We’re Hiring a Platform and Operations Associate at NextView

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With the recent announcement of our fourth fund , we are expanding the team at NexView with a new Platform and Operations Associate. We are looking to bring on board a versatile new team member to support the varied internal operations of the firm as well as collaborate with the partners on our external programs and communications with the broader entrepreneurial community. Executing on internal administrative tasks related to day-to-day firm operations.

4 Ways To Improve Your Business Operations


If you run a small business or large company, there are several ways that you can improve your operations. Here are some of the best ways to improve your business operations. Hire Independent Contractors. In addition to your permanent staff, you can hire independent contractors to work on special projects. This can save you money by limiting the number of permanent employees that you’ll need to hire. Others business advice business operations


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Announcing NextView Operator Guilds

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And they tell us over and over again that they just care about four things: Hiring and developing a great team. We’re calling them NextView Operator Guilds. . The concept our Guilds is simple: We want to bring together small groups of Product and Go-to-Market experts to lend their time to support our portfolio company founders and key operators. Here is who will be joining the NextView Operator Guilds (for full bios, click the link in their name): Product Guild.

10 Important Hiring Tips for Startups in Post COVID Era


One major reason is that unless you don’t put effort into hiring the right talent, the operational functions suffer. However, it is important to plan your hiring campaigns with a specific purpose when the economy is down amid the pandemic. Consider Remote Hiring.

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From The Ground Up: Reasons To Rethink Your Entry-Level Hiring Strategy


To begin again, to start anew, to have a fresh, blank slate — the corporate advantages of hiring entry level employees, strong professionals at their career beginnings, seem self-explanatory. In any economy, successful entry-level hiring is a crucial aspect of corporate success.

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How to Reduce Business Operating Costs

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To effectively minimize your operational expenses and not impact your customer service, you’ll need to develop a budget based on your typical monthly income (taking seasonal changes into consideration), the demands of your company model, and your consumers’ expectations.

Are Logistics Risks Just Operational Risks?

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But some say that if logistics is a daily part of your business processes, then you should consider them an operational risk. For those that don’t know, operations are your everyday activities that support processes. Logistical Risks vs Operational Risks. Operational Risks.

Next Coast Ventures Hires a New Chief Operating Officer


Next Coast Ventures, an Austin-based venture capital firm, announced this week that it has hired Jonathan Kaplan as its chief operating officer. “I’ve I’ve known Jonathan for nearly a decade here in Austin and have seen how his diligence and focus on operations have been game changing for entrepreneurs and companies,” Thomas Ball, co-founder and managing […]. The post Next Coast Ventures Hires a New Chief Operating Officer appeared first on SiliconHills.

How Does an Office Move Affect Operations?

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To make a move quicker and less stressful, think of hiring commercial movers to take care of the project. First, understand why you need to move, whether it is to downsize the office or move into a more affordable space or a larger office as your operations expand.

Tips For Hiring An Independent Contractor


Independent contractors can change the way your business operates. Many professionals have stepped out of the workforce to facilitate e-learning or hybrid school schedules until schools resume normal operations. It’s easy to find and hire an independent contractor.

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How To Hire People With An Entrepreneurial Mindset


To identify leaders with an entrepreneurial mindset you need to change your approach to hiring. They understand how to operate within the system, but have no idea how to actually create the system. Hiring, to be sure, is an imperfect science.

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Insight Into Operating A Successful Services Firm


In this article we take a look at the soft-skills required to create and manage a services firm that operates on a national and even global level. Operating a consulting firm has highlighted just how important industry insight really is. by Cameron Batt, founder of Crum Consult.

Wedding Business Operations: What to Outsource

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Taking note of the employment opportunities, it is rather convenient for a wedding business to outsource its operations. But, should a wedding business outsource all of its operational tasks? Or you can also hire an in-house customer manager for your business.

How to Hire For a Startup: Look For These Qualities

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For a startup, the first few hires can be critical: Bringing on a new team member is a hefty financial and personal commitment, and only the right choices will allow a company to scale. On the flip side, the wrong hiring choices can be financially and emotionally devastating.

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Further Thoughts on Startup Operations

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“I need somebody to run operations.&# I never said you shouldn’t have a VP of Operations. I think people understand this title to mean more somebody who handles operational issues rather than somebody who is more like a “chief of staff&# as a COO often is. One great solution I see is to hire an outstanding CFO who runs both. I recently wrote a post about why I didn’t think early-stage startups should have COOs.

How Great, Operationally-Focused CFO’s Can Transform Your Business

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For a well-funded seed company I have controversially recommended hiring a great office manager that doubles as an administrative assistant. One area I’ve had much discussion with the companies in which I’ve invested in is bringing on board an operationally focused CFO. This happens because many CEOs are passionate, market-driven people who are constantly trying to launch new products, win contracts, get press, hire staff and woo VCs. Hire a great CFO.

Building A Business Operating System

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Ben Huh, the founder/CEO who I adore and love working with, send out a powerful email about how he’s approaching Cheezburger’s next stage of growth, and how he’s thinking about building the business operating system. I’m kicking off the process of building the business Operating System for Cheezburger. Put in other words: A business OS is how we consistently and clearly communicate, hire, make decisions, etc.

3 Digital Marketing Tips For Small Businesses Operating On A Small Budget


However, this is easily done in-house, either by hiring a dedicated (and remote) social media manager, or taking on the tasks yourself as the owner/manager. You can also opt to hire freelancers for one-off digital marketing campaigns or contracts, which saves on human resource costs.

Smart Hiring Practices For Any Startup


While it’s true that you’re always taking risks when bringing new employees aboard, adopting certain hiring practices can prove invaluable in minimizing major problems. However, this isn’t to say that you should overlook a prospective hire’s personality entirely. The people given these jobs then feel overwhelmed and embarrassed at work, and the people responsible for hiring them are left wondering what went wrong. Others hiring employees hiring practices startup advice

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Managing The Operations Of Your Startup


Your success or failure will not rely upon the historical data and industry statistics, but from how well you manage daily operations. Here are five tips for assuming better command over your startup operations: Consolidate and Negotiate. According to an article published by Forbes, metrics that play a critical role in any startup management includes revenue run rate, average revenue per user, customer acquisition rate, churn rate, and operation efficiency.

Why Startups Must Liberate From Hiring Platforms


However, many use employment platforms like Fiverr or UpWork to make these hires – and the platforms themselves are anything but unshakable institutions. Such a scenario would push hiring processes back to square one, potentially spelling disaster for those who solely contract online. Startup businesses all over the world use freelance hires. This is because freelancers can be scaled as the business grows, and they can be hired for specific skills.

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Things to Keep in Mind While Hiring a Network Support & Maintenance Services

The Startup Magazine

Whether managing a financial investment company, running a manufacturing facility, or operating a pharmaceutical firm, the core health of your organization’s network is of pivotal importance in maintaining business operations.

10 Reasons Why Companies Hire Consultants

YFS Magazine

Grow Operations business consultants business operations consultingFrom a client perspective, here are ten reasons why consulting is a profitable $250 billion growth industry and why companies need consultants.

What Happens When Startups Turn from Their Innovation Stage to Operational Excellence?

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Nearly every successful tech startup I’ve observed over the past 20 years has gone through a similar growth pattern: Innovate, systematize then scale operations. As a startup in this phase you often raise capital, get press, hire staff and everything feels possible. Sam & Rahul have worked closely together on “innovate & operate” since the earliest days of MakeSpace. We spent a few hundred thousand dollars opening up operations in Chicago and Washington D.C.

How You Can Streamline Your Business Operations

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So it’s worthwhile learning how to streamline your operations. Most entrepreneurs know that they need to hire staff at one point or another, but it’s not as if the job is done as soon as the employee has been onboarded. Focus on Your Core Operations.

Empower Operational Employees to Innovate

Gregg Fraley

The Benefits of Innovation Training for Operational Employees. Why is it that organizations don’t invest in training operational employees? It’s great those folks get the training, and, a missed opportunity to provide training to the operational work force. It’s almost as if creativity from operational employees is actively discouraged. And management of operations is all about control.

We’re hiring a contract content creator!

Version One Ventures

Interview 20-30 founders/operators on a variety of topics from hiring to running a board meeting, to fundraising. A year and a half ago, we published the first edition of our Startup Handbook. It has been well received, with over 30K downloads to date.

What To Look For When Hiring A Lawyer

The Startup Magazine

However, if you have never gone through the process of hiring a legal professional before, it can be a tricky task for someone to do, which is why we have put together this handy guide for you. The post What To Look For When Hiring A Lawyer appeared first on The Startup Magazine.

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The Importance Of Hiring A DUI Attorney

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Though classified as a traffic violation, as long as the accused is in operation or in control of a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs (whether recreational or prescribed), DUI is taken very seriously in the courts of law in the United States, and abroad.

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How To Hire And Train A New Employee During The Summer (When Most People Are On Vacation)


Recruiting and hiring employees is challenging, if only because the stakes for making the right choice are so high. Say you had to replace a worker who had been hired only recently, since they turned out to be a poor cultural fit. What are the big challenges in summer hiring?

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Start Your Business: From Truck Driver to Owner-Operator

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There are few workers out there who don’t dream of a day when they could go into business for themselves, doing the same work they already love–but as an owner-operator. That’s made possible by trucker bookkeeping, which is typically done by services which also handle the trucking authority paperwork for owner-operators. Business management is just one area of concern for owner-operator trucking companies.

Tech Industry Hiring In Canada Continues To Grow


This has shown that the state of hiring within the Canadian tech industry in current cities and emerging cities are growing. Hiring for tech jobs in Vancouver is all done online. or Indeed are used by HR professionals searching to hire within the British Columbia tech industry. The most sought-after hires are computer programmers and interactive media developers. Hiring for tech jobs in Calgary has changed. In the News Canada hiring tech industry

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6 Ways For Startups To Reduce Operating Costs


Here are a few ways for startups to reduce operating costs so they can function more efficiently, and make every dollar count: 1. The cost to physically operate a business can turn into a major financial burden for startups. Hire Freelancers and Contract Employees. The very nature of a startup is that it’s constantly improving and changing the way it operates. by Morgan Sims.

What Entrepreneurs Should Know About Hiring Their First Employee


According to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), there is double the number of entrepreneurs with no employees as compared to entrepreneurs who have employees. However, there will be a time that you’ll need to hire at least one employee in most cases. The following are some things to know about hiring your first employee. First, are the technicalities of hiring an employee. Others hiring practices

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A Guide to Crafting Your LLC Operating Agreement

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An operating agreement is the document that sets the rules for your LLC. In this article, we’ll talk about how to create your own LLC operating agreement, what you should include, and where you’ll need to keep it when you’ve made one. Should I have an operating agreement for my LLC? Although some states don’t legally require you to have an operating agreement, you really shouldn’t run an LLC without one. What does an operating agreement cover?

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Hiring – Easy as Pie

Steve Blank

Over the last few weeks I’ve gotten involved in hiring for two startups, a public agency and a non profit. In the last week I had four separate groups through the ranch all wanting to talk either about hiring a senior exec or a senior exec looking for a new job. Are you looking for a visionary or an operating executive? Founders search, operating executives execute. If you’re hiring an operating executive (CEO, VP, Executive Director, etc.).

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Recruitment Process Steps: What To Include To Hire Top Talents


Your enterprise will only succeed if the people behind its operations are collectively working towards the realization of your goals. A poor recruiting process can cost your reputation, your top candidates, an increase in cost-per-hire, and a high turnover rate. Know if it’s better for you to hire someone who was not affiliated with your company before or promote someone already working for you. External Hiring – Some positions require a fresh perspective.

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4 Operational Features Every Online Business Should Work To Improve Upon


Regardless of the industry a company operates in, there are certain practices and processes that need to be optimised in order to facilitate ideal business outcomes. With that said, below we’ll look at four operational features that internet-based businesses should work to improve upon on an ongoing basis: 1. Should you hire any employees to help with the workload, or should you focus on training your existing workforce?

3 Inefficient Operations To Clean Up In Preparation For A 2014 Boom


Leaders often put off hiring for these positions because mid-tier managers can be disruptive, and it takes time to integrate them. Operations can very quickly get stretched or divided, and if a senior manager leaves, there’s no one left to fill the void. Identify where the needs are, and look to promote from within or hire individuals who share your startup’s philosophy. Thinking Aloud business operations business planning Tim Edwards by Tim Edwards , CEO of NSR.

What Every Tech Startup Should Know About Hiring


That means hiring a lot of people, taking on a lot of new work, and aggressively scaling. One of the most important elements of your business’s growth period is your approach to hiring. How, when, and who you hire can have a massive impact on your startup’s eventual success.

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Debunking The Biggest Myths Of Hiring: Four Faulty Beliefs That Could Be Hindering Your Company’s Selection Process 


by Scott Wintrip, author of “ High Velocity Hiring: How to Hire Top Talent in an Instant “ There’s a shortage of skilled workers across all industries in the country. You may assume that the skills shortage is to blame for the high number of open jobs, but the real problem is that businesses believe a dangerous set of myths around hiring, and that these myths are hurting organizations everywhere. Myth #2: Hiring is exclusively an HR function.

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4 Essential Hires If You’re Starting a Business in 2020

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It might seem easier to put off thinking about your first essential new hires. Try to do it all and you’ll spend a lot of time learning new skills (that you’ll eventually hire for) when you should be focusing on growing your business. That doesn’t mean you need to bring everyone on full time right away, but you should think seriously about contracting with experts—the essential hires you’re going to need to do the work that’s outside your skillset.

Six Tips To Help Businesses Fix Their Broken Hiring Processes


by Scott Wintrip, “ High Velocity Hiring: How to Hire Top Talent in an Instant “ Everyone knows that hiring within an organization can be a stressful, confusing, and tedious process. Business owners, organization leaders, and hiring managers all want to choose the best job candidates so their companies can experience more productivity and less turnover. But most companies operate under a broken hiring system, and they may not even realize it.

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