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2430 Denmark, Garland, Texas

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Invesdor Launches in Norway and Denmark


In addition to Norway, Invesdor is now available in Finland, UK, Sweden, Denmark and Iceland Photo: Alexey Topolyanskiy / Invesdor will launch in Denmark on February 23rd with a workshop for SMEs at co-working space Republikken.

How Open Innovation drives Denmark's LEGO


David Nikel reports from InnoTown, the innovation conference in Ålesund, Norway. Embracing innovation and entrepreneurship not only saved LEGO, but rocketed yearly profit growth to 40% for five years running during the global recession.

Denmark's Brain+ puts learning back into games


Your average smartphone game might challenge your reflexes, memory, and use up a little of your brain''s processing power to figure out how to attack that base, but realistically plenty of games out there are mindless.

Denmark's CrowdCurity Crowdsources Vulnerability Testing for Startups


Facebook, Google, and the other big tech companies all have massive amounts of code, and regardless of how much effort they put into security, some bugs are going to be discovered by hackers and security analysts.

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Breaking: Denmark's Trustpilot grabs Massive $25 Million Funding Round


Additionally the round saw participation from all existing investors, which include Denmark''s SEED capital, Index Ventures, and Northzone. Here''s a new benchmark of money to be raised. Copenhagen-based Trustpilot announces it has raise a massive $25 million (€18.28

Denmark's Swipes voted top 3 startups built off Evernote platform


While officially counting Denmark as their home, the Swipes team is located in Denmark, Bulgaria and Brazil. If you can''t beat them, should you join them?

Want to Raise Successful Kids? Science Says Have Them Later in Life

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If you're an older parent, this study out of Denmark will give you reason to cheer

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Denmark's Riidr E-Book Publishing Solution Receives Investment From Schibsted


Later that year, they added iOS and Android apps, and continued increasing their market share in Denmark. Copenhagen-based Riidr has received investment from Schibsted, one of the Nordic's largest Media conglomerates.

Denmark proposes generous tax deduction for startup investors


As Trendsonline reported , the Danish government is planning to introduce new tax deductions which favor startup investors as a part of the 2020 plan.

Quit sending PDFs - Check out Denmark's PitchXO


This startup is going to make you feel that sending a normal PDF is outdated. Check out PitchXO , a Danish startup that allows you to upload your presentations to their service, giving you branded hosting to pass on to your clients or investors, which comes with a few benefits.

Denmark, Finland Lead World in Positive Attitude towards Entrepreneurship


It may come as a surprise to the humble Danes and Finns, but they come in first and second as having the most positive attitude towards entrepreneurship in the world, according to the Amway Global Entrepreneurship Report compiled by the University of Munich.

Ants Ridesharing Launches Strategic Partnership With Statoil Denmark, New Android App


Ants announced today that Statoil Denmark is building off of their platform to provide ridesharing services through Staoil's "moBilen" app for iPhone and Android, as well as through Statoil's Facebook page.

LaunchPad Denmark To Attract Entrepreneurs To Danish Soil


If you were thinking about moving to Denmark to set up a company, you now have an interesting program to apply to. Starting March 18 participants can register for the competition and upload their business plans, video pitches and give information about their motivation to come to Denmark.

How This Charming Danish Co-Living Space Helps Founders Raise Millions

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At Nest, a 3,000 square-foot complex in Copenhagen, Denmark, entrepreneurs make key networking connections -- often over bottles of wine

Denmark-based SimpleSite Shows Solid User Growth


Seventy percent of the Denmark-based company’s turnover in 2013 was international and 88 percent of all new customers came from abroad SimpleSite , as the name suggests, is a platform dedicated to make it easy for SME’s and individuals alike to create their own websites. The Danish company began its journey quite some time ago, 2003 to be exact. That hardly makes them a young startup anymore, however success stories from our region are always pleasant to catch up on.

Denmark's Opbeat comes out of Beta


One of the more promising developer tools coming out of the region, Opbeat , has come out of beta with their official launch party kicking off tomorrow in San Francisco.

Denmark And Sweden To Replace Stamps With Text Messages


Looks as if this is going to see implementation both in Denmark and in Sweden, beginning with Denmark in April. While this is coming to Denmark in April, Anders Åsberg, heard of marketing and development with Swedish postal service stated for

Denmark's Sekoia picks up €2.7 Million with tech for elder care


From here on we aim at fine-tuning our product to further improve our client business case, and become an even more attractive product to care homes in Denmark and nearby markets. To date Sekoia is live in 40 care homes in Denmark and is churning through 1 million care tasks every month.

Fashion Platform from Denmark kicks off with $400,000 in Angel Capital


Jokes aside, Denmark-based THE FASHION really is a platform that attires ladies from all ends of the fashion scale, making it for many a potential source of viceful hedonism.

Netflix To Launch In Norway, Denmark, Sweden, And Finland


That is at least if you're living in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, or Finland. In the region, we've got Voddler out of Sweden, VDIO (Not launched here, but by the Skype guys), and Denmark's Xstream. Throw away your televisions, Netflix is coming to town. The U.S. based streaming service offers a deep catalog of movies and TV shows for a flat monthly rate. More specific details about pricing and content will be announced closer to launch, which is slated to be be in late 2012.

How These Founders Built a $2.1 Billion Business by Ignoring Investors' Advice

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The customer service platform that solved a big problem for Dropbox, Deckers, and others made it to an IPO the long way: from Denmark to Wall Street

A look at Denmark's SEED Capital


Among their investors is Denmark''s SEED Capital , one of the most active investors in the region and the largest early stage venture fund in Denmark with €240 million under management. The other day you must have caught news that Copenhagen-based Trustpilot raised $25 millioin.

Safello expands local payments into Denmark and Norway


Bitcoin platform Safello announces today it''s expanding to Norway and Denmark outside of its native Sweden to make buying and selling bitcoins more convenient.

Winners Of Venture Cup Idea Competition In Denmark


Venture Cup Idea Competition in Denmark is an annual business idea competition that takes place at the end of the calendar year. We looked at the technology companies that made it to the final to discover the new innovation coming from Denmark in 2011.

15 minutes of fame … in Denmark

Venture Cyclist

A few months ago I was invited to be interviewed about big data by Anders Høeg Nissen of the Danish Broadcasting Corp when he was visiting Boston. Anders is the presenter of Harddisken , a weekly hour-long program about technology, which first started broadcasting in 1994. Earlier today, his program on big data was broadcast, and I already received one email from someone who heard the show (I am duly flattered).

SEED Capital Raises Another €20 M For Denmark-Focused Investments


Here's some nice news for Danish entrepreneurs: SEED Capital has raised another €20 million for SEED Capital Denmark II , their fund focused on Danish investments. SEED Capital Denmark II was established in 2010 and has already invested in 10 companies.

Takeaway Delivery Platforms Just Eat & in The Battle for Denmark


A major success story for Denmark started in 2001 when Danish food service website Just Eat launched for the first time. 5 years later they expanded to the UK and continued to add one country after another into their network.

Denmark's Accelerace Boosting Startups in new Smart City with €250,000 Grand Prize


SE (Syd Energi) who is one of the largest energy and broadband provider in Denmark, is attempting to build a new city somewhat within Esbjerg, on the west coast of Denmark. Ever wish you had an entire city with next-generation infrastructure to test out your startup on?

Denmark's Just Eat to IPO on the London Stock Exchange


Denmark''s takeaway giant Just Eat announced this morning it plans to raise £100 million (€119 million) by listing its shares on the London Stock Exchange this April.

Spotify Expands To Denmark


Spotify has just announced its expansion to Denmark. While Denmark isn't a huge market place, it's definitely a step Spotify needed to take - it needs to work in all markets to make it a consumer favorite. Premium costs just 99kr a month and is also available in all 7-Eleven stores in Denmark. Denmark is thus the 9th country Spotify is available in.

A Breakdown Of The Daily Deals Market in Denmark


Continuing from our previous coverage of the daily deals market in the Baltics, we're taking a look at the Danish market with information and analysis provided to us by Bownty , the leading daily deals aggregator in Denmark.

Denmark's Endomondo Hits 20 Million Users Tracking Workouts


At five years on the market, the Danish sports tracking app Endomondo announces it''s hit the milestone of 20 million users and over a billion miles of activity.

Denmark Moves Towards Dropping The "Entrepreneurs' Tax"


In April we did a bigger story on Danish entrepreneurs' movement against what they called the iværksætterskat , or Entrepreneurs' tax. The tax got its nickname by levying an additional 25% on any shareholder with less than 10% ownership of a company, which is typically a startup company.

Submarine Cable Between Iceland And Denmark To Make Icelandic Data Storage More Attractive


Iceland is getting hooked up to Denmark with an upgraded submarine cable connection, which promises faster speeds and greater redundency. Iceland has been growing as an attractive location for datacenters in recent years.

A Blue Print For Successful Startup Hubs

VC Cafe

The Economist published "If in doubt, innovate" a special report on The Nordic Region (Sweden, Denmark, Finland) as a hotbed for entrepreneurship we can all learn from.

European Nations Appoint 'Digital Ministers,' Recognizing the Clout of Tech Titans

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In countries including Denmark and Poland, governments have appointed special representatives to negotiate with global tech companies

Microsoft Owes Denmark $1 Billion While Google, Facebook And Others Do Everything They Can To Avoid Taxes


?. In the recent news it was uncovered that Microsoft owes Denmark 5.8 billion Danish Crowns (Around $1.015 Billion) in back taxes as a result of Microsoft’s acquisition of Navision in 2002.

What's Hot In Denmark? Startup Weekend Copenhagen!


This year the start-up community in Denmark for the second time held Startup Weekend Copenhagen. The aim of the event is quite similar to Garage48: participants form teams and within 54 hours create a foundation for a start-up. The teams are mentored by experienced entrepreneurs and at the end of the weekend the start-ups pitch their ideas in front of the jury.

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BBC's Global iPlayer iPad App Now Available In Finland, Sweden and Denmark


BBC’s Global iPlayer iPad app, originally launched in July in 11 European countries, is now available in Finland, Sweden and Denmark. For 6.99 €/month or an optional annual subscription of 64.99 €, users will get access to BBC’s extensive archives from the last 70 years of broadcasting.