How to Maintain a Consistent Brand Identity Across Social Networks

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How to Maintain a Consistent Brand Identity Across Social Networks written by Guest Post read more at Small Business Marketing Blog from Duct Tape Marketing. When social media marketing first began it was rather easy to maintain a consistent brand identity.

3 Ways in Which Social Media Has Impacted Company Communications


The scenario has changed drastically within a few years as the far reaching potential of social sites is being experienced and explored. Some departments and functions within organizations have had a complete social makeover. Social Media Impact on Internal communications.

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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet of Ad Sizes & Specs for Every Social Network

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Keep this quick reference guide handy for your social ads campaigns

Evergreen Marketing Inspiration: 5 Successful Social Media Campaigns


Everyone can market on social media – well, according to them! Because if it isn’t watched, what’s the point of running a marketing campaign at all? These days there are no guarantees that a campaign will be sure-shot successful.

7 Retargeting Case Studies That’ll Boost Your Current Campaigns


What if grouping all audiences into the same retargeting campaign is actually doing more harm than good? The truth is that a lot of people never give the attention or resources that’s needed to improve their retargeting campaigns. Lowered the average campaign CPA to 72% below average.

Business Models for Social Networks: Monetizing Social Capital.

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Home Best of 500 Hats About Dave Startup Metrics Dave on Twitter Archive Pages About 500 Hats & 500 Startups About Dave McClure About Dave follow me on Twitter Top Hat Posts Google Open Social vs. Facebook Platform (aka: Open Standards are for Losers. Q: Social Networks still Sexy?

Top 10 Social Media Companies That Will Dominate in 2013

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Social media is vitally important in the success of a business and brand in today’s world. These 10 social media companies will be booming in 2013. You’ve put in the time to boost your social media campaigns. Quora is a question and answer type of social network.

7 Social Media Marketing Habits That Lead To Failure


If your campaigns are using a range of social media marketing habits that lead to failure, then it's time to make a change. Social media marketing (SMM) not working is simply a sign that you need to identify what's going wrong and try again.

What Entrepreneurs Need to Know About Google+


are trying to win their share, and they have some converts thanks to hard-fought battles through advertising campaigns, but everyone knows that Google is going to win the war. Google+ is more than just a “wannabe” social media outlet. by Alicia Lawrence, WebpageFX .


A Rake Too Far: Optimal Platform Pricing Strategy

eBay recently launched an aggressive campaign attacking Amazon’s rate table on a vertical-by-vertical basis ( those percentages can be found here ). This way no one leaves the network due to excessive fees, yet you end up with a higher average rake over time due to the competitive dynamic.

Top 23 Social Media Power Influencers

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Forbes Social Power Influencer. If you’re looking for cutting edge tips for social media, check out the tweets of a “new media star.”. Global head of social media at Ford Motor Company, husband, dad, podcaster, proprietor of [link] , and a generally nice guy. Social Influencer ?

How to Track Your Social Media Efforts

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How to Track Your Social Media Efforts written by Guest Post read more at Duct Tape Marketing. If your small business is taking advantage of social media to engage with customers in hopes of growing your business, how do you know if your efforts are paying off?

7 Important Tips to Creating a High-Converting Facebook Fan Page

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billion users (and growing at an exponential rate), Facebook is king when it comes to social media. A savvy marketer will tell you that to brand yourself and promote your business, you must be invested in your Facebook campaign. We all want them! We all need them!

7 Questions That Lead to Incredibly Effective Marketing Campaigns

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If you’re launching a new product, designing a sale or getting your business ready now for your version of Black Friday or Small Business Saturday, there are series of steps that you need to include in the planning process in order to create the most effective campaign.

What Social Media Needs To Do To Better Pique Your Interest


Whether you are conscious of it or not, these behaviors tell social media algorithms that this is the content you really want to see. As such, leading platforms continue to promote the most viral content dictated by your digital social circle.

Metrics that matter to social platforms (Part 1/3)

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As we have been developing our investment thesis on social platforms , we want to provide the similar information and tools. There are lots of great blog posts and articles out there that talk about social platform metrics.

This Is Why Social Media Doesn’t Work For Your Business

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If you have invested considerable time and resources on social media marketing over the past year and feel frustrated, you are not alone. The above conclusions are from a survey released by Manta , a social network for small businesses.

Social Networking and Business Value


Just a quick note that I'll be moderating a Technology Council Event : Social Networking as a Business Strategy May 19, 2009 - Culver City Social networking media are used on a daily basis to grow businesses and expand career opportunities. Individuals use social networking sites such as LinkedIn and Plaxo as career-advancing tools, even more useful in a down economy. Can social networking be a money-maker for companies?

How Mobile Marketing is Changing the Face of Events

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According to research from mobiThinking , there are over 2 billion people using a 3G or 4G mobile phone network. Mobile marketing is nothing new, businesses have been creating mobile friendly websites and using social media to reach their on-the-go audience for years.

If Content Is King What Role Does Social Media Play? by Yaro Starak

In a previous post, I wrote about “ How To Get 55 Comments And 98 Likes On Your First Article Using Social Media “ In the article, I spelled out the process I used to gain traction to a blog post I wrote on a brand new blog, using Facebook as the only source of traffic.

From CIO to CMO, A Data Story

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More reliant than ever before on earned and sponsored content, marketing teams will need to better instrument and provide social incentives for the creation and re-use of earned media and that goes well beyond what is the norm today for social media engagements.

Why Social Media is a Must for all Companies

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Why Social Media is a Must for all Companies written by Guest Post read more at Small Business Marketing Blog from Duct Tape Marketing. While younger demographic groups are higher users, all ages are on social media. Your customers ARE on social media.

Is Astroturfing Coming To Social Media?

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It’s when this becomes a social media strategy. Once someone builds this into a social media dashboard and automates the “identify-keyword, add, @reply-message” function, it’ll get yucky fast. Especially when political campaigns get hold of the idea and really start astro-twitter-turfing. Social NetworkingI hate astroturfing. I think think it’s the lamest form of promotion and advocacy possible.

Saving Twinkies: Inside Hostess's New Comeback Campaign

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I spoke with Dave Lubeck, executive vice president of Bernstein-Rein, to find out how a turnaround campaign billed as "The Sweetest Comeback in the History of Ever" came together. Given how young Hostess''s target customers are, it was critical to generate buzz on social media.

“Everything is a marketing campaign now, even policy ideas” – Renee DiResta Connecting Politics, Anti-Vaxxers & Social Media

Hunter Walker

Matt, Jeff, and I believed that there was an opportunity to bring market dynamics and workflow automation to the freight markets…better visibility into prices, access to a broader network of providers, eliminating the human error component in order entry, etc. Badass.

Why Your Crowdfunded Campaign Tanked

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This still relatively new form of raising capital leverages dedicated social networks of entrepreneurs with companies and investors looking for opportunities. It couldn't be easier to launch a crowdfunding campaign; launching a successful one is a different story.

What the Past Can Tell Us About the Future of Social Networking

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I recently spoke at Caltech at the Caltech / MIT Enterprise Forum on “the future of social networking,&# the 30-minute video is here and the PowerPoint presentation is here on DocStoc ). What are the big trends that will drive the next phase of social networks?

How Zipcar UK Uses Social Campaigns to Increase Traffic to its Website

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Zipcar UK is experimenting with hosting promotional campaigns on its website instead of social networks. So far the results are impressive

Christine: 7 Tips for Successful Social Network Campaigns

Main | March of the PICnet Penguins » 7 Tips for Successful Social Network Campaigns Its a well-established Web 2.0 trend that people are gathering themselves intoonline social networks. Leverage network partners. Christine (.net)

11 Best Social Media Tools For Small Businesses And Individuals


Creating a brand presence on all major social platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ and LinkedIn has become a must for businesses irrespective of their size. But does it all end at fancy social profiles or does social media marketing run deeper?

Christine: Do Women Care More About Social Networks?

« Mission Research Raises Series B Financing | Main | Goodbye Google Reader, Hello NetVibes » Do Women Care More About Social Networks? To boil it down, the most popular social networking sites - Facebook , MySpace, Friendster, Plaxo, and Hi5 - are roughly 60:40 female:male.

LinkedIn Introduces Company Status Updates And LinkedIn Certified Developer Program


Professional social networking site LinkedIn has just announced a feature that allows companies to update their own status. In the News developers LinkedIn LinkedIn Certified Developer Program social networking site status updates

How to Run Effective Online Sweepstakes Campaigns


It seems that everyone is running some type of online campaign nowadays. Here is our guide to running an effective and legal sweepstakes campaign online. First off, let’s define what a sweepstakes campaign is. Case #2 – Unique Hotels Facebook Campaign.

You Knew it was Coming: It’s Time to Talk about Google+ for Business

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Many small businesses feel overwhelmed by the multitude of social networking sites that are becoming more and more “must have”. Google+ is a relative newcomer to the social networking game but has quickly become one of the absolute necessities for any small business.

Burpple Enables Social Sharing Of Food Experiences


Social food journal Burpple officially launched earlier this week: the iOS application – currently available on the App Store for free – is positioned as a way to remember, organize and explore your food moments with friends on the mobile phone. Both mobile applications lets you share food photos with your online networks, but work somewhat differently.

Can Make It? On Dalton Caldwell’s Talk At SXSW.


In the age of the advertiser supported social network, one person is trying to flip the script and create a paid social network. Dalton Caldwell, founder of spoke at SXSW with a session called “ Is There An Alternative To Ad-Supported Social Networking?


Social Media in Politics: How Did President Obama Use Social Media in Campaigns?


Use of social media in political campaigns is no longer new. But the reason Obama’s campaign is discussed here is because he was the first major leader to use it effectively. In 2012, he won the second term and social media played an even bigger part.

Lessons From Campaign Emails: How Did Hillary’s Media Narrative Fail?


Disclaimer: This post is only analyzing a small set of sample emails sent by Hillary’s campaign to readers. Use of social media in political campaigns is no longer new. But the reason Obama’s campaign is discussed here is because he was the first major leader to use it effectively. In 2012, he won the second term and social media played an even bigger part. Firstly, team Obama understood the real meaning of social media.

How Does Social Media Impact Consumer Purchases


Social Networks , when they first arrived in the scene over a decade ago, were dismissed by many experts as juvenile fads. However, some of them did not only sustain but thrived by figuring out the marketing potential of these networks.

Dancing the Political Brand Equity Tango on Social Media

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Last week, the Trump campaign found itself in hot water over a graphic it distributed on social media comparing the security threat of an increased refugee population on American soil to a bowl of Skittles with three poisoned candies in the mix.