Nine Tips To Improve Audience Growth For Your Startup

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Improving audience growth for your startup is probably the most important thing that you can do. You can get funding for your company that will help you grow, but you need to have an audience that is going to buy your products at some point. Find Your Audience.

How Audience Testing Can Help Ensure The Success Of Your Business Name


This is called audience testing, and it is a vital step in the business naming process. In this article, you will learn about how to best use Audience Testing to validate your business name ideas. What is Audience Testing in Naming and Why is it Important?

Know Your Audience: The Power Of Human-Centered Content


You’re not trying to sell your products and services to Google’s web-crawler bots. So as much as you might want to create beautiful content written for a human audience, it can seem that economics favors the robots. Remember who your audience is.

Your 2018 Brand Agenda: Follow the Audience!


Are you ready to follow the audience? Follow the Audience: Making Your 2018 Brand Agenda. Here’s an inspiring product series launched by LinkedIn and Starbucks which shares this idea beautifully. The post Your 2018 Brand Agenda: Follow the Audience! Happy new year!

Use Instagram To Engage Audiences With Your Brand, Intelligently


You could be a new entrant to the world of entrepreneurship or a seasoned veteran; you need your business to communicate with your audience and reach them in a way that is effective and makes them your loyal followers. Instagram advertising offers a great way for brands to engage audience.

Business Plan Writers - Know Your Audience

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Even if you know your product/service suite down cold, understand the strengths/weaknesses of the competition, and have built pro forma financials that are sane. you still have to write the plan for a particular audience.

10 Questions to Help You Figure Out Where Your Audience Gets Their Information


Developing and deploying content in a way that’s consistent with how your audience finds their information is an important step in increasing your content marketing ROI. Maybe you kicked the tires on a new product idea or tested a client framework you’ve been developing.

When To Hire A Video Production Company


With the high demand for quality video content, video production companies have been on the rise. While it is important to choose the right video production agency , it is paramount that you make the right decision on when to seek such services.

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The Art Of The Hollywood Hook: How To Grab An Audience In 8 Seconds Flat


Be it a pitch to investors, a company presentation, or an advertisement, if you can’t catch the attention of your audience within eight seconds, you’ve already lost. Your audience is now hooked and asking, “Why and how did they get banned?”.

Web Weaving – Utilising Digital Marketing To Ensnare A Wider Audience


If you feel stuck, as if your current audience is too limited, it might be time to widen your digital net to draw in a bigger customer base. This can be entertaining or informative, but either way it should relate to your industry and the product or service you’re offering.

How to Build Trust With Your Audience

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How to Build Trust With Your Audience written by John Jantsch read more at Duct Tape Marketing. The fact of the matter is, we’ll buy products we like, but we’ll rarely commit to an organization unless we trust them. Know your audience.

6 Things Startup Businesses Can Do To Increase Their Instagram Audience


If your account is doing well, you are making frequent posts, but you may have a difficult time finding your audience. Much like any new account on a social media platform, it takes time to grow your audience. Thank your audience for their input and answer questions.

How to Choose Your Ideal Audience

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How to Choose Your Ideal Audience written by John Jantsch read more at Duct Tape Marketing. My guest for this week’s episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast is Susan Baier, Founder of Audience Audit – “a little research company with big ideas.”

How To Get Your Audience Involved With Pinterest


The best way to use Pinterest for your business is to get your audience involved. First take a look at both your target audience and Pinterest’s users as a whole. So your goal is to attract that Pinterest population from your audience group.

Proof That Your Audience Is Online

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Let me guess -- you are reading this article because you doubt your audience is online? Today, we tap into online social networks to search for product recommendations, ask for reviews, and share experiences. Yes, Your Audience Is Online.

How To Tell A Remarkable Product Story!


But have you ever thought about product stories? Sure it depends on the product. But if you really have a unique and innovative product, it is possible to create a story that entertains, creates awareness and also enhances its value in the eyes of the customers.

How to Make an Animated Explainer Video That Resonates With Your Audience

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Well, yes, but with animation, you have some extra benefits that you may not have thought about: They are great for explaining complex products . Compared with live action videos, animation can help you show your product in detail. First things first: Know your audience.

How To Hook Your Audience’s Attention At A Networking Event


The key is to turn the audience from passive receivers into active investigators. As always, the key is knowing your audience. How and when you plant the hook in these exchanges can completely elevate the quality and productivity of the outcome.

5 Ways to Supercharge Your Custom Audience

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5 Ways to Supercharge Your Custom Audience written by Guest Post read more at Duct Tape Marketing. If you don’t upload a custom audience to your Facebook ads, pack your bags, leave, and forget about Facebook advertising. What Is a Custom Audience?

Should You Focus on Your Target Audience or Building Your Brand?

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But, it seems that the most productive and most effective way to build a new business involves focusing on your target audience. Think of your brand as the “name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature” used to identify your product or your service as distinct from others.

Sole Traders: The Perfect Audience for Online Accountants

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It turns out that sole traders are the perfect audience for online accounting. Because they are wearing multiple hats simultaneously, their time is stretched far enough that they don’t have sufficient time to devote to core products and services.

How To Increase Sales Using The Right Product Video


And among the slew of powerful formats, product videos remain atop the most used due to their versatility and usefulness. The thing is that no two product videos are the same. Format – All product videos are the same, right?

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How to Write Copy for More Than One Audience on a Page


When you’re putting together copy for a website you may not have the luxury of only having to speak to one audience. In fact, you may have multiple audiences you need to address. What if both audiences require equal attention? Two audiences get equal billing.

Building an audience for first-time entrepreneurs


Yesterday, I wrote about my failure to attract an audience at my last startup Parrotview. Building an audience is hard and is a full-time job. This is really hard work, and it takes a while to build an audience with a blog. But it was a great way to get our first audience.

Andrew Chen: Growing renewable audiences

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Lessons Learned by Eric Ries Friday, September 12, 2008 Andrew Chen: Growing renewable audiences Growing renewable audiences (a talk at O’Reilly Alphatech Ventures) | Futuristic Play by @Andrew_Chen Non-sustainable: In fact, I’ll describe press and blog traffic as “fool’s gold&# because of the associated emotions that it brings. These are things that if you get right, you can optimize your way into a big, sustainable audience.

5 Ways To Increase Facebook Ad Reach using Custom Audiences

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5 Ways To Increase Facebook Ad Reach using Custom Audiences written by Guest Post read more at Duct Tape Marketing. No matter what type of business you’re running, Facebook has an audience for you. Custom Audiences is one such amazing targeting feature. Product remarketing.

How to land new clients for your startup business

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This will allow your journey to go smoothly and be productive on your way there. These will give your products a spotlight at places where your target audience will reside, such as supermarkets, university campuses, or even music festivals.

How To Market Your Food Product Effectively


Making your product stand out of the crowd is quite challenging. The challenge is more when what you are offering is a food product, as people are becoming increasingly cautious about what they are giving to their bodies. Professionalisms food marketing food product product marketing

4 Tips For Food Product Label Design To Attract Customers


Designing a food product label, which captures the attention of your target customers, is exciting as well as challenging. With an increasing number of food products being introduced in the market, what should you do to make your food item get noticed? Know your audience.

How to Identify Your Online Target Audience and Sell More


It all starts with knowing who is your target audience and what they need or want. The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself. Why identifying your target audience matters.

Why Audience Development Must Come Before Business Development

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Why Audience Development Must Come Before Business Development written by John Jantsch read more at Small Business Marketing Blog from Duct Tape Marketing Marketing podcast with Jeffrey K. They have a head of sales, head of service and head of product – all of whom do marketing.

Tips for Getting Your Audience to Stay on Your Website Longer

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Tips for Getting Your Audience to Stay on Your Website Longer written by John Jantsch read more at Duct Tape Marketing. And while you can’t control a stranger’s attention span, there are things you can do to encourage your audience to stay on your website longer. Long, jargon-filled paragraphs and wishy-washy headlines are a great way to confuse and alienate your audience. Once you’ve created content that’s meaningful for your audience, consider grouping it on hub pages.

How to write an effective post to promote your product in social media?

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Every year thousands of small businesses are launching their products and services online with the help of social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Snapchat etc. Define your target audience. In what way will your product/service improve their lives?

How to Make Product Pages That Sell

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Product descriptions are meant to convince customers to buy things, right? But if a shopper can’t find your product description, it will never work its magic. That’s why you need to make sure that your product descriptions pop up higher in the search rankings.

Tailoring Your Products And Services To Your Customers


We want to work in an area that we’re interested in, creating products and offering services that we’d invest in ourselves. There are both direct and indirect ways that you can ensure your products are perfect for your target consumer audience.

The Value Of Corporate Video Production For Modern Day Businesses


Businesses of all sizes and in all industries need to communicate with their target audience and the wider world. A company will want to engage, entertain and inform their audience, and the best form of media to achieve this is film. Others corporate video production video

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4 Ways Start-Ups Can Make Their Virtual Meetings More Productive


It is therefore essential for business owners to think of ways to make meetings more productive and reduce the time spent in the conference rooms. This will not only ensure higher productivity and better efficiency within the organization, but the employees will be better engaged.

5 Questions To Consider Before You Start Selling Coaching Services

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Grow Marketing & Sales business coaching ideal customers life coaching market research product market fit target audienceHere are five really simple questions you can ask yourself, about your ideal clients, to learn more about the viability of your coaching services.

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Promotional Product Marketing


The aspect of promotional product marketing as a whole can be extremely effective if implemented well. Enough studies have proven that including the vital aspect of promotional products into your marketing initiatives does end up increasing the effectiveness of your brand by a good 44%.

Products I Love to Use

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I’m not trying to say my picks are great and other products aren’t and I’ll certainly forget some. But this is just a reflection midway in June 2015 of the some of the products I love, enjoy or use frequently, and am not an investor in. The reason it works better for me personally than Periscope is that I really like to be able to chat with the audience and on Periscope the comments disappear so fast I can’t respond to them.

How To Write “Compelling” Copy When You Don’t Have An Audience.


The key is to find the words that tap into those instinctual needs of your target audience and place them where they will be seen. Amazon product reviews. With a 41% response rate, they got phenomenal feedback about their product to use for their messaging down the road.

Is Product-Market Fit The Only Thing That Matters?

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When we talk about product-market fit, it's not just this ever elusive mix of favorable market conditions and the right audience. Plan customer validation market demand market research product development product market fit starting a business

How to Run a Successful Marketing Campaign on Product Hunt


A new product launch is never easy, even if you’re a well-known marketer or entrepreneur. Product Hunt, if used properly, can be an effective way to launch a new product in a crowded market. What is Product Hunt and who should use it? Some aspect of your product is free.