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Here are the 5 hottest startups in Hungary

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By Gianluca Bellan and Andrea Hak Hungary is a startup hub on the rise. You’ve no doubt already heard of Prezi, the country’s first unicorn, which ended the reign of boring presentations globally by making them more engaging and interactive. The company now has over 100 million users, raised $72.8

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Should Apple Buy Hungary?

Agile VC

I had read somewhere that Apple’s cash pile was equivalent to Hungary’s GDP so I tweeted out the suggestion that perhaps an activist shareholder should push an acquisition of Hungary rather than thinking small (e.g. For some reason the notion of Apple hiking the taxes of Hungary to fund a dividend recap just amuses me….

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CEO Behind Multi-Million Dollar Escape Room Business


Completely amazed by the indoor family amusement concepts like Dave & Busters and Chuck E Cheese, Akos decided that he wanted to establish a similar family entertainment concept in his homeland of Hungary. During my high school years, I spent an academic year in Burbank, CA as a foreign exchange student from Hungary.

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List Of The Best SEO Chrome Extensions In 2020


Supported countries are Brazil, India, Japan, Great Britain, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, the Netherlands, South Africa, Ireland, Russia, China, Poland, Hungary, Salvador, Australia, and Canada, as well as the com. This is a simple tool for checking the position of several sites at once for the desired search query in different countries.

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Remote First: Why Isn’t Every Company Boundaryless


If you’re recruiting out of Hungary, the signals you’d typically rely on to help you identify strong candidates probably don’t exist. Today, for hiring local talent, you can use AngelList, or you can use a recruiter yourself. But if you’re hiring from an African country (Nigeria, for example).

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How To Start A Medical Tourism Business


Hungary/Philippines: Advanced dentistry. It’s also important to learn about the local markets for medical travel. For example, certain countries have achieved practice specialties, including: India: Heart/orthopedic (bone/muscle) surgery. Turkey: Eye surgery. Spain: Brain surgery. Costa Rica: Cosmetic surgery.

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SXSW Startups: Tunnelware

Austin Startup

The three founders of DigitalTwin Technology met during the EU ICT 2017 in Budapest, Hungary. How and when did your team come together and please fill us in on any relevant startup experience? Rahul Tomar is basically a Tunnel Engineer who has worked for 14 years in India and Germany. He had the idea for Tunnelware since 2014.