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Ukraine, Estonia, Chile, Finland: The saga of four accelerators

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Entrepreneur Europe Latin America accelerators Chile estonia finland funding TechIt’s hard to get the exact data on how many startup acceleration programs are being launched every year, but it’s definitely a lot.

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Offerilla Fills Groupon Size Hole In Finland


To fill that gap – especially in Finland – Helsinki-based Offerilla launches an online platform for daily regional offers. “At At the beginning, our concept will be pretty similar what Groupon did in Finland.

Crowdfunding success from Finland - Yoogaia


Helsinki-based health & lifestyle start up Yoogaia has set out to bring balance into peoples lives through a platform that offers online Yoga classes.

Finland To Launch 5G Test Network


Anyone really interested in 5G networks should keep an eye on what is going on in Finland. The test network is stated to be the most advanced in the world, but there are also other early 5G projects working elsewhere.

Finland Passes A Bill On Crowdfunding Act


The objective of Finnish Crowdfunding Act is to provide new financing options for business growth – and to clarify the responsibilities of various authorities in the supervision of crowdfunding, to improve investor protection and to diversify the financial markets.

Top 100 Startups in Finland


and Skyhood did when they introduced , a list of the “hottest” startups in Finland. So without further adieu, here are the TOP 25 companies in Finland from ??

Where Are Finland's Education Startups?


Hey, Finland. Schools and the education system in Finland has garnered recognition from parents around the world, but entrepreneurs aren''t trying to bleed that Finnish education brand dry, like any group of profit maximizing individuals should be.

Tim Draper Is Coming To Finland


Investment in Finland. Tim is well known to help entrepreneurs drive their visions through funding, education, media, and government reform. He has founded thirty Draper venture funds, Draper University, Bizworld, and two statewide initiatives to improve governance and education.

Fast-growing Estonian EdTech DreamApply Targets Finland


There are several good co-operation projects going on between Estonia and Finland (X-road, EduCloud). We believe that Finland could also benefit from Dreamapply when dealing with international admission, exchange and marketing processes as have been the case for Estonia,” says Janar Holm, secretary general at Estonian Ministry of Education and Research.

Largest Startup Acquirer in Finland, Fonecta, Starts Investing


Fonecta , the Finnish directories business that was founded in 2002, is known to be the largest acquierer in Finland. For those of you outside of Finland, Pirinen told us that they are also willing to invest into companies from the whole region. "We

Healthcare in Finland: The GE Story


Through that, they were able to invite the top healthcare VC's to Finland, who made the trip from the US. The announcement concerns the launch of the Startup Health Finland program. StartUp Health Finland will locate themselves in the Health Innovation Village at GE and will select five Finnish health tech startups to invite into the StartUp Health Academy. To lead the program, they have hired Aki Koivistoinen from Finland.

Taxi app Taxify Meets Resistance in Finland Launch


However, back then I dared not ask Taxify founder Markus Villig whether we’d see the application in Finland, where the taxi culture has for long dwelled under a nasty stigma of monopoly, high cost and taxi queue c**k-fights, because I feared he’d say "we''ll see" accompanied by a polite laughter.

Finland's Ubisecure acquired by GMO Globalsign for IoT Identity


In tech acquisition news, Finland-based Identity and Access Management (IAM) specialist Ubisecure announces today it has been acquired by GMO Globalsign , one of the world’s largest publicly-trusted certificate authorities.

Stockholm Has What Finland Lacks


It made me think though, looking at all the successful companies in the room, what is it that Sweden has that Finland doesn't? Stockholm lacks the kind of tight knit community with a lot of buzz that Finland has (I hope and fear that we are partially to blame for that).

Coinbase launches in Europe, includes Finland, Sweden


As last weeks news of an eight figure investment into KnC miner heated up bitcoin news in the region, we''ve heard today that Coinbase has launched in Finland and Sweden as part of their European rollout into 13 countries.

Arctic15's Food Street Goes Finland


2015's Arctic15 Food Street will offer a 100% Finnish menu, meaning all the dishes and ingredients are coming from Finland. We have partnered up with Food from Finland export program bringing the delicious taste of pure, fresh and high quality food from Finland all over the world.

Finland Takes First Steps To Tolerate Failure


Finland has one of those peculiar western cultures where failure isn't tolerated. This is something that hasn't been accepted in Finland and the National Fail Day (in Finnish), celebrated today, is the first public awareness act to change this.

Playground Publishing Gets a Foothold in Finland


As we drove around Kotka to check out Playa, the local game industry space , we talked about the Finnish gaming industry as a whole, and the need for there to be a game publisher in Finland. They have offices around Europe, but their focus is to find 3-5 games from Finland in the next year. "We

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The Founder Institute Comes To Finland This Fall


The Founder Institute , claiming the title for the world's largest startup accelerator, is arriving to Finland this fall. Classes are run by the chapter leader, which in Finland is Toni Perämäki. The correct chapter leader in Finland is Toni Perämäki

Another crowdfunding platform in Finland? Innovestor takes a new approach


With their first round open today there''s a new player on the block when it comes to equity crowdfunding in Finland, joining the ranks of Invesdor and Fundedbyme.

Finland Goes After Tablets: Nokia & Jolla Announce New Devices


Nokia was always extremely important in Finland, so with the Microsoft acquisition, everyone was wondering what they would do next. At the same time, a new player on the market - Jolla was taking a stab at the mobile phone market, and it looked like they could continue where Nokia left off.

Looking Past "Finland Post Welfare"


Students in Finland have come a long way in a few years. Last night, Finland saw one of its most impressive events in support of growth entrepreneurship - all organised by a small group of passionate students. Finland has to become more appealing on an international level as well.

Denmark, Finland Lead World in Positive Attitude towards Entrepreneurship


Second and third place go to newly added countries: Finland with 87%, and Australia follows with 84%. Does Finland need a National Day of Failure anymore? This report is also interesting because Finnish entrepreneurs say that they''re still getting over the stigma of failure in Finland.

Latvian Spotify for books Fabula launches in Finland with 11 publishers


Latvian team of book geeks, incorporated in Finland after Startup Sauna batch of 2013, just launched their service here. We see high growth potential in Finland. We discussed their commitment to electronic readers earlier.

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Hands on with Finland's EVE T1 Tablet


Finland has been known for its mobile hardware, but Nokia and Jolla aren’t the only tablet makers in town. Already on the market is the Eve T1 which an 8-inch Windows 8.1 tablet at an affordable €159 price point.

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Finland's IndoorAtlas Raises €3.3 Million


Indoor Atlas is one of the hotter startups in Finland thanks to their unique technology which allows for the down-to-the-dot positioning of a phone by picking up the magnetic signals of the building or earth unique to where the phone is.

Finland's Tekes Re-Launches Tempo With 75% Non-Dilutive Funding


We all know that Finland is well known for extensive governmental support for start-ups and it is only fair considering the corporate and private income taxes in the country.

Finland and Baltics Grab Investors' Attention At Mobile World Congress


With nearly 100 companies participating or exhibiting, Finland and the Baltic States clearly made a lot of noise at Mobile World Congress (MWC) this year, the worlds largest exhibition for the mobile industry. There were 28 exhibitors from Finland and 43 from the Baltic States.

Tellyo Brings Social Sharing Solution to Finland's MTV3


Tellyo announces today that it has penned a deal with Finnish commercial television station MTV3, where they will test their social sharing solution with a number of TV programs.

Finland's Tutor Tigers to boost English pronunciation across the world


Holiday time is seen as a chance to get away from thinking about business ideas, but for Kai Lemmetty, his time spent traveling in Southeast Asia turned into Tutor Tigers, a new edutech company now getting off the ground.

Finland's Startup Scene goes to the movies in 3 upcoming titles


Finland is still far from being called the Hollywood of the north, so without the resources of a developed movie scene three ridiculous upcoming movies are brushing up against the startup scene for financial resources and the can-do attitude.

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Next From MONI - Lets Refugees to Receive Salaries In Finland


That equals to over 10% of annual asylum seekers in Finland having received their cards and using them in their daily life. They cannot transfer money outside Finland or make payments to other than Finnish bank accounts or in Finland.

The Walking Dead is coming from Finland


Next Games , based in Helsinki, Finland, and developers of the game, are celebrating the news by publishing the first promotional trailer which you''ll find after the jump.

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Touching Base With Senseg - One Of Finland's Hottest Technology Startups


Be forewarned, this post might be a little breathless, but this has to be one of the coolest technologies coming out of Finland right now. The other week I got the chance to go to Senseg's Espoo, Finland offices and get my hands on their prototype tablet.

The Best April Fools Joke Is From Finland, A Couple of Days Late


In addition, the former TeliaSonera country director of Finland Anni Vepsäläinen is on the list as well as Pertti Korhonen (formerly Nokia, currently Outotec's CEO). And just to make clear - the task of this group is to come up with a new growth strategy for Finland by the end of the year.

A New Gaming Company is Creating Hype in Finland - Seriously.


“I see a traditional audience shifting very fast from traditional media platforms to smart devices. And if you look at content usage on these devices, then you see gaming is 50-70% of usage on iPads. Gaming is coming out on top.

Entrepreneurship Visa In Finland? Not Unless Your Startup Is Profitable!


Here is my experience with Finland. The story starts similar to many foreigners: I moved to Finland from the safety and comfort of my home country because of my girlfriend. Then you cannot get a self-employment visa to Finland either.

Process Genius - Hot B2B Startup Out of Finland


A certain type or startups is easy to write about. Anybody can understand what they do and it is not difficult to explain those that let you let you take cool pictures, play new games or interact with the TV in a new and social way. ??.

Going to change the world? The Global Impact Challenge is calling Finland


One of Finland''s alumni, Henrietta Kekäläinen, tells us that she''s always wanted to save the world. Whether you make it into the program or not, you''ll still hone down that idea to change the world, and get in front of Finland''s media.

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Silicon Labs Buys Bluegiga in Finland for $61 Million


Silicon Labs announced Wednesday its acquisition of Bluegiga Technologies Oy, based in Finland, for $61 million in cash. Bluegiga makes wireless products such as ultra-low power Bluetooth Smart, Bluetooth Classic and Wi-Fi modules as well as […] The post Silicon Labs Buys Bluegiga in Finland for $61 Million appeared first on SiliconHills.