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6 Business Practices That Will Verify You As A Leader

Startup Professionals Musings

In these difficult days of the pandemic, the visibility of leadership in business, as well as politics, seems to be at an all-time low.

Equity 200

Technology, Innovation, and Modern War – Class 14 – Planning– Major General Mike Fenzel

Steve Blank

We just held our fourteenth session of our new national security class Technology, Innovation and Modern War.

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New Normal: A conversation with Brett Hurt of

deal architect

I have been doing video interviews with a number of C-level executives about acrobatics they have been seeing in various vertical sectors during the COVID-19 crisis and the "New normal" they can expect as the economy wakes up. Here is. Analytics, Big Data New Normal COVID-19 Venture Capital

6 Tips For Combining Passion And Purpose To Stand Out

Startup Professionals Musings

Finding your sweet spot as an entrepreneur needs to start with a meaningful personal purpose that is also a business opportunity.

Building Healthy Innovation Ecosystems for Your Projects

Speaker: Nick Noreña, Innovation Coach and Advisor, Kromatic

In this webinar, Nick Noreña will walk through an Innovation Ecosystem Model that he and his team at Kromatic have developed to help investors, heads of product, teachers, and executives understand how they can best support innovation in their own ecosystem. He'll also go over metrics we can use to measure the health of our ecosystems as we build more resources for innovators.

Supply@ME Capital: Blockchain, But Not As You Know It


We’re all sick of the word “blockchain”. There’s been a whole lot of cash (and hot air) expended on something that hasn’t really moved the needle in financial services.

The Content Marketing Dilemma Faced by New Tech Startups


For more than a decade now, content marketing has been the prized strategy of startups all over the world.

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6 Tips To Avoid Being Blindsided By A New Competitor

Startup Professionals Musings

Every entrepreneur and business executive knows that continuous innovation is required to survive, but most struggle with this more than any other challenge they face.

Digital Services Your Business Needs To Consider


Business runs on a few core functions that remain unchanged through centuries of industry. Great product exposure and a sales team dedicated to improving the lives of your customer base act as the face of your company.

Technology, Innovation, and Modern War – Class 13 – ONR– Rear Admiral Lorin Selby

Steve Blank

We just held our twelfth session of our new national security class Technology, Innovation and Modern War.

Behold, Now As Ever

Feld Thoughts

From Ryan Holiday’s amazing and wonderful book The Daily Stoic. Thanks Adam for the email exchange and for sending this to me today. The post Behold, Now As Ever appeared first on Feld Thoughts. Quotes marcus aurelius ryan holiday stoic

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The Analyst Cam: Constellation Research CIO Priorities for 2021

deal architect

As we have moved to virtual vendor briefings, I have increasingly been excerpting short segments (with permission from vendors), as part of my Analyst Cam series. The weekly Burning Platform with Brian Sommer is taking a break, so it was. Analyst Cam digital transformations Future of Work


Reasons Why Hiring A Digital Marketing Agency For Your Business Is A Must


In the old days, marketing agencies were non-existent, and most companies were struggling to market their business and making sales.

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When Is The Right Time To Start An Online Business?

YFS Magazine

Aspiring entrepreneurs are legitimately cautious about starting a business when the economy is uncertain. But don't let that stop you. Plan online business online shopping recommended starting a business

18 Entrepreneurs Explain How Technology is Impacting Their Business Today


It’s becoming increasingly important for every business to have at least basic technology to run daily operations in the current day society. It makes communication seamless and brings both tangible and intangible results.

How to Successfully Engage With Your Customers Online

Up and Running

Bringing in customers is important. Holding onto those same customers is even more crucial. Which is where customer engagement comes into play. Engagement is the act of building authentic relationships with your target audience.

6 Tips On Where And When To Look For Startup Funding

Startup Professionals Musings

One of the biggest myths I have found in the entrepreneur community is that every startup needs one or more outside investors for credibility and success, and perhaps is even entitled to at least one.

How To Start A T-Shirt Business From Scratch


You have seen novelty t-shirts in stores and thought that you could do that if you only had a printer and a shop. You can always think of something pithy to say and you just wish you knew how to start a t-shirt business from home.

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Business Tech solutions: Modern finance management ideas

The Startup Magazine

There was a time when lengthy accounting registers were the need of the day, a time when yellow paged books were the best source of contact information. Interestingly, this period is not that long ago. Interestingly, the concept of manual finance management is still a modern-day phenomenon.

Conflicting Advice

David Cohen

I’ve had several conversations recently where the idea came up that advice is situational. And, for any often used piece of advice, it’s sometimes easy to give exactly the opposite advice. The hard part is deciding what advice (if any) to take in your situation.

Why People Say Yes To High-Ticket Products And Services

YFS Magazine

Many people think price is the most important purchasing decision factor. But this isn’t always true, especially for high-ticket offers. Grow Marketing & Sales client management marketing pricing pricing strategy

5 Equity Crowdfunding Reflections Before You Sign Up

Startup Professionals Musings

With the advent and growth of crowdfunding over the past few years, many entrepreneurs have predicted the demise of those demanding angel investment groups and venture capital organizations.

Equity 216

Why You Should Consider Starting A Freighting Business During The COVID-19 Pandemic


While the world changed almost overnight due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the more frightening aspect is the uncertainty that accompanied it.

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A Comprehensive Marketing Strategy to Grow An Amazon Business

The Startup Magazine

With the world of digital rapidly growing and evolving, so are the business opportunities for start-ups and small entrepreneurs. Whether it be starting your own website and eCommerce store or using existing platforms like Amazon, or eBay, the options are unlimited.

Working In Tech & Worrying About Getting “Too Old”

Hunter Walker

The above tweet seemed to resonate with folks, and sometimes when that happens, I like to expand in a post, since the tweet will disappear in 30 days. Ok, let’s talk about working in tech and feeling like your best years are perpetually behind you. It screws with your head!

Is it your brilliant plan or your execution?


Mike Tyson: brilliant business savant. Everybody’s got a plan – until they are punched in the face,” famously stated boxer Mike Tyson.

8 Networking Strategies Pay Big Dividends In Business

Startup Professionals Musings

There is no skill more vital to an entrepreneur than effective networking. You can’t build your business alone, and networking is the best way to open doors, professionally and personally.

Post COVID – How To Bring Your Employees To The Office Safely


Since the coronavirus breached these shores, we’ve seen a huge surge in the number of employees working remotely and from home. In fact, it’s estimated that 46.6%

5 Franchise Problems To Avoid

The Startup Magazine

The US Small Business Administration notes that fast-food franchises make up the most popular business type for new entrepreneurs. Franchises are an easy way to trade on the popularity of an established name.

YouTube Strategy Lessons from a Channel with 1.6 Million Subscribers


YouTube continues to be one of the best places to see organic growth, and the barrier to entry can be an advantage for companies and brands willing to put in the work.

How to Use Tiered & Introductory Pricing to Grow Your Business

Up and Running

In a competitive market, consumers are always looking for something that sets a product or service apart. We call this distinguishing factor the Unique Selling Proposition (USP). Customers will assess the value of your product or service against a range of factors.

The Essential Nature of In-Person Work For Early-Stage Startups

Hunter Walker

tldr: instead of choosing between in-person or remote, your seed stage company (or team) should be more hybrid, tied to the type/phase of project going on. With in-person being used during periods of intense team ideation, collaboration or debate.

Why Buying A Small Business Now Is A Bad Idea


by Terry Monroe , founder and president of American Business Brokers & Advisors (ABBA) and author of “ Hidden Wealth: The Secret To Getting Top Dollar For Your Business “ Normally, I am a proponent of buying small businesses. The data shows they make the world go round. The U.S.


The Startup Magazine

A business degree has been a popular choice for years. It is a viable choice concerning career and job opportunities. When students finish high school and choose a major, they have plenty of choices, and excess options often confuse them.

Our top 5 tips on being your best self and finding entrepreneurial success

Our Own Start-up

Entrepreneurship isn’t for the faint of heart. With 20% of all small businesses failing within the first year, it’s easy to see why the prospect of being an entrepreneur can feel overwhelming.

7 Common Business Management Mistakes and How to Avoid them

Up and Running

Every successful business comes from a great idea. This idea can be purpose-driven, vision-driven, or both. Bringing it to life in the earliest years of your business can be overwhelming.

Conferences and What They Really Facilitate

Babbling VC

No one really talks about this when discussing physical industry events. People don't go for the content. Here and there you may learn something in a session or you may get the chance to listen to someone live whom you admire or wanted to get access to.