Wed.Feb 13, 2013

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My New FiberHouse in Kansas City

Feld Thoughts

I bought a house in Kansas City on Monday. It’s next door to the Homes for Hackers and KC Startup Village. It will have Google Fiber in it. I hope it becomes an integral part of the nation’s first Google Fiberhood. I’m not going to be living in it. Instead, I’m going to let entrepreneurs live / work in it. Rent free.

Building Your MVP as a Non-Technical Founder


I did a presentation this week at Coloft that looked at how Non-Technical Founders can go about getting their MVP built. Plan for past the initial MVP.

Top 10 Mobile Apps for Entrepreneurs on the Go

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

Smartphones have pretty much taken over our world. If you’re always on the go, try out some of these mobile apps. SignEasy. Slice. Venmo. Captio.

The One Interview Question You Should Ask

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

This question is guaranteed to reveal the most organized, analytical, and efficient candidates. "I I want you to explain something to me.

How Your Customers Actually Read Your Emails


This is a guest post by Chris Hexton from Vero. Have you ever thought about how your customers actually read your emails? Do headings in emails matter?

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Startup Investors: Due Diligence Goes Both Ways

VC Cafe

Ciaran O’leary of Earlybird, a VC fund in Berlin, gives founders a checklist for running due diligence on their potential investors.

How to Work When You Feel Like Crap

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

It's well into the cold and flu season. If you get sick and can't take a sick day, here's how to push through and get the job done. Meditate. Medicate.

How Andre Chaperon Developed His Unique “Soap Opera Story” Email Newsletter Formula by Yaro Starak

Tweet Download the Text Transcript in PDF. Subscribe to this Podcast in iTunes. Back in 2007 I met Andre Chaperon in Florida at one of the very first Rich Schefren Strategic Profits seminars. Before that Andre was a familiar name to me because I had seen.

8 Tips to Prevent a Social Media Meltdown

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

You can ignore social media, but that won't make it go away. Here's how to manage when it goes off the rails. All publicity is good publicity?

Should Companies Invest in Innovation or Leaders?


Business leaders pay far too much attention to innovation and far too little to cultivating talented entrepreneurs. Originally posted on:

Why Failure is the New Black, and How To Wear it

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Just because failure has become fashionable doesn't mean it's easy to deal with. These 4 tips will get you going again. Not surprising. It’s not.

Do you think a rose is beautiful?

Life Beyond Code

While coming back from his swimming class, I asked Sumukh a simple question – “Do you think a rose is beautiful?” What do you think?


3 Questions You Must Ask Before You Make a Deal

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

What is it that really separates super-successful entrepreneurs from average Joes? They really get to know the people they do business with.

Government Grants Cost No Equity, But are Not Free

Startup Professionals Musings

In the US, many entrepreneurs see grants as “free money,” since they are not loans and don’t have to be repaid. Processing and approvals take time.


Most Effective Persuasion Technique You've Never Heard Of

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

If we're all in sales , as the old saying goes, then we're all in the persuasion business. And this is particularly true for entrepreneurs. What is it?

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Would Anyone Care If Your Business Disappeared?

Duct Tape Marketing

Marketing podcast with John Mackey. photo credit: phill.d via photopin cc. But how do you bring that higher purpose to the entire organization?

Finally Get a Handle on Work-Life Balance

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Sure, you can get your own life relatively balanced--but what about managing an entire start-up full of workaholics? Make it official. Make it legal.

Managing Stress as an Entrepreneur

Business Plan Blog

If you are trying to launch or run a startup business , chances are you have run into major amounts of stress.

After You Sell, What's Next?

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

You're selling your small business for a reason, but your buyer may have other plans for you. So far so good, right? Maybe not.

When To Forget Your Numbers. And When Not To

Up and Running

Proving, once again, that no generalization holds for long, it is not true in all cases that business owners have to know their numbers. Relax. .

Need an Idea? Try Reinventing the Obvious

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

There's a better way to pay for dinner--at least according to this start-up. The founders explain the origins of the idea. A waste? Not at all. alone.

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4 Signs You’re a Weak Leader #blindpost

Jeff Hilimire

This blindpost was suggested to me by @spunstephanie. More blindposts here. 4 Signs You’re a Weak Leader. #1 1 – You freak out. A lot.

Are You Being Too Picky? How to Write a Perfect Job Description

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

You should describe every quality you want in your new hire. Right? Wrong. You're actually excluding potentially great fits. Keep it short.

Make progress faster by cooperating: 4 tips to try with your co-founder or co-worker

For a number of years now, I’ve found that I generally always had a “training partner” for my entrepreneurial goals. Pacific Fleet.

The Indian Miracle is Over (Well, That Was Quick)

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

India's growth rate has fallen off a cliff, and the prospects for an immediate rebound are dim. Dreams died first, now reality is hitting hard. of GDP.

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Opera Moves To WebKit


Well, we can follow one Opera story after another. The WebKit engine is already very good, and we aim to take part in making it even better.


What Your Signature Says About You

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

According to at least one study, the size of a CEO's signature has a direct link to personality and leadership abilities. via email.

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Slam Dunk Tips for Attracting and Keeping Fans

Up and Running

Everyone knows the value of word of mouth marketing. It’s a concept as old as dirt, but not something most businesses know how to embrace.

Best Way to Dump a Bad Customer

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

There's one simple and foolproof way to get rid of a bad customer without taking on emotional baggage. And your heart sinks. But what do you do?

Pragmatism with Flavor


We build web and mobile applications, and we've been doing so for a little over fifteen years. To our delight, technology has evolved and improved in many ways over that time. Technology evolution can be cyclical, with some branches looping back to the past with surprising vigor and without much self-awareness. We love technology, but.

You Know Less About Your Web Analytics Than You Think

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Take control of your analytics--make sure you haven't fallen into one of these six common traps. It's 3p.m. Do you know where your Web analytics are?

Storage worries


In the 1980s, high-tech companies stored information about their customers on their sophisticated and high-cost computer equipment. Back then such practices were exceptional except at relatively large companies. Thirty years later, it's so commonplace that there are numerous services to store customer data for you "in the cloud.". The good stuff.


Born to Win? Thank Your Big Sister

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

New research suggests birth order may determine how you tackle goals. Does that mean one sibling will come out on top? Mom and Dad aren't taking sides.

How Mobile Phones Can Help Tackle The World’s Literacy Problems


by Louise Miller. Literacy is not an overwhelmingly big issue for Singaporeans. Instead, it’s taken as a fact; 96.6 percent of men and 88.6