What VC Can Learn From Private Equity

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I spent a week in Europe a few weeks ago with our friend Eric who is a managing partner in a private equity firm. I’ve also had the pleasure of working on a board of one of our portfolio companies with a private equity investor who is making a few minority investments. Venture Capital and Private Equity are very different investment disciplines. 2/ Private equity can’t afford to lose money on an investment.

The Power of Partnering With a Private Equity Firm

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Private equity firms are often targeted by the press as inherently evil and exclusively driven by profits, often to the detriment of everyone else-- but that is far from accurate.

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DealMarket.com – Making Private Equity A Big Deal


Online platforms that connect startups and entrepreneurs are common, but one that connects private equity professionals? But DealMarket ( www.dealmarket.com ), launched in March this year, looks set to be the way that private equity and investment types will work in the future.

Private Equity: Threat or Menace?

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Private equity is under attack in Presidential politics. If you let that affect your decision to accept private equity capital, you're out of your mind. What is surprising, though, is that the target of one of the attack ads is private equity.

What Private Equity Investors Want: 5 Metrics

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Private equity funds are numbers-driven. Private equity managers view this “professionalization” of a company’s systems as something that will help it sell your company to the next larger, more sophisticated financial buyer.

Reasons For Surge In Mexico’s Private Equity Industry


For years Mexico lagged behind a lot of other Latin America countries when it came to private equity. As well as this, their private equity investments have surpassed the likes of Russia and Turkey – meaning that the nation is slowly but surely becoming a real force.

What Private Equity Sharks Can Teach You

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On September 13, I attended The Capital Roundtable , the redoubtable private equity community conference headed by the august and avuncular Burt Alimansky. So what does successful private equity thinking offer us entrepreneurs?

Lessons On Private Equity With Shri Iyer

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When it comes to private equity, you want advice from someone well respected in the industry; someone with strategic insight and the experience to back it. a New York-based private equity firm, Iyer understands the startup world and the importance of value creation for investors.

Private Equity Investing: Secrets of Doing it Right (Part I)

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Well, in most forms of angel and early-stage private equity investing, these breakdowns flow from a misunderstanding of the power and nature of outliers. The concept of outliers and how they apply to early stage private equity investment was best described by the Lebanese thinker and writer Nicolas Taleb, in his best-selling books "Fooled by Randomness" and "The Black Swan." So does this mean that early stage private equity investing is for the birds?

6 Reasons to Choose a Strategic Buyer Over Private Equity

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Then, I signed a letter of intent to sell 85 percent of Beryl to a Chicago private equity firm. I found private equity firms to be focused much more on a short-term financial return, which could force decisions that are not in the best long-term interest of a business.

Summary of Israeli Private Equity Deals - Q3 2011

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In the third quarter of 2011, 13 Israeli private equity deals attracted $803 million, 26 percent above $637 million invested in 17 deals in the previous quarter, and 62 percent up from $495 million invested in 16 deals in Q3/2010. Israeli private equity funds accounted for 40 percent of Q3/2011's activity, mostly reflecting Israel Infrastructure Fund's buyout of Derech Eretz Highways for $208 million

SEC Enforcement Action Shows Regulatory Focus on Private Equity Managers

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On August 29, 2011, the Securities and Exchange Commission took action against a principal partner (the "Partner") of a registered investment adviser to several private equity funds. [1]

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Find Your Breakaway Strategy: The Massive Value Creation Strategy That Private Equity Ignores

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Before you decide to give up on growing your business, try this instead. It works. Strategy

Is Selling to Private Equity a Victory or a Defeat?

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Entrepreneurs regularly ask whether or not they should sell their company to a private-equity firm and is it a victory or a defeat when they do.

How to Make the Perfect Startup Pitch

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million valuation ($150,000 for 10 percent equity) in 2008. Capital Raising Marketing Private Equity Seed and Angel Investors Startups Venture Capital NotreDameofMarylandThe perfect startup pitch helps entrepreneurs separate their companies from a growing amount of competition.

Is Private Equity on Your Side?

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But for small business, private equity can work much differently than it does for big public companies. Get ready to hear a lot more about the world of private equity. Then, “We need an equity partner.”

Private Equity And Venture Capital Investors: How to Leverage Their Pessimistic Thinking

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I speak to my friend Steve about once a month. And every few times we speak, he hits me with his latest new business idea. Once in a while, the idea has merit. But most times it doesn't. The other day Steve told me his latest idea. I could barely mutter two words in reply when he cut me off. "I

IVC-GKH: Summary of Israeli Private Equity Deals - Q1 2012

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Here are the findings of the IVC-GKH Quarterly Private Equity (PE) Survey conducted by IVC Research Center , which for more than 15 years has been at the forefront of private equity, high-tech, start-ups and venture capital research in Israel. The Survey reviews Israeli private equity deals involving Israeli and foreign PE funds and other investors - both Israeli and foreign.

May 18: Young Jewish Professionals Private Equity/Hedge Fund Summit

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On Wednesday May 18th, the YJP, I, and some other colleagues will be hosting our Young Jewish Professionals Private Equity and Hedge Fund Summit.

Applicability Of Large Trader Rules To Private Equity Advisers

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The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (the " SEC ") has adopted Rule 13h-1 (the " Rule ") under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 with respect to large trader registration. The Rule requires persons that qualify as a "large trader" to file Form 13H with the SEC to receive a large trader identification number (a " LTID "). Large traders must identify themselves in future transactions to broker-dealers through which they trade, using their LTID

Private Equity Firms to Acquire Solar Winds for $4.5 Billion


SolarWinds announced Wednesday that it has entered into an agreement to be acquired by Silver Lake Partners and Thoma Bravo, private equity firms. percent higher than the […] The post Private Equity Firms to Acquire Solar Winds for $4.5 Under the terms of the deal, SolarWinds stockholders will receive $60.10 per share, worth a total buyout of about $4.5 billion in cash. That price is about 43.5

Private Equity Bankrupted My Company

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Now, a decade after Oreck, then an 80-year-old entrepreneur, and his family sold the business to a private equity company, Oreck the company has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. "We Oreck used to be one of the biggest names in the vacuum cleaner business.

Template Startup Financial Model

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Here you will see listed assets, liabilities, and equity. A key point here is that future capital raises will dilute current shareholders, so this model will allow you to see what a final equity share percentage will be after your desired funding stages. Private Equity Public Markets

Conference Notes on Sourcing Deal Flow & Developing New Business for Private Equity

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I enjoyed participating in last week’s Capital Roundtable Private Equity Masterclass on “ Best Practices for Sourcing Quality Deal Flow & Developing New Business ” (May 26 th , 2011). Otherwise, private owners tend to have unrealistic expectations or an arbitrary sale price expectation. Glickman, Resilience Capital Partners LLC Luke Johnson, Platinum Equity LLC Robert B. Zubin Avari, Charter Oak Equity LP Christopher A.

For Equity Investors, A Startup Has To End To Win

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Yet one of the first things a potential equity investor asks about is your exit strategy. Equity investments are not loans, so there is no loan payback period or interest payments. Find a private equity firm or friendly individual.

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3 Tips to Avoid Selling Your Soul to Private Equity

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Shazi Visram, CEO and founder of Happy Family, explains how to get through the growth phase--without resorting to private equity. What about private equity? Here are her tips on getting through the growth phase--without selling your soul to private equity.

April 4-Innovation in Private Company Liquidity-Online Merger Markets, Social Media, Secondary Markets, Non-US Markets, Private Equity, and the Disappearing IPO

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Successful private companies such as Facebook and Zynga now have active secondary markets in their stock, blurring the meaning of their ‘private’ status. Over the last decade, Dan has served on more than a dozen public and private company boards.

My 20+ Year Career in Venture Capital and Private Equity is Built Upon a Rubber Chicken

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That chicken was there for me at the moment I needed him most. How to Hire the Best

Siklu Raises $19 Million for Cheaper Wireless Bandwidth

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Israeli startup Siklu Wireless Communications has raised a series B round of $19 million led by new investors Amiti Ventures , Qualcomm Ventures and joined by all existing investors: DFJ- Tamir Fishman Ventures , Evergreen Venture Partners and Argonaut Private Equity. Anil Khatod, Managing Director of Argonaut Private Equity adds: “Data explosion, driven by growth of smart phones and tablets, necessitates need for cost-effective and reliable carriage of data.

'Evil' Private Equity Firms Pull Off a Twinkie Hail Mary

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Private equity firms can be plenty bad, but why try to slam them when they do good

Summary of Israeli Private Equity Deals - Q2 2011

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IVC Reports: Private equity deals drop 16% in the first half of 2011. GKH), a leading Israeli corporate law firm specializing in M&A, joint ventures, venture capital, equity and debt financing. Israeli private equity deals by type. Israeli private equity funds.

A Democrat's Defense of Romney & Private Equity

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But he praises Mitt Romney's work at Bain Capital and the private equity industry as a whole. If you are going to pick on a private equity firm for bad behavior and hubris (of which there is plenty), they are the last ones to select.

IVC - Summary of Israeli Private Equity Deals - Q1 2011

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Summary of Israeli Private Equity Deals - Q1 2011. Private equity deal value at $216 million in Q1 2011. GKH) , a leading Israeli corporate law firm specializing in M&A, joint ventures, venture capital and equity and debt financing.

Why Private Equity Firms Should Exit Their Positions in B2B Distributors

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With Amazon entering B2B distribution, private equity firms should look to exit their positions now. Distributor valuations are headed in one direction: down. Technology

Venture Geeks Launches New Startup Accelerator Program in Tel Aviv

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The cost for startups is 10% of their equity. The incubator got $5 million in funding from GKVentures I, a US-based private equity fund. Geekmedia VentureGeek Auto Draft equity funding Genesis Partners incubator Israeli startups private equity fund startup accelerator program y combinator

What You Need to Know About Private Equity

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If you're a growing company looking for funding from angel, venture, or other private equity investors, understanding their objectives will help you find the right match. Why is everybody "owned" by private equity these days? for private equity-funded buyouts.

Ironheart Corporate Advisory Disrupts Legacy Companies by Accelerating Growth in Mid-Level Firms

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Ironheart Corporate Advisory , an advisor to high potential companies and executives, has launched a one-year immersive Performance Engineering Program to increase financial value of tech-enabled, privately held companies. Entrepreneurship Private Equity Dun and Bradstreet Ironheart

Will Private Equity Firms Be Exempted From SEC Registration Rules?

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Moves to amend the US's Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act - the voluminous and wide-ranging response to the financial crisis that passed into law last summer - were widely reported in the press this week, and they caught the attention of the European private equity industry. One of the proposals would create a new exemption for advisers to "private equity funds" from the requirement to register with the SEC by 21 July 2011.

Considering ILPA Private Equity Principles

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Last year the Institutional Limited Partners Association (ILPA), a voluntary organization dedicated to the interests of institutional limited partners in private equity funds, released its Private Equity Principles. Since then, the Principles have received the endorsement of more than 100 of the largest and most influential institutional private equity investors. By Attorneys at Drinker Biddle & Reath LLP Joshua B. Deringer, John J. Emslie, Neil K.

More Cash for Entrepreneurs, Crowdfunding, and Indiegogo

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As Steve Case has said, it’s ridiculous that anyone can gamble and be guaranteed to lose money, but there are strict regulations around who can invest in early-stage private companies and earn (in some cases) a 27% IRR on their capital. *.