New Early Stage Financing Options for Entrepreneurs

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If you are new to the entrepreneurial world of startups, you are likely confused by the terminology of seed-stage, lean startups, micro-VCs, and Super Angels. The good news is that he is all about helping early-stage startups. Early-stage startup.

New Early Stage Financing Options for Entrepreneurs


If you are new to the entrepreneurial world of startups, you are likely confused by the terminology of seed-stage, lean startups, micro-VCs, and Super Angels. The good news is that he is all about helping early-stage startups. Early-stage startup.

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10 Marketing Lessons for Early-Stage Tech Startups

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The following are some lessons I learned about early-stage startup marketing. My general rule is that it’s good to be stealth in the early days while you’re building your product and testing your market. I know because I did this in early 2000.

The Importance of Proprietary Deal Flow in Early-Stage VC

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What stage? I sorted out pretty early that lawyers were a great source of deal flow. Because entrepreneurs often went to lawyers at their earliest stages to get their company registration done. We are judging how well you are coached on stage.

Early-stage Regional Venture Funds–part 2 of 3 of Bigger in Bend

Steve Blank

Part 2: Early-stage Regional Venture Funds. Success depends on finding startups that have identified acute customer pains in large markets where conditions are ripe for a new entrant. What’s Missing Is Early Stage Capital. Regions are missing early-stage capital.

Early Stage Marketplace Investing


One of our Launch Capital staff, Ed Coady, pinged me the other day regarding marketplaces and asked me how does one find the next big marketplace startup at the seed stage. In stark contrast, there are practically no posts written on how to evaluate and pick the next big marketplace at early stage when there is no traction. Competition for customers is fierce and with too many things competing for our attention, sometimes everyone becomes your competitor.

Great Early Stage Startup Behaviors Limit Scaling

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Once you are able to achieve some real “traction” with your business (paying customers, revenue stream), it may seem the time to relax a bit, but in fact this is the point where many founders start to flounder. Trusting your gut at this stage isn’t good enough.

Why Early-Stage VCs Should Be Careful About Intros from Bankers

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What stage? I sorted out pretty early that lawyers were a great source of deal flow. Because entrepreneurs often went to lawyers at their earliest stages to get their company registration done. We are judging how well you are coached on stage.

How to do (and what to expect from) early stage customer development & sales

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Everything I know from 4 years of intensive customer development & sales, boiled down into an 18 minutes talk I gave at HackFwd in Berlin. HD video is here , normal is embedded below. I’m pretty happy with this one and think you won’t have heard the content elsewhere.

Web Summit – Top 50 Hottest Early Stage Startups In The World

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250 startup companies set up base in the conference halls, eager to share information, seek investors, and attract potential customers. Userstory offers online user testing and an expert review system to deliver a “great online experience for your customers.”.

The evolution of early stage investing in the UK

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We see this all the time at Forward Partners where we invest right from the idea stage and most of the companies get a first version of their product live for less than £30k (that generally includes founder salaries and time spent doing customer research).

Early Stage Entrepreneurs Don't Need a Business Plan, They Need a Battle Plan!

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It never ceases to amaze me, the amount of time early stage entrepreneurs spend creating a business plan that's, often, a combination graduate thesis, Pulitzer-Prize-winning book, with graphics that would dazzle the folks at Pixar.

3 useful tips to help your early stage startup acquire paying enterprise customers

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As a B2B company, I am personally excited about this, but I am here to tell my fellow early-stage (seed-funded or unfunded) enterprise startup entrepreneurs that acquiring enterprise customers is no joke. Good luck hunting for more customers!

7 Seed-Stage Funding Sources To Finance Your Startup

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I challenge any entrepreneur, for example, to define the difference between "seed-stage" and "early-stage" financing. Asking for early-stage money before you have customers and revenue will likely kill your credibility with real investors.

3 Emails Every Early-Stage SaaS Should Be Sending Right Now

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The emails I’m highlighting here are easy to set up and pack a punch – ideal for early-stage products. Convert more trials into paying customers with trial extension emails. So asking customers to update their expiration date creates unnecessary friction for them.

8 Ways To Get Off The Ground With Angel Investors

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Angel investors are still the lifeblood of early-stage startups, despite the surge of activity in crowdfunding and an increasing early interest from venture capitalists. Simplicity is preferred at this stage. angel investor early-stage entrepreneur startup

5 Early-Stage Investments You Need to Make

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Few business owners would frisk every customer walking in the front door. He later told me had over 100,000 good customers. And he was turning away thousands of customers.

Considerations for Early Stage Startup Opportunities in SaaS and Cloud Computing

UC Berkeley

The most important areas in early-stage SaaS and cloud computing companies include: Enterprise SaaS and vertical applications: Enterprise SaaS has emerged as a separate category of cloud-based applications. by Evangelos Simoudis, Ph.D. Senior Managing Director at Trident Capital.

Business Development for Early Stage Startups

This is going to be BIG.

It’s the kind of thing you can repeat in an elevator, simple to understand , universally applicable , and, most importantly, doesn’t burden your tech team with a lot of custom development. struck in the early days where newspapers would put a little “Tag this article” widget at the end of every story, and in return, they’d get a feed of the keywords used to take the articles, which helped them on search and ad targeting.

Raising Money Using Customer Development

Steve Blank

Unfortunately in early stage startups the drive for financing hijacks the corporate DNA and becomes the raison d’etre of the company. Chasing funding versus chasing customers and a repeatable and scalable business model, is one reason startups fail.

Connecting The Dots: Mergers Of Early-Stage Startups


cloud hosted everything, WYSIWYG tools and rapid prototyping applications, easy access to global networks of potential users and customers – well, let’s just say it’s a lot easier and cheaper to get a product concept to market today than it has ever been.

Roundtable For Entrepreneurs: Business Schools And Early Stage Entrepreneurship


Most business schools don't have much insight into what goes on in the pre-validation and validation stages of the business and fail to underscore a simple fact: you do not get financing unless you validate your business first. In addition, the customers best served by the SPOTS solution are those who do not keep inventory, but rather have to manage multiple suppliers after an order comes in.

The Truth About Early Stage Pre-Money Valuations

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I think there are three fundamental truths regarding the valuation of early stage businesses by potential investors: The first is that a pre-money valuation is ultimately an outcome of negotiation , rather than a mathematical calculation of discounted cash flow or any other metric of potential company performance. For an early stage investor, due diligence is undertaken to refine initial impressions of factors affecting investment risk and return. By Al Schneider.

Connecting With Customers


“ The idea that a business needs to treat its customers well and understand their tastes and habits is so obvious it seems hardly worth stating. To accomplish this, you sell a product or service to your customers and hopefully earn a profit on each transaction. Be a customer.

4 Chasms And 5 Customer Types That Kill Entrepreneurs

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In fact, it’s all about the “focus” required to get early stage technology products across the deadly chasm from early adopters to mainstream customers. Missions and products that are too broad confuse your team, your customers, and potential investors.

Loving your customers – celebrity style

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At Tomcar we seriously love our customers. It’s a highly personal interaction at this early stage in the business, so we both take it personally, and make it personal. entrepreneurship auto industry Branding Customers scale startups tomcar

CEOs Who Are Pleasers Should Spend More Time With Customers

Feld Thoughts

As I was rolling this around in my early morning brain, the thought occurred to me that if you are a CEO and a people pleaser, you should spend more time with your customers. There are a plenty of CEOs who spend a lot of time with customers, but I’ve never met a CEO who spent too much time with her customers. Early stage CEOs often do this effectively but as the company grows, the time spent with customers as a percentage of overall time goes down.

Lessons Learned: Don't launch

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Lessons Learned by Eric Ries Friday, March 13, 2009 Dont launch Heres a common question I get from startups, especially in the early stages: when should we launch? Marketing launch) Make a new product available to customers in the general public. In particular, a marketing launch can help you do three things (courtesy, as is most of my marketing advice, of The Four Steps to the Epiphany ): Drive customers into your sales pipeline. Do some Customer Development instead.

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Welcome To The Year Of The Customer


Enterprises need to recognize the increasing role technology plays in their business or risk becoming laggards when connecting to today’s tech-savvy customers. What are the latest trends that businesses need to take note of in the coming year to engage with their customers?

Being Responsive is Critical for Successful Customer Development

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Most customers tolerate bugs. Most customers tolerate products with missing features that they need (or think they need!) Most customers tolerate the quirks and hiccups that come with new technology and software. This is true of early adopters, but it’s even true to some degree, of late adopters. Customers can be quite forgiving. And use those customer interactions to learn from them. Don’t wait for customers to reach out with complaints.

How to Use Google and Facebook for Customer Segmentation

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What is customer segmentation? Customer segmentation allows businesses to target specific groups of people so that they can reduce risks and sensibly allocate their marketing resources. It is a grouping together of your customers based on demographics, behavior, and so on.

Early Stage Marketing and Branding – Farida Fotouhi


She is a go to person for me when I have questions around technology or early stage marketing and branding. We do a lot of B2B and also have an "Early Stage Branding" practice for technology startups. I've known Farida for quite a while. Maybe ten years.

10 Ideas for Winning Back Unhappy Customers

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What do you do when a customer threatens to leave your product or service? But for early-stage companies, trying to win them back — and learn from their feedback — is often a better strategy. I like to create a written plan of attack for addressing customer concerns.

Guest Post: Preparing Customer Discovery Interviews

Grasshopper Herder

An entrepreneur at heart, his favorite thing to do is work with early stage startups. If he’s not in his office in San Francisco, you can probably find him on a long […] The post Guest Post: Preparing Customer Discovery Interviews appeared first on (Nick Noreña, a Lean Startup Coach at TriKro, works with teams and organizations to help them implement Lean techniques in their daily business.

A Day in the Life of Your Customer

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To sell something effectively you really need to understand your customer. You can look into customer profiling and personas as mechanisms for understanding your customers better. How and when your product will be used by your customers is critical. Customer Development

If you have customers, you need customer success!

Lightspeed Venture Partners

At Lightspeed, we believe such a confluence of macro factors is coming together to create the next big software category: Customer Success Management. And today, I am thrilled to announce Lightspeed’s investment in the leading startup in the customer success management space, Gainsight.

When do I *stop* doing customer interviews and start writing code?

A Smart Bear: Startups and Marketing for Geeks

Here are the details of both of those customer development experiences. Recently at WP Engine I did some brand new customer development for a new project that we think will revolutionize WordPress blog management. Way #2: Get ten paying customers.

Starting Up: Tips And Tricks to Getting Set Up The Right Way

Early Growth Financial Services

And when it comes down to it, founders should focus their greatest energy on product development and customer acquisition efforts — not on compliance and administrative tasks. Instead, he advises outsourcing non-core functions early. With time being a resource … Continue reading → Early Stages Did you know that 33% of small and medium-sized businesses get fined for not doing payroll correctly?

Fundraising? Be a Buyer, not a Seller


Most founders raise (or try to) far too early. Here’s the thing: At the early stage there’s tons of demand for capital and fewer sources. At the late stage ($10M+ revenue) the reverse is true.

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Video of My Internet Week Session on Early Stage Entrepreneurship

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Home About Contact Me How To Make It as a First-Time Entrepreneur Vinicius Vacanti Video of My Internet Week Session on Early Stage Entrepreneurship June 14, 2010 | View Comments On Thursday, Owen Davis of SeedStart invited Amol Sarva , from Peek , and me to answer some questions on early stage entrepreneurship.