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These dynamics beg the following question: Does creating intrinsic value matter in technology start-ups, or are operating cash flows all that really count to a (hopefully) fast-growing early stage business? By “intrinsic value” I’m referring to the worth of a business if it were to cease operating, with buyers offered the chance to purchase all or part of its assets. Going for the big win and creating asset value along the way are by no means mutually exclusive.

You have to judge a cover by its book

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Let’s take a book, your book. Your book is the value you bring to the marketplace. The cover of your book is your personal brand. In other words, your cover is the assessment that the marketplace makes about the value you bring too the marketplace.

Mathematical vs. Economic Dilution of Startup Equity: Thinner Slices of an Extra-Large Pizza


Every S-1 contains the same language in Risk Factors that reads, essentially, “If you buy shares in our IPO, you will experience substantial and immediate dilution in the pro forma net tangible book value per share.”

The Business Model Canvas Gets Even Better – Value Proposition Design

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Product/Market fit now has its own book. This week the author of the business model canvas, my friend Alexander Osterwalder, launched his new book Value Proposition Design , the sequel to his million copy best seller, Business Model Generation. His new book does three things: 1.

SaaS Nomenclature

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For example when you say sales do you mean booking or revenue? If bookings are the total contract value of everything you sold in a period, how do you normalize for different contract lengths? Are renewals counted in bookings or broken out separately? New MRR – Also a bookings number but this normalizes for the monthly/annual/2 year booking but simply taking the one month value of all the customers sold in the period we’re talking about.

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So, what if you run out of money?


Cash and the value of your business. Running out of cash denigrates the very value of a business, reducing greatly any bargaining power with suppliers or acquirers. A fast-growing but undercapitalized company is not highly valued in an acquisition.

Include your labor value in your plan.


Worse yet, the IRS would then consider the accrued amount to be taxable income upon which no tax was paid, since the accrued labor as an investment has value that was not accounted for from previously taxed earnings.

3 Lessons From Warren Buffett's Annual Letters

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At the end of the day, the impact of your annual stakeholder letter does not hinge on a P/E ratio or book value. Warren Buffett''s 2012 letter to stockholders offers important executive-communication lessons for leaders of public and private firms alike.

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VC Governance FAQ: (2) Especially now, when transparency is so important, why is limited financial information available from a private company?

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Putting that point aside, for a moment, what is absent is a quoted liquid market in their equity and debt securities, which means that the determination of the book value of those private companies is necessarily subjective.

5 Ways Company Culture Can Turn Your Start-Up Cash Flow Positive

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Culture is typically defined as a list of your start-up’s most cherished values and a set of specific practices that give meaning to those values. Moore uses the five values to hire, promote, and “manage people out of the company.”

6 Company Values That Will Boost Cash Flow

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Every company has values. Here are six surefire values that will do your company some good. If so, your start-up may have wrong values. And those badly chosen values encourage the wrong people do the wrong things. What do your customers value-- quality, service, low price?

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3 Pillars of Valuation

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They’re an “output” number that measures what companies are being valued at, rather than an “input” that would be helpful in determining the value of your own particular company.

Restrictions On Transfer in the Facebook Age

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book value or an earnings multiple), at a price that matches the price offered by a third party, or at "fair value." By Joseph W. Bartlett, Of Counsel, Sullivan & Worcester LLP.

Tonight We're Going to Party Like It's 1999

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The table below compares the market value at the end of 2001 —the trough of the valuation cycle that began in the mid-1990s—to total capital raised since inception (private and public) for all 2,121 U.S-based Enterprise values were estimated as of December 31, 2001.

Carried Interest Debate Cont.: The Death of Sweat Equity?

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While it may be hard for people to recognize the value of intangible contributions in the case of a VC or PE professional who is pulling down millions in management fees, its pretty easy to see this in the case of a small businessman who is investing their time and expertise (and receiving $0 in management fees) to make a restaurant a success or to renovate an apartment building. Books All Tech Investors Should Read. Valuation: Measuring and Managing the Values of Companies.

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And we’re gonna take up as our object of study today a passage from the book of hacker news. 98% of the people we pulled afterwards said they would come back next year so I’m sure we added a lot of value. And the Kelly blue book value of this car is low, it’s like $2000.

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Repurchase agreements: what you should know before you sign

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Also, issuing shares at less than fair market value could be a breach of the fiduciary duty of directors and could expose them to a lawsuit from the disgruntled party. Sim has pointed out to me that he sometimes sees 409(A) valuations used to determine fair market value in shareholder agreements that apply to many shareholders. Typical formulas are things like multiples of revenue or EBITDA or even, sometimes, book value.

Never run out of money.


Running out of cash denigrates the very value of a business, reducing greatly any bargaining power with suppliers or acquirers. A company that otherwise might be valued at twice book value, 1x revenues, or 10 times earnings will be valued at a lower amount by potential acquirers knowing that the company shareholders are in a tough position and management hungry for leverage and a little more sleep at night. Money in the bank is like oil in the car.

Web 3.0 isn't the Semantic Web, it's Hailstorm 2.0. Why it Matters.

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on those merits alone, and counting the book value of Yahoos minority stakes in Yahoo! It means my address book / list of friends is always available, and more importantly that my current context is understood and considered when i want to share my experience with others.

Tonight We're Going To Party Like It's 1999

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The table below compares the market value at the end of 2001 —the trough of the valuation cycle that began in the mid-1990s—to total capital raised since inception (private and public) for all 2,121 U.S-based Enterprise values were estimated as of December 31, 2001.

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Howard Tullman: Always On

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They had an embryonic idea to make money on the spread between how much auto insurers were willing to pay for replacement cars—based on often-inflated book value—and how much car dealers charged.

Do you buy stocks?

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I quickly became interested in the subject and read everything I could find on it from books by Peter Lynch and Ben Graham to periodicals like the Wall Street Journal and Investor Business Daily. If you want some great information on what we should probably be doing, I suggest Bernstein’s books – particularly the Intelligent Asset Allocator – or David Jackson’s ETF Investing Guide.

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