In Search of Digital Excellence

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When Karl-Heinz Streibich, CEO of Software AG invited me to help with his book The Digital Enterprise: The Moves and Motives of the Digital Leaders, he invoked Tom Peters and his best seller In Search of Excellence. Karl-Heinz said we.

Avoiding Monolithic Regret

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Many think that a microservice-based architecture is the right answer for their organization, whether they are a startup or a large-scale enterprise. Others are opting for a wait-and-see approach to microservices by first adopting a monolithic architecture.

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Product Planning Series: Information Architecture, Flowcharts and Wireframes

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Many of them then start writing the GUI code one component at a time without having developed an information architecture that provides context to each component. Product Development Software startup SaaS wireframe web design information architecture design documentation flow chart GUI

4 Benefits Of Using The Cloud To Manage Your Startup


If you’re just getting started in business, you have a lot of essential systems to manage: customer service, accounting, information storage, communications systems, and more. Fortunately, you can find solutions for managing all these in the cloud. Manageable Labor Costs.

Slack, Chatbots, and Voice: At the Intersection of Humans and APIs

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On the one hand it feel like progress that the API gets serious product management type attention. Too long have we ignored the fundamentals of software architecture and design. Product Strategy api chatbots microservices product architecture slack SOA

The Right Management Team Transforms Chaos Into Calm

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When it comes to creating structure, one of the most important--and challenging--issues for second-stagers is building a management team. Granted, you may have been able to manage everyone when you only had a few employees. a general contracting and architecture firm in Irvine, Calif.

A Brief Intro to Domain Driven Design

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However, we also want to make sure that we can give teams guidance about how to think about these services so that we don’t end up as a large set of mismatched services of vastly different sizes and no cohesive overarching architecture.

The Art of How Not to Manage Your Business

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’, regardless of whether you operate an architectural firm, a waste management facility, or a cafe and especially if you’re not seeing results. Share your own story with Bplans: how did you learn to manage your business better? If it’s not working, change something.

How does Etsy manage development and operations?

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Recently, someone asked, “ How does Etsy manage development and operations? &# with these comments: Etsy seems to have scaled far and fast, whilst continuing to add new features; how is all this managed – is there a strictly-defined process within which engineers operate, or is it a case of hiring clever people and letting them get on with it (Facebook-style)? All designers at Etsy code and product managers code at various levels, too.

Dual Founders Manage Technology Startups Better

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Use existing team to find a new manager or peer. If you already have some technical people on board, like software developers, and need a new manager, you supply the candidates based on credentials, and let them do initial interviews and make recommendations.

Do You Have The Data Agility Your Business Needs?


This challenge has put immense pressure on CIOs to not only manage ever-growing data volumes, sources, and types, but to also support more and more data users as well as new and increasingly complex use cases. data and application integration, metadata management, governance and data quality).

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Former Head of Microsoft Israel Dreams of Billion Dollar Israeli Startups

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Moshe joined Microsoft in 1991 as a product manager after a career as a software developer. He worked on his MBA at MIT’s Sloan School of Management (leaving in the middle for a job at Microsoft in Israel) and received his computer engineering degree from the Technion in Haifa, Israel.

What we can learn from the evolution of Content Management Systems

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2 nd decade (early 2000): The First Content Management Systems (CMS). In 2003, another CMS, called WordPress, came into play, and with its plugin architecture, WordPress quickly won the hearts of the development community. Viktor Marohni?

Lessons Learned: Sharding for startups

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Lessons Learned by Eric Ries Sunday, January 4, 2009 Sharding for startups The most important aspect of a scalable web architecture is data partitioning. So far, this is just a summary of what all of us who have attempted to build web-scale architectures considers obvious. The solution is to build an architecture that works for the startup condition. To me, the optimal architecture is one that serves four goals simultaneously.

New York, London, San Francisco — The Latest Product Management Opportunities

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Thousands of employers across all areas of product, from management to design, from digital to physical, are looking to fill positions from our community. Technical Product Manager/Solutions Architect @ Lifion, by ADP (NYC (Chelsea)) Keywords: Agile, Architecture, Product Management, Software Engineering, UI Design [link]. Sr Product Manager – Enterprise @ Bitnami (San Francisco, CA) Keywords: Cloud, Container, Enterprise, open source, virtualization [link].

Construction Business Resources

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This publication puts the spotlight on commercial interior design and architecture, an angle most other sites don’t take. Managing a Business construction business construction company Management resourcesThe construction industry is a behemoth.

Product Planning Series: Project Management

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Bringing up a new web app is much more than a technical project management effort. In order to have a successful outcome all affected constituencies will need to be involved in developing the program plan, so that key milestones and dependencies are identified from the get-go and actively and aggressively managed so that there will be no surprises halfway down the line that will result in a significant project delay. Server side architecture design finalized.

Looking for a new product management job? Check out these 4 openings

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Thousands of employers across all areas of product, from management to design, from digital to physical, are looking to fill positions from our community. Product Manager, UX Design (New York, NY) Keywords: content, delight, design, uii, ux [link]. Associate Product Manager, Video Integration @ FreeWheel (New York, NY) Keywords: architecture, transcoding, Video integration, video player [link]. product jobs product management

HR Software in 2018: What’s the Scoop?

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Some of the industries that are expected to be first on the list in implementing virtual reality training programs include healthcare and architecture. Continuous Performance Management. A popular approach is continuous performance management, in which goals are set, performance is tracked, and projects are evaluated by management on a continuous basis. HR Software (HRIS) Change Management

One on One

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Perhaps the CEO’s most important operational responsibility is designing and implementing the communication architecture for her company. The architecture might include the organizational design, meetings, processes, email, yammer and even one-on-one meetings with managers and employees. Absent a well-designed communication architecture, information and ideas will stagnate and your company will degenerate into a bad place to work. Best Practices Management People

Driving Product Growth with Customer Interviews in 20 days

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After much deliberation, I eventually narrowed down my user segments from 6 to a more manageable 3. We’re product managers for a reason – we can decipher the important from the unimportant (and hopefully everything in between).

Think about Performance Before Building a Web Application


We’ve heard this from startup founders, product managers, development team leads, CTOs, and others who see their product gaining traction, but simultaneously see performance falling off a cliff. Performs modestly complex calculations without requiring complex architecture.

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Old People

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For example, for engineering managers the comprehensive knowledge of the code base and engineering team is usually more important and difficult to acquire than knowledge of how to run scalable engineering organizations. Equally difficult is managing them effectively once they come on board. Management – Even if an executive does a superb job achieving her goals, that doesn’t mean she is building a strong and loyal team. Best Practices Management Hiring senior managers

Product Management 101

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This fall at Harvard Business School , we launched Product Management 101, a course for academic credit that uses a "learning-by-doing" approach to build basic PM skills, rather than the classic HBS case method approach. As I've written in a course note co-authored with Jeff Bussgang and Rob Go , product manager is a fantastic entry-level general management position for MBAs. Database architectures?

Change aversion: why users hate what you launched (and what to do about it)

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Interface changes: visual redesigns, interaction changes, information re-architecture. A savvy change-management strategy can cut down on negative reactions, focus users on benefits, and make the change more successful. If so, did it push you to proactively manage subsequent changes?

Founder Challenges with Startup Development Teams and CTOs


On the other side, signs that your team is doing well are: a high service level and availability of the product/system a high throughput of effective change a low amount of unplanned work a culture of change management a culture of continual improvement a culture of root-cause analysis Source of the Problem Most of the time, the cause of these challenges come down to: Communication / Process How well does the C-level team work together to define priorities, specific development tasks?

Watching Larry Ellison become Larry Ellison — The DNA of a Winner

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Larry didn’t practice any kind of textbook management, but he was an intense communicator and inspiring leader. Relational architecture (a collection of data organized as a set of formally described tables) in the first place—all new stuff, and technically compelling.

It’s An Agile World

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For three years management has been trying to fix the problem, and the fix is always “just around the corner” It’s broken at every level, from the week-long deployment processes, the 50% failure rate for deploys, and the inability to scale the service. ” I finally convinced my manager to give me and one other engineer two months to work on a rearchitecture effort in secret, even though our group has nothing to do with the actual web services.

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10 Course Corrections Every Startup Should Memorize


He does a great job in the book of making the case for management systems, rather than gut-level reactions, to make required course corrections (pivots), to dramatically improve the odds for success. Business architecture pivot. Eric Ries image via Fast Company.

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Measure twice, cut once

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Yet as the product manager, at each team meeting I’d hear from our engineers about the growing burden FTP represented. The original deadline for shutting down FTP was a change in Google architecture that would have required we entirely re-write the FTP service for it to continue to work. Product Management This article was originally published on Medium. What you remove is as important as what you add.

Why Startups Should Train Their People

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Most managers seem to feel that training employees is a job that should be left to others. I, on the other hand, strongly believe that the manager should do it himself.”. Andy Grove, High Output Management. When I first became a manager, I had mixed feelings about training. Then I read chapter 16 of Andy Grove’s management classic High Output Management entitled Why Training is The Boss’s Job and it changed my career. Performance Management.

Mesosphere: A Platform for the Next Generation Datacenter

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A new architectural era in computing is upon us, and the datacenter is changing to accommodate it. These new datacenters—as pioneered and designed by Facebook, Google, and Twitter—are defined by hyper-scale deployments of thousands of servers, requiring a new software architecture to manage and aggregate these systems. The companies that buy into this architecture do not abandon virtualization, containers, or other approaches.

Public Relations Tips for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs [Webinar Recap]

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One of my clients is an architect, and at the beginning of the relationship he said, “Jennefer, I do not want to be in any of the architecture publications. As a result, we don’t put him in any of the architecture books.

Why We Invested in Rubrik

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Just as Apple built a time machine to protect Macs, Rubrik has built a powerful time machine for enterprise cloud infrastructure that unites data management with web-scale technology. A $47 Billion Data Management Market.

Selecting a Cloud Provider

Code as Craft and most of our related services have been hosted in self-managed data centers since the first Etsy site was launched in 2005. Architectural Review. Ultimately, we held 25 architectural reviews for major components of our system and environments.

TechEmpower Benchmarks and the Microsoft ASP.NET Core 1.0 Performance Story


This new release is one of the most significant architectural updates we’ve done to ASP.NET. Scott Hunter, Director of Program Management on the App Plat team at Microsoft, tells a bit of the story on the DotNet Rocks Podcast (starting around 19:00).

How Andreessen Horowitz Evaluates CEOs

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What will the issues be given your current product architecture? The skills required range from organizational design to performance management. They involve the incentive structure and the communication architecture that drives and enables every individual employee. CEOs who excel at board management can “succeed” by setting objectives artificially low. Great CEOs who fail to pay attention to board management can “fail” by setting objectives too high.

One on One

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Perhaps the CEO’s most important operational responsibility is designing and implementing the communication architecture for her company. The architecture might include the organizational design, meetings, processes, email, yammer and even one-on-one meetings with managers and employees. Absent a well-designed communication architecture, information and ideas will stagnate and your company will degenerate into a bad place to work.

The Challenges of Setting up Your Own Design Consultancy in China – Interview With Andreas Thomczyk of anyScale

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Andreas is the Co-founder and Managing Partner of anySCALE, an exclusive design firm focusing on interior design, and architecture. Note from Shlomo: This is interview #5 of the Dim Sum project! We get traction! And this time here is your lesson about building a design firm in Beijing. If you want to join in the project, email directly to Kevin! Thanks to Joshua A. Raff for conducting the interview!

Startups Lessons: Product First

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The early architecture conditions created what engineers called “technical debt” and that effectively became weaponized to stall significant investment in fixing the old in order to build the future. In the absence of an org structure that creates a constructive tension between the product management and product engineering sides of the house engineers will work on things that are interesting to engineers but fail to advance the business.