University of Michigan Joins the Global EIR Network

Feld Thoughts

Today, I’m happy to welcome the University of Michigan to the Global EIR network. Applications are now open to become a Global Entrepreneur in Residence at the University of Michigan’s Economic Growth Institution (EGI). Global EIR founders will use their experience as founders to support EGI’s mission of helping other Michigan-based companies develop and execute growth strategies while simultaneously building their startups without worrying about their visa status.

One Hand Clapping – Entrepreneurship In Ann Arbor, Michigan

Steve Blank

I spent a few days in March in Ann Arbor Michigan as a guest of Professor Thomas Zurbuchen , Associate Dean for Entrepreneurial Programs, and Doug Neal , Director of Center for Entrepreneurship in the Engineering School at the University of Michigan. Incubators : toured the TechArb , the engineering student accelerator, and the Michigan Venture Center in the University’s Tech Transfer Office.


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Damaged Pure Michigan Brand Impedes Economic Development

Gregg Fraley

Pure Michigan is a Damaged Brand. As a Michigan resident I’ve followed the developments in Flint with a mixture of horror, sadness, outrage, and confusion. The focus of this post is about the damage that has been done to the state of Michigan’s brand, Pure Michigan. That damage to the impression and key message of the state will cost the good state of Michigan for years to come. Would you locate a high tech start up in Michigan?

Michigan Innovation — Gonzeaux Tour Begins

Gregg Fraley, Author of Jack's Notebook

Three Oaks, Michigan, Monday May 7 — Gonzeau Tour Begins. State of Michigan Innovation. Michigan has had it tough these last few years. But let’s not forget Michigan’s greatest innovation: Motown. Every Michigan business should, the elements of Motown’s success: Entrepreneurial energy and risk taking, courage really. Michigan — I challenge you to return to your roots of innovation.

Michigan Small Biz Giveaway … and Why Not Your State and Mine Too?

Up and Running

I recently found out about this very interesting Accelerate Michigan Innovation Competition. If I read this right, the Accelerate Michigan Innovation Competition is going to give half a million dollars in real money to the Michigan company that wins its grand prize at the November event. Not bad — if you’re in Michigan. If you are in Michigan, click the links. business plan contests small Business Events Accelerate Michigan Innovation Michigan

Michigan MeetUp: Women Mentoring Women On Work Life Balance


The post Michigan MeetUp: Women Mentoring Women On Work Life Balance appeared first on. ‘There are more CEOs named John in the US than women’ ( via ). Now let that sink in. If women don’t get together to move the world, nothing will change. We change things that we can first accept. We often become what we are able to see and/or imagine. Mentorship helps us imagine things beyond what we give ourselves permission for. It’s time.

New Master of Entrepreneurship Program | University of Michigan

Campus Entrepreneurship

The University of Michigan, a leader across many disciplines (and my alma mater) has announced the creation of a Master of Entrepreneurship. I was fortunate to interview Michigan Alum and supporter Sam Zell a few months back and it was evident in our short talk that Michigan, its leaders, and supporters were fully aware of the interdisciplinary nature of entrepreneurship. via Master of Entrepreneurship | University of Michigan.

How To Name Your Startup And Brands


I’m a week and a half old in Ann Arbor, Michigan, so it was quite interesting to talk to another Startup founder over a falafel wrap. It’s going to reach Michigan in the winter time. We’re called the high five state if you look at the map of Michigan. Yesterday, I met up with the CEO and founder of an Ann Arbor Startup- High Five Pedal tours. Dave Cicotte, is on to the last week of his full time job, before he takes the final plunge. He is aiming at a St.

Naming 196

Microgrants at U. of Michigan Will Spark Innovative Research | The Chronicle of Higher Education

Campus Entrepreneurship

We recently reported that the University of Michigan was offering a masters in entrepreneurship (joint program from business and engineering). Michigan is going deeper into the innovation and collaboration world with the announcement of microgrants to interdisciplinary teams to pursue new areas. The University of Michigan has 2,983 tenured and tenure-track faculty at its Ann Arbor campus.

Plex: The Past, Present and Future of Manufacturing

deal architect

Plex hosted its annual Future of Manufacturing Roundtable in Michigan last week. I was actually as excited about the past and present of manufacturing I saw during the visit. They hosted a dinner at a Birmingham restaurant which used to

Mentorship Community: Work-Life Balance Does Not Exist!


Culture Our Story Branding mentorship communities for women Storytelling techniques Women mentorship michigan Women's mentorship work-life balance for womenL ast month, I began a social experiment around female mentorship. Almost at a whim, I decided, we needed a group where women could easily talk about themes related to work, in a secure setting.

Sorry, Brands…Your Digital Agencies are Lying to You

VC Cafe

amazon andreas nicklas Beauty Talk CMO ComBlu Community customer satisfaction index Facebook feedback giffgaff kindle LIKE lipstick lithium McKinsey photos portal processes real-time sectors sephora silo social business social commerce social marketing socialize13 Technology Telecom the social economy trusted University of Michigan Website Brands spend a fortune on marketing- more than 9% (b2c) and 7% (b2b) of total revenue.

B2C 101

Small Business Spotlight: Amy Proos

Up and Running

Proos Manufacturing recently announced that Amy Proos won the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2013 Award in Michigan & Northwest Ohio. Amy Proos is a member of the Alliance of Women Entrepreneurs , is on the CEO Roundtable, is a member of the Grand Rapids Chamber of Commerce and is involved with the Michigan Small Business Technology and Development Center. In 2012, Proos was recognized by MiBiz as one of 50 Michigan Companies to Watch.

GM, Raising the Innovation Sting Ray

Gregg Fraley, Author of Jack's Notebook

Innovation Politics & Government Cadillac Cadillac ATS car car company bail out Car of the year winner 2013 car romance cars Corvette Creativity General Motors GM GM Innovation innovation emergency Malibu MI MI Innovation Michigan Michigan innovation Sting Ray US government car bailoutWhy does it take a near death experience to wake some companies up? I guess there is an innovation equivalent to a drunk hitting bottom.

America, where everybody has a chance to win

Gregg Fraley, Author of Jack's Notebook

Miss New York, now Miss America, is a Syracuse native and University of Michigan graduate, her name is Nina Davuluri. The new Miss America is a real stunner. I saw the clips at a pub — they had the sound turned down. I thought, so that’s who won the contest this year — can we please get to the baseball scores? It would appear others had a different reaction.

College Is Like A Sandbox

Feld Thoughts

I spent yesterday at University of Michigan with my partner Jason Mendelson (he’s a two time grad – economics undergrad and then law school.) Entrepreneurial Communities ann arbor college entrepreneurial communities university of michiganThis was my first trip to Ann Arbor and I had a great time.

Indigan Storytellers Debut

Gregg Fraley, Author of Jack's Notebook

The location was Journeyman Distillery in Three Oaks, Michigan. Indigan Storytellers is creating a community of like minded artists in southwest Michigan. The word Indigan is a mash-up of Indiana and Michigan. Founders include poet and consultant Roger Batton of Three Oaks, Michigan and nationally known storyteller and screenwriter, Daniel Waterhouse.

Agile Opportunism – Entrepreneurial DNA « Steve Blank

Steve Blank

I packed up my life in Michigan and spent five days driving to California to start work.

Agile 176

Musk, Zuckerberg: The bastards say welcome

deal architect

He is a former Tesla designer who has moved east to Michigan to start Canvas Watch. I was making small talk with Shaun Rheingold at the Plex conference earlier this week. I asked him if Elon Musk is worried about. Industry Commentary

Need Ideas for Creative Alternatives to Government Paralysis

Gregg Fraley, Author of Jack's Notebook

I’ll forward responses to my congressman and senators in Michigan. Creative Problem Solving (CPS) Creativity and Self-Expression Idea Generation Innovation Inspirational Politics & Government Pop Culture CPS Creativity DEMS GOP government dysfunction government shutdown Michigan party politics problem solving solutions to government polarization USA I’m sick of having a dysfunctional government. I know it’s a complex power struggle.

Graphene Application Challenge Prize?

Gregg Fraley

Shout out to Michigan based XG Sciences , great to see what you’re up to. Creative Problem Solving (CPS) Economic Development Entrepreneurial Higher Education Innovation Politics & Government Reshoring Start-ups Trends, Futurism, and Research creating entrepreneurs engineering engineering professors engineering schools engineering students engineers graphene killer apps materials Michigan science USA XG SciencesThe Graphene Challenge.

Minimum Wage Boost in Silicon Valley Ups the Cinderella Factor

Gregg Fraley, Author of Jack's Notebook

As much as I’d like Three Oaks, Michigan to be an innovation center, its got a long way to go. I’d personally like to see Silicon Valley open its doors to immigrants from distant lands like Michigan, Kentucky, Alabama — even Hoosiers from Indiana. Sometimes Cinderella Boys Hit Innovation Holes-in-One. Let’s put politics aside for a moment and pretend the minimum wage is not a party-centric issue.

Detroit Soup — Serving Hope & Innovation

Gregg Fraley, Author of Jack's Notebook

Detroit (and all of Michigan) needs more hope and being able to Do Something, even if it’s a small project, is how the hope rubber meets the change-the-city road. Creative Problem Solving (CPS) Creativity and Self-Expression Entrepreneurial Guerilla Innovation Innovation Inspirational Pop Culture Reshoring Amy Kaherl collaboration community redevelopment Creativity crowdfunding crowdsourcing Detroit Detroit Soup hope Michigan Motown NBC NBC Nightly News

SXSW Eco, ArtPrize and GigaOM: 7 Days, 3 Events Apps

Austin Startup

Events Mobile Appconomy ArtPrize GigaOm GigaOM Pro Grand Rapids Grand Rapids Michigan iphone mobileTech Tuesday San Francisco Steve GuengerichmobileTech Tuesday, by Steve Guengerich The past week has been a whirlwind of travel and events: from San Francisco to Grand Rapids to Austin. Along the way, I’ve had a chance to try out apps for each event, using my trusty iPhone 3GS – yes, I’m one of those who skipped 1st gen iPhone 4 and am likely to be a 4S purchaser!

Listen Up Newbies: Best Advice for First-time Entrepreneurs

Up and Running

Business Management Starting a Business Business Insider Jim Price University of MichiganYou find yourself standing on the brink of your first try starting your own business. Looking downwards into confusion. Passion? Perseverance? The idea? The plan? What comes first? What’s most important? There’s a world of advice out there, lots of it conflicting, contradictory advice. Far too much to use and digest.

Planning for Expansion into a New Market

The Entrepreneurial Mind

The Entrepreneurial Mind : Greg Stephenson, PM Environmental, talks about the process of expanding this Michigan-based company into the Southeast. TweetFacebookLinkedInTumblrStumbleDiggDelicious. The post Planning for Expansion into a New Market appeared first on Dr Jeff Cornwall

Why an MBA can be hugely beneficial for budding entrepreneurs

The Startup Magazine

One of the best aspects of studying for a course like the online MBA Michigan is the sheer breadth of topics that you get to cover. Choosing courses such as the online MBA Michigan tend to attract older students in comparison to more academic master’s programs.

Everything I Need to Know About Entrepreneurship I Learned at the.


@altgate Startups, Venture Capital & Everything In Between Skip to content Home Furqan Nazeeri ( ← Popular Posts Obama Speech on Clean Energy at MIT → Everything I Need to Know About Entrepreneurship I Learned at the University of Michigan Posted on October 15, 2009 by fnazeeri Last week I was back in Ann Arbor, Michigan for the first time in something like 12 years.

@altgate » Blog Archive » Vivid Dreams: Larry Page Describes.


@altgate Startups, Venture Capital & Everything In Between Skip to content Home Furqan Nazeeri ( ← More on the “VC Math Problem&# “What’s Next in Tech&# Event in Boston → Vivid Dreams: Larry Page Describes Google’s Origin Posted on May 3, 2009 by fnazeeri Yesterday Larry Page gave the commencement address at the University of Michigan.

9 Essential and Proven Restaurant Marketing Strategies


The local Chicago-style pizza is a Michigan favorite. When I was a kid, Friday was B & C Pizza night at our house. And, while their delicious fare is something I still crave as an adult, it’s their marketing strategy that remains at the forefront of my memory.

Episode 68: Imminent Need and Profitability with Jonathan Royce

Mike Michalowicz

of Michigan football games and other local events. He is an owner of a new food venture Hustling Hoagies, is the author of the children’s picture book Detective Dwayne Drake and the Alphabet Thief, has worked professionally as a model and commercial actor, was a three time All American Athlete at the University of Michigan and is an inductee into the U of M Hall of Fame, and has coached at both the high school and college ranks. Also Available On. Show Summary.

The Lean LaunchPad Online

Steve Blank

We taught the first two classes of 25 teams each, and then in March of 2012 trained faculty from Georgia Tech and the University of Michigan how to teach the class at their universities. Georgia Tech and the University of Michigan faculty then taught 54 teams each in July of this year and will teach another 54 teams in October. You may have read my previous posts about the Lean LaunchPad class taught at Stanford , Berkeley, Columbia , Caltech and for the National Science Foundation.

Lean 248

Book: The Business of Venture Capital

Feld Thoughts

During a book tour for the 1st Edition of Venture Deals, Jason and I visited the University of Michigan.

Words of widsom from my youth


@altgate Startups, Venture Capital & Everything In Between Skip to content Home Furqan Nazeeri ( ← Seeking CTO in Boston for Healthcare IT startup Popular Posts → Words of widsom from my youth Posted on September 6, 2009 by fnazeeri I’m preparing for a presentation in about a month at the University of Michigan.

CTO 35

Creative Countryside – Fitzgerald’s in Sawyer, MI

Gregg Fraley, Author of Jack's Notebook

Even in the countryside, and in a tiny village like Sawyer, Michigan. Sawyer, Michigan is just big enough to contain my subject here — Fitzgerald’s Restaurant. Innovation isn’t the exclusive domain of big companies and rocket scientists. People with passion can create good things anywhere. Why is Fitzgerald’s Restaurant notable enough for a creativity and [.].

Meet Arbor Brewing Company: How Do You Grow A Local Business Brand?


Arbor brewing company was set up in the summer of 1995 in Ann Arbor, Michigan by the husband-wife duo of Matt and Rene Greff. It is the first brewpub set up in Ann Arbor and the fifth in Michigan. But our partner, Gaurav was from U of M (University of Michigan) and had spent a lot of time at the Brewpub. Rene : We were lucky to start our business at the same time that Brewpubs were legalized in Michigan. Ann Arbor is a special town.

Accelerator Spotlight: I Have This Friend

View from Seed

EP: I went off to the University of Michigan for college and last year made my way back to Santa Monica after 4 years of working at Meta in Digital Marketing in Austin and San Francisco. Company: I Have This Friend. Founders: Ingrid Hung & Emily Persky .

Clusters, Class, Culture and Unfair Advantages

Steve Blank

Somehow I figured out how to apply to school in Michigan. Pre-infinite information on the Internet about colleges, I picked Michigan because I saw them play football on TV, but I ended up applying to the wrong school in Michigan – my first time around I ended up in Michigan State not the University of Michigan. After the Air Force I found the right Michigan.). I just finished reading J.D.

Clusters, Class, Culture and Unfair Advantages

Steve Blank

Somehow I figured out how to apply to school in Michigan. Pre-infinite information on the Internet about colleges, I picked Michigan because I saw them play football on TV, but I ended up applying to the wrong school in Michigan – my first time around I ended up in Michigan State not the University of Michigan. After the Air Force I found the right Michigan.). I just finished reading J.D.

Rackspace Sells Cloud Sites Business to Liquid Web


Rackspace Hosting, based in San Antonio, on Monday announced plans to sell its Cloud Sites business unit to Liquid Web, based in Lansing, Michigan. The financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. The business will remain in San Antonio, according to a news release. Liquid Web, a $90 million a year web hosting business, […] The post Rackspace Sells Cloud Sites Business to Liquid Web appeared first on SiliconHills. San Antonio

4 Reasons Employers Need To Provide A Financial Security Benefit To Employees


from the University of Michigan Law School and a B.A.

Requiem For A Roommate

Steve Blank

I had never been outside of New York so to me Michigan seemed like a foreign country. I provided the bowl and as we started talking, I was fascinated that he was from Adrian Michigan, a quintessential small town in the Midwest. When I got back from Thailand the war was winding down and Michael was now in the University of Michigan Law School (having finished his undergrad degree in 3-years.)

What Was The First Concert You Attended??

Hunter Walk

Which wasn’t her hometown technically (Madonna grew up in Michigan) but very much her adopted city, having become a part of the scene beginning in 1978 when she dropped out of college and relocated to the East Village with $35 in her pocket. Madonna, Like a Virgin Tour, June 1985.