Rock Analytics More: Obsess About Goals And Goal Values!

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If you don't have goals, you are not doing digital analytics. We were brain storming about the next cluster of coolness for Analytics, the conversation quickly went to what Analysts need to look at on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Be Real-World Smart: A Beginner's Advanced Google Analytics Guide

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The outcome of book smart is rarely better for analytics practitioners then folks trying to learn how to fly an airplane from how-to books. This is all the way from Aug 2009: Web Analytics Career Advice: Play In The Real World! Go to the Analytics Help Demo Account page.

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The Magic of Universal Analytics: Strategy, Tactics, Implementation Tips

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In a Q&A after a keynote a couple of years ago, I was asked: " When will traditional business analysis subsume the web analytics silo? " " My reply: " All business will ultimately be digital, so, if anything, web analytics will subsume business analysis! "

5 Questions to Ask When Approaching Digital Analytics Data


It’s all about asking the right digital analytics questions. But in digital analytics, it’s crucial. According to Tim Wilson from Analytics Demystified , “Most analyses don’t turn up wildly surprising and dramatic insights. For instance, is your Google Analytics data sampled?

Lean Analytics

Startup Lessons Learned

Lean Analytics is the latest addition to the Lean Series. For example, in the revenue stage—where the company is busy growing revenues and pouring a percentage of them back into user acquisition—there are several places where analytics and iteration can help increase revenues.

Five Key Elements For A Big Analytics Driven Business Impact

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And, as if unlimited is not enough, nearly every month your analytics vendors release new features, you discover new analytics solutions, and as your business is more successful (hurray!) What guarantees that agility and innovation are present in your analytics practice?

Google Analytics 101: How To Configure Google Analytics To Get Actionable Data


After reading some of our subscriber feedback , we noticed that many ConversionXL readers didn’t have a solid foundation with a proper Google Analytics setup. Each user of Google Analytics can have multiple accounts. In-Page Analytics (or enhanced link attribution).

How to Setup Google Analytics and Segment Your Data


The ability to slice and dice your Google Analytics data is the difference between mediocre, surface-level insights and meaningful, useful analysis. Setting Up Your Google Analytics. First, let’s get Google Analytics accurately reporting pageviews.

7 Ways to Use Data and Analytics for Strategic Change

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More than ever, businesses need to take full advantage of automation, data, and analytics to run their business more productively and competitively. Strategic decision makers need to see the data, in addition to marketing and sales. Keep your eye on the data and the analytics.

Digital Marketing & Analytics: Five Deadly Myths De-mythified!

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As in, " You have to prove store sales from a See or a Think strategy before we invest in smart marketing." For how to go about this, use the wonderful Analytics Ladder of Awesomeness. Bonus: Magnificent Mobile Website And App Analytics: Reports, Metrics, How-to! <

The Beginner’s Guide to Mobile App Analytics


Note that I’m recommending Google products since we’re using Google Analytics throughout this article, but there are many measurement alternatives, like Mixpanel or Localytics. Be sure to link your AdMob account to your Google Analytics account.

Digital Marketing And Analytics: Two Ladders For Magnificent Success

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Progress in digital marketing and analytics in either scenario becomes painful (the organization / systems / thinking is simply not in the optimal position). In this post I want to arm you with the evolution you should undertake in your companies when it comes to marketing and analytics.

Dear Avinash: Your Digital Marketing + Analytics Challenges Answered

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about digital marketing and analytics. We will cover questions in four areas: business/strategy challenges, analytics/technical challenges, career/self-development questions and rampant speculation. First, I blame the analytics vendors. Technical Analytics Challenges.

Six Visual Solutions To Complex Digital Marketing/Analytics Challenges

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On paper what could possibly go wrong with creating or curating content with a eye to driving sales or influencing current or future customers? Six simple visualizations, and solutions, for complex marketing, analytics and life challenges. Two things I love a lot: 1.

Excellent Analytics Tip #24: Obsess About Real Business Profitability

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" comfort zone, and out of your Google Analytics, Site Catalyst, WebTrends worldview silo. Part of the reason is that the data you to which you have access narrows your worldview – "Hey, all I have is Google Analytics, so all I'll look at is Google Analytics data!"

YouTube Marketing And Analytics: A Primer For Magnificent Success

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YouTube Marketing and Analytics Framework for Success. I also believe that every company in a different stage of their evolution when it comes to sales, marketing, and audiences. For display ads, standard web analytics metrics apply: Click-through rate, % Assists (this is glorious!),

Funnel Analysis: Finding and Fixing Conversion Problems with Google Analytics


But, using Google Analytics, we can locate where they quit. While the existence of goals in Google Analytics (and other analytical tools out there) is common knowledge, many e-Commerce sites still struggle with getting the proper setup. You can do this in Google Analytics.

How Predictive Analytics Is Transforming eCommerce & Conversion Rate Optimization


Predictive analytics is making all these dreams a reality by offering solutions for these three areas and much much more. Predictive analytics helps look at all the different variables to generate the desired engagement from the customer. So, How Can I Deploy Predictive Analytics?

10 Google Analytics Reports That Tell You Where Your Site is Leaking Money


Google Analytics can provide answers. #1: This google analytics report will tell you how much traffic is dropping off at each funnel step. The truth is that the funnel in Google Analytics was missing 2 steps! Blog eCommerce Resources SaaS Resources Analytics google analytics

Google Analytics 102: How To Set Up Goals, Segments & Events in Google Analytics


Some of you out there may find this Google Analytics feature overview to be mostly review. From the time you set up your account and put your tracking code on your site, Google Analytics, starts to capture and display a lot of data. Universal Google Analytics.

Google Analytics Tips: 10 Data Analysis Strategies That Pay Off Big!

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In the coming year, based on current announcements , Google Analytics is set to go through an almost unprecedented amount of evolution. My favorite is Visitor Analytics, and visitor level segmentation that will be pervasive throughout the product. In-Page Analytics Report.

Excellent Analytics Tip #21: Convert Complex Data Into Simple Logical Stories

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The flow starts with Research Online and then moves into illustrating what it takes to get one sale in this industry category (twelve searches, fifteen website visits and 5 display ad clicks). Advanced Analytics Digital Analytics Marketing Tips Web Insights Web Metrics data presentation tips

3 Steps to Set up eCommerce Tracking in Google Analytics

Duct Tape Marketing

3 Steps to Set up eCommerce Tracking in Google Analytics written by Guest Post read more at Duct Tape Marketing. To all the eCommerce store owners, if you haven’t set up eCommerce tracking in Google Analytics then you are not taking your online business seriously.

The 7 Unholy Lies Your Analytics Are Telling You (and How to Discover the Gospel Truth)


Google might be the holy grail of analytics, and there’s little question that you need it plugged in if you want to track your website’s success. But that doesn’t mean Google Analytics is telling you the full story. Blog Analytics google analytics intermediate

5 Things You’re Measuring Incorrectly With Digital Analytics & What To Do About It


Watching the growth of digital analytics over the last several years has been both exciting and disturbing. Disturbing, because many people & organizations want to compete on analytics, but are not doing the right things or adopting the right thinking about analytics.

Adometry Dominates the Marketing Analytics Market


Sales executives have But marketing officers have never had a […] The post Adometry Dominates the Marketing Analytics Market appeared first on SiliconHills. By AMY MCCULLOUGH Reporter with Silicon Hills News While the science behind Austin’s Adometry might be complex, the company’s goals are simple: To help marketing executives answer the questions, “How’s my marketing doing?” and “What should I do different?” Financial executives have Oracle Financials.

Using Analytics Effectively To Execute Your Brand Strategy


Luckily, much of the guesswork in measuring ROI has become much more easy to track: analytics allow you to establish data-driven goals and measures across marketing channels, streamlining and focusing your efforts. Analytics can also point out market limits. by Lewis Robinson.

Web Analytics Analysis: How to Find Problem Areas & A/B Test Ideas


Web analytics analysis is a big part of that. Why Web Analytics Analysis Is Important. Web analytics analysis is a key part of the ResearchXL model. Before you can properly complete your web analytics analysis, you should have a list of questions that need answers.

The Very Best Digital Metrics For 15 Different Companies!

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Then, you would ensure the obsession your analytics strategy adopts this month/quarter/year for Assisted Conversion is to segment them for SDC to validate the impact of those high priority campaigns. B2B / Enterprise Sales: Salesforce. The very best analysts distill, rather than dilute.

Excellent Analytics Tip #17: Calculate Customer Lifetime Value

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But as we drill deeper into worse performing media, or pay out for lower-volume-lower-relevance search terms, our cost per sale gradually rises. You'll notice instantly that almost none of the data above is available in your web analytics tool.

Sales 3.0: evolution of the software sales function

Version One Ventures

It’s widely accepted that SaaS has permanently changed software sales. Enterprise software sales once meant a large “boots on the ground” field sales team who knew how to wine and dine the right individuals and stakeholders. With the emergence of SaaS, the sales process became more transactional and less about relationships. As a result, focus began to shift from field sales to inside sales. Sales 3.0: Sales 3.0 The post Sales 3.0:

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Web Analytics 101: Definitions: Goals, Metrics, KPIs, Dimensions, Targets

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" "What is a dimension in analytics?" There seems to be genuine confusion about the simplest, most foundational, parts of web metrics / analytics. The post will end with a Web Analytics Measurement Framework. My web analytics KPI is: Average Order Size.

7 Important KPIs Every Site Owner Should Know

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Grow Marketing & Sales analytics company website conversion optimization marketing web analytics

A Primer on Startup Metrics – Which Analytics Tool to pick. - Startup Lessons Learned

A Primer on Startup Metrics – Which Analytics Tool to pick. As a analytics consultant I am working with a lot of startups and help them in the topics of metrics, analytics, retention and growth. The Segmentation of web analytics. eg switch sales focus).

10 Optimization Experts Share Their Favorite Google Analytics Reports (Copy Them!)


One of the key things Google Analytics helps us do when optimizing a website is identify conversion uplift opportunities. Google Analytics won’t tell us what the problems are, we need to interpret the data ourselves. The first thing I check in Google Analytics.

How Call Tracking with Google Analytics Increases Your Profits


Online, top call tracking services will assign each visitor a unique phone number (known as a legacy number) that will sync with the Google Analytics if dialed. Integrated with Google Analytics to create a pageview once phone call reached a certain length.

Here’s How To Measure The Real Impact Of Your Online Marketing

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Grow Marketing & Sales analytics digital marketing marketing online marketing web analytics website analytics

Running a digital marketing campaign is a demanding process. You need to be sure that every campaign you run is worth the effort.

The Secret Weapon to Scaling: Sales Operations

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I asked her what role she was currently playing and my eyes widened when she replied, "sales operations". When the people around us looked puzzled, I realized that not everyone appreciates that sales operations is the secret weapon to scaling start ups.

Love or Hate It, Why Predictive Analytics is the Next Big Thing

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One of the most valuable business uses of predictive analytics is in marketing and sales

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Sales Success Begins And Ends With Engagement


By Kurt Bilafer, Global Vice President Sales & Success at WePay. As a sales leader, my professional life is filled with quotas, metrics and dashboards. In sales there’s an expression, “coin operated salespeople.”

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