Gold & Silver Falling - Chad Hagan Called It :)


Chad Hagan commod gold Hagan Capital silver FROM 10/2/2014.

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In a World of Startup How-Tos, What About Bucking the Trend? [Traction #37: Chad Laurans, SimpliSafe]

View from Seed

Chad Laurans is the CEO of SimpliSafe, a large and growing tech company located in the Boston area. Years ago, in the span of 30 days, three of Chad’s friends were robbed. That led to Chad’s thriving business today. Today, we discuss how Chad built an Internet of Things-like product before that phrase existed, before the hype helps your marketing or fundraising, and before anyone was thinking about the connected home.

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Leadership Lessons from CEOs: Chad Holliday, Former CEO of DuPont

NFIB Young Entrepreneur Foundation Blog

Former CEO of DuPont Chad Holliday spoke at the George Washington University School of Business as part of the GWWIB (Graduate Women in Business) conference. Related links: Chad Holliday’s book Walking the Talk.

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Gold & Silver Outlook - Chad Hagan - Hagan Capital LLC


Gold, Silver Outlook 2014, 2015 Hagan Capital , Atlanta, Georgia, Precious Metals, Geneva, Suisse, Economics, AGSI Group, Trading Metals, AGSITRADE.CH, Chad Hagan.

Inflation 1996 - 2016


Hooked on inflation - Chad

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Silver Spot Price w/ Dow Jones Industrial Average


Chad Hagan Charting DJIA Dow Jones Industrial Silver silver Silver Spot PriceNot good. Maybe an uptick is occurring, but we need a serious uptick on silver. Many promote the industrial benefit of silver but correlation tends to lag.

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Please visit Fast Economics - Chad's new home

YouTube Co-Founder Chad Hurley's Next Act

Inc Startups

Here''s a look inside MixBit, Chad Hurley and Steven Chen''s new app. billion would have been enough for co-founders Chad Hurley and Steven Chen. What do you do after you''ve founded a video-sharing site that more than 1 billion people use each month?

Chad Dickerson of Etsy's Call to Action on Net Neutrality: The Free Web Needs You

Inc Startups

As the comment period for net neutrality winds down at the FCC, small businesses weigh in with their concerns

How 2 Entrepreneurs Saw Amazing Success in Just 2 Months

Inc Startups

I recently connected with the founders of WUDN, Chad Keller and Phil Laboon, and it was obvious that we all shared that energy for entrepreneurship

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Kentucky Liquor Company Buys Austin’s Deep Eddy Vodka


Clayton Christopher and Chad Auler founded Deep Eddy Vodka in 2010. Austin Chad Auler Clay Christopher Deep Eddy Vodka Heaven Hill BrandsHeaven Hill Brands of Kentucky announced this week it is buying Austin-based Deep Eddy Vodka for an undisclosed amount.

Guest Post – Chad Farrell of [link] on SurgeAccelerator

Startup Houston

Surge Houston Blog for Startup Houston. I thought I might add my unique perspective on the Surge Energy Technology Accelerator program given that my first startup NetworkOil was in the Digital Oilfield (a great web 1.0 term I have not heard since the internet boom of 1999) and my recent experience in the Capital Factory Accelerator program based in Austin Texas. If you are an entrepreneur and starting a company, why join an accelerator?

Investor Group Announces $300 Million Offer to Acquire American Apparel


We strongly urge the creditors to evaluate and accept our offer," stated Chad Hagan, Managing Partner of Hagan Capital Group." Chad Hagan Dov Charney Hagan Capital Group Hagan Capital Group / HCG Inc. "American Apparel is a proven viable business model that needs to be scaled from a sales point of view and should not be in bankruptcy. If the Company is not turned around it will be a pointless loss of American manufacturing jobs.

Want to Make Better Hiring Decisions? One Job Interview Technique You Need to Use

Inc Startups

Here's a simple technique from six-time NASCAR Sprint Cup champion crew chief Chad Knaus that is definitely worth adapting Want better insight into a candidate's cultural fit?

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5 Ways Small Businesses Can Show The Planet Some Love On Earth Day


by Chad Reid, Director of Communications for JotForm. Chad Reid is a career marketer and currently Director of Communications for JotForm , a popular online form builder. Thinking Aloud Chad Reid Earth Day eco-friendly green business small business

Chart 100 Years of Silver


Ping Zermatt Credit if you want the data points - Chad Hagan. silver

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The Myth of The Middle Class, American Style Consumer Expenditure, Individualism


American Style Consumer Expenditure Chad Hagan Middle Class Politics The Myth of the Middle Class-In this article "middle-class" includes up to the mass-affluent, and the group thought dogma of American waste and boom years. It includes the corporate goons who scream for non-ESG growth, and it includes anyone who is a luddite. American Style Consumer Expenditure - remember that one. Don't benchmark to the average. In fact, don't benchmark to the best unless you are in a top market. Oldest Microwave Seen Recently


Subscribe to Club Sandwich - Chads Newsletter. Chad Hagan. Translate. Monday, January 14, 2013. Oldest Microwave Seen Recently. From a modern man. 10:34 AM. Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Newer Post. Older Post. Pages. About.

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Superfund #9 - Subscribe at


Chad Managing Partner, Hagan Capital Founding Editor, Superfund + Superfund has changed from Superfund Equities to Superfund Macro Report. Atlanta Finance Atlanta Metro Atlanta Strategy Atlanta Venture Capital Chad Hagan crude oil Economics Energy FIAT Financial Google Immortality Macro Oil Superfund Macro Report Superfund Macro Report Headlines Fiat Chrysler recalls 703,000 vehicles in U.S. to fix ignition switches - LINK The EURO is quite low.


Angel Investors Spotlight: An Inside Look at Hudson Valley Startup Fund’s Investment Process & Advice for Founders


We sat down with fund managers Chad Gomes, Johnny LeHane and Paul Hakim as they shared insights into their investment process, what they look for in both group members and startups, and. Hudson Valley Startup Fund brings together a network of the region’s successful business and community leaders to give back, supporting the launch of the next Hudson Valley visionaries.

Chad Hurley, YouTube CEO/Co-Founder, talks to entrepreneurs @ June.

500 Hats

Chad gave a terrific talk (with no powerpoint!), I was lucky to spend a short time working with Chad at PayPal, as well as other co-founders Steve & Jawed , before the three of them left to start YouTube along with some other amazing ex-PayPalers. From Pinterest


Subscribe to Club Sandwich - Chads Newsletter. Chad Hagan. Translate. Tuesday, February 12, 2013. From Pinterest. Source: via Lindsey on Pinterest. 5:40 AM. Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Newer Post. Older Post. Pages. About. Google+ Badge. Linkedin. Wireless Town. blogger. View my complete profile. Blog Archive. Blog Archive. 06/02 - 06/09 (1). 05/26 - 06/02 (1). 05/19 - 05/26 (2). 04/28 - 05/05 (1).

100 Years of Gold Bullion Troy Oz


was worth $8,800.00+ in 2016 dollars - Chad ++ From MacroTrends. I will say that in 1916 $400.00 100 Years of Gold Gold Bullion Gold Price

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Individualism: How I Operate


Chad Hagan Middle Class Politics The Myth of the Middle ClassMy belief against the innacurate economics of middle class America was greatly cemented when I read Richard Parker's: The Myth of the Middle Class. From that point on I have looked at the middle class American value system as the true destroyer of the environment, the American Dream and the American individual.

The Myth of The Middle Class - Individualism: How I Operate


Chad Hagan Middle Class Politics The Myth of the Middle ClassDon't Benchmark To The Average In fact, don't benchmark to the best unless you are in a top market. My belief against the inaccurate economics of middle class America was greatly fortified when I read Richard Parker's: The Myth of the Middle Class. From that point on I have looked at the middle class American value system as the true destroyer of the environment, the American dream and the American individual.

North Carolina hires Chad Scott as TEs, hybrids coach

Winston-Salem Journal State/Region News

AP) — North Carolina has hired Chad Scott as its tight ends and hybrids coach CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (AP)

The Third Way

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

Here's a great three minute discussion of this issue between Chad Dickerson , Etsy's CEO, and Sarah Lacy from last thursday night's PandoMonthly event. The entire talk between Chad and Sarah is almost two hours and can be seen in its entirety here.

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Etsy's CEO Is Leaving, Layoffs Are Coming, and Its Stock Is Taking a Hit

Inc Startups

In a move announced Tuesday afternoon, the company will replace CEO Chad Dickerson with Josh Silverman. Wire: Small Business Week Edition

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Ohio Bans International Travel for Residents Being Monitored for Ebola:


airport CDC Chad Hagan Chaganomics diplomacy Ebola Lagos Nigeria Ohio USA Update Today 1:08 PM ET (Dow Jones) Print By Ben Kesling Ohio health officials strengthened the state''s Ebola-monitoring protocols Saturday to require that state residents who are self-monitoring after contact with an Ebola-exposed environment don''t leave the U.S.

Chad Ruble, Reuters Vlogger, is Funny

Will Price

Chad Ruble is funny. Full disclosure - Chad is one of my great friends) Chad hosts a weekly internet video show, And Finally , on highlighting wild and wacky news stories from around the world. On this week's episode , Chad visits a professional stunt school in NYC. Tags: and finally vlogger chad ruble


Superfund Newsletter #8


Chad Chad Hagan Managing Partner, Hagan Capital Group Founding Editor, Superfund Equities Visit Northside Technology Investors Visit Chad''s Blog, chad-hagan Sign up at Superfund Equities Report Headlines: A good look at a great move in the startup world. Especially when companies start out seemingly pigeonholed. LINK Warning! US slowdown ahead. LINK In Depth: The NASDAQ hit 5000 today.

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How Etsy CEO Chad Dickerson Walks the Talk

Inc Startups

As the replacement for a company founder, Chad Dickerson had to win the trust of his team. Three ways to quickly turn tactics into action. Here he talks about translating tactics into action.

Robots Love Ice Cream: The Card Game!

Jeff Hilimire

And thanks to my buddy Chad , it continues to live on! Chad started a company called 25th Century Games and he just launched a Kickstarter for Robots Love Ice Cream: The Card Game. It’s really well done (great job, Chad!).

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New Addition To The Family


Thanks - Chad HaganOur economics and index unit C. Hagan (sound familiar), which is inside our research institute: Zermatt Institute, has a new blog and micro site: Visit it!

Bringing Life Extension to Main Street


Bringing Life Extension to Main Street Article from LinkedIn. life extension startups Technology ventures

New Book Out - November


A follow up to "Toulouse, Toujours" - "Concorde Files" - a new book by Chad is coming out in Nov. See Pre-Purchase Link Here. He is also releasing his first non-fiction book on Value and Corporate Finance Jan, 2017

Domain Pro Spills Secrets for Scoring a Prize URL

Inc Startups

Chad Folkening has sold domain names to Google, Cisco, and Amazon. Here''s how--and when--he thinks you should buy yours

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Superfund #11 - Newsletter -


Chad Managing Partner, Hagan Capital Founding Editor, Superfund Macro Report Chad Hagan on StockTwits Superfund Macro Report Headlines Facebook Introduces Free Friend-To-Friend Payments Through Messages - LINK Expect ‘Trench Warfare’ Among Investment Banks - LINK In Depth Explaining the huge rise of luxury trucks and SUVs.

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The Magic of Dealing With Your Demons

Feld Thoughts

It’s not an official thing, but there is this almost secret society of people who’ve been coached by Jerry.” – Chad Dickerson, Etsy CEO. Jessi Hempel from Backchannel just wrote an amazing profile piece on my close friend Jerry Colonna. It’s titled This Man Makes Founders Cry.

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Superfund #18


Chad Chad Hagan Founding Partner, Hagan Capital Group Follow Chad on StockTwits Trade Precious Metals at HC Precious MetalsSuperfund Macro Report Headlines Restructuring Wall Street: The by-product of nearly 1200 mergers, JPMorgan Chase & Co. JPM is in the business of expansion, while slashing jobs. LINK In Depth IPO News: Spread your wings: Wingstop sets terms for $75 million IPO - LINK Virtual Reality is coming to main street.