True Stories of the NCIS with Oblong Mezzanine

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I like NCIS, but I’m especially excited about Oblong’s Mezzanine product being a central part of the show. The post True Stories of the NCIS with Oblong Mezzanine appeared first on Feld Thoughts. Investments mezzanine ncis oblong

Why You Should Care About Mezzanine Financing

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Mezzanine financing is one of them. But another potential source of financing could be mezzanine financing. What does a mezzanine fund look for and how does a subordinated loan work? Is mezzanine right for your company?

Surprising Insights From HubSpot's $35M Mezzanine Round


HubSpot just closed its mezzanine round, so I thought I’d share some surprising things I learned during the process. That’s my sense of things based on insights from HubSpot’s mezzanine round of funding. The Surprising Importance of Your Series A Terms on Your Mezzanine Round. The initial pricing interest in our early stage rounds varied widely; but in our mezzanine round, the numbers came in much closer to each other.

Mercy Hospital Virtual Care Center Supported By Oblong

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My friends at Oblong have been involved in some very cool new installations of their Mezzanine product in different vertical markets. Investments collaboration HIMSS mercy mezzanine oblong virtual care center

Getting Your Demos Right

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The demo is iconic and amazing, but it takes too long and is too abstract for their corporate customers buying Oblong’s Mezzanine product. For several months, I kept banging on them to set up a simple use case, which is the how I use the Mezzanine system in our office.

Price of Admission Is An Amazing Product

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Accenture just launched their Connected Analytics Experience’s immersive environment which is enabled by Mezzanine. As a daily user of Mezzanine, it actually makes video conference and collaboration tolerable. Technology 3dr bb8 glowforge mezzanine oblong product sphero teslaAs I read about the unveiling of the Tesla Model X , I have two thoughts. The first one is “I want” (hint: Amy – you need to replace your red Range Rover.)

How’s That No Travel Thing Working For You?

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I’ve also started using my Mezzanine video conferencing system extensively – it’s just incredible. Life Boulder life mezzanine oblong travel video conferencing I stopped travelling mid-May (I arrived home in Boulder from San Francisco on 5/17). I’ve decided not to travel at all for the rest of 2013, except for three personal trips (my parents 50th anniversary, Amy’s birthday, and my birthday.)

The New Venture Landscape

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Series C/D is the new Mezzanine. Opinion VC Mezzanine pre-seed seed Series A Series B Series C venture capital venture landscape Venture Spiral In May 2011, I wrote the post: Investor Nomenclature and the Venture Spiral. That post got a lot of attention because back then all the buzz was about “Super Angels.” ” The venture landscape was evolving and had reached a point where Super Angels were an important part of the ecosystem.

Oblong NYC Event on 7/24

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In addition to an amazing demo and good food, Christopher Walsh (Director of Product Effectiveness for McGraw Hill Financial S&P Capital IQ) is going to be talking about how his organization uses Oblong’s Mezzanine to change the way they work.

Through the Looking Glass

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Our first 3D-related investment was Oblong , which has reinvented the way we engage with computers (which we call infopresence ) through the use of their 3D spatial operating system called g-speak and their collaboration product Mezzanine.

Getting a New Receptionist with TextUs.Biz

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As a result, we redesigned the entrance to our office with “Receptionist” front and center, a new lobby, and a Mezzanine room. While I have nothing against receptionists, I’ve always felt like it was a thankless job that should be able to easily be replaced by the machines.

This Is The Droid You Are Looking For

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If you hang around in our office at Foundry Group you see plenty of Makerbots, Fitbits, an Oblong Mezzanine, an Occipital Structure Sensor, ModRobotics Cubelets, littleBits, 3D Robotics drones, and Spheros.

Today’s Fun – Gnip, Twitter, Uncommon Stock, and Pre-Seed Rounds

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Series C/D is the new Mezzanine. FSA (Feld Service Announcement) – my version of a “public service announcement”: Moz is on the hunt for a VP of UX and Design. This role is one of our most crucial hires this year. The ideal candidate will come to us with experience and examples to show of very complex, technical projects that s/he made simple and fun.

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My Plan to Master Video Conferencing

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At the high end, we use Oblong’s Mezzanine. It integrates directly with a Cisco system so you get the Mezzanine experience virtualizing the Cisco high end video conferencing. I’ve decided not to travel for the rest of 2013. There are a lot of inputs into this decision, including the fact that I’ve been travelling 50% – 75% of the time for the last 20 years and I’m just tired of it.

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How To Make The Most Of Your Small Startup Office


A much simpler but equally as effective option is installing a mezzanine warehouse. Get in touch with a specialist company, like Invicta Mezzanine Floor, to learn how you can better utilise high ceilings and create a whole new level of floor space in your building. #3:

10 Steps To Scaling Your Startup Toward A Fortune 500

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They need a large infusion from venture capitalists, private equity, bank loans, or mezzanine financing. Early-stage entrepreneurs rightly keep their focus on creating an innovative product or service.

10 Keys To Evolution From A Startup To An Enterprise

Startup Professionals Musings

They need a large infusion from venture capitalists, private equity, bank loans, or mezzanine financing. Early-stage entrepreneurs rightly keep their focus on creating an innovative product or service.

Defining Intercreditor and Subordination Terms in Deal Negotiations

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In contrast to traditional mezzanine indebtedness, second lien debt was less expensive and did not dilute the sponsor's equity ownership. In the current post-credit freeze era, second lien financing is disappearing, and mezzanine and other subordinated debt options are reemerging to fill the gap between senior loans and equity with a wide range of intercreditor and subordination terms.

This Friday at NYU-Annual Stern Private Equity Conference

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The Stern Private Equity Club will host its 8 th Annual Stern Private Equity Conference on Friday, March 1 st , 2013. Keynote Speakers are Andrea Bonomi (Chairman of Investindustrial), Mark Dzialga (Managing Director and Chairman of the Investment Committee at General Atlantic) & me.

The 5 Key Stages of Equity Funding

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Mezzanine Financing Most companies that raise equity capital and are eventually acquired or go public receive multiple rounds of financing first. Mezzanine investors generally take less risk, since the company is generally solid and poised to "cash out" relatively quickly.

The Next Business Stage Requires Aggressive Growth

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They need a large infusion from venture capitalists, private equity, bank loans, or mezzanine financing. Early-stage entrepreneurs rightly keep their focus on creating an innovative product or service.

IVC PE Survey: Private Equity Deals Booming in Israel

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2)mezzanine – One mezzanine financing accounted for $50 million, or 18 percent of the aggregate deal value, compared to $7 million (two deals) or 5 percent in the previous quarter, and $10 million (one deal) or 6 percent in Q3 2009. (3)distressed

Early-stage Regional Venture Funds–part 2 of 3 of Bigger in Bend

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Late stage large regionally based funds that invest in late stage or mezzanine deals. Dino Vendetti a VC at Bay Partners, moved up to Bend, Oregon on a mission to engineer Bend into a regional technology cluster.

Sources of Capital - Private Equity

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This category of firms is a superset that includes venture capital, buyout-also called leveraged buyout (LBO)-mezzanine, and growth equity or expansion funds. PRIVATE EQUITY. Private equity is a term used to broadly group funds and investment companies that provide capital on a negotiated basis generally to private businesses. The industry expertise, amount invested, transaction structure preference, and return expectations vary according to the mission of each.

5 Alternatives to Venture Capital

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Venture debt or mezzanine debt: When traditional bank loans are not sufficient, alternative debt providers are an option, albeit at higher interest rates. Entrepreneurs at growing companies often rush to raise venture funding.

Chasing Returns

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I didn't understand what they were doing or how they got the types of returns out of the mezzanines and the various tranches of the CDO that they did. I've spent much of this long weekend curled up on the couch reading Too Big To Fail , Andrew Ross Sorkin 's history of the financial crisis of 2008. I've wanted to read this book since it came out last year but it took me a while to get to it. I'm enjoying it very much.

Early Seed Financing Terms Endure… Whether We Like It or Not

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Dharmesh Shah had a great post up last week about the lessons learned from raising a mezzanine round of financing. It’s really interesting, but perhaps only applicable to a more limited set of entrepreneurs. However, there was one gem of a small section in there with a more widely acceptable takeaway: “It turns out that the terms from your Series A are most often cut and pasted into your later round deals.

Decline in Private Equity Deals in Israel for Q1 2011

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One mezzanine financing accounted for $36 million or 17 percent of aggregate deal value, compared to $68 million (three deals) or 8 percent in the previous quarter, and $63 million (one deal) or 6 percent in Q1 2010.

Reflections on Raising Money and Fetishes of Those Watching

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We have FFF (friends & family & “fools”), seed, seed extension, bridge, mezzanine, A, B, C, D… Can we please stop that madness?

Financing Acquisitions: Keys to Structuring the Deal And Obtaining The Funding


Many acquisitions in the middle market require a combination of senior debt and some type of equity or quasi-equity like mezzanine financing. by Kenneth H.

The Valuation Trap

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But the author makes a point at the end in a section called "The Valuation Trap" that I very much agree with: "A second iron law of startups might be that the higher the valuation of a startup, the fewer options it has for financing and exits…… once a company has raised mezzanine capital and is valued in the billions, its options are essentially to go public or find a very interested buyer with deep pockets.

Scaling the Chasm

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Financing: Do we have the metrics to support a growth or mezzanine round? One of my favorite business books of all time is Crossing the Chasm by Geoffrey Moore. It is a classic.

Ten Takeaways from Deloitte’s 2010 Israel VC Indicator Survey

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13% of respondents believe this gap to be in Mezzanine financing and no venture capitalist believes that there is no investment gap.

Welcome to SBA Ventures LLC.

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The program is an offshoot of its Small Business Investment Company capital investment program, which licenses private equity firms to invest mezzanine capital in more established small companies.

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Q1 VC Numbers Are In.Here's the Good, the Bad, and mostly, The.

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Some VC firms started investing in mezzanine rounds, and some even went much further. skip to main | skip to sidebar 21 April 2009 Q1 VC Numbers Are In.Heres the Good, the Bad, and mostly, The Ugly The Q1 VC numbers are in, and they aint particularly pretty.

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IVC - Summary of Israeli Private Equity Deals - Q1 2011

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This survey reviewed the following types of financing deals in the Israeli private equity arena: straight equity, buyouts, mezzanine, distressed debt and turnaround/distressed equity. FIMI had the third largest deal - a $36 million mezzanine financing of Alon Brands.

Changes in Software & Venture Capital – Part 2 of 3

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As some of the last generation of startups have gotten bigger many VCs have also chased later-stage investments that were traditionally dominated by growth equity or mezzanine funds.

Venture Capital Access Program launches to aid women and diverse entrepreneurs

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Founded in 1970, NAIC firms invest in venture (early stage/later stage) and private equity (growth/buyout/mezzanine/distressed/secondary funds).

Summary of Israeli Private Equity Deals - 2010

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One mezzanine financing accounted for $30 million or 4 percent of the aggregate deal value, compared to $50 million (one deal) or 17 percent in the previous quarter, and $30 million (one deal) or 27 percent in Q4 2009.

IVC - Summary of Israeli Private Equity Deals - Q3 / 2010

Recent Buzzes - VC Experts, Inc.

One mezzanine financing accounted for $50 million, or 18 percent of the aggregate deal value, compared to $7 million (two deals) or 5 percent in the previous quarter, and $10 million (one deal) or 6 percent in Q3 2009.??? By Marianna Shapira, Research Manager, IVC Research Center Introduction.

Top Ten Ways to Multiply a Megafund?

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That suggests later stage venture investing, and more likely a blurring of what is venture capital, mezzanine, buyout and hedgefund investing. The Thomson/NVCA report on Q2 venture fund raising is out and the numbers are big. In the quarter, fifty venture capital funds raised a total of $11.2 billion. Admittedly, the numbers are skewed because of a couple particularly large funds closing in the quarter. Oak Investment Partners XII landed $2.56

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Super Specialized Wine and Film Private Equity Funds

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Based in the United States, Bacchus Capital Management specializes in mezzanine and private equity wine industry investments, principally in California’s premium wineries. Nowadays, many people will pull out their red flag if told that some sophisticated financiers are creating specialized private equity funds.

Venture Capital and Emerging Managers

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Post-script: After posting the above, someone sent me the following news story: California State Teachers' Retirement System may once again be reducing its target allocation to venture capital, this time in favor of debt-related investments such as distressed debt and mezzanine, according to the agenda for its Nov. I recently wrote a post, Portfolio Math , that examined the hit rate and return on invested capital required for the venture capital industry to be viable.