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Solid Outsourcing From Bangladesh: Taskeater


Bangladesh provides up to 40-50% lower cost in comparison to home hiring, lowering the price even when compared to Eastern European outsourcing.

One Year After the Bangladesh Factory Collapse, Change Is in the Air

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Consumers "look at the label and it says ''Made in China'' or it says ''Made in Bangladesh.''

UNC debates how best to protect factory workers in Bangladesh

Winston-Salem Journal State/Region News

CHAPEL HILL — UNC-Chapel Hill has long been a leader in the anti-sweatshop movement, but that reputation is on the line amid a debate about protecting garment workers’ safety in Bangladesh

My Last Post About This Election – Don’t Waste Your Vote

Feld Thoughts

“You don’t get to call for a religious test to enter our country, potentially denying access to more than 1 billion Muslim people in the world including very large populations in Indonesia, Pakistan, India and Bangladesh.” Please vote. Just so you know my bias before reading further, I’m voting for Hillary Clinton.

And Then They Came for Me …

Both Sides of the Table

Yesterday was Halloween in the United States where children dress up and try to scare people as they “trick-or-treat” for candy. Or is that hyperbole?

6 Forward-thinking Businesses That Are Making the World a Better Place

Up and Running

Image via Warby Parker, of a child who received donated glasses. Warby Parker helps people around the world see more clearly . Let us know on Twitter!

Nobel Prize Winner: Your Business Should Help Others

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

million customers in Bangladesh and 12,000 in New York City To end world hunger, don''t give away money.

Hacking for Diplomacy – The State Department Takes Notice

Steve Blank

They shared their experiences of how technology has enhanced – and threatens to undermine – diplomatic work. It’s tough. As America’s No. he said.

Hacking for Diplomacy – The State Department Takes Notice

Steve Blank

They shared their experiences of how technology has enhanced – and threatens to undermine – diplomatic work. It’s tough. As America’s No. he said.

Three Megatrends That Will Affect Everybody’s Business


For example: what are the implications of Russia having a life expectancy of 59 versus 61 for Bangladesh? by Professor Dominique V.

A New Breed of Manufacturers

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

This entrepreneur says now is a great time to be a manufacturer. The secret: Think show business. At $10.55 Still, I wouldn''t have it any other way.

When Third is First


In 2011, I wrote about Jugaad, according to Wikipedia “a colloquial Hindi word that can mean an innovative fix or a simple work-around”.

Why Your Employees Need to Sign Their Work

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Nothing keeps a person accountable like a signature. That John Hancock still carries the same weight it did back in 1776.

Looking for Start-up Capital? Try Overseas

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Two were from China, and the others came from Canada, Nigeria, Bangladesh, and Norway. "We His enthusiasm may have been somewhat unfounded.

This Entrepreneur Has One Simple Goal: Improve a Billion People's Lives

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Yunus, who found Grameen Bank to provide microcredit loans to the poor in Bangladesh, created the idea of microlending, and has helped 100 million people raise themselves out of poverty. The duo had loftier goals in mind, however: they wanted to positively impact a billion people. The app enabled the protestors to use Twitter to organize.

Egypt 25

3 Rules for Doing Business Overseas

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Every country has its own place-specific challenges, as last week''s tragedy at a Bangladesh factory showed. Here''s how. Culture is king.

Facebook Sponsored Posts: Do They Work?

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

If you don't target a country, then Facebook chooses to display your ads to people in Bangladesh or similarly impoverished countries.

10 Amazing Microfinance Success Stories


In 2006, Muhammad Yunus, the bank’s founder and “the father of microfinance,” won the Nobel Peace Prize. Reuben Mpunda, Tanzania. Nadya Felah, Jordan.

Forget the US or BRIC countries: Gothenburg's Saltside raises a $40 million Series C


We’re in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Ghana, and some extent Pakistan even though it''s not a focus market. Europe, or at least the BRIC countries.

K.S. Krishnan, scientist and citizen, a Renaissance man in 20th century India

Grade A Entrepreneurs

When he left for Dacca (Dhaka – now in Bangladesh), he also left the field of Raman scattering. Raman , M.N. Saha and Birbal Sahni ).

Recognizing Great Ideas From the Developing World

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

A well-known one is microfinance, which originated in Bangladesh in 1983. Innovation isn't the trickle-down process we often imagine it to be.

Why the Recent Stock Slide Adds to Small Business Uncertainty

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

It''s often hard to picture the bright red line connecting global stock markets, especially those in emerging countries, to your business. And U.S.

The Start-up Giving Factory Workers a Voice

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

It seems to take a total catastrophe like the factory collapse that left 1,132 dead in Bangladesh this April to get people''s attention.

The Story Behind a Radical New Idea: A Social Network for Academia

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Richard Price''s has grown exponentially to 4.8 million academic users, many of whom return each month. The answer was a resounding, "No!"

William Miller on Business Model Innovation

Life Beyond Code

The Grameen Bank (Bangladesh) revolutionized banking services using a business model driven by People considerations: how to extend banking to, and create employment opportunities for, poor men and women. Hers is a quick interview with him on the topic. You can register here and if you use coupon code SIPA25, you will get $5 off ].

Roya Mahboob: Bringing Freedom to Afghanistan's Entrepreneurs

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

In the 13th century, the Venetian merchant Marco Polo traveled the Silk Road, a trading route that connected China and Europe via Central Asia.

How a startup should leverage a personal assistant

A Smart Bear: Startups and Marketing for Geeks

Rob is one of the most successful "micropreneurs" — creators of small, cash-generating startups frequently sold for cash. Introduction.

Sweden's Saltside sees massive traction with classifieds in emerging markets


The company has been growing at 300% per year, and have beaten out local and international competitors in auto, property, and general classifieds.

Of Drivers and Passengers. Or, How Entrepreneurs' Families Cope

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Telling your own story is cathartic. I had never repressed my feelings about the business (as my husband, Gary, will attest). Is this too much?

The Impact of Techbikers – Part II

VC Cafe

9 libraries established in India, Nepal, Cambodia, and Bangladesh. Former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan. Closing the circle?—?Nepal,

Norwegian Rubrikk sees growth in classified portals


Editor''s Note: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Elance. Rubrikk is a Norwegian start up in the online classified advertising market.

A Newbie’s Guide To Microfinancing


By some estimates, more than half the world’s population does not have access to basic financial services. Who invented microfinancing?

Warby Parker's Distribution Challenge

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

We operate similar schemes in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Vietnam which we are also committed to expanding." Here are two potential solutions.

Financial Literacy Across Asia Declining: Mastercard


8,087 respondents aged 18-64 in 16 countries in Asia Pacific took part in the survey. Taiwan shoots to the top on the financial literacy charts.

Time for a Change #24: New Ways To Finance Your Future

Active Garage

When thinking about financing your future, most people think of savings, investing, insurance, or financial planning. Melodious Beans. and beans ?,

29 Seriously Inspiring Interviews For Aspiring Entrepreneurs


Anyone with a strong idea, a lot of luck, and even more hard work can succeed in the for-profit and nonprofit sectors. Mark Bao at Junior Biz , Feb.

[Review] The Rise Of The New East


Are China and India still the “factory” and “outsourced service provider” of the world? A “China + 1″ Strategy.

Students and Professors Try Open Innovation | Nature Publishing Group

Campus Entrepreneurship

He found inspiration in the success of a mobile-phone business run by the Grameen Bank in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Crisitina Jimenez has an interesting piece on ‘open innovation’ – where problems are shared publicly and rewards offered for suitable solutions. It was a profitable and self-sustaining model. Check out StartUp Mason.

Scaling Your Social Enterprise

Business Plan Blog

Two examples of mass-scale social enterprise are Mexico-based Gente Nueva and Bangladesh-based BRAC. The Impact Alliance is a Washington D.C.-based

The Future of The Internet

Think of villages in Bangladesh, which have access to wireless devices but not PCs, and not necessarily to the Internet. Fred's post today features a speaker from Forrester speaking at Le Web on the future of the web. It's not visionary, it's predictive of existing trends. by @TooTallNate. The question is why? Or that slides out of my bag.