Techstars in Kansas City

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Yesterday Techstars announced the launch of Techstars Kansas City. I have a long history with Kansas City. I almost grew up in Kansas City, as the two cities my parents looked at when moving from Boston were Kansas City and Dallas (they chose Dallas.) I spent about a day a month in Kansas City, during which time I developed a deep respect for the Kauffman Foundation, Ewing Marion Kauffman (Mr. The post Techstars in Kansas City appeared first on Feld Thoughts.

Turnstone Decks Out My Kansas City House

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It’s been a blast to have a house in Kansas City. And it continues to be really fun to tell the story of the look on Amy’s face when I came home and said “hey – I bought a house in Kansas City today.”

My New FiberHouse in Kansas City

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I bought a house in Kansas City on Monday. As part of helping create the Kansas City startup community. I’m not taking any equity in these companies – I using a “give before you get” philosophy here to experiment, learn, and help the Kansas City startup community. I have a long relationship with Kauffman and Kansas City going back to the mid-1990′s and I want to support the development and growth of the Kansas City startup community.

Live In My Kansas City Fiber House For Free For A Year

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I’m running another competition for a startup to live for a year for free in my Kansas City FiberHouse. When I bought my house in Kansas City in 2013 , I announced my intentions clearly. As part of helping create the Kansas City startup community. The post Live In My Kansas City Fiber House For Free For A Year appeared first on Feld Thoughts. Places competition fiberhood fiberhouse google fiber kansas city

Oracle MCX: We're not in Kansas anymore

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I did not get much notice for the Oracle MCX event in Chicago this week, so could only spend a day there, but even in that short timeframe I got the vibe over and over that things are finally humming. Enterprise Software (IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP

Kansas 212

10/25: What’s New For Techstars in Kansas City

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On Tuesday 10/25 from 4pm – 6pm I’ll be hosting a discussion and happy hour with David Cohen where we will discuss what’s next for Techstars in Kansas City. The post 10/25: What’s New For Techstars in Kansas City appeared first on Feld Thoughts. If you are around and interested, or just interested in saying hi, come by and have a drink with us. Register here. Announcements

Kansas City here we come

David Cohen

The Demo Day for the inaugural class of the Sprint Mobile Health Accelerator powered by Techstars is Thursday, June 12 at 5:30pm CST in Kansas City. Three of the four Techstars founders (me, Brad Feld , and David Brown) will be talking about the origins of Techstars and how the mentorship driven accelerator model is impacting communities at the Sprint Mobile Health Accelerator demo day on the afternoon of June 12th in Kansas City.

Tech Startup Scene in Kansas City Is Red Hot!

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Tech Startup Scene in Kansas City Is Red Hot! Long referred to as the “Silicon Prairie,” Kansas City is quietly making its mark as a great place for startups of all flavors. If you’ve not checked out the startup scene in Kansas City you’re missing out!

My Kauffman Fellows Summit Talk

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I’ve recently joined the board of directors and enjoyed spending two days in Kansas City immersed in things with the Kauffman Fellows, a bunch of friends, and a number of LPs and GPs that came to the event. As part of it, I gave a talk and did Q&A with Lesa Mitchell (now the Managing Director of Techstars Kansas City). Entrepreneurship interview kansas city kauffman fellows lesa mitchellI attended the 20th Reunion of the Kauffman Fellows on Monday and Tuesday.

Kauffman Thoughtbook 2015

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I made a few guest appearance, including in the long article about the Kansas City Startup Village. Entrepreneurship kansas city startup village kauffman foundation kauffman thoughtbook startup communities My friends at the Kauffman Foundation have released the Kauffman Thoughtbook 2015. . It’s a beautifully done, well-organized, and super rich with content web document about entrepreneurship.

Texas goes to Kansas City for the Kauffman Foundation Eship Summit

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Trey Bowles from The Dallas Entrepreneurship Center (The DEC), Joshua Baer from Capital Factory, JR Reale from Station Houston, and Preston James from DivInc together in Kansas City, MO for the Kauffman Foundation Eship Summit. This was my first time visiting Kansas City.

The Last Week of the KC Fiber House Competition

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The chance to apply to win a slot to live in my Google Fiber enabled house in Kansas City are open for one more week – ending on March 25th at 17:00 CDT. I’m looking for entrepreneurs who are committed to living in Kansas City for a year who have a unique and novel approach to taking advantage of 1 gigibit Internet. TechStars cofounder Brad Feld buys a home in Kansas City, will give startups free housing & Google Fiber.

Sprint and Techstars Launch Startup Accelerator for Mobile Health

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It’s based in Kansas City (Sprint’s headquarters) and is our fourth powered by Techstars accelerator, joining Nike , Kaplan , and R/GA. I’m an enormous fan of four things about the Sprint Accelerator – what we call “PBTS” (powered by Techstars), mobile health, Kansas City, and Sprint. Kansas City has a special place in my heart. TechStars accelerator kansas city mobile health softbank sprint

The Feld Fiberhouse Is Now The Handprint House

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I’m fascinated about what is going on in Kansas City around Google Fiber and rather than observe, I decided to participate. Startup Communities fiberhood homes for hackers kansas city kc fiberhouse kc startup village The winners of the Feld KC FiberHouse competition , that I’ve done in conjunction with the Kauffman Foundation , is a company called Handprint ! Handprint is working on some amazing 3D printing and editing technology.

America, where everybody has a chance to win

Gregg Fraley, Author of Jack's Notebook

Todd’s tweets following the win of Miss New York, Syracuse native, American citizen, Nina Davuluri: @toddstarnes Miss Kansas, a gun-toting, deer-hunting, military veteran was America’s choice – but not the liberal Miss America judges’ choice.

The Public Library Is Stuff That Works

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When my children were little we would make almost weekly treks to the basement of the Plaza branch of the Kansas City library. Stuff That Works ALA Kansas City Public LibraryThis is a new Sunday series that I call Stuff that Works.

Denver: Conversation With Chris Sacca

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While I’ll be in Kansas City for a different event, if you support Hillary, are in Denver, and are an entrepreneur or investor, I encourage you to sign up and attend. Chris Sacca (Founder and Chairman Lowercase Capital and star of ABC’s Shark Tank) is in Denver on Tuesday 10/25 at Galvanize from 5:00 PM – 8:30 PM to support Hillary Clinton. Chris has been a friend for many years, is a remarkable investor, and a super compelling speaker.

Denver 246

Oddly Correct Way of Doing Business – Local Color Video

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Gregory Kolsto of Oddly Correct Coffee Roasters in Kansas City realized that if couldn’t work for a company he could believe in 100% he would have to create one. HP Gregory Kolsto Kansas City Local Color Oddly Correct Coffee Roasters

The Foundry Group Detroit House

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If you’ve followed my efforts with my Kansas City Fiber House , you’ll know where we are going with this. Since I stay in my guest bedroom at the Kansas City house when I’m there, I’m a fan of this. Ted Serbinski and the team at Techstars in Detroit has been amazingly helpful on all fronts with this, just like Lesa Mitchell, Ben Barreth, and the KCSV folks have been in Kansas City.

On The Road Again

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I’ll be here again today for Venture Atlanta and then I’m on to Kansas City for Techstars Kansas City Demo Day. I was in Atlanta yesterday for Techstars Atlanta Demo Day.

How to Create a Bold, Daring and Utterly Irresistible Pricing Model

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I am conducting a full day live and in person workshop in Kansas City in June called – How to Build the Marketing System That Is Perfect for Your Business and I am going to employ this the model of exchanging fee for value.

HCL Unstructure an eclectic event

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You know you are not in Kansas anymore when the morning keynote begins with Malcolm Gladwell and the state of oncology circa 1955, and the evening keynote by President Bill Clinton makes you ponder what astrophysics will teach circa 2055. Industry Commentary Outsourcing (other vendors

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Is Your Business a Pork Belly :: Small Business Marketing Blog.

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Normal is a Commodity Better is Only Better if it’s Different Posted by : John Jantsch on Apr 22, 2011 | 8:22 am Categories : Duct Tape Marketing , Marketing Strategy Tag : Kansas City Board of Trade Popular Posts Adding the Facebook Like.

The Board Operating System

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Can you, for example, take the SV’s operating system and drag and drop it into Boulder or Kansas City? The SV OS ought to work in a Bolder or Kansas City if we can ‘install it.''” I love the phrase “operating system” to describe things.

Are You From Where Your Were Born?

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My parents knew one person in Dallas when they moved there, as they chose Dallas (over Kansas City, which was a near second) as a place they wanted to build their life. In the article The biggest tech company founders from every state I win the callout for Arkansas. “Arkansas: Brad Feld has bounced around a lot: born in Arkansas, raised in Dallas, then lived in Boston for over a decade before moving to Boulder, Colorado.

Empirical Support for the Boulder Thesis

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” Kauffman did a study of 1 Million Cups , a program that was launched at Kauffman Foundation in Kansas City and is expanding rapidly around the US with it now in 33 communities in 21 states.

Will A Different Approach to Search Work?

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In an effort to experiment with a different approach, we recently led an AngelList syndicated investment in one potential search challenger, a Kansas City based startup called who is taking a different approach based on the belief that machine-based algorithms can only get you so far.

Search 403

Joining The Board of Startup Weekend

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I spent the day in Kansas City yesterday at the Kauffman Foundation for my first Startup Weekend board meeting.

Joining the Kauffman Fellows Board

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I was around at the beginning, spending a day a month in Kansas City with the Kauffman Foundation as an entrepreneur-in-residence when the program was originally created by a team at the Kauffman Foundation to identify, develop, and network the next generation of global leaders in the venture capital industry using a two-year apprenticeship program. In September, I joined the board of Kauffman Fellows.

Rackspace Adds Schlitterbahn and Other Hybrid Cloud Customers


Schlitterbahn, based in New Braunfels, has water parks in Texas and Kansas City. Rackspace announced Tuesday that it has landed Schlitterbahn Waterparks and Resorts as a new customer for its hybrid cloud hosting services.

Dear Internet: Let’s Demo The Slow Lane

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But even that feels slow after hanging out at my Google fiberhouse in Kansas City and getting 800/? (I Yesterday when we were having Comcast issues in downtown Boulder, I thought about how slow the Internet speed at my office was. For several hours, it was 0 Mbps down and 0 Mbps up (0/0) until I gave up and tethered my iPhone to my computer and used Verizon LTE for the rest of the afternoon.

Austin Loses $50 Million Smart City Challenge to Columbus


Columbus beat Austin, Denver, Portland, Oregon, Kansas City, Missouri, Pittsburgh and San Francisco to win the first […] The post Austin Loses $50 Million Smart City Challenge to Columbus appeared first on SiliconHills.

Google Officially Announces Google Fiber Coming to Austin


It’s only the second city to get the Google Fiber network which began rolling out in Kansas City, Kan. The Internet’s worst kept secret got confirmed Tuesday. Google announced Google Fiber is coming to Austin.

Becoming a Great Leader, No Matter What Field You’re In

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Upon returning from his tour in Afghanistan, Kander returned to his hometown of Kansas City, Missouri and became involved in politics. At the time of this interview, he was running for mayor of Kansas City. At the time of this interview, he was running for mayor of Kansas City.

The Incredible Unevenness of Internet Connectivity

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Last week in Kansas City I experience the 1gig internet speed that is provided by Google Fiber. I’m at the The Athenaeum at Caltech which is the alumni club / hotel on Caltech’s campus. I’m on Caltech Guest WiFi and am getting speeds of between 2 and 10 Kbps (e.g. miserably slow). My Verizon phone has one bar and is flickering between 3G and LTE, but is mostly 3G.

Managing an Expanding Business, With Your Mission Guiding the Way

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This week on the Duct Tape Marketing podcast, I sit down with Matt Scanlon, owner of The Hill KC in Kansas City. This week on the Duct Tape Marketing podcast, I sit down with Matt Scanlon, owner of The Hill KC in Kansas City.

Leadership Guide for Every Business Growth Stage


Joseph, MO, and Kansas City, MO. Joseph and Kansas City typifies the potential pitfalls when you fall in love with your “package” vs. your “value.”. It can be challenging to realize that you are in the midst of a moment of personal growth when it comes to business.

The Double Long Weekend Run

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I had two early morning flights (to Kansas City on Tuesday, back home on Wednesday) and didn’t run either day. A few years ago my running coach – Gary Ditsch of Endurance Base Camp – introduced me to the idea of a “double long run.” ” In this I do the typical weekend long run on a Saturday and then repeat it on Sunday. At first, I hated these, but they’ve grown on me and are now my favorite run.

Visionary Entrepreneur Tim Jenison Searches for the Truth in Tim’s Vermeer


Tim Jenison co-founded NewTek, a desktop video graphics software company, in a storefront in downtown Topeka, Kansas in 1985. NewTek is one of the hidden gems of a technology company in San Antonio. The company made the Video Toaster. Jenison later relocated the company to San Antonio. NewTek continued to make innovative products like Lightwave […] The post Visionary Entrepreneur Tim Jenison Searches for the Truth in Tim’s Vermeer appeared first on SiliconHills.

Startup Communities Are Up To The Entrepreneurs

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In Kansas City you bought a house and handed it over to some programmers. As I continue to talk about Startup Communities , I say over and over and over again that the leaders have to be entrepreneurs. Everyone else – who I call the “feeders” (government, university, non-profits, big companies, VCs, angel investors) – have an important role, but the leaders must be entrepreneurs.