points from Why Nations Fail

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Riddle me this: Why has Botswana, a landlocked country in the south of Africa, become one of the fastest-growing countries in the world, while other African nations — Zimbabwe, the Congo and Sierra Leone among them — remain caught in a miasma of violence and poverty?

From Airbnb to TaskRabbit to Zimride, sharing is becoming big business


Inspired in Zimbabwe The founders of Zimride were inspired by drivers in Zimbabwe, who pick up strangers and give them a lift for a few bucks. Skip to Main Content. USA TODAY. Subscribe. Mobile. Travel. Money. Sports. Your Life. Weather. Tech: Blogs. Technology Live. Game Hunters.

Crisis Management for Lion Killers

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Ignore the Zimbabwe authorities: This is a country run by a notorious thug, Robert Mugabe , who has ruined the economy and perpetuated many human rights abuses over his 33 year dictatorship.

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It’s Time for Lyft off!

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When I first met Logan Green and John Zimmer nearly a year ago, I was struck by the authenticity of Lyft’s founding.

Email Marketing The Right Way

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And if that wasn’t enough, a relative I didn’t even know I had (from Zimbabwe of all places) died and left me US$52 million! This might be our last post for a while, as I’ve just won the U.K. lottery. Okay, not really. But if you believe the emails you get, practically on a daily

The Face of Success, Part I: How the Indians Conquered Silicon Valley

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Silicon Valley’s entrepreneurship ecosystem included people from almost every nation in the world—from Australia to Zimbabwe. The Indians are Silicon Valley's most successful immigrants. What have they done right, and what can women and other races learn from them? Part 1 of 5.

How to Think Globally

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Just a quick look at what stories are rising to the top in Zimbabwe or India can tell you a lot about what people there are thinking. Business smarts are not enough. The best global leaders are also political gurus and experts in dealing with the nonrational.

Lithuanian Social Trading app Mobofree Takes A Step Deeper into West African Soil


According to Opera State of The Mobile Web, MoboFree belongs to the Top 8 sites in Nigeria, Top 5 in Zimbabwe and Top 9 in Malawi. When you think about it, Lithuania and West Africa don’t seem to have much in common.

Farewell to Our Dream-Team CEO

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For four decades, he spent on average four months a year personally visiting places where IDG did business, from Antarctica to Zimbabwe. IDG founder Patrick McGovern, a true entrepreneurial all-star, dies at 76. Twenty-five years ago, Inc.''s

Living and Working in South Africa

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We also took the opportunity to travel throughout South Africa and the surrounding countries (Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mauritius). Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe truly must be experienced. We rode on elephants and the highlight of our Zimbabwe trip was a walk we took with five lion cubs.

Eskimi Hits 5 Million Users, Sees Solid Growth In Africa


There is also a growing user-base in Ghana, South Africa,Kenya, Namibia, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe, where there are over 250 000 users each. Eskimi , the Lithuanian-based mobile social network based on flirting, has announced it recently hit 5 million users, and is growing at 30 000 a day. The service has grown steadily in popularity in Africa, where desktop-based social networks have not meet the needs of every mobile user.

Will Bitcoin adoption be driven outside the US?

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In Zimbabwe, hyperinflation drove the US Dollar became the de facto local currency even while foreign currency trading was illegal. Right now, more than 80% of Bitcoin volume is in the USD market. And many of the pundits commenting on Bitcoin, both positively and negatively, are in the US. So it is natural to assume that Bitcoin adoption will start first in the US. I think that that is a reasonable assumption, but it is one worth questioning.

AppCampus To Host The Second Batch Of AppCademy Starting The 4th Of March


For this batch, there will be a total of 20 teams from 15 different countries: US, Canada, Brazil, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Russia, Singapore, Finland, Estonia, France, Polan, Moldova, Germany, Denmark and UK. The second batch of AppCademy is kicking off in just one week.

Dealflow from Lithuania: These #LTstartups are raising over $100M


Here are the startups rasing A rounds: MoboFree is #1 social e-commerce marketplace in Nigeria with strong footprint in Uganda, Zimbabwe and Ghana with almost 4M registered members who are generating up to 2M daily pageviews. A guest post by Edmundas Bal?ikonis ikonis , CEO of Trackduck.

How The Startup Scene Evolved In Lithuania


Their target markets are Nigeria and Uganda, but they are quickly expanding to other English speaking African markets, such as Uganda and Zimbabwe. Photo: Shutterstock. Countless startup success stories come from the Bay Area or other international hubs, such as London, Paris and Tel Aviv.

BiNu's Grand Plan to Bring Internet to Phones in the Developing World

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Before the end of our interview, I asked Lentell whether he believes biNu is what some would call a "nice to have" or a "need to have" for people in the developing world and whether or not it''s solving a fundamental problem in countries like his native Zimbabwe. "If

Launching Tech Ventures: Mukela.com: Selling the Dream

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If you were to go to expedia.com and search for hotels in Harare, Zimbabwe only 5 hotels will be displayed. Within days, I received initial feedback from a few hotels that bandwidth in Zimbabwe was limited (more on that later) and they could not view the videos links in my e-mail.

Is Your Start Up Idea Gold or Goop?

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That is roughly several gazillion dollars today (in Zimbabwe). Is your business idea an undiscovered gem, or a flaming dumpster fire leading you to your doom? Here’s a quick rule to help. A lot of entrepreneurs ask me to look at their business ideas since they know what I do for a living.

Small Business Spotlight of the Week: Alfred Jorgensen Laboratory

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And its reach is amazing – I have LinkedIn contacts in more than 90 countries from Albania to Zimbabwe. Now, I may be the reigning champion of Christmas Party Beer Pong here at crowdSPRING (no big deal…) but this next company may have me beat.

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