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We have a tradition at USV that one of our new analysts, Dani , coined Proof Of Blog. Excited to be a part of the @usv team (it’s official now – based on Proof of Blog). When someone new joins USV, we ask them to introduce themselves to our world on the USV blog. Here are some recent “proof of blog” posts: Dani Grant. Proof of blog is a bit about changing that perception so people know the larger team.

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How To Find Blogging Inspiration


Sometimes, being consistent with blogging is a tough ask for brands and Startups. Here are some tips to regain the momentum in blogging and how to find blogging inspiration! How To Find Blogging Inspiration.

How To Generate Leads Through Business Blogging


Business blogging has been around for quite some time. Generating leads through business blogging has become key to accepted content marketing ROI. Yet, some companies maintain business blogs even without knowing what to do with them. The good news is: business blogging is not a mere hygiene factor or a “good to have” It can not only be a major promotional tool but can also generate effective leads for your business.

10 Top Marketing And Sales Blogs We Love!


Fittingly, it is also easy to learn about the internet itself by reading various sites and blogs. As brand marketing practitioners, we too read many great marketing and sales blogs with great interest. 10 Top Marketing And Sales Blogs We Love! The Smart Passive Income Blog.

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Social Trends: What does it take to create a remarkable industry blog?


How do they create a remarkable industry blog that positions them as thought leaders? It’s neither easy, nor coincidental how some blogs take off and carve in niche in their industry. We speak with the ex-blog editor of the SEMRush blog, Tara Clapper.

3 Reasons Your Corporate Blogs Are Not Working And How You Can Improve


82 percent consumers like reading company blogs. And yet, your corporate blogs seem to be generating none of the benefits that you expected. Today I will list out the top three reasons why your corporate blogs are not working. What are your experiences with corporate blogging?

[Workshop at Ann Arbor] How To Create An Awesome Blog


This time I’ll be talking about how to create an awesome blog. Workshop at Ann Arbor] How To Create An Awesome Blog. To learn about the best practices of blogging- from getting your passion project, to learning SEO, and how to build a community of readers!

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Blogger Alert: 7 Signs That Your Blogging Needs Help


Let me start this with a couple of assumptions – the first that your brand is running a blog and the second, that you really want to be a good blogger but aren’t really going anywhere with it. It could be signs that your blogging needs help. You’ve made no blogging friends.

What is a Blog and Why Do I Need One?


Recently I had a quick look at Quora and found out that users were still talking about whether or not blogs are for them. While you’ve heard enough insights and stats on blogging itself on our blog, this post is starting from the start. So what is a blog?

Resurfacing Old Blog Content

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The most frustrating thing about writing blog content is that it typically “disappears” after a couple days. Disqus, which I use for comments, shows four articles at the end of each blog post. Blogging

10 Amazing Books On Blogging You Must Read


If you’re running a corporate blog or are a pro-blogger, it’s a great idea to start thinking about how you can improve and create stronger impact. Blogging is one part creative writing and one part astute marketing skills. RELATED: What is a blog and why do I need one ?

Aiming Blog Posts

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I got a note yesterday from a CEO I work with asking if a specific blog post was aimed at him. I replied and told him that I try very hard not to aim blog posts at anyone or any company. Of course I have those temptations from time to time but I feel that using this blog as a way to send a message to someone or some company is not appropriate and I don’t do that.

5 Social Media Blogs From Experts That Are Awesome


So, today I am sharing my top five favorite social media blogs from experts. 5 Social Media Blogs From Experts That Are Awesome. But more importantly it also runs an excellent blog where you can learn a lot about getting the most out of your social channels.

4 Reasons Why Your Business Should Start Blogging NOW (And a Surprise)


Even in today’s times, many business – big or small, are way behind the mark when it comes to SEO, content marketing and blogging. Where does your blogging fear lie at? Blogging for business boosts your social media presence.

30 Creative Ideas For Your Blog To Make It Remarkable


We keep asking you- no insisting that you must work hard at developing your professional and corporate blogs. From an SEO, branding and content marketing perspective, a good strong blog bodes well for your business. Here’s presenting amazingly creative ideas for your blogs.

5 Reasons Why Your Company Blog Is Still A Good Idea

YFS Magazine

Company blogs often account for a majority of a website’s traffic, which often translates into more conversions and sales. Grow Marketing & Sales blogging company blog content marketing marketing

An Editorial Calendar For Your Blog Is A Remarkable Need


Over 2 million blogs will be posted today. We’re creating more content than ever before and I’m here to tell you, to succeed , an editorial calendar for your blog is ESSENTIAL. Why Do You Need An Editorial Calendar For Your Blog? Let’s start with statistics.

Is Your Blog Topic Profitable? by Yaro Starak

I’ve received a number of emails from people who are interested in joining my January intake for Blog Mastermind 2.0, The post Is Your Blog Topic Profitable? Blog Mastermind Blogs & Blogging Blogs and Blog Traffic blog money finder market research topic selection

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My Partners Blogging In 2017

Feld Thoughts

My partners Chris Moody , Seth Levine , and Lindel Eakman are all blogging right now. My other two partners, Ryan McIntyre and Jason Mendelson have blogged in the past, ut took a break in 2017. Also, the Foundry Group blog is always active, with occasional thought pieces but mostly updates on initial financings both for companies and other funds that we invest in. Very few LPs blog, so it’s neat to add Lindel’s perspective as a fund investor into the mix.

7 Awesome Tools For Professional Blogging You Must Use


A lot of bloggers think blogging is only about writing a few paragraphs interspersed with images. I’m not trying to be cynical here, but there’s a plethora of blogs which would do really well if created professionally. Tools For Professional Blogging.

FAQs on Blogging- From Our Ann Arbor Workshop!


For those of you who were unable to attend, here were a a few FAQs on blogging that I answered in the workshop, which I feel could be helpful to everyone beginning with it! FAQs on Blogging- directly from our Ann Arbor workshop. What platform do you recommend for Blogging?

3 Reasons Why You Need A Company Blog, Like, Yesterday

YFS Magazine

Here's a look at 3 effective ways a company blog can help grow your business. Grow Marketing & Sales blogging company blog content marketing content strategy marketing

14 Entrepreneurs List Their Favorite Business Blogs


We all have that one business blog that addresses our pain points and motivates us to press on. As an entrepreneur, there’s also need to stay informed about the latest trends in our respective industries where most of this information can be found on business blogs.

10 Things I Wished I Knew Before I Started Blogging


Everyone blogs these days. Before I started blogging everything seemed easy. Soon I realized, a lot of people blog just for the sake of blogging. Why do blogs fail ? #1 It is very easy to start a blog and it is free too. It is true for blogging too.

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The Business Of Blogging: 8 Tasks Every Blogger Should Outsource

YFS Magazine

Grow Operations blogging blogging for business blogging tips outsourcingIf you are a blogger and considering outsourcing tasks to freelancers, it's good to think this way.

Why Blog?

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An SEO secret that boosts online awareness fast You have probably noticed the thousands of blogs online from big businesses, Mom-and-Pop stores and individuals. However, if you are not blogging, [.]. Sales SEO Blogs content search engine otpimization SEO blogs Some of the information is interesting while most of it is boring (or just a way for people to vent or talk about themselves.)

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6 Storytelling Blogs That Are Awesome


Here are a few storytelling blogs that I particularly always refer to when I am thinking about how to improve a story. 6 Storytelling Blogs That Are Awesome. The TED Blog is also a good source for inspirational storytelling. Everyone has a story. Yes, ma’am.

The Beginner’s Guide On How To Create A Remarkable Business Blog


Recently, a Brandanew community member asked us this question on Facebook- “I have my own apparel site and I do some associated blogging with it, but I am thinking to take it into complete blogging space” This is a big question depending on how you look at it.

Are Your Blogs Blah?

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You write and post blogs because they are good for your business… or are they? Your blogs may just be blah! The post Are Your Blogs Blah? Without a content strategy, you losing time, money and sales!

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How Can a Blog Make Money and How Much Can I Earn?


Ever wondered- can a blog make money ? If you’ve read our first post in our Blogging series about what is a blog and why you need one, you’re aware of how important blogs are for increasing traffic to your website and for gaining your potential customers’ trust.

Three Essential Tips To Grow Your Blog

The Startup Magazine

Do you want to grow your blog – these tips will help you do so and gain more attention for your site. This is without a doubt one of the most important aspects regarding your blog. This will ultimately drive more traffic to your blog.

Back From My Blogging Break

Feld Thoughts

I took the last two weeks off from blogging. While I try to blog every day, I don’t have a daily ritual like Fred Wilson does. After writing one more post on July 31st, I gave myself permission to take a two-week vacation from blogging. This wasn’t a work vacation, but it was a blogging vacation. The post Back From My Blogging Break appeared first on Feld Thoughts. Writing Blogging disciplineIt was a nice vacation.

Blog Mastermind Is Closing: Here Are All The Best Free Training Resources I Released To Help You Start An Online Business by Yaro Starak

As you may know if you’re on my email newsletter, my flagship course Blog Mastermind 2.0, This is the final year I am running group coaching sessions, so I wanted to make sure if you joined Blog Mastermind before the closing deadline, you still have the chance to talk to me […].

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7 Keys To Utilizing A Blog To Drive Your Business

Startup Professionals Musings

Blogging has come a long way in the past few years, from a social release for narcissists, to today’s required vehicle for promoting your consulting business and gaining valuable online exposure. Here are some tips I’ve gleaned from experience: Lead with your blog.

4 Essential Blogging Tips For Your Small Business

YFS Magazine

How can you stay true to your brand and use your company blog effectively? Grow Marketing & Sales blogging blogging for business blogging tips inbound marketing marketing

Why I Blog

Instigator Blog

I’ve been blogging for a long time. Every once in awhile I ask myself, “Why do I blog, anyway?” ” As I’ve pointed out in the past, I can trace almost every opportunity I’ve had back to blogging. I’ve been a frequent reader of your blog for the last two years and it really helped me in the process of starting my own little business. Take care and keep on blogging. Bloggers blog because they want attention.

8 Ways That Blogging Will Kickstart Your Startup

Startup Professionals Musings

Blogging is one of the best ways to do this and build a brand, even before you have a product or service. Thus I recommend that every entrepreneur start blogging in parallel with solution development for the following benefits: Get customer idea feedback before you commit resources.

Is Too Much Blogging Killing Your Business?

YFS Magazine

There’s a lot of pressure on small businesses to start blogging. Grow Marketing & Sales blogging blogging for business blogging tips content marketing marketingFor some it really isn't their cup of tea.

Blogging and Venture Capital

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

They asked me how blogging has impacted the way we do the venture capital business. I think it's a pretty good explanation of how this blog is a critical part of how I work. They asked me how blogging has impacted the way we do the venture capital business.

Blog Traffic Fundamentals: What Are Communication Channels? by Yaro Starak

It’s been a long time overdue but I have finally started to do a complete review and update of the Blog Profits Blueprint , my ground-breaking report from – and you won’t believe this – 2007!

Proven Strategies to Increase Blog Traffic.

The Startup Magazine

In this article we’re going to look at 7 different ways to drive more traffic to your blog site. Creating viral blog content. Attracting laser targeted subscribers is a sure fire way of boosting traffic to your blog. The post Proven Strategies to Increase Blog Traffic.

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3 Hard Truths No One Tells You About Blogging

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

I was tempted to create a different personality If the blog is supposed to be fake, it’s not a problem at all. The image that your mind is painting while you are reading someone else’s blog can be fake by 50% or maybe more. Building buzz around your blog – Are there any pros?

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How Do Blogs Create A Community?

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

6 Ways To Create A Community On Your Blog When you create a community on your blog, it helps to build a connection with your audience. Your blog, website or online store will be more successful when your readers, prospects and customers develop a real, quality connection with you.