Dual-Track Scrum


Which is why I'm a big advocate for what is sometimes referred to as Dual-Track Scrum. Jeff Patton first shared with me the term "Dual-Track Scrum" and I prefer this term because it better captures the parallel nature of Discovery and Delivery. Another reason I like the Dual-Track Scrum metaphor is that I find many people essentially doing little mini-waterfalls within their Scrum framework. Lean UX and Dual-Track Scrum are made for each other.

Three Methodologies That Help Businesses Stay Creative


It follows a linear, sequential process and is the most common version of the Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) for IT and software engineering projects. Scrum methodology. Professionalisms agile methodology project management scrum methodology Waterfall methodology

Discovery Coaches


For many years, as teams move to Agile methods (they usually start with Scrum), many companies decide to contract with or hire an Agile Coach. These people are there to help the broader team – especially engineers, QA, product managers and product designers – to learn the methods and mindset involved in moving to Agile. They understand the engineering and release side of things, but not the discovery side of things.

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[Review] Social Marketology


Let me now highlight some of the book’s salient concepts: Managing the Team : Similar to “herding cats”, social media units can be managed like “scrum teams” where work is broken into small chunks with specific tasks assigned and monitored daily.


Lightspeed is growing our Consumer Investing team

Lightspeed Venture Partners

His nickname is Tank and I wouldn’t have minded having him as a teammate in my rugby playing days either, holding me up in the scrum! I joined Lightspeed ten years ago. It’s been an amazing ride.


From London to NYC to San Fran–Take the Next Step in your Product Management Career Today

The Product Guy

Product Owner @ Medidata Solutions (New York, NY (NYC) or San Francisco, CA (Bay Area)) Keywords: Agile, Backlog, Engineer, Scrum, User Stories [link]. Product Manager, Media Engineering @ JW Player (New York, NY) Keywords: Cloud, Data, SaaS, Video [link] Filed under: product jobs Tagged: product management. If you are a great product person looking for a great product job, or vice versa, check out our job board.

Continuous Discovery


Rather than a "Product Discovery Phase" where we come up with several weeks of validated product backlog items and deliver them to engineering, I encourage teams to do continuous product discovery – where we are constantly identifying, validating and describing new product backlog items. With the continuous discovery and delivery trends, many teams are finding that Scrum as a process can be limiting, and that Kanban tends to fit this continuous discovery and delivery model better.


Time-Boxing Product Discovery


In my last article I talked about one technique for applying Scrum concepts to product discovery – the opportunity backlog. This is at the heart of Scrum as a method, and is especially well suited to delivery because of our critical need to have frequent, consistent release vehicles. This model of working is often referred to as dual-track Scrum.


A modern tool for your startup: JotForm Cards

47 Hats

Before you commit hundreds of hours of engineering time to build a major feature, get some data on whether your customers will even care about that new shiny feature.

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Startup Tools


Managing Risk and Improving Efficiency of the Supply Chain

Up and Running

As Ryan Vinyard, engineering lead for Highway1 recently stated in an interview with Line//Shape//Space , clear communication with vendors is a critical component of managing supply chain risk. See Also: How to Solve Problems in Your Business: Kanban, Kaizen, and Scrum.

Product Fail


” These might be user stories or they might be more like some form of a functional spec but it’s purpose is to communicate with the designers and engineers what needs to be built. Finally the requirements and design specs make it to engineers. Anyway, the engineers will typically break up the work into a set of iterations - called “sprints” in the Scrum process.

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Sprint Like An Egyptian: A Tech Entrepreneurship Revolution in Alexandria


Silicon Arabia has engineers in Russia as well as Egypt.) English has become the lingua franca for doing business, while the technical jargon is as familiar (or cryptic) in Alexandria as in Mountain View: Scrum, sprints, Git, Cassandra, Hadoop.

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How To Scale a Development Team


For example: full-fledged SCRUM, heavyweight tools like Jira, or hiring a project manager or engineering manager. Types of engineering specialists include ops engineers/sysadmins, infrastructure developers, front-end web developers, back-end web developers, business engineers / data analysts, and developers who focus on a particular language. a tornado of razorblades. by Adam Wiggins. How To Scale a Development Team. organizations.

Startup Resources


Firebase : Are all your developers front-end engineers? Google Custom Search Engine. Google App Engine. Search Engine Optimization Tools. Google App Engine â?? Banana Scrum â?? A tool simple as Scrum itself. agile product management and Scrum tool.

How to manage technical and creative people when you’re in-between the two

The Next Web

Talking scrum to creative won’t work as well as to developers. The great design firm IDEO has the likes of structural engineers working side-by-side with journalists, software developers and surgeons to produce the next generation shopping cart.


Using independent teams to scale a small company: A look at how games company Wooga works

The Next Web

Jesper Richter-Reichhelm is Head of Engineering at social games company Wooga. There are departmental heads, such as the Head of Engineering of which we have two who take care of different parts of that field, and others that look after their respective departments.


Lessons Learned: The lean startup

Startup Lessons Learned

See Customer Development Engineering for my first stab at articulating the theory involved) Ferocious customer-centric rapid iteration, as exemplified by the Customer Development process. I would add -- think of your development and running your business like a PM/Developer uses Agile or Scrum in software development. Since that time we've seen a massive change from product engineering to financial engineering.

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Jeff Szczepanski- The Developer’s Guide To Running Sales Teams

Business of Software Blog

I’m actually, as I said a developer by training, an electrical engineer. In other words, the essence of engineering and innovation is actually moving those things forward and having understandable processes that are predictable. The second of two video releases in a day!


Have we Leaned to Far? Steve Johnson at BoS Conference USA 2014

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Tom Kelly was the lead engineer on the Lunar Lander back in the Apollo program and he said of course we were over budget. How could we Scrum better? I love Agile; I love Scrum. With Scrum, the founders of Scrum created a concept called a Product Owner.


Lessons Learned: A new version of the Joel Test (draft)

Startup Lessons Learned

At IMVU , our engineering team accumulated thousands upon thousands of tests, and we had a build cluster (using BuildBot ) that ran them. There are several ways to make progress evident - the Scrum team model is my current favorite. If you have a true cross-functional team, empowered (a la Scrum) to do whatever it takes to succeed its likely they will converge on the result quickly. why couldnt the engineer see the problem in their sandbox?

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The Nonconformist Who Built Tumblr

Inc Startups

The engineers, who run the site, are clustered on one side of me. A lot of our engineers have the same setup now. I used to spend all day coding, but that changed when we hired engineers who were a lot smarter than me. The engineers have scrums every day.


The Baltic States: The New Hotspot of Tools for Developers & Designers


Just several months ago Voog got a gold and a silver for the design of their website and app at the Estonian Design Awards and recently has introduced a big new feature, a search engine. Use Eylean to track time, organize team and delegate assignments in scrum or kanban boards.


ArcticStartup's Job board - Friday 21st March


Program Scrum Master - Finland. Lead Software Engineer - Finland. Software Engineer - Finland. Chief Engineer. It''s time for the weekly jobs round up on the Arctic Startup boards. Lets not waste any time today and dive straight in.

Lessons Learned: The product manager's lament

Startup Lessons Learned

The VP Engineering spends all of his time trying to make sure the programmers understand and implement the spec. Eventually, I hope to get them on a full agile diet, with TDD, scrums, sprints, pair programming, and more. Lean startups vs lean companies The engineering manager's lament Three decisions to make on virtual goods The App Store after the gold rush When NOT to listen to your users; when NOT to rely.

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Embrace technical debt

Startup Lessons Learned

The human tendency to moralize about debt affects engineers, too. This reverses the standard intuition about what engineering activities add value, which usually concludes that test coverage is a form of necessary waste but a refactoring is value-added work. As one engineer recently told me, “Once we had money in the bank and were near-profitable, I think we would have been well-served by increased up-front product and technology planning.

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My new book: Farm Don’t Hunt

Guy Nirpaz

It is written in similar style to the Scrum book I’ve used to learn how to become a successful engineering leader. This book is based on the Scrum book that impacted my life significantly as an engineer.

Dealflow from Lithuania: These #LTstartups are raising over $100M


Eylean Board is an agile project management software for teams using Kanban, Scrum or any other methodology. Aciety , a B2B search engine for high-end IT services is raising $300K. A guest post by Edmundas Bal?ikonis ikonis , CEO of Trackduck.

The Four Laws of Software Economics | Rich Mironov | BoS Talk, Transcript and AMA

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And let me sort of frame up the topic by saying I’ve spent maybe the last 15 years of my 30 years product management career with one foot in the engineering side of the world and one foot on the sales and marketing of the world. These tend to be executive level things, where marketing sales and firing small weaponry down the aisle to the engineering department and vice-versa. The engineering team is all about brilliantly build something.

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Talk to me about…! What do BoS attendees want you to talk to them about?

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Scrum Software. Re-engineering products from on-premise to SaaS. your software engineering challenges. Scrum Software. Scrum Software. Microsoft, Office, Large scale engineering challenges. E-Commerce, Automated Production, Hiring and Managing Engineers. GIS, SaaS, DaaS, Scrum and the terrible weather in the UK. How engineers can do marketing. ” Jason Cohen, Smart Bear Software and WP Engine.

Writing Non-Sucky Copy for Websites, Marketing Collateral and Newsletters – Joanna Wiebe

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Copywriting is hard. Even harder is talking about good copywriting while writing a blog post… how about that copywrite-ception for you? Few people do it well, but Joanna Wiebe of Copyhackers is one of those in a select bunch.


Four Laws Of Software Economics (Part 3) | Rich Mironov Guest Post

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Every startup (and every scrum team) can find a couple of interested customers, but the economics of software requires thousands of customers. Pure engineering failures (gray areas) only represent the last quarter. Great engineering is not the fix for poor market thinking. <analogy>

Lessons Learned: Built to learn

Startup Lessons Learned

No engineering team. But where it makes sense, that team may also include engineers building new experiments or prototypes to try with customers. And instead of design, engineering, QA, and operations we have a solution team implementing a startup-centric version of agile development. I have been using various forms of Agile development -- mainly XP and Scrum -- for many years, but only recently came across "customer development" which makes a whole lot of sense to me.

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Getting Funded: Step 4, Due Diligence

Passionate Intensity

Development methodology: Scrum, Extreme, Kanban, etc. we will want to understand the product management/engineering/QA/acceptance workflow. how are features introduced (customer -> PM -> Engineering -> QA -> PM -> customer).

Top Disaster Recovery Challenges And How To Address Them


In addition to the obstacles illuminated by the study, senior systems engineer and technology author Karl Palachuk also noted several other issues with companies’ disaster recovery strategies, including: They may not have a DR plan in place at all.

Building successful in house innovation teams. Jeff Gothelf at Business of Software Conference USA 2013

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Discipline specific silos, design, engineering, project management, marketing, QA. We heard a lot yesterday about lean and agile and scrum and SixSigma, lean lights and fragile and these things right? My business card says engineer, that’s all I can do.

Scaling a Technology Business is About Unscaling Technical Debt | Tall Jeff , Stack Exchange | BoS USA 2015

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And that’s really what from an engineering team perspective your goal really is in terms of what you’re trying to achieve. You know, when the team is small it can be very ad-hoc, your basic typical scrum team – 5 or 7 people, developing pretty easy.

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High Performance Teams: Neuroscience and Agile | BoS Europe 2015 | Jenni Jepsen, goAgile

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In teams, for instance, maybe you’ve got stakeholders coming directly to developers or software engineers and saying, “Now I need you to do this,” instead of going into the backlog. We don’t talk about scrum or can man, or xkey or any of that, none of that. I’m not a scrum evangelist.

My year without pants ??? Scott Berkun at BoS 2013

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Think about an actively disengaged Air Traffic Control engineer, an actively disengaged brain surgeon. Was it Agile, was it SCRUM, was it Agile Light, was it SCRUM +, was it 6 Cigma Light, was it 6 Cigma Light, plus Agile SCRUM?

Behind Every Great Product


If you think the product manager job is what’s described in a Certified Scrum Product Owner class, you almost certainly fall into this category. Necessity being the mother of invention, this is where the queue, the ratings system, and the recommendation engine all came from. In three month’s time, the team redesigned the site, introducing the queue, the rating system, and the recommendations engine all in support of Netflix being a subscription service.