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With all the talk of massive amounts of cash sloshing around the web/mobile startup ecosystem (including things I've said recently), you would think that nobody bootstraps anymore. Behance was bootstrapped for its first five years. As Scott Belsky , Behance's founder and CEO, wrote on the Behance blog : For the past five years, Behance has been a bootstrapped enterprise. It’s been amazing, and we’ve developed as a team and company in extraordinary ways.

The end of bootstrapping


Developer salaries are climbing. For years, the folks at 37 Signals have run a blog called Bootstrapped , profiling startups that are “profitable and proud”. They were bootstrapped for almost 4 years, but then they went all in. Is this the end of bootstrapping?

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Bootstrapping vs. Raising Money

Spencer Fry

Days before the conference started, I was asked (and felt honored) to lead two workshops on bootstrapping vs. raising money. For the workshops, I didn’t prepare anything, I just jumped right in talking about my experience as well as the pros and cons of bootstrapping vs. raising money in 2017.

Should I Borrow Money, Seek Investment, or Bootstrap My Business?

Up and Running

Bootstrapping. Personally funding your startup doesn’t have to mean using your own money to pay for the initial startup costs and development of your business. Here are some popular ways of bootstrapping your business.

Startup Development


I’ve come to realize that I have lots of posts around startup software development scattered around in different posts. How to Work With a Contract Web Developer How To Bootstrap Your StartupThought it would be good to capture them in one spot and also include links to related posts from other sources.

10 Strategies To Cover New Product Development Costs

Startup Professionals Musings

The problem is that professional investors (angels and venture capitalists) want a proven business model before they invest, ready to scale, rather than the more risky research and development efforts. development costs new venture research valley of death

Recipe for Bootstrapping Success

Inc Startups

Bootstrapping your business? But those entrepreneurs have to account to investors for their every move, while bootstrapping entrepreneurs need only account to themselves and their customers. Bootstrapping your business commonly comes with the assumption that you don''t need a big plan.

The Stairstep Approach to Bootstrapping

Software By Rob

I decided it was time to put pen to paper and lay out what I see as a repeatable path with a higher-than-normal success rate, to bootstrapping yourself to the point of quitting your job.

10 Crazy Bootstrapping Stories

Inc Startups

But it''s tough, as well, especially if you''re bootstrapping. And their first developer worked for free to earn internship credit at a local art school. We won the prize money, developed the site and were able to recently secure $1.7 Want to read more about bootstrapping?

The ultimate guide to bootstrapping hardware startups

The Next Web

Together with my co-founder, we kicked off a 20 months adventure with two major aspirations: develop smarter charging technology that increases energy efficiency by 30 percent ahead of existing products, as well as research embedded solar technology for energy replenishment.

Twitter Bootstrap Themes Are Coming

Nick O'Neill

Twitter Bootstrap, a framework for quickly developing front-end web interfaces, has permanently changed the way web applications are built. Not surprisingly, in the few months that Bootstrap has been available, it has risen to become the most popular repository on Github of all-time.

Bootstrapped Analyzd Sells for Tens of Millions

VC Cafe

Analyzd , a startup started by two brothers in a garage, developing fraud detection algorithms for e-commerce sites, has been acquired by Swedish company Klarna for an undisclosed sum estimated at tens of millions of Dollars. The wave of Israeli startup exits continues.

Reflecting on ways to bootstrap a startup

For this reason, you will probably to need to bootstrap your idea. Since graduating in June 2009 I’ve had the great opportunity to experience both working as a contract developer and jumping in the deep end of creating startups and all that comes both. Are you bootstrapping?

Bootstrapping into Space

The Entrepreneurial Mind

An amazing story of what bootstrapping and building the right team can accomplish. Most of the founders are still with the company helping to take the core technologies they developed in Deimos into other markets and other applications. Bootstrapping Global Entrepreneurship bootstrapping deimosI am in Madrid, Spain this week with a group of MBA students on a one week intensive study abroad.

How To Bootstrap your Startup with Your Paycheck

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

Paycheck Financing: A Great Way To Bootstrap Your Startup by Sramana Mitra. Vasu is one of the many entrepreneurs who have bootstrapped a startup venture while holding on to a full-time day job. Excerpt from Bootstrapping With A Paycheck. ?

4 Essential Skills for Bootstrapping Start-Ups

Inc Startups

These four skills will enable bootstrap entrepreneurs to develop a digital marketing experience with a professional look and feel. Bootstrapping" your start-up company means you don''t have a ton of capital to spend on items that are essential to success.


Building Bootstrapping into Business Models

The Entrepreneurial Mind

Or she could develop the program she wants to run by partnering with a local facility like a YMCA. Once the bootstrapped launch of the play center is cash flow positive, all kinds of options for growing and expanding emerge. John Wark sent along a great example of how bootstrapping did not stop a new venture called Logik from making the Inc 500. Logik is one of the firms featured in a series at the blog 37signals called "Bootstrapped, Profitable and Proud."

Startup Business Development Strategies: 7 Tips For Putting.

Seed Stage Capital

skip to main | skip to sidebar 24 January 2010 Startup Business Development Strategies: 7 Tips For Putting Together Stellar Deals Business development is fun. There is a natural bias against working with firms that are unproven, underfunded, and still developing and/or evolving.

How A 17-Year-Old In India Bootstrapped To $7M In Revenue


They would then ask their development team to check it out and let them know if it was good to go. What the infringers were selling for slightly cheaper could be had from the original developers itself, for free. The following is a guest post written by Sanket Nadhani.

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Raising Money Using Customer Development

Steve Blank

This post describes how companies using the Customer Development model can increase their credibility, valuation and probability of getting a first round of funding by presenting their results in a “Lesson Learned&# venture pitch. Raising Money Using Customer Development « Steve Blank [.]

Create Your Business Case Using Customer Development

Street Smart Product Manager

A few weeks ago, I spoke at the Modev MVP Conference and the Lean+Agile DC Conference about using a bootstrapped Customer Development approach to pursuing a new product idea in an existing company.

Hiring High Quality Developers on a Bootstrapper’s Budget


What if you’re bootstrapping? While you’re not going to be competing with Google or Facebook for the same people, you still want developers that can do high quality work to help build your product.

Smart Entrepreneurs Build Startups Without Investors

Startup Professionals Musings

The media tends to highlight experienced entrepreneurs who succeed with early new venture funding, like Uber’s Garrett Camp , but fail to point out the more common bootstrapping successes. Bootstrapping doesn’t mean that you don’t share equity.

How I Knew That I Could Bootstrap My Company


I was working as a software developer in New York City and came upon a recurring problem, having to spend tedious hours coding online forms. It started as a simple, limited product that functioned as a shortcut for developers so that they could create forms without needing to code.

8 Great Reasons to Bootstrap Your Startup

Early Growth Financial Services

You can find successful entrepreneurs on both sides of the bootstrap debate: there are definitely advantages—and disadvantages—to both bootstrapping and raising venture capital. Admittedly, bootstrapping has its downside: the biggest drawback being the limit to how quickly you can get your product/service to market and how fast you can execute at a larger scale. Also, without VC funds, you will have less resources to focus on product development.

Bootstrapping a Services Business: 3 Steps

Inc Startups

And bootstrapping is even easier now. Sixteen years ago, I bootstrapped a services company with a partner who lived 3,000 miles away. Bootstrapping a service business isn’t what it used to be.

The Top 4 Wrong Reasons to Seek Investors

Startup Professionals Musings

Bootstrapping not only reduces cash needs, but increases commitment. You don’t want to risk your own money on development. Hitting a broad market initially with multiple fully-featured products and a huge marketing campaign is a recipe for disaster that bootstrapped startups never try.

More Lessons From a Bootstrapping Disaster

Inc Startups

In my previous post ,I discussed some of the bootstrapping basics I overlooked in getting my old family business, Soggy Bottom Canoe and Kayak Rental, off the ground. I rushed into the decision without analyzing the opportunity and developing a long-term plan.

5 tips to make your bootstrapped venture work

The Next Web

This is what is called “bootstrapping,” though my friends on the Young Entrepreneur Council have always said that it’s really more like shoe-strapping — boots are too expensive.

Advice For Bootstrapping Your Business From Startup Founders Who’ve Been There


Bootstrapping, as it has been dubbed, isn’t easy and more often than not, startups do not succeed. For more personal insight into what it’s like to bootstrap your startup, here’s some advice from startup founders who have gone through the gauntlet and survived. by Philip Acuña.

How to bootstrap a Bitcoin startup

Kevin Dewalt

My book Beginning Customer Development is almost finished. Here is how I would bootstrap a Bitcoin startup. It will be free for the first 48 hours. Reserve your free copy.

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Equity-Only CTO and Equity-Only Developers


Was it a Startup Founder Developer Gap ? Did they really need a Startup CTO or Developer or both? Did they have a Weak Development Team ? He needed some kind of CTO and as well Developers. However, when I told him that the level of engagement required from me and the fact that equity-only development was required, he seemed to be a bit offended. I would caution any founder that finding and being successful with equity-only developers is tough.

The Art of the Customer Development Conversation

Market by Numbers

Market By Numbers on Twitter | Entries RSS | Comments RSS Market By Numbers High-Tech Marketing and Customer Development Home What is Customer Development? The key to effective conversations is in developing the conversation around your objectives for the discussion.

Infinite Scope Creep, The Sales-Development Disconnect

Web 2.0 Development and Business Lessons

Development and Business Lessons By Michael Woloszynowicz By Michael Woloszynowicz Thursday, March 31, 2011 Infinite Scope Creep, The Sales-Development Disconnect Let’s say youre a developer or product lead at a relatively young, bootstrapped startup. Web 2.0


Web 2.0 Development and Business Lessons: Giving Developers.

Web 2.0 Development and Business Lessons

Development and Business Lessons By Michael Woloszynowicz By Michael Woloszynowicz Monday, May 9, 2011 Giving Developers Feedback As a product manager, founder, CEO, developer, etc., Good developers wont argue with concrete evidence. Web 2.0

Lean 15

I Built My Startup To A $15M Valuation – While Living In A Van

YFS Magazine

Over a course of two years, I bootstrapped a startup to a $15M valuation – while living in a van. Editor Picks Lifestyle digital nomad lifestyle location independent personal development starting a business startup advice

RIP PRDs. Long Live “Agile Conversations”

Street Smart Product Manager

Many of my free product help calls are about ways to pursue customer development and gather VOC, bootstrap new product efforts, and apply lean principles to product management activities. Customer Development Lean Startup New Product Development Product Development Product Management SDLC customer development hypothesis testing job story lean startup MRD PRD product manager tools requirements user story validated learning VOC

Agile 31

Bootstrapping A Startup: The Mentimeter Way


If you were to google “bootstrap”, you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s a statistical technique. On the contrary: many bootstrap. Bootstrapping a business is a less-talked about – and thus less glamorous – way to start a business.

Resources for Girls Learning to Code

Feld Thoughts

Bootstrap. NCWIT ayah bdeir coding girls littlebits software development space This morning littleBits released their Space Kit. I’ve been on the board of littleBits since last year and am just in awe of what the team, led by Ayah Bdeir, is cranking out.

Steps To Becoming A Savvy Bootstrapper


Image credit: Bootstrapping from Shutterstock. One of the earliest and most critical decisions an entrepreneur must make is whether to self-fund a startup by bootstrapping, or raise outside funding through venture capital.” – Forbes. Money is everything for bootstrapped companies.