Thu.Jun 23, 2011

There Aren't Many Venture Backed IPOs

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

As a follow up to yesterday's pos t on this topic, here's another chart from Mark Suster :   So using the math I laid out yesterday (roughly 1,000 startups funded each year by VCs), this means that on average between 1% and 3% of venture funded startups get to an IPO.

IPO 66 Like Square, but without the square

K9 Ventures

It’s been a busy week folks! I’m pleased to announce the developer launch of K9 Ventures’ portfolio company, (pronounced card-I-O). As the name suggests, is the simple and secure way to accept credit cards in mobile applications.

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How To Launch a Startup and Avoid Ending-up in Jail

Scott Edward Walker

Introduction I love working with startups – and trying to protect founders and watch their backs. Not only are there key contractual issues that must be buttoned-down (like vesting and IP assignment ), but also there is a minefield of laws and regulations that must be complied with.

Ten Action Items to Reduce Entrepreneur Stress

Startup Professionals Musings

One of the most common complaints I hear from entrepreneurs is that they are overwhelmed by the workload and stress of starting their company. Then there are the additional challenges of balancing the demands of family and friends. Having too much on your plate can turn your dream into a nightmare.

Take Control Of Your Publicity (Or End Up Like Bill Clinton) by Yaro Starak

What Is Your ‘Personal Brand’? Your personal brand is what should determine your media activity and the type of presence you seek to obtain publically.

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Flexible Focus #58: The Principle of Objectivity

Active Garage

A Lens on Life. The Mandala Chart is a multi-faceted lens through which we can observe ourselves and all phenomena.

Mini Saga #97 – Intuition

Life Beyond Code

Most people need to see it to believe it. Those who believe in intuition, just need to feel it. Mini Saga #96 – Connection. Rob and Chris were at it again – arguing about Intuition. Unlike Chris, Rob thought “Intuition” didn’t make any logical sense.


Strategy Roundtable For Entrepreneurs: New Assessment Tool For Entrepreneurs


We have done almost 90 roundtables so far and, based on this extensive experience of learning directly from entrepreneurs about their core issues, 1M/1M has just launched a new assessment tool for entrepreneurs.

BlogFrog – From Blogs To Communities


Being an entrepreneur isn’t exactly rocket science, but in the case BlogFrog ‘s co-founder Rustin Banks, he literally is one.

Product Marketing

Will Price

My good friend and old boss, Richard Walker, first introduced me to the Product Marketing schematic below.

Content As a Total Body of Work :: Small Business Marketing Blog.

Duct Tape Marketing

When I talk with small business owners about the need to create content, and lots of it, I often try to get them to think about the creation of a stra

Camera Geeks

Feld Thoughts

Every now and then my mom sends me a pile of old photos of me and my brother Daniel. Here’s one. Notice all of the cameras. I’ve got two (I’m the shaggy haired guy on the right) and Daniel has one (he’s the short shaggy haired guy on the left.) I have no idea how old I was but I’m going to guess around 11 based on my white knee socks and light blue short shorts. I’m 99% sure the cameras are a Contax (the smaller brown one) and a Pentax.

2011 is the year entrepreneurship went global


Entrepreneurship is flourishing everywhere. Not just in the US, not just Israel, not just China. Everywhere. The world wide web always held the promise of a flat world, but the startup world is finally flat. An idea is seeded in Chicago, and it very quickly blooms across the world. The result of this new generation of entrepreneurs is that local companies are racing to be global.

Deal Hunting On The Move With Shooger


It’s got nothing to do with girls with a penchant for shoes. Then again, just maybe. Shooger is a free, community-driven web and mobile deal-hunting application that gives users the ability to find and share deals instantly with other Shooger users.

Remake NYC, one app at a time

This is going to be BIG.

One huge inefficiency in the world of entrepreneurship that I see is that the people who are good at identifying problems aren't always the best people at building solutions. That's why NYC is such an interesting innovation ecosystem to me--because there's so much cross polination. Each year, NYC releases a bunch of data in hopes that hackers will build new apps that change the way we live in the Big Apple.

Call For Tech Startups To Demo @UnPluggd Event [Application Deadline:June 26th]


Grab an opportunity to demo your product at UnPluggd , India’s largest startup event that brings together amazing entrepreneurs, active angel investors and a bunch of ‘unpluggd’ stories (of failure, rejection and success!). . The event is scheduled for July 9th (Bangalore /details here) and last date to apply for the demo slot is June 26th ( link to the application form ).

Staff Leasing Companies


For small companies (say less than 50 employees), I am a big fan of using staff leasing companies to handle employee administration. In a nut shell, the way it works is that the staff leasing company technically hires your employees and then leases them to your company. Yes, you still make all the hiring, firing, title, salary, etc., decisions. The staff leasing company is purely an administrative agent that brings economies of scale to your employee administration function.

Where I get my news

Jeff Hilimire

I’m always curious to see how people consume content on the web. There are so many options out there and so much content to parse through, and new apps being created every day to help us do that. Reeder for iPad.

Heisenberg Raises Money

Brad Hargreaves

The principle of quantum uncertainty, published by Werner Heisenberg in 1927, approximately states: Certain pairs of physical properties of a particle — such as present position and momentum — cannot be simultaneously measured beyond a certain arbitrarily high precision. Stated another way, simply measuring the system will cause a change in its state, making precise knowledge of both position and momentum impossible. To Become A Simple


The move to a shorter and domain is associated with Vkontakte's efforts to expand their global reach. As Ilja Perekopskij, Vice-President of Vkontakte, told Forbes , international expansion (starting from Europe) is one of the company's key strategic goals for 2011.

Going Green Is The Next Black


by Quincy Yu, SeaYu Enterprises. According to a recent report , there was a 59-percent jump last year in the number of businesses that have gone green. This is great for the environment, plus nine out of ten of those businesses experienced cost savings by going green.

Time for a Technology Apalachin?

deal architect

We have seen it in the movie Godfather. We have seen it hilariously parodied by Billy Crystal in the movie Analyze This (see clip below). It is a meeting where the Cosa Nostra – the major US Mafia families -. Industry Commentary

Shadow Cities Hit Europe


Not so long ago we wrote about Grey Area launching their first MMO game, Shadow Cities, in the US. Today the company surprised us with another big launch, this time in Europe. From now on the game can be downloaded for free in local AppStores in 13 European countries: Italy, France, Germany, UK, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Denmark and Norway. This follows-ups company's earlier promise to open up new big markets already in June.

CC is Evil


Well not all, but some of it definitely is. To know why we say that, lets dig into why we CC people on emails in the first place: 1) The “ You must know this CC &# - There is nothing wrong with this one. Example: I direct a question to someone in the To list, and put some people who can answer the question for find the answers immediately helpful in CC.

The Humility Imperative: CEOs, Keep Your Arrogance in Check

Rob Go

The Humility Imperative: CEOs, Keep Your Arrogance in Check. Wow, what an amazingly insightful and honest post from my friend Dave Balter. .


Triple Book Short: For Parents


Triple Book Short: For Parents. People who know me know that I am a voracious reader. Among other things, I probably read about 25-30 books per year — and I wish I had time for more. I probably read about 50% business books, which I blog about. Most of my other reading is in a couple specific topical areas that interest me like American History and Evolutionary Biology. Raises $1.2M Series C

Austin Startup

The folks at Austin-based announced today that they’ve raised some additional funding. The news isn’t even warm yet, and the San Francisco Chronicle is already pooping on the news saying that this is a sign that investors will fund anything. They are writing as if two grad students just fleeced some desperate VC out of a check based on a fancy powerpoint deck. The reality is far different. This is the third round of [.]. Consumer

Growth Companies Accounted For Half Of Employment Effect In Finland Between 2006-2009


As our partnership with Nexit Ventures is coming to an end, so are the items we'll be covering. In the second last item we're covering - we'll focus on the importance of startups in an ecosystem, such as Finland in this case with recently published data.

Start-up SpareFoot Makes Self-Storage Fun

Austin Startup

SpareFoot, the online self-storage marketplace, launched a unique project and blog series called Adventures In Storage, designed to familiarize employees with their product in the most entertaining way possible. The new mixed-media “reality series” documents the start-up’s 18 employees as they experience the process of renting and moving into and out of self-storage units.

AS Discussions: Can you bootstrap your midsummer eve? (just for fun)


Instead of taking the car to your summer cabin, you can save money that would be used on gas by biking. It will take you longer to get to your destination, but it is possible! On the way to the cabin you might want to get some food. Ofcourse you could borrow some vegetables and fish from your neighbour (or you could catch the fish yourself), but it is more time effective to get them from the supermarket.

SolarWinds Agrees to Acquire TriGeo

Austin Startup

SolarWinds, a leading provider of powerful and affordable IT management software, today announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire privately-held TriGeo, a provider of log and event management software, for $35 million cash. The company expects the acquisition to close in the third quarter of 2011.