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Two New Techstars Programs – Mobility/Detroit and Techstars++/Mayo Clinic

Feld Thoughts

I’m fascinated with Detroit. When I was there in October 2012 with my partners Ryan and Jason to run the Detroit Marathon we talked about the idea of getting more involved there in some way. Jason grew up in Detroit and has lots of stories there. The local Detroit startup community engaged very powerfully in the idea.

The Foundry Group Detroit House

Feld Thoughts

In an effort to buy real estate in burgeoning startup communities around the United States while more deeply engaging in the startup community, my partners and I have bought a house in the Cass Corridor neighborhood in Detroit. Jason Mendelson grew up in Detroit so this is a nice homecoming for him.

The 5 Fastest-Growing Private Companies in Detroit

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

These companies, both old and new, are helping develop Detroit''s reputation as a successful American business hub

5 Creativity Lessons From Detroit's Crazy Arts Scene

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Detroit has always been a hub for public art, but lately, the city's creativity is off the charts. Here's what you can learn from it

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Entrepreneurship's Greatest Challenge: Rebuild Detroit

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Lots of rust belt cities boast of a burgeoning start-up economy, but entrepreneurship may face its greatest test in Detroit.

Detroit Free Press Marathon

Feld Thoughts

On Sunday, I finished the Detroit Marathon in 4:41:39. They ran with me in Detroit and it was super helpful to have them. The most exciting thing for me about the Detroit Marathon was that my partner Jason Mendelson completed his first marathon! I had a blast in Detroit from Friday until I left on Tuesday. miles.

Here are the 10 Fastest-Growing Companies in Detroit

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

A city famous for music and automobiles is gaining attention for its thriving business climate

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Silicon Valley? No, Thanks. I Prefer Detroit

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

When Marsh is on the phone with a prospective client and they ask him where LevelEleven is headquartered, he doesn''t hesitate to declare: "Detroit."

Detroit's Education Edge

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Nicole Carter breaks down Detroit's entrepreneurial education system. Something that gives Detroit an edge is our diversity.

What Does a Patent Office Mean For Detroit?

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Here's what it means for Detroit. There's no denying that Detroit has fallen on hard times. But why Motor City? Or Boston? Or New York?

Detroit's One-Stop Shop for All Things Supernatural

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Tarot and Tea is helping to revitalize its neighborhood by offering card readings, astrology readings, and even spiritual cleansing for homes and offices

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Detroit's Green Garage: Not Your Average Start-Up Incubator

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

This incubator aims to cultivate start-ups' business ideas carefully. and for as long as it takes. “They need to have an elevator pitch.

Detroit VC: Why Bankruptcy Is Great For Us

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Josh Linkner, founder of Detroit Venture Partners, says filing for Chapter 9 is necessary for Detroit. Detroit has seen better days.

Jonathon Triest of Ludlow Ventures: “VC Done Right” (and in Detroit)

Hunter Walker

You meet interesting people backstage at conferences and in 2013 that included Jonathon Triest who started Detroit-based Ludlow Ventures.

Inside Detroit's Start-up Culture

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

When there are doubters, you work a little harder," says Jake Cohen, Detroit Venture Partners' Vice President. It's a choice." It's like a rac

Suspects in Asheville jewelry heist may be part of Detroit group, investigators say

Winston-Salem Journal State/Region News

ASHVEVILLE (AP) — Federal authorities say a group of men arrested in an Asheville jewelry store robbery could be linked to a string of thefts

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Detroit's Shinola: Where Design Hustles Harder

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Shinola Creative Director Daniel Caudill shares how the watchmaker''s creative philosophy drives the company''s mission to associate quality with American manufacturing

Why Detroit's Plea for Immigrant Workers Could Signal National Reform

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Immigration reform may have stalled in Congress, but Detroit has its own plan to get things moving. Last year, Representative Darrell Issa (R.,

mHealth is Booming – What to Expect in 2013

VC Cafe

mHealth USPTO 2013 BCG CDRH CMS congress copyright Dallas Denver Detroit EHR FCC FDA haptique Health Affairs healthcare HIMTA HIPAA hospitals insurance Julius Genachowski MBAN meaningful use Mike Honda obama Patent Pew Research providers PWC regulations Research2Guidance sensors silicon valley Susan Dentzer whitespace

In Detroit, Start-Ups Fill Void Left by Automakers

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Detroit's start-up boom continues, as new businesses reclaim empty auto factories.


N. Carolina murder suspect caught at Detroit-Canada border

Winston-Salem Journal State/Region News

DETROIT (AP) — A man wanted in a fatal shooting in North Carolina has been captured in Detroit after he was denied entry to Canada

Shinola Expands Its Empire From Watches to Hotels

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

The luxury watch brand announced it will open a new boutique hotel in Detroit in 2018

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Detroit Soup — Serving Hope & Innovation

Gregg Fraley, Author of Jack's Notebook

Amy Kaherl is the Director/Facilitator of Detroit Soup. As a Michigander I’m always looking for some good vibes on the economy.

An upbeat PowerPlex

deal architect

I spent a few days at Plex’s user conference in Detroit this week. For me, the backdrop was the invigorated city as I describe here.

FUNKY SUNDAY NIGHT: We Almost Lost Detroit by Gil Scott-Heron.

Mark Birch

FUNKY SUNDAY NIGHT: We Almost Lost Detroit by Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson - Been getting into the Gil Scott-Heron recording history this weekend. This tune is so smooth, you would have no idea it was about a meltdown at a nuclear reactor near Detroit back in 1966 if you were not really listening to the lyrics.

Zeller out again for Hornets against Detroit

Winston-Salem Journal State/Region News

AP) — Cody Zeller of the Charlotte Hornets is not playing Thursday night at Detroit AUBURN HILLS, Mich. (AP)

This High-Tech Mattress Company Wants to Awaken the Sleep Industry

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Why Detroit-based Reverie thinks of itself as more of a 'sleep technology' company than a traditional mattress seller

White Tigers in the Chains of Fear

Gregg Fraley, Author of Jack's Notebook

I just finished reading a wonderful novel, The White Tiger, by Aravind Adiga. It’s a brisk story told in first person by a young Indian entrepreneur. I won’t say much more about the story, but it’s a good one, and deserving of the accolades and prizes its received. Perfect airplane reading, and, it has me [.].

Why Silicon Valley and Detroit Can't Agree About Self-Driving Cars

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Tech companies and the auto industry have to find middle ground eventually

Barry Gordy #Creativity, Four Lessons

Gregg Fraley, Author of Jack's Notebook

I’ll briefly note here the passing of Motown Records founder, Barry Gordy, and make four points about creativity along the way. I never met him, but I certainly experienced, and continue to experience, the results of his prolific creativity. In his amazing career he created songs, records, stars, companies, good will, and films.

A Whole New Groove for the Motor City

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Home to a burgeoning concentration of tech start-ups and incubators, Detroit's "Webward Avenue" is not just a street--it's also a movement.

4 lessons from Shinola

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Shinola founder Tom Kartsotis speaks about how he brought manufacturing back to Detroit

Google’s Prototype Self-Driving Cars Coming to Austin for Testing


The compact two door, two-seater white cars, which Google has created in partnership with Roush Industries in Detroit, will be hitting the roads of Austin in the next week or so. By LAURA LOREK Reporter with Silicon Hills News Google is bringing its autonomous vehicle prototype to Austin for testing.

Detroit Lions reach deal with rookie Laken Tomlinson

Winston-Salem Journal State/Region News

DETROIT (AP) — The Detroit Lions have reached a four-year contract agreement with offensive guard Laken Tomlinson, the team's first-round draft pick from Duke

ServiceGuy’s Detroit Numbers Changing

Texas Startup Blog

If you are a service provider signed up on ServiceGuy in Detroit you likely get calls for ABC Storage. We considered post a few of them, but decided to just change the number in Detroit instead. So the numbers for Detroit are changing, please The calls are absolutely hilarious (sorry).

Michael Bloomberg Lays Out His Plan for Immigration Reform

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

The former New York City mayor says new laws could help repopulate struggling cities like Detroit and Baltimore and lift the nation''s economy at little cost

Mental illness stalls case of bomb outside Detroit building

Winston-Salem Journal State/Region News

DETROIT (AP) — A man accused of planting a bomb outside of a Detroit federal building four years ago may never stand trial despite extraordinary efforts to improve his mental health

UNC faces Rutgers in Detroit's 1st Quick Lane Bowl

Winston-Salem Journal State/Region News

DETROIT (AP) — With the NFL''s Lions taking over Detroit''s bowl game, the city was able to upgrade its conference matchup, going from a top Mid-American Conference team and an at-large berth to a Big T

TEDxStormont – creativity and community collide in Belfast

Gregg Fraley, Author of Jack's Notebook

The community should raise money from its own members and award small batches of funds at monthly pitch meetings (see the Detroit Soup model and adapt it). Jim Eastwood, talking about potential at TEDxStormont. So, I’m talking to five beaming young people after TEDxStormont last Thursday. And how prosperous futures are created.

Detroit Windsor Tunnel Interview – How Do Market the Only Way to Cross the Border Under Water Without Getting Wet?

Rembrandt Communications

If so, you may want to check out the Detroit Windsor Tunnel and my StartupNation interview with Carolyn Brown, the DWT Executive Vice President, at [link] You see, The Detroit Windsor Tunnel is one of the great, engineering marvels of the world and is the only “vehicular international subaqueous [.].