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Latvia – A Rising Star for International Entrepreneurs

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Latvia isn’t a country that immediately springs to mind when you think of economic heavyweights, but this small state, tucked quietly away by the Baltic sea, is actually one the world’s growing economies. Here’s just some of the reasons Latvia is attractive to the international entrepreneur community: Strong export market. Low costs.

Latvia Picks Its Hashtag: #StartinLatvia


Daniels Pavluts , Co-founder of Latvian Startup Association, former Minister of Economy of Latvia. Full list of First Members is available here.

Latvia, from the Vikings to the Greeks


Lovely Riga, Queen of the Baltics "At the beginning of this era the territory known today as Latvia became famous as a trading crossroads.

Latvia's BranchTrack Raises Seed Round


Today, we can all create better websites on our own, at a fraction of the cost. "We We are doing the same in corporate training.

Dealflow from Latvia: Q3, 2015


MaxTraffic. About: MaxTraffic is a platform for e-commerce sites to help them turn abandoning visitors into customers. Conelum. Slides: here. InSelly.

Funding, startup traction and news from Latvia: September


Edurio feedback tool for schools, which has been tested in Latvia, UK and India, is now buffing up for expansion. Funding rounds. Other news.

Latvia's Eegloo 'Incubator' Can Get Your MVP Built for 10-90% Equity


When we first heard about a new incubator in Riga, Latvia we were really excited as Latvia definitely needs a few more.

Estonian Taxify Releases Hockey Stick Growth Stats, Launches in Latvia, Aims for US


Week-ends in Finland is the time of the week when alcohol infused wrestling takes place anywhere there’s a taxi pole. comes hunger for funds.

"Latvia's Facebook" hits Kickstarter with two new hardware projects


Latvian Draugiem Group seems to have discovered Kickstarter after launching two campaigns at once.

Draugiem Still Bigger Than Facebook In Latvia, Becomes Platform For New Startups


still has the most active users for any social network in Latvia, counting 1 244 872 users to Facebook's 327 940 and Twitter's 62 000.

Dealflow, startup traction and news from Latvia: August


2/3 of their users come from Latvia and 1/3 from the rest of the world. CheeksUp will represent Latvia at Startup Nations Summit in Mexico.

Funding, startup traction and news from Latvia: December


Exits. Companies involved as investors and developers were Imprimatur Capital , ZGI Capital and Proks Capital. Find out more here. Dealflow.

Roaming Will Be Killed By The Nordic/Baltic Region. Roamer From Latvia Joins The Race Battling Roaming


Roaming. The ArcticStartup region is going to get rid of that beast one way or another. If they are able to deliver, that is. This is quite a promise.

Funding, dealflow and startup traction from Latvia: October


Dealflow from Latvia for Q3: 18 startups raising over €5 millionseed money 18 Latvian startups looking for over €5 million seed money. Dealflow. Pulls the Largest Investment in Latvia And Reports 8 Million Monthly Uniques


Hopefully this will be a trend starter for Latvia and we will see more interesting companies to follow. Today, Not just follow them.”

New iOS Game Rocking The Charts: Fearless Wheels From Latvia


They were also the #1 Racing Game in Latvia, Australia, Italy, Belgium and France. The gameplay is also quite intuitive.

Latvia's PhoneAd lets you select the ads on your phone


She also coordinates the Entrepreneurship Support Centre at Stockholm School of Economics in Riga and Global Entrepreneurship Week in Latvia

StartupVitamins – The Poster Boy In Startup Motivation


Ideaspotting Draugiem Group inspiration Latvia motivation motivational posters StartupVitamins” – Larry Page, Co-Founder of Google.

FullContact Makes Its First Acquisition – Acquires Cobook

Feld Thoughts

The full team is moving from Latvia to Denver and is already hard at work integrating FullContact and Cobook. I love playing offense.

Key Players Of Latvian Startup Community Unite


I am convinced that Latvia has all necessary potential prerequisites to become a hub of north-eastern European startup movement.".

Baltic startup scene in numbers


As this year's host of the event, Labs of Latvia took the initiative to gather some data for our common use. There is sadly no data for Latvia.

Should You Start A Fintech Startup In The Baltics?


In Latvia BitFury (€ 53 918 020), Creamfinance (€ 5 000 000), Monea (€ 1 050 000) altogether have raised 79% of top 10 deal volume.

Latvian startup scene: January


The official announcement came in an interview to Labs of Latvia this month. Funding rounds. The investment deal was signed on Dec 8, 2015.

1Work, the Latvian e-secretary brought to you by Draugiem


Except in Latvia. Latvia’s internet is dominated by Draugiem , which is the largest operating social network in the country.

The ArcticStartup Guide to: RIGA

ArcticStartup - a famous data visualisation tool that is believed to have put Latvia on world’s startup map. Let’s start with Riga.

Finalists announced for Rietumu FinTech Challenge


Swipe (Latvia). Zen F in Tech (Latvia). Mintos (Latvia). Monetizator (Latvia). (Estonia).

Following successful Kickstarter campaign, Airdog picks up a $2 million Seed Round


Preorders for their third batch start at $1,295 (not including a GoPro) and are estimated to be shipped around Q3 of this year.

Top 30 Startups From The Nordics/Baltics: Arctic15 Finalists Announced, Your Vote Needed.


BuzzTale , Latvia - The enterprise story network. Froont , Latvia - Github for web designers. Maxtraffic , Latvia - Helps to increase conversions on sites by showing relevant messages depending on user actions. Oppo , Latvia - Find an opponent in any sport or even a whole team. Basically it''s Flickr for datasets.

Estonian Taxify first in the world to launch mobile billing for cabs


Taxify team has also revealed their plans to expandit to Latvia and Lithuania in the near future

TechHub Riga lets you put your name in the history of Latvian startup scene


As a result, Latvia’s oldest and most established co-working space, TechHub Riga is moving to a new building, which we have covered here.

13 Sites You Love Built With Ruby On Rails


Latvia-based, this service has all chances to overcome Formspring’s popularity. Probably, the best-known photography community ever. Airbnb.

Ruby 15

Jobbatical raises €510 000 for reshaping the future of work


One of the hottest early-stage startups from the Baltic region right now, Jobbatical , announces raising €510 000 today on their latest funding round.

Latvian startup scene overview: March


On March 3 Latvian startup community platform Labs of Latvia was officially launched. First report on Latvian public VC impact since 2007.

Complete Baltic Investment & VC Market Overview


But then SAF Tehnika, from Latvia, marked the first Baltic Tech IPO, valued at 52 million EUR and. LATVIA. ESTONIA. Portfolio & Exits.

Does Rewalon have a shot at gamifying corporate B2C?


In its two years of operations Rewalon has secured major clients in Lithuania, Latvia and Russia. Challenger is a new turn in Rewalon portfolio.

This Years Top 30 Startups in The Nordics/Baltics: Arctic15


Branchtrack , Latvia - Making corporate training fun and efficient. Froont , Latvia - Second time in the TOP 30. We saw a video. Finally.

Unambition syndrome

The Startup Toolkit

And then, I found myself in Latvia, drinking with a guy who built 2 or 3 big tech companies. Which is true! But still, my insecurity remained.

5 reasons why uniting the Latvian startup scene is important


Editor''s note: our writer Marija Odineca part of the Labs of Latvia team. Media needs stories. We always did and we still do. We all did.

Latvian Peer-To-Peer Lending Marketplace Closes €2 Million Seed Round


The funds will be used for accelerating growth in Europe. Traditionally, non-bank lenders have financed their loans from their balance sheets.

SonarWorks take €600,000 investment


The Imprimatur Capital Technology Venture Fund located in Latvia has recently announced an investment in headphones software start-up Sonarworks.