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Ukraine, Estonia, Chile, Finland: The saga of four accelerators

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The ArcticStartup guide to: Estonia


We’ve brought you guides to Riga and Lithuania before, and we know quite a few were looking forward to Estonia. Hottest startups. Hackathons.

Estonia Launches Country As A Service Software For Other Countries


The new CountryOS service was built in the co-operation of the government of Estonia, tech entrepreneurs and Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol.

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Estonia to Invest €60 Million Into Startups


Top Image Courtesy of Shutterstock // Estonia Euro Do you think this is a good thing? Let us know in the comments.

Estonia Or Silicon Valley – What's The Difference?


Coming back, it really opened my eyes towards the pros and cons of both Estonia and Silicon Valley. Uber, Airbnb & Tesla).

Estonia's Nutiteq Snapped Up By CartoDB


The value of the deal was not disclosed. “We We believe there is a big opportunity to rethink how we interact with location data on mobile devices. Most geospatial innovation has been pushed to the consumer space. It’s no surprise that people are moving from laptops to smartphones, and it’s safe to say that enterprises will be quick to follow

Estonia Scores A Landmark Exit: GrabCad Acquired by Stratasys at over €70M


It has been a while since we have reported an exit for Estonia. To date, GrabCad has received a total of around €10.5M

Finns crowdfund brewery in Estonia without a platform


You know what I miss as a Brit living in Finland? I miss pub culture. And I’m not the only one inconvenienced that, as Sori Brewing ’s story shows.

Signwise From Estonia To Take Digital Signatures Mainstream


Estonia ? If you have been to Estonian homes, you may have noticed that many of them have a little card-reading device next to their computers.

Who Will Build The €600 Million Datacenter In Estonia?


According to Vartiainen "Estonia has the ideal climate for server maintenance, innovative business environment and favourable taxation.

Shop By Invitation: Ooolala From Estonia


Currently Ooolala boasts over 50 000 members in Estonia and already over 5000 within a month of operations in Finland. million.

Estonia's Plumbr Gets Serious as a SaaS Memory Leak Solution


Since launching about a year ago , the company has gained about 100 paying customers, including names like Ericsson, TeliaSonera, NATO. Example resul

Estonia To Make Public Sector Data Open To Entrepreneurs


Estonia already offers e-tax board, e-police, e-school, e-health, e-business, and other similar services you can put an "e-" in front of.

This Skype Mafia-Backed Startup Wants to Crush Your Email (and It Just Might)

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If you haven't heard of Estonia's Fleep yet, it's only a matter of time

Estonia's Cloutex Raises €441,000 Seed For Cloud Services Integration


Estonian cloud startup Cloutex announces it has raised $600,000 (€441,000) in seed funding.

Estonia's DeltaBid Replacing Outdated Procurement Processes


Believe it or not, procurement is fairly outdated, many projects are still using paper and spreadsheets.

Estonia's GlobalReader Raises Seed Round


The 2014 founded startup, which has gone through BuildIT accelerator , has so far 38 clients in Estonia GlobalReader's product is a cloud based monitoring platform, with real-time data visualization and reporting, based on data gathered through sensors from production line.

Estonia's Svipe does NFC Payments with a Twist


People have grown suspicious about the viability of NFC payments, but what if they also plugged into promotions? Innovations. Innovations.

What it’s like to found a startup in Estonia

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In Estonia, people who set out to build a great business can’t expect to be greeted with encouragement and support from the broader community.

Estonia-based Creative Mobile Scores Big With Drag Racing Game


We attended a few local events, talked to the guys who are looking for promising startups in Estonia, and always heard the same answers.

Startup Incubator Begins Accepting Applications In Estonia


Startup Incubator , a new program aimed at helping startups, has spun off from Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol and begun accepting applications.

To Get Kids Coding, Countries Should Follow Estonia's Programming Tigers


But in Estonia, this dream shared by Zuck, Gates, and Will-i-am already exists. But what interest does a seven year-old have for PowerPoint?

The story of Jump or Fall - Georgian team at Estonia's Gamefounders


Kvlividze writes to us, Back in 2009, there was no game industry in Tbilisi, Georgia whatsoever. from Ukraine and announces he needs people. so we did.

Estonia's Y.O.D.A. Case puts Hand-Sewn Carbon Fiber Cases up on Kickstarter


As mentioned, the new cases for handsets and laptops are handmade in Estonia and are built from carbon fiber weave and woll felt. Y.O.D.A

Estonian Taxify first in the world to launch mobile billing for cabs


Estonia has good history with mobile carrier billing. Taxify is the first taxi app in the world to launch mobile carrier billing.

More innovation off the beaten path

deal architect

Baltic startup scene in numbers


The stat is particularly impressive in Estonia with 30.6 startup employees for every 1,000 people in Estonia. Number of startups.

Estonia's Weekdone Launches Team Management Tool on iOS


A team leader''s job is to make sure people get things done, and you can''t improve what you don''t measure.

Estonian Wooden Frames Maker Taps Crowd


So far Karl's frames have been sold mostly in Estonia.

Honest, Anonymous Feedback From Estonia

ArcticStartup is a new Estonian startup looking to enable better, honest albeit anonymous feedback about people (to begin with).

Fast-growing Estonian EdTech DreamApply Targets Finland


Commercialized since 2011 in Latvia and Estonia, Dreamapply found its niche and has swept across the continent ever since. Since Estonia adopted the system in 2011, the country has witnessed a fourfold increase in application number which earned Dreamapply a high profile endorsement from the Estonian authority.

A Visit With the European Startup Community


My wife, Ann, and I took a trip this past spring to visit Estonia, Finland, Ireland and Russia. Estonia. Tallinn is the capital of Estonia, located just across the Bay of Finland from Helsinki. Ireland. Upon arriving in Dublin, we were met by our hostess, Diane Roberts, for a leisurely drive to Belfast. Moscow. Finland.

Nevermind Finland: Here's Estonia! [Part 1/3]


Estonia doesn’t exactly jump to mind when asked about the hottest European startup countries. There is Enterprise Estonia , and WNB.

Estonian startup scene opens up to Personalized Medicine with Idea Garage


Will we be hearing more about personalized medicine in Estonia in the coming years? We detail the solution. I suppose that's up to you

This Years Top 30 Startups in The Nordics/Baltics: Arctic15


Boldgadgets , Estonia - Not sure if they want us to say what they do yet. Guaana , Estonia - Solving technology transfer through crowdsourcing.

Nevermind Finland: Estonia’s Garage48 [Part 3/3]


Clearly, Estonia has a strong and enthusiastic startup scene. At the end of August, the Estonian startup scene’s biggest gathering took place.

EstBAN infographic details where Estonian Angels are putting their money


Estonia''s Business Angels Network put out an infographic detailing EstBAN''s first year in review.

Estonian Digital Teacher's Book Tebo Raises Seed Round


When I talk to serial entrepreneur Tõnis Kusmin he is already in Chile, sitting on a balcony in sun, while back home in Estonia its dark and slushy.

The Estonian Startup With €25 Million Turnover You Haven't Heard Of


No matter what the number is, they definitely look like one of the biggest and hottest startups in Estonia right now

ResultsOnAir takes on TV advertising with 500 Startups


So far they''ve seen traction with advertisers in Estonia and the UK, as well as distributers in Finland, Japan and Brazil. corporations.