Overview: Extracting article text from HTML documents


Boilerpipe library: Boilerplate Removal and Fulltext Extraction from HTML pages Boilerpipe is probably one of the best open source packages when it comes to full article text extraction that leverages on machine learning. My tech blog. Technologies I'm passionate about.


wordpress Headaches with Closing HTML Tag - Any Ideas?

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RSS Also Down Although I hate the idea, I was considering leaving it without a closing HTML tag for the weekend and coming back to it after the holiday since browsers are very forgiving about not having a closing HTML tag.


Weekend Favs May 13

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HTML Editor – Input your content and receive clean HTML that you can use in other web projects. Tools CrazyEngage HTML Editor HubSpot's Blog Topic GeneratorWeekend Favs May 13 written by John Jantsch read more at Duct Tape Marketing.


UsIng a Web Design App to Launch Your Startup Website

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HTML and CSS are very powerful and allow for detailed website function and presentation. A great web design app should be direct, visual, and not require you to use HTML code.

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Real life MVC: How to use MVCMailer to send Html emails in MVC3

Aymeric Gaurat-Apelli

Recently I found a nuget package that allows me to use MVC Views and Layouts to define how my emails should look like, in a similar way as how mailer works in Ruby on Rails. This article will show you how I integrated it into my online weekly planner WeekPlan. Set up of the [.]. Programming tips and tricks mvc mvcmailer

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How to use meta tags to get your website found

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Meta tags are unseen HTML text located in the header of your site. You can do this manually through HTML: <Meta name=”description” content=”write your meta description here”> Or you could use CMS plugins that make the process a whole lot easier.

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Walker Twitter Highlights: April 23rd – 29th

Scott Edward Walker

” @ryancarson [link] Why one company is making all its employees learn how to code [link] “HTML 5 is going to change everything…every pixel can be an app.” - @Moonalice [link] (at 1:25) “There are now far more capable lawyers and law firms than there is work for them to do.” Twitter Highlights A Round convertible notes HTML 5 law firms Lawyers Mark Cuban seed TechCrunch vc

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Framework Benchmarks


Why doesnt your test include more substantial algorithmic work, or building an HTML response with a server-side template?" About What we do Portfolio People Blog Contact. You are viewing a single entry. Please also check out the most recent entries. March 28, 2013. Framework Benchmarks.

Kids and Parents Learn to Code at San Antonio Youth Code Jam


I just helped this 11 year old learn HTML and it reminded me of how I learned HTML in middle school,” he said. By LAURA LOREK Founder of Silicon Hills News Luke Wright’s eyes lit up with excitement. “I Two high school students came to our school and taught us how to code.” Wright, a 16-year-old […] The post Kids and Parents Learn to Code at San Antonio Youth Code Jam appeared first on SiliconHills. San Antonio

4 Digital Skills to Make Your Resume More Marketable


If you want to work in the world of web design, it's best to know HTML. Otherwise known as Hypertext Markup Language, HTML basically turns text into formatted web pages. While it might sound complicated, there are many ways to learn HTML.

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Technical Demo of Oblong’s g-speak Spatial Operating Environment

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Using g-speak, she shows the integration of a VT-100 app, Java app, HTML app, a native g-speak app, and a video conferencing session. As investors, we believe that the way we interact with computer technology will be radically different 20 years from now.

From Punch Cards to Implants

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It’s not lost on me that the name of the show appears to be “end scorpion” so either someone in Hollywood is being too cute for their own good or they are clueless about HTML.

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HTML5: 10 Provocative Predictions For The Future


For HTML5 developers and decision makers, the most important technologies right now are HTML, JavaScript, CSS, mobile platforms and devices and evolving HTML platforms (browsers and operating systems). HTML On The Desktop. HTML Gets Naked (Again). Sections. Social. Mobile.


4 Best Programming Languages To Learn For Your Career


Quora tells us that “HTML is an acronym for H yper T ext M arkup L anguage. Without knowledge of HTML, you can't really accomplish anything because HTML is the most basic form of any website.” ” Every website in the world uses HTML.

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MakerSquare Debuts After-School Program


“Opening and closing HTML tags,” an elementary school boy speedily […] The post MakerSquare Debuts After-School Program appeared first on SiliconHills.

Websites through the ages: Tracking AOL, Yahoo and ESPN across time

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It went from being a tangled Web of neon links, HTML tables and indexed themes to a sophisticated set of properties, powered by. Garrett Heath is a technology storyteller with Rackspace. In the midst of incremental technology changes, we can lose sight of how far we’ve come.

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Progressive Web Apps: What Do Marketers Need to Know?


It’s web because it’s written in the languages of the Web—HTML, CSS, and JavaScript—instead of in some domain-specific language or in a native framework captive to one platform. AMPs are lightweight HTML pages designed to load as fast as possible. use an HTML link.

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Web Sites and Books for Novice Programmers

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The other two were HTML, XHTML, and CSS published by Visual Blueprint and RailsSpace by Michael Hartl and Aurelius Prochazka. They felt the HTML/CSS book was so-so but it was enough to get them started. In the continuation of the Learning to Program series with Nate Abbott and Natty Zola from Everlater , I asked them a few questions about which web sites, books, and blogs they consumed at the beginning of their journey when they knew nothing about programming.

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Oblong is Hiring

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They are specifically looking for a senior programming team lead, an application programmer, a javascript / html stud or studette, and a QA lead, but if you are excellent at what you do on the software development side, I’m sure they’d love to talk to you.

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Check Out The New EJ Blog Design, Plus My Product Launch Formula Bonus

Entrepreneurs-Journey.com by Yaro Starak

I taught myself HTML from a textbook, which led to many late nights trying to get pixels to align properly within tables. The New EJ Blog Design Is Live. Do You Like It? Plus My Product Launch Formula Bonus… Way way back when I just started out online in the late 1990s, I did all my website designs myself. It … Read the rest of this entry » The post Check Out The New EJ Blog Design, Plus My Product Launch Formula Bonus appeared first on Entrepreneurs-Journey.com.


Finding a Partner Was Key For Us

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I (Nate) took most of the backend server tasks — everything from SysAdmin stuff to Ruby/Rails and a good chunk of the javascript that interacted with the server too, and Natty took everything that appears to the user — everything from learning Photoshop/Illustrator to HTML/CSS and quite a bit of javascript as well. Actually build the pages in HTML/CSS and build out the controller actions associated with each view.

A tour of my Wordpress plugins

A Smart Bear: Startups and Marketing for Geeks

Automatically caches plain-HTML versions of your pages. HTML on the web I can format with CSS, but HTML in RSS readers I cannot. This way my HTML can be simple and styled, but the RSS feed works better in practice.

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Link Post (weekly)

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Prefab Is A Great Example of HCI Research

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At first glance I thought it was simply rewriting HTML pages (clever, but not that big a deal) but then I realized it was doing something more profound. I talk about human computer interaction (HCI) a lot on this blog.

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5 Factors To Consider Before Becoming A Content Writer


Successful content writers know SEO, HTML, CSS and WordPress. WordPress themes many different levels of automatic functions, and sometimes the only way to make your content appear to the audiences the way you want it to is to dig into the text/HTML tab.

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In WordPress Hosting Hell? Pantheon Now Supports WordPress

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When companies are just getting off the ground, the founders often build the websites themselves, increasingly with flat HTML because it is simple and efficient. You may noticed from prior posts that we’ve had a difficult time at Foundry Group managing our growing portfolio of WordPress sites. We are not alone. You would think that by now, managing websites would be a solved problem, but that’s just not true.

Frameworks Round 1


Why doesn''t your test include more substantial algorithmic work, or building an HTML response with a server-side template?" You are viewing the first round of web application framework benchmarks.

How To Launch A Successful Online Dating Website


Whether it’s a HTML version of the site that renders on a browser or an app for download on all types of device, this will be the key to its success as well as having the features that one would expect from a dating site.

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How to Tell Google What Your Content Means

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That’s what they eat all day long, and they use HTML code to figure out what all those web pages say. You can use any number of Schema code generators to create the HTML code you might need for something like your address.


Love and Venture Capital

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I was chairman and we has three product lines at that point: NetForm (an HTML form filler that was getting its but kicked by Allaire), NetThread (which was super cool but getting its butt kicked by something – maybe again Allaire), and NetAnalysis, which was the first weblog analysis tool and became the focus of the company. If you’ve missed me, it’s because I spent a week in Australia.

Web Designer


Good working knowledge of HTML (5), CSS (3). Tired of 9 to 6? Fancy working from home in your pajamas? Then this job may be just right for you. WEB DESIGNER. What you need to have. A keen interest and passion in all things digital. Knowledge of JavaScript and Git.

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The Internet is Ready for Things

Andrew Payne

Mobile HTML is just HTML with a few mobile-specific features. I’m not a fan of the term “Internet of Things” (IoT), but it is the best way to describe a future where more and more devices are Internet-connected. As computation and communication get cheaper, more “dumb” devices will be “smart” and on-line.

Weekend Favs January 21

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WebSlides makes HTML presentations easy. Weekend Favs January 21 written by John Jantsch read more at Duct Tape Marketing. My weekend blog post routine includes posting links to a handful of tools or great content I ran across during the week.


Get Your Website Out of the Internet Dead Zone

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Search engines like Google depend on website HTML tags, inbound and outbound links, and relevant content to do its ranking and matchmaking, and hopefully get your company found and near the top of customer search requests.

50 Places You Can Learn to Code (for Free) Online


SitePoint Reference : Find references for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript on Sitepoint. Mozilla Developer Network : Find plenty of resources for learning web technologies on Mozilla’s Developer Network, including lessons in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

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10 Awesome DIY Tools To Create Your Own Mobile App


Recently, Mobincube has launched a new feature which allows you to create and add your own HTML elements. Pricing – For creating HTML 5 mobile websites, AppMakr is completely free. Pricing – For building HTML 5 mobile websites, Infinite Monkey is fully free.

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The Web is Against the Ropes, But it’s Not Dead

Both Sides of the Table

web storage, elastic computing) from how you consume the Internet as a user (the front end – HTML). The initial web HTML / browser experience was very limited.

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5 Tools To Turn Your Boring Presentations Into Magical Stories


It offers an export function that not only converts your presentations into HTML or a PDF, but a video! No one can change the fact that PowerPoint is by far the most popular presentation tool in the market. Knowing and using PowerPoint is like a standard that every business has to maintain.

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How and Why I Use Photo Pin To Find Free Images for My Blog

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When you select an image you are presented with up to nine size options, just like on Flickr, but the killer feature for me is that you also get a box with the HTML you need to use for attribution. I’ve been using relevant images in my blog posts since I starting blogging in 2003.


With Email Marketing Sometimes You Need to Question the Rules

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If you are using HTML email that relies on images to make greater impact you want those images turned on. HTML and text. Your nice, pretty HTML email should have a text-based only version. When people get used to seeing your standard HTML template they get complacent.

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