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Mexico Technology on the ICE Train – Germany Shipping ice cream globally – US, China Big Data of Long Lives – Italy, Greece, Japan Nokia alumni. Innovation from around the globe'' iElevation – Nepal A museum or a library? Globalization and Technology

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Innovations from various parts of the world we don’t usually expect innovation from Construction Outsourcing – Philippines The parbuckling of the Costa Concordia – Italy Smartphones made in the US – Fort Worth, TX Global Shipping innovations – Massive boats, Innovative Business Uses of Technology

Eat, Pray, Love, and Vacation


During this time, I read a very interesting book (that most of the rest of the world already knows about because the movie is now out starring Julia Roberts) Eat, Pray, Love: One Woman’s Search for Everything Across Italy, India and Indonesia (Amazon Link) by Elizabeth Gilbert.

Thoughts for New Angels - Startups and angels: Along the way to.

Tim Keane

I was in Italy a couple of weeks ago at the request of the US State Department to discuss angel investing with IBAN, the Italian Business Angels Network. I was in Italy a couple of weeks ago at the request of the US State Department to discuss angel investing with IBAN, the Italian Business Angels Network. Startups and angels: Along the way to success. By Tim Keane, Angel Investor, Golden Angels Investors, LLC. Archives. Profile. Subscribe.

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The future "future of work"

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John had just returned from a trip to Italy. His sisters, each a year or two older had come back from similar trips to Portugal, Egypt and Turkey. His cousin was headed to Amsterdam today, and another was describing her.

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Book: Playing For Pizza

Feld Thoughts

I love Italy, pizza, and food, so that made sense. The Italy stuff was good. I needed some mental floss one night in New York last week when I was having trouble sleeping so I read Playing for Pizza: A Novel. My mom had recommended this one – I can’t remember why – but I usually read whatever she recommends.

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#3010: The Video

VC Adventure

I blogged last year about the amazing 40th birthday trip my wife Greeley sent me and 9 friends on – cycling through Slovenia and Italy (original blog post along with a bunch of pictures here ).

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Travel More To Improve Your Business

Mike Michalowicz

When Phil Romano founded Macaroni Grill, he traveled throughout Italy to determine what made restaurants so popular. Among other things, he found that in Italy a jug of wine is simply placed on the table when the customer arrives.

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The Most Important Thing I’ve Learned From Starting 3 eCommerce Companies


He got his start in digital marketing in 2008 while in the real estate industry, and started his first online store selling masquerade masks from Italy (he quit his real estate job a few months later). by Jackson Cunningham, founder of Tuft and Paw.

Antonio Vendome Of New York – Epitome Of The American Dream


Between 1900 and 1910, about two million immigrants fled Italy and risked their lives to get a fresh new start in the United States. America has, for impoverished Italians, become synonymous with opportunity.

#3010: The Video

VC Adventure

I blogged last year about the amazing 40th birthday trip my wife Greeley sent me and 9 friends on – cycling through Slovenia and Italy (original blog post along with a bunch of pictures here ). We had a video put together of the whole experience that I thought I’d share. Thanks to Mike Shum for the video production!

The Great Internet Stock Correction of 1997, or 1999, or …

Feld Thoughts

At the end of June I went to Italy for a week vacation with my wife Amy and my parents. ” I scrambled to find a flight home from the middle of Italy, got to NY by Saturday mid-day, re-started the road show on Monday, and we were public by the end of the week. Yesterday I read Kara Swisher’s post What Does the Recent Tech Stock Downturn Mean? The Truth Is Nobody Knows. It’s great. Go read it – I’ll wait for you.

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The Startup Marriage

Feld Thoughts

We’re spending a good chuck of our time in Paris and Italy writing together. Amy and I have just launched a new project we are working on together called Startup Marriage: Balancing Entrepreneurship and Relationship. It includes a blog , a tweet stream , and a book (hopefully by the end of the year.). Since the beginning of 2010 I’ve written two books. The first, Do More Faster: TechStars Lessons To Accelerate Your Startup , was with David Cohen, the CEO of TechStars.

7 Signals Of A Future Startup Founder From Corporate

Startup Professionals Musings

The list would include Howard Schultz, a marketer working for a Seattle coffee bean roaster when a trip to Milan convinced him to jump ship to create upscale espresso cafes that he found all over Italy; and maybe Steve Jobs, who started on the night shift at Atari.

Episode 57: Marketing Buzz and Business Growth with Michael Shepherd

Mike Michalowicz

As a founding member of the World Pizza Champions (America’s #1 Pizza Team), he has traveled to Italy competing at the World Pizza Championships in Italy annually since 2002. Michael placed 49th/50 participants in the World Pizza Championship in Italy. Also Available On.

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Best Companies For Magento Support


Webgriffe SRL (Italy). The advent of E-commerce opened up a lot of possibilities for everyone. People can now transact business, buy and sell goods and services, and share data anytime and anywhere.

UK second only to US amongst large countries for ‘Digital Evolution’

The Equity Kicker

It’s easier for smaller countries to substantially re-orient themselves, as Singapore in particular has done, so the real point of comparison here are the other large developed countries: the USA, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Japan.

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Cracking the Code - Untitled Article

Cracking the Code

Among them was a small company of two people in Italy called PostoInAuto (at the time, BlaBlaCar had only launched in France and Spain). Within four months, Olivier re-launched his service under the BlaBlaCar brand in Italy, and today BlaBlaCar is the dominant service in the country.

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Startup Lessons Learned 2011 streaming live

Startup Lessons Learned

I have been getting emails and tweets all day from people upset that they cannot get into Startup Lessones Learned 2011 - either here in SF, where we're sold out, or in one of the more than 100 simulcast locations around the world, many of which are sold out, too. We struggle with this issue every year, because we strongly encourage everyone who can to participate with their local entrepreneurship community. Strengthening ties between entrepreneurs is one of our most important values.

Italian-American Restaurant Serving Uniquely Made Food in Chicago


In 2010, I rebranded a family business, a restaurant owned by my father called D’s Little Italy. Besides a great taste, quality of food served matters a lot. Franco Francese the owner of Mattone Restaurant and Bar , an Italian-American restaurant, located in the Chicago suburbs knows that too well. The restaurant was once owned by his father where Franco has been in the business his entire life.

Improv and Entrepreneurship – Playback Theatre West

Feld Thoughts

The next one is going to be in Tuscany, Italy from 6/4/14 – 6/8/14 and I expect it will be amazing. I spent the last few days at CEO Bootcamp – Leadership Reboot. It’s run by my close friend Jerry Colonna with an awesome team of four.

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Business Leader Dedicated to Fighting the Depression Epidemic and Promoting Mental Wellness in the Workplace


For a while we had been in business with partners that were located in Italy. Ulrich Kellerer is an inspirational business leader, international speaker, and mental health activist from Munich, Germany.

In the Lean In Era, Business And Tech Still Fail To Promote Women; 4 Ways To Fix The Problem Now 


Ideas include comply or explain requirements (“if not, why not?”), certificate programs, pledge regimes, quota laws (Norway, Spain, Italy, France, Germany but probably not for the United States), mandatory disclosure, voluntary disclosure, structured search (Rooney Rule) adoptions, and more.

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10 Startups To Keep Your Eye On


Tannico is a wine retailer based in Italy that was founded in 2012. The following companies have managed to define the word startup in the last couple of years thanks to their successful development and progress. They have been awarded and financed thanks to how well they’ve done. Veeno.

“Effective”, “Motivated”, “Track Record” Most Overused Words On LinkedIn Profiles In 2012


Problem solving : Italy. Professional online network LinkedIn today revealed the most overused words and phrases in its members’ profiles this year.

How To Increase Productivity By Employee Happiness

Startup Professionals Musings

Evidence indicates that providing new positive life experiences (for example, a hot-air balloon ride, wine-tasting class, or vacation to Italy) tends to provide a greater happiness boost than spending a comparable amount on material objects (flat-screen television, fancy suit, or purse).

Divalicious Puts A Shopping Mall In Your Hand


Divalicious is available on iOS devices and can be found in the app stores for the following countries: USA, Japan, China, Korea, Portugal, Canada, Mexico, Sweden, Netherlands, Russia, Italy, Spain, Germany and France.

Creativity Conferences – Valuable or BoonDoggle?

Gregg Fraley, Author of Jack's Notebook

Some of the most interesting people on the planet are in Italy, right now. I’m missing the CREA conference this week, literally and figuratively. What I miss is the “creativity community&# – that wacky group of people interested in the subject. Raise a glass and have a dance for me, and more importantly — learn [.].

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Create Your Own Live Internet Radio Show With Spreaker


The Bologna, Italy-based company recently scored an angel round totaling US$1.1 Are you an aspiring DJ? Or perhaps you harbor dreams of being the next Rush Limbaugh ?

What’s It Like To Be A Student At A Digital Business School


One popular example is the business school at the University of Bologna in Italy. Educational institutes are a world of their own. These institutes teach many lessons and provide unique experiences to its students.

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Sometimes The Secret Is To Just Show Up & Do Your Job

Hunter Walker

Some may even be in Italy This is definitely the only blog post I’ve written from a Milan airport lounge, returning from my first trip abroad since we started Homebrew. So what got me out of my San Francisco routine?

Bring Me Your Accents. Immigration Fuels Innovation

Both Sides of the Table

I have lived (England, France, Italy, Spain, Japan & the US) and worked (Ireland, Germany, India) around the world. I had similar experiences in France & Italy, too.


Both Sides of the Table

I lived and worked in England, France, Italy and Japan and had worked extensively in Germany. I felt variations of this in France, Italy and Germany. Failure. It smells. People are afraid of it. It’s like cancer. When you have it you find you who your true friends are because they’re the ones who double down on helping, on being available, on listening, on understanding. Most people run from failure or disease because they’re hard to handle.

[Singapore] SMB Tech This Week


The build quality is fabulous, finished off as it is with a high-tech material made in Italy called Alcantara. Nexus 10 (S$668 for 32GB Wifi version, in charcoal gray). The Nexus 10 is the latest of the Nexus series, designed with the joint efforts of technology giants Google and Samsung.

Cultural Strategy Key in Global Sourcing

The Entrepreneurial Mind

Nuvar sources from Europe (France, Germany, and Italy), Asia (China, Taiwan, and Malaysia) and North America (Mexico and Canada). ENTREPRENEURIAL PROFILE : Nuvar. Nuvar Incorporated , located in Holland, Michigan, develops and designs office furniture and healthcare products.

A touching story from the usually irreverent Betabrand.

Bryce Dot VC

Recently, one of our all-time favorite Model Citizens passed away in his native Italy at the age of 92. A touching story from the usually irreverent Betabrand newsletter yesterday.

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Can AI become a tool to promote equality and fairness?

Version One Ventures

Those words were a key part of the G7’s first-ever Innovation7, which was held last month in Turin, Italy. “Technological innovation should give us hope, not despair.”.

Wood chips, sugar & hazelnuts

Start Up Blog

Originally Nutella was a pure chocolate spread, but during the post WW2 era, a time of heavy rationing in Italy, they bulked up the ingredients with hazelnuts.

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How to solve the “Search Gap”: Decluttering your media storage

The Startup Magazine

Italy for sure. We can all relate to rummaging through drawers or stacks of papers, looking for that one elusive item we need but just can’t remember where we placed. And as technology has evolved, so have our storage troubles.

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6 Ways To Keep Your Team Happier And More Productive

Startup Professionals Musings

Evidence indicates that providing new positive life experiences (for example, a hot-air balloon ride, wine-tasting class, or vacation to Italy) tends to provide a greater happiness boost than spending a comparable amount on material objects (flat-screen television, fancy suit, or purse).

15 Entrepreneurs Discuss Why they Started Their Businesses


5 – A Love Affair With Italy. I have a love affair with Italy. I was born there, lived there for the first ten years of my life and could probably spend hours talking about Italy and it’s cuisine. Share Being in love is great.

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[Infographic] Top Office Pet Peeves


The country with the most pet peeves is India and the one with the fewest is Italy. Do you want to know what really gets someone’s goat in the office? Professional social network LinkedIn recently released some data about the top office pet peeves that really annoy professionals.

Grow Your Business Fast, By Doing Less!

Mike Michalowicz

In case you’re not familiar with the 80/20 rule here is a quick primer: In 1906 an Italian economist named Vilfredo Pareto noticed that 80% of the land in Italy was owned by 20% of the population. I hope you have your seat belt on (even if you’re sitting in your office chair). At the very least you’re about to experience a jolt, and at the very best you are about to master the greatest tool for colossal business growth. This best kept secret is not so secret after all.

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