Sam Mustafa’s Tips for Obtaining “Regulars” in the Restaurant Business

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Experienced restaurateur Sam Mustafa from Charleston, South Carolina shares his tips and tricks for new restaurant owners who want to attract regular customers. Marketing People ads app bakery Charleston Community customers Deals Disrupt Food hospitality Interview Lease operations reputation Restaurant rewards program Sam Mustafa South Carolina staff tips and tricksThe regular customer is the backbone of every restaurant’s business.

Does Your Small Business Need Workers’ Compensation Insurance?


These include Arkansas, Georgia, New Mexico, North Carolina, and Wisconsin. In Rhode Island and South Carolina , if you have four (4) or more employees you must carry workers’ compensation insurance. by Veronica Baxter. Perhaps.


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How Individuals Are Turning To Franchising For Business Success


The couple now owns multiple locations in Georgia and South Carolina. Success in the franchise space is attainable to all. After all, it provides a proven business model, a dedicated following of fans, nationwide support and much more.

Dr. Greenberg Takes Top Medical Job at UT


Dr. Raymond Greenberg of the Medical University of South Carolina announced today that he is leaving his post there to move to Austin to become executive vice chancellor for Health Affairs in the University of Texas System. The University of Texas’ Health Affairs has a new leader.

What Are The Statutes Of Limitations And Why Are They Important? 


3 years – Arkansas; District of Colombia; Maryland; Massachusetts; Michigan; Mississippi; Montana; New Hampshire; New Mexico; New York; North Carolina; Rhode Island; South Carolina; South Dakota; Vermont; Washington; Wisconsin .

Fashion Designer Stoi Phillips on Models, Mental Health, and Making a Difference

Women Entrepreneurs Can

Stoi is on a mission to defy the fashion industry standards from Columbia, South Carolina to around the world. Stoi recognizes that there needs to be more options and opportunities for models in South Carolina. Models are perfect, right?

Fund Wisely, How to Self-Fund Your Startup

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It is easy to apply for South Carolina title loans and interest rates are low compared to other states. If you’re beginning to think that your pipe dream could actually be turned into a business, you’ve got exciting times ahead. While the journey won’t be without its challenges, getting that idea in your head on paper and eventually into a new business could bring with it great reward. The business plan is a critical requirement of getting a startup loan or funding.

Small Tech Company Finds Global Markets

The Entrepreneurial Mind

After William Haynes was laid off during the financial crisis, he started Sabai Technology , a company based in Simpsonville, South Carolina, that develops and sells wireless routers and network equipment, with himself as the sole employee. ENTREPRENEURIAL PROFILE : William Haynes: Sabai Technology.

Founder Interview: Michel Ruiz on Augmented Reality and Building the KaviAR Tech Startup

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Michel researching South Africa. Here’s more from The Startup Magazine Founder Interview series. We interviewed Michel Ruiz, CEO and co-founder of KaviAR Tech , an augmented reality software startup headquartered in Paris.

Make Sure Your Rights as A Buyer Are Protected By Hiring The Services of A Real Estate Attorney

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If you are thinking about getting a mortgage to finance your real estate purchase, then it is essential that you will have a real estate attorney present in the facilitation of closing the project property in Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Massachusetts, New York, South Carolina or West Virginia.

Onward And Upward: Your Relocation For Work Guide


South Carolina. Did your dream job make an offer? It’s everything you want it to be – except it’s in another city, state, or even country altogether. Around 11% of all job seekers in 2018 relocated. The next person to make the big move could be you! Relocation for work is a serious business. In addition to the obvious advantages of the new position, there are social, professional and tax ramifications tied to relocating for a job.

5 Simple Ways To Spruce Up Your Home Office 


Jennifer Tuohy often works from her home office in Charleston, South Carolina. By Jennifer Tuohy. As an entrepreneur in the age of “we’re well past 9 to 5,” your home office is your command center — and it’s also most likely located in the corner of your bedroom or, if you’re really lucky, in your spare room surrounded by piles of winter clothing.

Fundraising Now? Remember Morality Impacts Valuation


Property technology company Grace Hill in South Carolina has refined digital training for multifamily housing teams to not just make it through the COVID-19 pandemic with health intact — but by building better relationships with renters.

Fired up! Ready to go!

Jeff Hilimire

In the book, he tells the story of when he was running for president in 2007 and he visited the small town of Greenwood, South Carolina. 2021 is going to be the year we all need…I can feel it!

“Is Austin Racist?” Let’s Start There.

Austin Startup

My infatuation with Austin solidified when I set foot on campus at UT, the culmination of nearly a decade of life planning that started in middle school back in South Carolina with the pledge to my mom that I would find a way to get myself through college on scholarship. Similarly, Greenville, South Carolina, is 31 percent black, sandwiching its black population (by percentage) between cities like Dallas and Brooklyn. “Is Austin Racist?”

Being a Business Leader Amid Historical Events

Seeing Both Sides

The two Supreme Court decisions and the response to the tragic church shooting in South Carolina are among the most indelible events of our time and all three will be memorialized in history books and discussed for decades to come. In the wake of Ferguson, Baltimore, South Carolina, ground-breaking SCOTUS decisions and much more, I imagine she is not the only business leader struggling with these questions and so I thought I would share a few thoughts to address them.

Building Bridges: John Crossman on fostering diversity through scholarships and mentoring.

Transformify - Recruiting

Our guest today is John Crossman, CEO of Crossman & Company , one of the Southeast’s largest retail leasing, management and investment sales firms, with over 28 million square feet of properties in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, North Carolina and Tennessee. ‘’Diversity Hiring’’ series features world diversity and inclusion leaders and their thoughts on diversity recruitment, cultural diversity and equality.

[Review] The $100 Startup


They include Jen Adrion and Omar Noory , who gave up corporate jobs to sell custom-made maps out of an apartment, James Kirk, who uprooted from Seattle to open an authentic coffee shop in “tea and biscuits” South Carolina, and Kyle Hepp a wedding photographer who travels the world from her home base in Chile. How do we escape the 9-5 shackles of corporate drudgery to build a life of adventure, meaning and purpose? Can we do this with $100 (or less) in our pocket?

Lessons I Learned from My Dad

Both Sides of the Table

Not South Carolina – that’s Columbia with a “u.” ” He grew up in South America. My mom seems to sneak into my blog from time-to-time. My dad less so. Mom was an entrepreneur and a civic leader. She was (is) a bit of a ball buster. And a negotiator. And a go getter. So she naturally fills my story arcs more easily. But of course we’re all a product of both of our parents – if we were fortunate enough to be raised by two individuals.

The Power of Difference: Sallie Krawchek at Ellevest

Reid Hoffman

Sallie survived and overcame these challenges, as well as what she considers the toughest environment she ever faced—7th grade at an all-girl’s school in South Carolina—and today, she’s leveraging the power of diversity with her startup Ellevest , which helps women invest and own their own futures. I strongly believe in the power and importance of diversity.

11 Brilliant Businesswomen Who Were Way Ahead Of Their Time


It would soon become one of the biggest cash crops in the province of South Carolina, second only to rice. To combat this problem, Walker would develop a shampoo and ointment which helped improve hair and scalp health, marketing it throughout the South and eventually establishing her own factory in 1910.

Self-Employed or Working Part-Time? Here’s How to Get Affordable Health Insurance

Up and Running

In an attempt to help employees, one restaurant in South Carolina explored the idea of adding a surcharge to orders to fund coverage. When you work for a big company, getting health insurance is a breeze. You sign up, and you’re covered. But if you’re self-employed, a part-time employee, or a small business owner, getting insurance is a difficult and expensive prospect. Why are these demographics so severely underserved by the insurance world?

A Great Graduation Speech For Engineers And Entrepreneurs

Feld Thoughts

My friend Krista Marks (now at Disney – which acquired her first company – Kerpoof ) sent me a copy of the graduation speech she gave at the University of South Carolina College of Engineering and Computing on May 8th. Krista graduated 21 years ago and her speech embodies the amazing wisdom she’d gained over the years. I asked her if I could reprint it here – it’s applicable to any engineer or future entrepreneur, not just recent college graduates.

The 50 Best Blogs By Business Professors


Then head over to this blog for some great reading on all things financial from David Albrecht, a professor at the University of South Carolina-Upstate. If you’re in an MBA program, you probably already have access to the advice and guidance of some really great business professors. Yet when it comes to getting the best business education possible, there’s no such thing as reading too much or connecting with too many professors and professionals in the field.

What is a Social Enterprise?

Up and Running

Currently this structure is available in Arkansas, California, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Vermont, Virginia, and Washington D.C., The popular ice cream brand Ben & Jerry’s is a certified B corporation—a type of social enterprise. A social enterprise is defined by its mission, specifically that it makes a positive contribution to a social cause.

How to Choose a Business Location

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Here’s an example permit for the city of Winston-Salem in North Carolina. He wanted to stay rooted in his community in South Carolina. “My My company, Bandwagon, is a ticket market for college sports, so where better than the South to start a company? If you’ve been thinking about starting a business for a while, chances are you’ve got an idea of what your business location is going to look like. That’s great, but it’s not enough.

15 Entrepreneurs Discuss Why They Love Their Business


Earlier this year, after a few years of thinking and planning, my wife Terri and I started HD Carolina, LLC. HD Carolina produces and publishes short videos about Fun and Interesting Things to See and do in the Carolinas. Our target audience for the videos is the connected TV (CTV) market via devices like the Roku and Amazon Fire TV through the HD Carolina channel. Thanks to Ryan Watts, HD Carolina, LLC. #2 Share Being in love is great.

What Is a Benefit Corporation?

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Now, you can create a benefit corporation in: Arkansas, California, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Vermont, Virginia, and Washington D.C., Method, the popular cleaning products company, is a registered benefit corporation in the state of Delaware. Image via

The @TWTFelipe Story – A Tale of US Visa Policy Gone Awry (#startupvisa)

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In 2005 he was graduated and took a job in South Carolina working for technology company while he started his own web design company on the side. He’s South African. My dad’s father fled Jewish oppression in Eastern Europe as a teenager and ended up in South America. “Staple green cards to the diplomas of foreign students who graduate from any U.S. university in math or science&# (Thomas Friedman).

Green 245

Inspirational Videos to Kickstart Your 2016

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Bree Newsome shocked people and got accolades from around the country, including the likes of Hillary Clinton, when she climbed a flagpole and took down the confederate flag on South Carolina’s state capitol grounds. Blue Origin’s reusable rocket, the New Shepherd. Video is a unique medium for inspiration; there’s something about watching things literally happen that just motivates and moves us like nothing else.

Video 69

The Venture Capital Secret: 3 Out of 4 Start-Ups Fail

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Transcript of Focusing on Gratitude to Build Relationships

Duct Tape Marketing

So you’re a person, you’re sitting at the dinner table with 17 other strangers, and then this short little guy from South Carolina asks you a question about gratitude.

Top Social Media Measurement and Tracking Tools

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Happy Super Bowl Sunday & Groundhog Day!


Just log on duty to paycheck coming back cialis check loans of south carolina than actually easier to time. I’m not a big football or groundhog watcher, but this year the days have collided. I don’t plan to watch any groundhogs, but I do plan to see part of the Super Bowl. Because my son loves sports, we will be going to a friend’s place to the watch the game so he can be with others who like to watch football.

SXSW 2014: Edu, Music, and Pi Day


Just log on duty to paycheck coming back cialis check loans of south carolina than actually easier to time. This is the first time in several years that I did not attend any SXSW interactive events…not a single one. I don’t feel that I missed out on anything other than not seeing some folks in person who I usually “see” online. Instead I attended SXSWedu and finagled a wristband for SXSW music , and I had a great time.

This Is A Test Post Of The Blog System


Just log on duty to paycheck coming back cialis check loans of south carolina than actually easier to time. As I try to resolve the issue of spam being inserted into my email feed, it seems the only way to test if the issue has been corrected (after making changes) is to write a test post and check my inbox in the morning. People will use this simply going online payment that viagra online without prescription viagra cialis be completely guaranteed and some lenders.

Six Personalities You Need For Your Startup


Just log on duty to paycheck coming back cialis check loans of south carolina than actually easier to time. The following is a guest post from Bernd Schoner. Schoner was the founder of ThingMagic, LLC, a garage-grown RFID technology company led by a small group of MIT Media Lab graduates.