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The “lead investor” dance

David Cohen

The term “lead investor” is often code. ” Let me know when you have a lead investor. ” You see, many angel and seed investors view it as their job to establish a “free option” on investing in your company. Fight through this using direct communication. Break it down.

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Never ask anyone to be your lead investor

David Cohen

Let me explain why you should never ask anyone to be your lead investor. If they want to invest, they’re going to want to lead and will throw out a term sheet. If they want to invest, they’re going to want to lead and will throw out a term sheet. You never have to ask them to be your “lead investor.”


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The “Come-from-Behind” Lead Investor

Genuine VC

However, in my personal experience, the come-from-behind lead investor is worth incorporating into the process, as it turns out more often than you’d expect that they end up leading the round. The post The “Come-from-Behind” Lead Investor appeared first on GenuineVC.'

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How To Secure A Lead Investor


By searching for a lead investor in your next funding round. The lead investor is the first step in Read more >. The post How To Secure A Lead Investor appeared first on The Gust Blog. How do you continue to build your business?

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The NextView Ventures Manifesto

View from Seed

Lead investors are few. Leads that are true force-multipliers are exceedingly rare. Although seed funding has exploded since we started Nextview, we continue to hear the refrain from founders that there are tons of investors that will pile-in on a round that is coming together, but that lead investors are few and far between.

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Startup CXO: A Field Guide to Scaling Up Your Company’s Critical Functions and Teams

Feld Thoughts

Fred Wilson was his lead investor. I was the lead investor for Veripost. I’ve been working with Matt since 2000. That year, we merged two companies: Return Path and Veripost. Matt was the co-founder/CEO of Return Path.

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A founders’ guide to capital raising

NZ Entrepreneur

Lead investors and term sheets. Now that you’ve got investors undergoing due diligence, you must secure a lead investor. Typically, lead investors take up a significant portion of an investment round, and act as a signal to other investors that the round is getting traction.