Weekend Favs October 1

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GrowthBar SEO – is an AI-based tool that creates SEO-optimized blogs, metadata, and outlines, based on keywords and descriptions you feed it. Weekend Favs October 1 written by John Jantsch read more at Duct Tape Marketing.

Basic Ways to Improve the SEO of a Law Firm

The Startup Magazine

Metadata. The metadata of a web page is the content that describes the content that is on the website. In terms of search engine optimization, metadata is looked at by search engines in order to try and gain an idea of what is on each page on a website. The metadata is there to provide search engine bots with information as to what is on the website. Good metadata can not only inform search engines of the content of your website – but also your potential customers.

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Does Your New Year’s Resolution Include Reorganizing Your Data? Cross That Off The List Right Now!


A search engine lets you instantly search through vast amounts of full-text data and metadata because it first builds a search index. The index stores each unique word or number in both full-text data and metadata and the location of each word or number in that data.

Box unveils Box Workflow for business users coming in 2015

The Next Web

Using open APIs, the Box Workflow employs automation and metadata features to create workflows. For the rules-based features, the metadata can be mined to create IFTTT-type triggers. At Boxworks 2014, Box CEO Aaron Levie announced that the company is building a suite of features to better serve its business customers. The new Box Workflow adds a workflow process on top of the Box platform using rules-based tasks and machine learning.

Why Netflix Is Winning The Big Data Game


Netflix categorizes their products with metadata. Metadata is essentially “data about data.” Ralph Kimball called metadata the “DNA of the data wharehouse.” ” As with all data, the metadata on your scoreboard must be actionable. A dashboard helps you organize and see all your metadata – enabling everyone to analyze and make correlations between business activities. By Rob Nelson, Founder and CEO at Grow.

How to Grow Your App Startup Organically with App Store Optimization (ASO)


In this post, we’re sharing how ASO helps you increase traffic and downloads, the specific on-metadata vs. off-metadata factors that matter, and how to leverage ASO mechanics to maximize conversions. On-metadata vs. off-metadata factors.

What A Document Management Tool Can Do For You In 2018


The DMS will also retain all the metadata it captured from the fields above in order to easily and intuitively organize and find your property management agreement in the future. Once you click on the file, the entire scanned version of the agreement will appear with the key metadata above extracted, displayed and hyperlinked for quick reference and further navigation. Metadata. by Jesse Wood, CEO of eFileCabinet.

Understanding Data Integrity In Your Organization

The Startup Magazine

This might be conforming to compliance standards, setting up multi-factor authentication, or handling metadata. In today’s business world, data reigns supreme. The phrase “data integrity” can sound intimidating, but it’s just a way to keep your data clean and orderly.

What Are Important Components of Technical SEO?

Women Entrepreneurs Can

Metadata. You can control how your website is viewed by using metadata, making it clear to crawlers what the content and title of a page is and what description should be displayed next to the link.

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Cameras Are Still So Dumb! And M.G. Wrote The Post For Me.

Hunter Walker

All examples of pictures where richer data links could be automatically inserted into the metadata or literally overlaid on the photo itself. Blog posts, for me, are like kidney stones. Or at least how I imagine kidney stones to be, since I’ve never had them personally. They usually begin with a question or idea, and then tumble around in my head, until crystallizing in a way which compels me to write, for to *not* do so would almost be painful.

Blockchain is more than memes, wild price fluctuations and my old pal Elon’s tweets

Austin Startup

providing the ability to show without a doubt that data sent from point A was the same data that was received at point B, with all the requisite metadata wrapped around that transaction to prove it. Media Sourcery, Inc.

MMLIS Career Options: Which Kinds Of Roles Are Available?


The number of jobs for business researchers and metadata analysts is increasing all the time, with growth rates set to hit 23% in the next 6 years. . Are you thinking of undertaking further study, or have you decided that it may be time for a change of career?

Q3 2018 Summary: Portfolio News and Activities

Version One Ventures

is now out with a full-fledged Unity Simulator so you can run mapping, localization, and metadata saving/loading directly in the editor. It’s the beginning of October. Fall is underway, and it’s time to summarize all the key news and announcements from last quarter. And we have a lot of exciting things to share in the coming months, so stay tuned! Announcements and Accolades. Headout announced their $10M Series A , led by Nexus Venture Partners and V1.

Bring Your Business Into The Digital Age


If you hunt briarwood, you’re going to have the ability to detect his w-2 because of the metadata fields, even if the term briarwood isn’t in the pdf document’s name. It found it through the metadata of this record not the information contained within the document’s profile. by Jesse Wood, CEO of eFileCabinet. Have you pondered the idea of an entirely paperless office, could you settle for the “less paper” office?

AI-Powered Shopify: The Smarter Way to Sell


Videofy is an AI app that allows you to prepare a unique video by repurposing the images and metadata. What is Shopify? Shopify is a technological tide in the digital advancement of e-commerce. It is not only a tool or a mere feature.

How Content Marketing And SEO Create Online Business Success


No matter what type of content you are creating, you should think about whether it has enough relevant keywords, links, and metadata in the content to get picked up by the search engines. by Robert Harden , founder of PDX SEO. Content marketing is a broad term. It includes all of the digital assets that a business owner uses to put their brand on the radar of potential customers. It can include everything from blog writing to video content, podcasting, social media posts, and Google ads.

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Voila, A Simple But Feature-Rich Screen Capture And Annotating Tool


Aside from video, there’s the still capture mode that even lets capture freehand shapes on screen, but a truly useful function is that web captures retain important metadata such as title, URL, tags and description, so one can always refer back to the source.

Google Code API Console – Nicely Done


Right now (more are expected soon) it provides: Buzz API - Google Buzz provides developers with a powerful set of API endpoints for searching, reading, and updating post content and metadata. Google Code just release the API console. It better organizes Google’s APIs and I even discovered a couple new APIs.

API 167

Improving Conversions Through Gamification: sneakpeeq


Badgeville ‘s ‘Behavior Engine’ links rewards to specific products, content and stores within the social shopping site, pairing behaviors to unique metadata already mined by such sites. We’ve seen how gamification has taken on a life of its own in the social technology space ever since the likes of Foursquare started the rush for badges.

3 Tips For Treating Your Business Data With The Respect It Deserves


If necessary, ask the IT staff to send a few rows with column names and metadata information intact to see what is stored vs. what data you are routinely accessing.

5 Ways to Start Using AI in Your Marketing Today

Duct Tape Marketing

AI for Metadata and SEO Good SEO practice is a necessary process that takes time and effort. 5 Ways to Start Using AI in Your Marketing Today written by Editor read more at Duct Tape Marketing. AI is the future of marketing.

How Startup SEO Agencies Benefit from Project Management Tools

The Startup Magazine

Powerful keyword and metadata tools built right in. Every startup has a mission. A vision with which they set out to conduct business, and complete their objectives. There is little more exciting or challenging venture than orchestrating a brand new business. In the most competitive markets in the world, a digital marketing agency faces an impressive task to get off the ground. SEO practices are evolving.

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Website Information Architecture: How to Optimize for UX


Start building your information architecture with metadata, scenarios, pages. Figure out the metadata. Metadata is information about information. If you browse around and can’t find one, it’s a sign of bad metadata. If you get your metadata right , you’ve already cleared the first hurdle of effective site design. To develop useful metadata, you have to determine what people care about. What kind of content should you have on your site?

5 Tips For Developing A Successful Market Intelligence Campaign


Don’t rule out anything – small details such as metadata can even contain hidden competitive advantages. A successful market intelligence campaign can be the extra ingredient which pushes your business to new levels of success. By researching your market and channelling the insights into carefully devised strategies, your business can more effectively target the customers it wants to reach – without the guesswork usually involved in devising marketing strategies.

If you think privacy doesn’t matter….

Start Up Blog

But here’s the kicker – most of these are already being tracked by metadata, and many more are about to be by the IoT. If you think your privacy doesn’t matter , then how about you do the following: Email me your bank account details and login passwords. Remove the blinds and curtains from your house. Leave the door open when using the toilet. Publish on your Facebook page the links to every website you visit – even those with 18+ year age requirements.

A Quick Guide To Making Your Website Stand Out Online


Use content, metadata, and link building techniques to get Google’s attention, and prove your worth. If you’re reading this blog or stumbled across this website, you’re probably an online entrepreneur. You’ve got a great idea, and maybe already started your own website. But, you’re having trouble standing out. You’re writing blogs and making connections, but you’re struggling to rise above the crowd. Don’t get disheartened. Every business starts out like this.

Secure Collaboration Best Practices: The Dangers of Password Protected PDFs

Board Effect

Security risks abound even when you use encryption, so be sure that your security protection extends to your cloud’s metadata as well. It’s taken the general public some time to get used to various document formats.

Death of the Time Stamp: Medium, Slingshot & the Movement Away from RIGHT NOW

Hunter Walker

Medium has totally deprecated the idea that “publish date” should be a primary piece of metadata. Realtime is a trap and the past is underrated. Reverse chronology feeds, update notifications and immediate publish/consumer experiences continue to push us towards overvaluing what justhappened. “Is this new?” ” becomes a qualifying criteria to engaging with content. And you want to be first to read, first to share, first to react.

What Is SharePoint? Your Questions, Answered


Content Management: this feature helps you organize and manage your content using lists, libraries, records management, metadata, and so on. At the time of writing this article, Microsoft SharePoint is used by more than 190 million people globally.

How To Start and Grow Your SEO Business — 2021 Guide

Up and Running

Optimize page titles, meta descriptions, and URLs: metadata is essential for targeting local keywords. Your website also includes the other basic elements of SEO: optimized metadata, good site structure, plenty of backlinks, and so on.

SEO 123

Wanted: Medium for Product Reviews

Hunter Walker

Well, potentially a lot like Medium today with two additions: Product Review Template & Metadata: Need a way for people writing product reviews to format in a consistent manner (product names, pros/cons, ratings, etc). Evan William’s Medium is growing. I’m a fan, more as a reader than writer because currently prefer to publish at my own domain, but I understand why there’s a large group of people for whom the platform unlocks a lot of creativity.

Three Inspiring Videos (AND Three Additional Lessons)

Rajesh Setty

The metadata is interesting and easy to miss: Metadata, in simple terms is data about data. Next time, take those extra few seconds to consume the metadata. If you know where to look, there is no short supply for inspiration. If you are not interested, inspiration can be right in front of you and you will miss it by a mile. Here are three videos that should inspire anyone: 1. Stanford Commencement speech by Steve Jobs.

Beware of the volume of your CEO megaphone

VC Adventure

However often this idea flow isn’t accompanied by any metadata and the lack of context can sometimes lead to companies zig zagging around as managers react to the most recent meeting they’ve had with their visionary boss. Someone used this phrase with me a few days ago and I thought it effectively captured something that’s come up a number of times in the past few weeks around CEO communication.

Top 7 Best Marketing Tactics In 2020


Multimedia embedded with SEO metadata (images, videos, infographics, etc.). There are more small businesses in the U.S. now than there have ever been before. In fact, recent surveys show roughly 30.2 million small businesses. In other words, you have a lot of competition.

Your cloud data needs a reality check: our investment in Cyera

Cracking the Code

Yotam Segev (left) and Tamar Bar-Ilan (right), cofounders of Cyera The complex equation of data reality With AWS, Azure and GCP growing 40-50% YoY at massive scale (AWS’ run rate is more than $70B!), it’s fair to say that migration to the cloud is in full swing.

Cloud 62

How SEO Has Evolved Over The Years

Duct Tape Marketing

5:43] Do things like keywords in your titles, metadata, and your URL matter anymore? [9:14] John Jantsch (05:41): Does do things like keywords in your titles and metadata and your URL to have a keyword.

SEO 67

An SEO Crash Course For Entrepreneurs


After you build a clear, functional website, optimize the metadata for SEO. by Braden Becker. You’ve put time, effort and investment into your startup. It’s about time people know about it. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a tool that will attract warm prospects to your website. Rank for relevant keywords in your industry and you’ll earn organic leads without tapping into your advertising budget.

SEO 133

Kickstarter adds hashtags, making it even easier to discover projects on the site

The Next Web

Hashtags are really just a form of metadata tag prefixed with the symbol #. Kickstarter on Friday announced a small new feature that the company hopes will make it easier to discover projects to back: hashtags. The new way of breaking up submissions was added after the team noticed certain themes and trends running anywhere for a week to several years. Kickstarter already has categories, but tags give it a new way to share the patterns and trends it is seeing.

AI-Powered Shopify: The Smarter Way to Sell


Videofy is an AI app that allows you to prepare a unique video by repurposing the images and metadata. What is Shopify? Shopify is a technological tide in the digital advancement of e-commerce. It is not only a tool or a mere feature.

What’s Included in a Perfectly Optimized Homepage?

Duct Tape Marketing

The Right Metadata. Metadata is the information about your business that is displayed on SERPs. What’s Included in a Perfectly Optimized Homepage? written by John Jantsch read more at Duct Tape Marketing. When you’re trying to get your business noticed online, you need to create a website that stands out. While your site must have a great user experience and make it clear to visitors what your business does, you must also be sure it’s optimized to keep search engines happy.

Top Free Alternatives For Windows Media Player In 2019


It does not just show information of just the metadata but also downloads posters, and more information about all of your files. Media players on computers and smart-phones are frequently used to stream and listen to digital media. Having a high performance and multi-feature media player is essential to enjoy the entertaining experience.

Media 117

Our future should be one where we sell our data

Start Up Blog

But in this instance, it’s not a crapshoot of demographics, or behaviour patterns and metadata which might capture 1 in 100 people who are ‘actually’ in the market. In an age where data is money and we have no choice but to give it in order to participate in the modern economy, it’s about time we worked out who owns what.

3 Ways To Promote Your Brand On LinkedIn Using Video


This will enable LinkedIn to grab the metadata about the video from YouTube. by Jack Anzarouth, president of Digital Ink Marketing. It’s been well documented that LinkedIn was a bit late to the game when it comes to adopting video, but the largely B2B site has fully embraced it now. Scroll through your feed on the site these days and it will be full of videos vying for your attention.

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