The Evolution of THE STARTUP WAY Cover

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Clickthrough was strongest on the red cover with silver in second. We continued testing clickthrough on Facebook, where there wasn’t a discernible difference between the red and blue covers. Guest post by Marcus Gosling, VP of Product, Long-Term Stock Exchange.

Small Business Marketing Tip: Send Email Campaigns At Night To Increase Revenue

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A few months ago, we highlighted the best times and days to send email for opens and clickthroughs. A new study from Experian offers a different perspective on the best days and times to send email.

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The 4 bits of social media that are mostly useful

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Twitter audiences are notoriously hard to reach (clickthroughs < 0.5%). Thinking of social media as a set of tools (Twitter, Pinterest, etc) leads you down the road of doing a bit of everything, which tends to be a poor use of time. Instead, think in terms of how it serves your business.

Metrics That Matter Most for 2014 (free PDF)

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We want to know the number o connections, number of followers, number of pageviews, number of minutes someone spends on our website, number of clickthroughs, number of times the shopping cart was abandoned, number of repeat visitors, number of new visitors.

How to beat the behemoths

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Banner blindness = shitty clickthroughs (now extending to blindness for referral programmes). I just read Andrew Chen’s Growth is getting hard from intensive competition, consolidation, and saturation.

Knowing your customer is key to conversion rate optimisation

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A Whirlpool email campaign improved clickthrough by 42% when they reduced the number of calls to action from four to one. Conversion rate optimisation is a hot topic these days.

Context Matters! Lessons Learned From YouTube Personalized Recommendations (And Why This Matters For Twitter)

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While it performed fairly well at launch there was one tweak made early on which increased clickthrough and perceived relevance: we told you why we were recommending a specific video.

Metrics that Matter for 2012 (one page PDF)

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We want to know the number o connections, number of followers, number of pageviews, number of minutes someone spends on our website, number of clickthroughs, number of times the shopping cart was abandoned, number of repeat visitors, number of new visitors.

Metrics that Matter for 2011 (One Page PDF)

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We want to know the number of connections, number of followers, number of pageviews, number of minutes someone spends on our website, number of clickthroughs, number of times the shopping cart was abandoned, number of repeat visitors, number of new visitors.

What Are The Best Marketing ROI Metrics?

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The most important metrics are: opens, clickthroughs, conversions, bounces and unsubscribes. Opens tell you how many people are seeing your brand/offer; clickthroughs and conversions tell you how many people are interested in your brand/offer; bounces and unsubscribes tell you how many people are definitely not interested. Business owners shy away from internet marketing when it appears to offer vague, immeasurable returns.

Why Your Customers Buy More When Value Outweighs Cost


Simply pointing out three specific value points that the Heritage Foundation brought the contributor resulted in a 20% increase in clickthrough rates and a 14.66% increase in donation size. “At MECLABS we’ve spent years asking and trying to answer a simple question: ‘Why do people say yes?’.

Twitter Link Roundup #134 – Small Business, Social Media, Design, Copywriting, Marketing And More

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The Law of Shitty Clickthroughs – [link]. The Law of Shitty Clickthroughs – [link]. The Law of Shitty Clickthroughs – [link].

How to start making sense of your data

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Now, consider rephrasing the question above into a hypothesis: “ Our best clickthrough rate is on Fridays in New York City.” Now more than ever, companies are collecting large amounts of data at a high frequency.

Surprising New Finding for Online Ads

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Instead of watching clickthroughs, page views, or similar metrics, you might have to create a more complex model to calculate the ROI of marketing. Research suggests you might be using the wrong metric to measure the success of Web campaigns.

The Psychology of SaaS Lead Nurturing: How to Get to “Yes” Faster


By doing this, Dan’s able to boost clickthroughs and engagement while staying on track with his one goal of getting people to watch the video. Here’s another example: An email marketing software could include a quick trick that boosts clickthrough to try right away.

How to Use Personalized Content and Behavioral Targeting For Improved Conversions


Results were 149% increase in clickthrough rate to the Careers page. For visitors from India without the banner, clickthrough rate was 9.17%. With the banner, clickthrough rate for Indian visitors was 22.86%. 500 different people go to

9 Ways to Supercharge Your Email Click-Through Rates


This guide gives you 9 tried and true strategies to improve clickthrough rates: Increase The Number of Links. Many marketers find that emails with more than two links get even higher clickthrough rates (CTRs).

16 eCommerce A/B Test Ideas Backed by UX Research


Track the effectiveness of those emails (open, clickthrough and conversion rates). Nothing works all the time on all sites. That’s why we test in the first place; to let the data tell us what is actually working.

Useful value proposition examples (and how to create a good one)


Ideally you would measure sales conversions (for most accurate results), but if that is not possible lead conversions or even clickthroughs will do. Value proposition is the #1 thing that determines whether people will bother reading more about your product or hit the back button.

How To Get More SEO Value Out of Your Existing Content

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Ultimately what you are looking for are pages that have high impression counts but low clickthroughs (CTRs). How To Get More SEO Value Out of Your Existing Content written by Guest Post read more at Small Business Marketing Blog from Duct Tape Marketing.

What if Your Marketing Isn’t Working Like it Should?

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The first position on Google search results on desktop has a 34.36% clickthrough rate. What if Your Marketing Isn’t Working Like it Should? written by John Jantsch read more at Duct Tape Marketing. Just the other day I was chatting with a small business owner over coffee (something I do a lot.). One of the questions I like to pose when I have these chats is – “What’s your biggest marketing concern right now?”.

Why Many Companies Mistakingly Think Trolls & Harassment Are Good for Business

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The most common for a daily dashboard are a mix of DAU/MAU, page views, impressions, session length, clickthrough, visits per day, engagement. A live mic. They gave me a live mic at last week’s Upfront Summit to interview Reddit’s Alexis Ohanian.

How to Generate More Sales From Your Email Marketing Campaigns


Research by Zarella at HubSpot suggests that doing so can impact your results pretty drastically: HubSpot Chart Showing Best Day of Week to Send Email for Max Clickthroughs. HubSpot chart showing best time of day to send email for max clickthrough rate.

53 Ways to Increase Conversion Rate


Dustin Curtis got 173% more clickthroughs for his Twitter link after using a stronger command to invite followers. Usability studies say that blue link is the best, but Beamax boosted their link clickthroughs by making the links red. Somebody asked me the other day, what are all the possible ways one could increase the conversion rate? Is there a library of all the things that have made the difference? I looked for one, but couldn’t find it.

5 Characteristics Of High Converting Headlines


The Content Marketing Institute reports that headlines with odd numbers have a 20% higher clickthrough rate than headlines with even numbers. For a long time, headline writers assumed that positive was better as far as clickthroughs, shareability, readability, and conversions.

Finding your One Metric That Matters

Media is about time on page, pages per visit, and clickthrough rates. Skip to navigation. Skip to main content. Skip to secondary content. Skip to footer. Lean Analytics Book. About. Contact us. ? Navigate About. Contact us. Twitter. Facebook. RSS Feed. The One Metric That Matters.

5 Popular eCommerce Trends That Might Be Costing You Conversions


It’s quite likely that they will only distract visitors from your page goal, which is to increase clickthroughs to the ‘Add to cart’ button. From image carousels to social media logins, trends spread like wildfire in the eCommerce industry.

SEO Title Tag Optimization at Etsy: Experiment Design and Causal Inference

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title tags’) could increase their clickthrough rate.

Customer Data Platforms: The Next Big Shift in SaaS Marketing Stacks?


Andrew Chen explained this as the Law of Shitty Clickthroughs. I’m sure you consider yourself data-driven. You make decisions based on data. Problem is, most companies aren’t using their data to the capacity they could be.

How to Measure the ROI of Your Content Marketing Efforts – a Step-by-Step Guide

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Pro Tip – Higher clickthroughs are a definite sign of engagement. VenturePact, a SaaS firm, saw 66% clickthrough rate for a mobile app calculator they hosted on their site.

19 Things We Can Learn From Numerous Heatmap Tests


Abandon automatic image carousels and banners for better clickthrough rates. Abandon automatic image carousels to get better clickthroughs – When the users have a specific task in mind, they will completely ignore the carousels.

Twitter Link Roundup #264 – Quintessential Resources for Small Business, Startups, and Design!

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Increase Your Clickthrough Rate on Twitter Skin cancer is a scourge. And dalmatian puppies are just about the cutest things that ever walked the earth. Put the two together and what do you get?

How Images Can Boost Your Conversion Rate


People hardly buy anything without seeing it. Usually they also want to touch it, hold it and take it for a spin. You really can’t do those things online (unless it’s web based software).

How to Use Single Keyword Ad Groups in AdWords


Improving your Quality Score, increasing your clickthrough rate (CTR), reducing your ad spend without compromising results… these are all top-of-mind for PPC marketers using AdWords.

When “Free” Converts (and When It Doesn’t)


Buy Tax Free” increased clickthrough rate by 49.85%. If I asked you, “what’s the most persuasive word in the English language,” what would you say? Many would say “free” – and that may or may not be accurate.

How to Optimize Videos for Conversions


First, you can use annotations to get viewers to clickthrough to another site while they’re watching. You often read that most people prefer to watch a video than read text. How true is that statement, really ?

Forget Friends and Followers. Focus on This Secret Weapon

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Plus, clickthrough rates after someone opens an email are typically in the 10 percent range. By contrast, if a typical Facebook post reaches a user, from our experience, it can generate clickthrough rates any where from 0.3 Sure, it''s nice to have a big social media following.

5 Practices That Will Make Your Email List Your Most Valuable and Responsive Asset

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While it was hard to push the button on that one I found that after I did my open rate as a percentage soared of course, but more importantly, the number of opens and clickthroughs to content actually went up.

How to Optimize a Site Without a Clear Online Conversion


The clickthrough itself wasn’t that valuable of a metric in terms of conversions, but in terms of insights into what the user valued, it was extremely useful. No one ever said optimizing any website is easy.

Three Hard Truths About A/B Testing


evaluate the hypotheses, look at the heat map / click map data to assess user behavior on the site, pay attention to any engagement data – even if users didn’t take your most wanted action, did they do anything else (higher clickthroughs, more time on site etc).