Five Best Chat Programs For Your Small Business

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If you work with a small business team, you know the importance of communication. Rather than relying on calling, which is time-consuming, and texting, which some can see an invasion of their personal digital space, many businesses now rely on an internal digital chat system.

LinkedIn Marketing: A Small Business Guide

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But, LinkedIn isn’t just a social networking site for job seekers—it’s also a great marketing platform for businesses. See Also: 4 Social Media Mistakes Your Business Should Avoid. The first step to establishing your business on LinkedIn is creating a company page for your business.

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5 Steps On The Success Path For Every Small Business

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Schedule and run the necessary sessions to update strategic product offerings, processes, and marketing programs. Align your business model to how your customers want to buy. That sounds to me like the recipe for business success that every entrepreneur and investor is looking for.

Potential Pain Points When Starting a Small Business

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If you feel restless working for someone else and have come up with your own idea for starting a business, you should consider the challenges that you will face ahead of time. Owning and running a business is incredibly rewarding—but it comes at a price.

The Oxymoron of Small Business Social Media Marketing

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I’ve worked with a great number of small businesses that I admire, both as social media consulting clients as well as potential customers. Are small businesses ready to appreciate the value that they bring? What can small businesses do to overcome these challenges?

Small Business Revenue Is On The Rise: Are You?


Small business owners might not hear this often enough, but you deserve a round of applause. This insight comes from a recent survey of 1,000 small business owners conducted by Constant Contact. How Small Business Owners Master Online Marketing.

Pinterest Marketing: A Small Business Guide

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But don’t write the social network off if your business doesn’t fall into those industry categories. See Also: Facebook Marketing: A Small Business Guide. Set up a Pinterest business account. See Also: Twitter Marketing: A Small Business Guide.

5 Mistakes That Can Cost You On Small Business Saturday


The big day for small business owners is November 28th this year. Launched in 2010, American Express Small Business Saturday has become an annual tradition celebrating independent retailers. Last year, 88 million people showed up to Shop Small on Small Business Saturday.

35 Ways to Fund Your Small Business

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Depending on where you’re at in your business, what type of funding and the amount you need, where you’ll look can vary widely. You can take a look at this article for details on the SBA Loan program. Government Small Business Grants . Business line of credit.

Marketing Automation for Small Business

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Marketing Automation for Small Business written by Guest Post read more at Small Business Marketing Blog from Duct Tape Marketing. This explains why the biggest group of marketing automation buyers are small and midsize businesses.

10 Things Every Small Business Needs To Do

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Most of the challenges in starting a business relate back to doing the little things right. If you are thinking of starting a small business, make sure you follow these ten important rules for small businesses: 1.

Small Business and Startups: Where to Learn

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Anyone with an idea for a business can find a place to turn, an article to read, a war story to listen to, an online discussion, or a local entrepreneurship program or incubator to provide guidance. Here are a few resources, programs, and organizations that you can leverage.

57 Resources to Help You Celebrate National Small Business Week 2016

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This year, National Small Business Week (NSBW) is May 1 to May 7. At Bplans, we’re happy to participate in National Small Business Week by giving you access to the best resources and advice we have for small businesses and startups.

6 Essential Home Automation Products For Small Businesses


Starting a small business is no easy task, especially a business that requires a physical presence, either in terms of a storefront or an office. Small business owners can’t always be at the office, but wouldn’t you like to always be there virtually?

5 Ways to Keep Your Small Business Growing

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Running a small business is a daunting challenge. Statistically, less than 50 percent of small businesses are still operational after five years. Globalization has increased the level of competition and introduced more turmoil to the business environment.

Wellness Programs that Work for Small Businesses

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Here are some practical programs that have worked for other businesses. Here are some ideas that might help your business out. Manufacturing company Ashcroft implemented a year long fitness program that focuses on friendly competition.

How To Design an Employee Wellness Program on a Small Business Budget

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Here's how to start a wellness program on a small business budget A company is only going to be as successful as the well-being of their employees.

Small Business Agility and The Power of &

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Today's businesses have to be able to do it all. Above all, businesses should be able to connect with anyone anywhere, no matter what kind of devices they (and their customers) use. At the same time, businesses need to protect themselves from external threats.

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Top 10 Free Online Classes for Small Business Marketing

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A lot of small business owners know their fields and industries like the back of their hand; it’s why they are so good at what they do. But when it comes to marketing your business, there might be a few (or more than a few) gaps in your formal education or training.

Online Tools to Make Your Small Business Life Easier 

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Magazine by SurePayroll, asked 350 small-business owners nationwide for their favorite online tools; another survey we accessed interviewed over 500 entrepreneurs to find their favorites. The surveys we referenced agree with us too; many small businesses swear by this app.

Managing Your Small Business Cash Flow This Holiday Season


The end of year holidays is a time of joy, good cheer and, too often, cash flow headaches for small businesses. If your small business is going to get through the holidays with its cash flow in the black, you should follow these five tips: 1.

Best Tools Now Trending for Small Businesses Today

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Managing a small business is a full-time endeavor that requires the best tools and techniques to ensure you are able to maintain a high level of productivity. This can help you save money and stay productive while watching your business function from one central location.

Spring Cleaning For Your Small Business


With the onset of spring, now is a good time for small business owners to track their progress on their goals in the first few months of the year, re-vamp their marketing and sales strategies and put a shiny, new face on their company for the rest of the year.

Fresh Small Business Ideas for a Successful 2016

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Emerging cultural and technological trends make this year a perfect time for taking action on one’s small business ambitions. Get a Degree and Run Your Business An advanced degree in business is a valuable asset that can put you on a meaningful career path.

Best Tablets for Small Business and Entrepreneurs

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If you’re looking for a tablet that will make your business life easier, try one of these models: 1. The Toshiba Encore 2 Write is designed specifically with note-taking in mind and comes with a nice mixture of apps and software including programs that will help you organize your life and your business on the go. The right tablet can make all the difference in your business so make sure you read plenty of reviews before purchasing yours.

Your Small Business News Roundup 9.4.15

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Bringing you the latest on small business news and more—this week we’re covering the rise of native advertising, apps for farmers, and a decline in lending to small businesses. . Fit Small Business points out five mistakes you don’t want to make on your business’s website.

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Use Your Tax Refund To Grow Your Small Business


Tax season is one of the busiest and most stressful times of the year for small business owners. CNBC reported that half of small businesses in the United States will spend at least $5,000 to come to terms with their tax bills.

3 Ways to Improve Employee Retention in Your Small Business

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Every small business faces the challenge of finding the right talent to fill a position and getting that individual up-to-speed and productive within a reasonable amount of time. For example, most small business benefits packages can’t include fully-covered dental insurance.

What is Gamification in Education & It’s Importance to Small Business Training Programs

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And it’s that last point that really hits home when it comes to small business training programs. It’s also been put to success within Bluewolf , showing that small business is really taking this seriously. Examples of Why It’s So Vital For Small Business Owners. So from looking at the fundamentals of what it is, the following Gamification examples can be identified as the main reasons for why more businesses need to get on board.

Four Tips For Small Businesses To Increase Brand Awareness Fast


When it comes to raising brand awareness, small businesses have options. Small businesses can use social media to build a brand fast. Use social media to make your small business a living, breathing brand that addresses customers’ concerns and passions.

4 Easy Tips for Keeping Your Small Business Organized

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Owning a small business isn’t easy. With a little bit of creativity and lots of organization, you can keep your business in order—-and save yourself time! Even though we live in an increasingly digital world, chances are that your business still requires some sort of paperwork.

How a Small Business Can Compete With the Big Guys at SEO

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You’re running a small business. What most small businesses do with SEO is exactly what they shouldn’t do. Avoid these traps, and instead, follow this recipe for small-business SEO success. These are the terms to build your SEO program around.

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Financial Knowledge Can Lead To Small Business Success


Starting a small business often means taking a lot of risks, especially financially. Economic success is never guaranteed, but when you’re equipped with a strong understanding of finances, there is a better chance for your business to succeed. Enroll in the Fresh Start Program.

3 Ways Technology Is Changing Small Business Lending


The Internet has also transformed banking for small business owners, particularly when it comes time to apply for business loans and other financing products. Small Business Loan Overview. Starting a small business, and keeping it running smoothly, requires capital.

When Small Businesses Meet Big Opportunities


It can, however, be easy to overlook the importance of small businesses like the Chatuchak stallholders, not just to their surrounding communities but also to the wider national economy. Such support programs do exist, of course.

The Future of Small Business SEO (Hint: It’s About Content)

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The Future of Small Business SEO (Hint: It’s About Content) written by Guest Post read more at Small Business Marketing Blog from Duct Tape Marketing Thursday is guest post day here at Duct Tape Marketing and today’s guest is Phil Singleton – Enjoy!

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5 Forgotten Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

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The web can be viewed in many ways as a great ‘equalizer’ thanks to low-cost techniques like these, which allow small, new businesses to compete with much larger and more established companies that have a bigger budget behind them. Events still bring in big boosts in sales.

The 50 Best Marketing Strategies For Small Business

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Business owners with a brick and mortar store need to reach out to a bigger audience online. People have always gathered to talk about business, life and community events. Purchase a membership that allows you to advertise your business and USE IT. Small Groups.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) For Small Business


For SMEs (small-medium sized enterprise), efficiency and integration are key to managing time and processes. How can ERP work for my small business? Drive decision-making with business analytics. Professionalisms enterprise resource planning ERP small business technology

Small Business Marketing Guide: Types of Traditional and Online Marketing

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Many small business owners and young entrepreneurs are intimidated by marketing. In many cases, the goal of online marketing (especially for small businesses), is to directly increase sales by targeting potential customers using different online channels.